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20170716 – This Is The Place

Sunday – hot and sunny.

Dot and Barrie on a slippy slope down.

Up and out early to go Kayaking with Bill on the Jordanelle. Have a great morning kayaking.

Then it’s back home quick change and out to the Flying Aces with Dot and Barrie.
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Great Definition of Political Correctness

(4) Washington, D C 2120-September 1, 1945

To: D A MacArthur/C H Nimitz

From: H S Truman

Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!

Monday – hot and sunny.


Lazy morning then we’re off for a road trip with Dot and Barrie, for a a picnic at Sundance. Then a leisurely drive over the picturesque highway 92 over the Timpernagos. One of the top trips in America.

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More PC bullshit from that March Hare PC bed wetting mayor:

Rusty old van.

It has been the formal way of addressing an audience for centuries. Now transport bosses are banning the greeting “ladies and gentlemen” in favour of a gender-neutral alternative, such as “good morning”, “good afternoon everyone” or “hello everyone”.

Transport for London said yesterday that the phrase, which is believed to have its origins in the 16th century, will be scrapped to be replaced with “good morning everyone”.

The Tube, which handles 1.37 billion journeys annually, said that gender-neutral greetings will be applied to recorded announcements when they are updated this year.

Staff have also been urged to incorporate them into everyday greetings. Bosses will issue reminders to staff who continue to use “ladies and gentlemen”.

The change was made after months of campaigning by LGBT groups for a change in the “outdated” language used by train and bus staff.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor, said that TfL had to represent a “vibrant, diverse and multicultural city”, adding: “I am aware that some customers may not relate to or feel comfortable with the way that certain station announcements are made.

“I am keen that TfL addresses these concerns by speaking in a more neutral way when referring to gender.”

I don’t believe it! Where will it end. Doesn’t it just make you want to pewk.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Lucy the Moose.

I’m leading a Leisure Hike along the rail Trail, up to the hospital where I’ve arranged a talk on health and wellbeing for us geriatrics.

Great talk very well received and then it’s time for lunch in the hospital restaurant before catching the bus back to our cars.

Lazy afternoon. Then in the evening we all troop up to the hospital for dinner on Wendy’s vouchers.

In the evening we sit out on the deck with Sam and Dominique round for drinks.

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Linda Sarsour: Sharia is a Girl’s Best Friend

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

The charcoal king.

Up a the crack of sparrows yet again. Some holiday. Off down to the NAC for paddle sports with the disabled. Kayak with a young lad who is non verbal autistic – difficult to communicate. Then in a canoe with a young lad. Hard work canoes.

Afternoon Barrie and I go shooting again. This time we have a .223 assault rifle and then a .22 automatic handgun.

Today’s lesson in life is don’t go shooting with contact lenses in, wear your glasses. Dominant eye is set up for distance vision. Great I can see the target but the gun sights are out of focus. No good me getting me green card and joining the NRA then. Can just imagine if there’s an intruder I’d have to ask him to wait while I take me contacts out and put me glasses on. Then I could shoot him.

Provo Falls.

In the evening we have a Barbecue with Hal, Carol and Angela coming around. Barrie – AKA The Charcoal King – assists. Of course just our luck it’s Pissing downed hail stones the size of aniseed balls, but no I’m not deterred. Because of the rain we don’t move the barbecue out too far from the house. Net result we set off every fire alarm in the house and have to enjoy the meal with that cacophony as ambient background music.

Just proves my theory about barbecue. Why is it that your average red blooded male chauvinist, who doesn’t even know where the kitchen is, let alone know how to even use a microwave, when confronted with a barbecue seems to regress into a 12 year old boy scout, burst out singing “Sing Gang Gooli,Gooli Gotcha” and want to cook baked beans and sausage on a barbecue. Much better to let her indoors loose in a state of the art kitchen.
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“Come Be PC” – Social Justice: The Musical

Thursday – hot and sunny.

Cannon firing at This is the place.

I lead a leisure bike ride around the Swanner Reserve. Just under 10 miles. Classic isn’t it, you always get one smart Alec. Everybody enjoys the ride but one nit picker has to post out that the average speed was not 7 but to be precise 7.8 MPH instead of 6 MPH. Oh how I wish I had a speedometer on my bike. Bit of a screw up in the planning department. I arrange the bike ride to end at a local hostelry, but I have to drive in the afternoon, so I’m condemned to some pale yellow water – alcohol free lager.

Home, quick change and shower ready for Archery at the NAC. Angela’s got on the afternoon course so I work with her. She’s really good, has a great stance, listens, remembers and does as instructed.
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Preston Police have truly lost the plot with this entry on Facebook.

Awesome Indian hoop dancer.

“We have received a report of potential racist comments made towards a woman at a bar in Preston back in March.
The suggested incident took place in the ladies toilets at Popworld on Church Street in the late hours of Friday 31st March and we are now in the process of trying to find the woman to see whether she wishes to make a formal complaint.

If you think this was you, please call 01772 412683 or email should you wish to take the matter further.”

Pots for rags. What on earth are the loony PC bed wetters doing. An insult to hard working coppers.

Friday – hot and sunny.

Mirror Lake picnic.

Lazy start to the day. First lie in of the week.

Manage to get dispensation from her indoors to go 10 pin bowling with the PC Geriatrics (AKA Park City Newcomers), it’s a bit like a teenage version of last of the Summer Wine on steroids, with plenty of high fives and loud, all American salutations – sadly only time for one game.

Dot and Wendy have a go with a Mormon Pioneer Handcart.

Home and then we’re off for a picnic up to Mirror Lake and Provo Falls. Typical when we get there it’s raining, whilst the rest of Utah basks in glorious sunshine. It’s also a welcome 20 degrees cooler as it must be about 11,000 feet up.
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Saturday – hot and sunny.

Bank robbery Mormon style.

Up early to go to “This Is The Place”. A Mormon theme park, sort of living museum of Mormon history to celebrate their arrival in Salt Lake after their long trek from Navoo. Quite interesting and entertaining. No rides. Plenty of characters in period costumes. Magic underwear abounds.

Drive back along Emigration Canyon and stop at Ruths Diner for lunch. Finally time to try a Root Beer Float and see if the ice cream therein can turn the popular ALL AMERICAN antiseptic drink, also known as Root Beer, into something that doesn’t make you dash for the nearest spitoon. It seems to do the job, although raw unpolluted Root Beer still taste like antiseptic and no doubt has enough calories to feed a Mormon family of 12 for a week.

Mormon dancing.

Call in at Smiths for Sushi and ribs, but sadly the ribs there’s no ribs despite it being Pioneer Weekend, when the magic underwear brigade celebrate their arrival in Sal Lake. I make no bones about it, you really have to admire those early Mormon pioneers who trekked over a 1,000 miles pulling a handcart with all their wordy goods.

Barrie and I pop to the liquor store for some essential supplies. I splash out on a great Limited Edition Hennessy Brandy I’ve had my eye on.

Lunch at Ruth’s diner.

Evening’s alcohol, sushi and patty.
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I really admire the Mormon religion, as far as religion goes, they seem pretty benign, do a lot of good, have a great sense of family and their kids are so respectful. All credit to them.

Have quite a bit in common with Muslims, in that the name of their religion both start with “M” and they have two “M’s” in it. And thats about the only similarity. In my view the world would be such a better place if all muslims donned the magic underwear and were forcibly converted to Mormons.

20170709 – Dot and Barrie Arrive

Sunday – hot and sunny.

I’m hungry.

Lazy morning, a real treat not to have to get up early to beat the heat.

Lazy morning reading the Times, with the depressing news at home from our gutless, bed wetting politicians, most of them so open minded their brains have fallen out. About as much fun as a warm bucket of calf slobber. As for that communist numpty with his forest full of money trees, run by the Trot-Snowflake Momentum caucus. Well false promises abound to tempt the young, like the pied piper, and with aspirations to have the hammer and sickle flying over number 10 and the national anthem replaced with “we’ll keep the red flag flying”. God help us if he ever gets in power, we’ll be back to 60’s with an economy worse than Greece. It’ll be time to apply for asylum over here.

Mind you the World’s not in much better shape. As the Chinese say “we live in interesting times”.

In the afternoon we take a stroll down to the Temple Bar Shalom to A Beethoven Festival recital. Not so much a cultural overdose more like a septic shock to the synapses. Sadly not a full orchestra, just Chamber music. I suppose 200 – 300 years ago this is all they had. No pop music; no iPods; no Netflix; no cinema; no TV. Very uplifting I’m sure.

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Whilst it’s not essential to have a car here, with the free bus service, it certainly helps in summer to get to the many activities. In winter you can easily manage without a car.

One of the true delights of being here is the ease of a walk into town or a bike ride into town. A car can so easily make you lazy. So much better, and healthier, to don your shoes or ride your bike whenever possible.

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Yeah, I’ll go for this piece of scientific research –

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but an extra cup of coffee could keep the grim reaper at bay, according to the biggest study of its kind.

Research found that people who drank about three cups of coffee a day — whether espressos, cappuccinos, lattes or even decaf — lived longer than non-coffee drinkers. Those consuming most coffee were less likely to die from any cause during a 16-year study of more than half a million people, particularly from heart and lung diseases or conditions linked to the digestive tract.

Monday – hot and sunny.

Cultural overdose.

Lead a leisure Bike ride. Sadly only two of us. Really beginning to wonder whether these will take off. These rides are new this year but the sports club seems reluctant to invest in a bit of advertising them to make members aware. Sad really because there does seem an interest in an easier ride.

I take my tea and have it down in the city park listening to some music from the Beethoven festival. Very pleasant, and better than yesterdays effort, but still not really my cup of tea. Wendy gives it a miss. All very well and good these FREE concerts, but being free doesn’t absolve them from starting on time. People take the trouble to arrive on time.

Dot and Barrie arrive in the evening, after a long drive up from Las Vegas. They’re glad

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When Nigel Farage Destroyed Sadiq Khan | Ban The Burqa in Britain

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Treat Barrie and Dot to a trip to Costco, with our Worldwide Executive membership!

Major screw up in that I’m leading a leisure hike from Sliver Lake down to Snow Park and also supposed to be going with Barrie to return their car to SLC.

A good bit cooler today. Ideal hiking weather. Do the hike with Wendy and then scoot off down to Salt Lake to pick Dot and Barrie up at the Temple. Have lunch at the Navoo cafe. Then treat Barrie to a trip to the largest Costco in the World. One of the advantages of being World Wide members as opposed to mere Executive UK members.

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American Islamophobia.

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Has there been a nuclear disaster? No merely a small anti-freeze spillage.

Early start again. Wendy’s at the CC and I’m NAC kayaking in the morning. One of the young autistic students has several major melt downs. Manage eventually to calm him down by challenging him to a race. It’s really difficult for him.

After lunch Dot and Wendy do a weekly shop, while Barrie and I go up to Campos at PCMR base to buy some more coffee and have one of their superb coffees.

Evening it’s a picnic, beer and wine at the free Deer Valley concert.
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Thursday – hot and sunny.

Up at the crack of sparrows again and down to the Jordanelle for kayaking with PCMSC.

Lunch time drop Wendy off at the hospital for volunteering.
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Balloon lands on our road. What excitement.

CHIEF Remoaner Nick Clegg has called for a second Brexit referendum and has fused his plea with a cunning plan to entice young voters to back him.

The former Lib Dem leader claimed the public wants “to have another look” at Britain’s divorce from the European Union, even though he admitted his “time is up” in politics.

In a bid to lure younger voters to back his plea for another vote, the ex-MP said votes made by under-30s should count twice “because it’s their future”. 

Pots for rags.

Who knows perhaps that crazy commy Corbyn will go one better with 2 referendum and 3 votes fro everyone who voted Remain.

Friday – hot and sunny.

Picnic at Solitude.

Take Dot and Barrie on a leisurely drive over Guardsmen Pass; down Big Cottonwood Canyon; stroll around Silver Lake; picnic at Solitude resort; then drive up and down Little Cottonwood canyon; afternoon tea at Snowbird. Explore the archery stalls at Snowbird as there’s a 3 day shoot on. Want one of these new dinky compound bows. Then it’s a leisurely drive back over Guardsmen Pass. Good now it’s all paved black top.
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Here in the land of everything gluten free how will they cope with this:

The Pope has insisted that priests use wafers containing gluten at Holy Communion in a blow to those unable to eat the protein for health reasons.

Whilst I’ve every sympathy for people who need gluten free it needs to be kept in perspective. Less than 2% of the population have a gluten intolerance. Yet here in the good old USA you’d think it was 100%. Gluten free salt, beer, what about water. The greedy gobshites in the marketing departments strike again. I’ve started asking for gluten free water when I go out to a restaurant.

Saturday – hot and sunny.

Go on make my day.

Up and out for a bike ride with Barrie down the rail trail while Dot and Wendy go to the Christian Centre and the Boutique.

After lunch Barrie and I go shooting down at the gun range. Select a 1911 Springfield 9mm. Barrie’s an ace on the range. Unlike me who keeps missing the target because I’m jerking the gun down to avoid recoil. Guy gives me a few tips and get’s me firing with no bullets and that seems to cure the problem. At least now I’m able to hit the target somewhere. Great afternoon, 100 rounds for $78 for the two of us. Wd’ll have to go again. Barrie’s hooked. Meanwhile Dot and Wendy go shopping to the Tangier Outlets – now there’s a surprise.

Eventually meet up at Starbucks then over to Mac shop to buy Dot a 10.5″ iPad Pro, that’s when we can prise the two of them out of TJ Max complete with not one, not two but three handbags – well you can never have too many!
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Build Walls on Bridges

20170702 – Make My Day

Sunday – hot and sunny.

It seems like Jake wasn’t the only dog stupid enough to think he was a duck.

Up late and a lazy morning. We both get to read Jasper a bedtime story. Then after lunch we drive down to Kimball Junction to do part of the millennium trail walk. It is really too hot to be walking at this time of day, but we managed to do the 3 mile loop.

Tempted by a Starbucks to refresh ourselves. Followed by Wendy doing the weekly shop. Fortunately they have some very comfortable lounge chairs to sit in, so I avoid the mistake of going shopping, and we both avoid an expensive divorce.

I need to nip to the world market for some ginger beer. Now the true American would drive the 50 yards. But I just can’t bring myself to be so dam lazy, so like a true Brit I walk. Just un-American, I’ll never get a green card.

All dictated by my iPhone with very few errors. I really do need to get to grips with this technology and learn how to dictate with ease.
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Appreciation of the freedom we in the West have. Freedom of thought. Freedom of religion. And no matter how imperfect it may be a democratic government.

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Deer me, just hiding in the bushes across the road from home.

On Macedonian people 
– What do you call a Bulgarian trying to understand Macedonian history?
– A person without a chance.
The Bulgarians may argue about the existence of the Macedonian people, even in their jokes – one of the versions of “the shortest Bulgarian joke” is exactly the “Macedonian people”. The paradox is that exactly the Bulgarian jokes, which laugh at the Macedonians are anthropological proof that the Macedonians and the Bulgarians are two different cultural worlds. There’s an example of this Bulgarian paradox “All people come from the monkeys, only the Macedonians – from the Bulgarians” (Read more in French).

On Bulgarian people 
– Why don’t people from Gabrovo buy refrigerators?
– Because they can’t be sure the light goes off when the door’s closed.
The city of Gabrovo in Bulgaria is well-known for the unique sense of humor possessed by its citizens. Local humour revolves around the alleged stinginess of its citizens and a rivalry with the neighbouring city of Sevlievo. The city even hosts a House of Humour and Satire (Read more in French).

On Greek people
– What do you call a greek with 300 hundred wifes?
– A Shepherd!
Albanians still bear a grudge against Greeks, mostly for historical territories issues. The border between Greece and Albania was set up by the great European powers through the Treaty of Florence (1913) following the Balkan wars. It was immediately challenged by a nationalist movement of the Greek minority in “Northern Epirus” or “southern Albania.” The border has been confirmed, with a slight modification for Albania following the Treaty of Rapallo in 1920. Nowadays around 1 million Greeks live in Albania (Read more in French).

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Don’t you just love America. All I want is an ATM machine, but can I find one at the local bank? Silly me of course you need the car to access an ATM machine, they only have drive-through.

Only in America. They’ll all evolve into legless Daleks.

Monday – hot and sunny.

Just some of the awesome views I have to cope with on a bike ride.

Lazy morning with Wendy. Then after lunch she’s off to the CC so I get to do my bike ride.

Anyone with any sense would have gone out at 09:00 instead of in the mid day sun, but I thought I’d get some browny points and stay home with Wendy. Think my bike chain / brain must be slipping.

Ride down to Kimble Junction and scout out a new club ride around the Swanner Reserve. Awesome views of the Canyons and some great birds – feathered kind. Had a hawk pace me and then as he settled on the fence, it was a David and Goliath moment, as this loopy Starling like bird swooped down and attacked the hawk. Ride was about 15 miles by the time I’d ridden down there and back. Much too hot.

Why are these saddles so dam uncomfortable? Why don’t they fit them with Harley Davidson arm chairs?

Dinner out on the patio.

Watch the John Adams mini-series. Awesome history. Just a pity we don’t have the politicians of Adams and Jefferson’s calibre to see us through our independence from the Evil Union.
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Bill Maher Crushes Islam! A Must Watch!

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Just two seasons here in Park City. Ski season and road work season.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Another parades.

Catch the bus into the parade along with 120 drunk 16 year olds, crammed in like muslims around the kabah. Like most youngsters they’re all gob, no ears, and some of them a few beers short of a six pack, so they ignore the drivers advice that it’s quicker to get off and walk.

Wow the parades busy, but a good town parade. Why don’t we have parades in England any more? And guess what? The Stars and Stripe was flying every where. Pride of place. Unlike England when the troops went by everyone stands and cheers. No muslims kicking off.


Then we drop our neighbours car off at PCMR car park ready for the fireworks. In the evening we catch the bus to PCMR to watch the fireworks. Thankfully, our Deer Valley approved chairs, come in really useful, thanks to Bob and Marilyn. Fireworks were very impressive but choreography left a bit to be desired.

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This is What “Political Correctness” Has Done to Our Society (Funny 1992 Sketch)

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Is the Quran perfect?

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Waiting for fireworks.

That’ll teach me to eat vegetables on any day but Sunday as a tooth explodes yet again. It seems to be a regular occurrence out here. This is the 3rd tooth cracked in 3 years. Turns out there can be an issue with fillings done at sea level having an air pocket which when you come up to higher altitudes the pressure in the small air pocket can cause the tooth to crack.

In the morning off down to the NAC for Kayaking, while Wendy’s at the CC.

Lazy afternoon.

In the evening we go round to Hal and Carols for a lovely dinner. Very relaxing sat out on their patio, with awesome views over the Timpernogas.
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And after a parade you have to have fireworks.

Bin there, done that:

Corbyn’s spending fever won’t work. Think about it. You cannot go on spending more than you have. Sooner or later there comes a reckoning – look at Greece.

It’s vital we teach the young how low Britain fell in the 1970s. All you Corbynites go read this, that’s if you can read:

Thursday – hot and sunny.

More fireworks.

Up early for a 09:00 Leisure hike with PCMSC. Up and around skid row. Wendy’s at the hospital.

Then in the afternoon it’s appointment with fear. Seems like the only solution is to have it capped. Normally don’t bother with an injection but it’s a massive filling to be removed; unknown dentist; US injections don’t seem to make you drool like a slimy 90 year old for the rest of the day. The other impressive thing is they tend to numb the gums before the needle. 95 minutes later I escape from the torture chamber.

Then it’s off to NAC Archery. Pulling back to an anchor point in the corner of the mouth that you can no longer feel is my excuse for so many misses. .
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Jeff Deist: How to Actually Fight Political Correctness

Friday – hot and sunny.

Parade character.

Ten Pin Bowling with the Park city new comers club in the morning. Whilst Wendy takes the credit cards for a stroll.

Finally get a ride in a Corvette, as Mike and I go round to Starbucks for a coffee. A pretty impressive motor, 480 hp. Enough to kill you at the mere twitch of your right foot.

Weapons training.

After lunch I meet Ken down at the park city gun range. Where he takes me through a 2 hour professional weapons training session. Start with theory; then safety; then shoot a traditional revolver; then a neat 9MM, definitely the weapon of choice; followed by the infamous 45; then the notorious AR15 rifle. Thanks to Ken for his time, patience and expertise. Quite a kick from the 45, but the rest aren’t too bad. It certainly makes you realise how important safety is and how difficult it is to be accurate with a handgun. The movies make it look so easy.

Really enjoyed it. What amazed me the most was learning how to use the gunsights properly. At least it’s given me the confidence and safety knowledge to go to the gun range on my own.

Perhaps it’s time for a NRA subscription ready for my water pistol back home!
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Liberated American football.

On Greek people
A Greek and Italian were arguing over who had the superior culture. The Greek says:
– We have the Parthenon.
Arching his eyebrows, the Italian replies:
– We have the Coliseum.
The Greek retorts:
– We Greeks gave birth to advanced mathematics.
The Italian, nodding agreement, says,
– But we built the Roman Empire.
And so on and so on until the Greek comes up with what he thinks will end the discussion. With a flourish of finality he says:
– We invented sex!
The Italian replies:
– That is true, but it was the Italians who introduced it to women.
Macedonians have also a lot of jokes about Greeks, frequently depicted them as sexually deviant (Read more in French).

On Albanian people
– What’s the fastest thing in Kosovo?
– An Albanian with your TV
– And what’s the second fastest thing in Kosovo?
– His cousin with your VCR.

Relaxing before the hike.

As a respond to Albanian and Macedonian jokes about Greeks, jokes in Greece are most of the time directed towards Albanians. Many jokes deal with burglary and outlaw, just as in the following funny gag: “How does an Albanian recipe for cooking start?” “- We steal 2 eggs…” (Read more in French).

On Greek people
A Greek and a Turki were sitting at a party. Someone told a turkish Joke and the Greek guy got offended. The Greek guy walked up to the Turki and asked him:
– Don’t you get offended when you hear these Turki jokes?
The Turki replied:
– For you they are jokes for us they are memories.
Because of the historical rivalry between Turks and Greeks, many jokes involving both nationalities were appearing over the last century. The problematic issue of Cyprus influences the relation between both countries and remains subject to tension and controversy

Saturday – hot and sunny.

Our hike destination – the Stuart Falls at Sundance.

Up at the crack of sparrows to set off to Sundance for the hike up to the Stuart falls, before it gets too hot. Mind you we could have had another hour in bed as the lifts didn’t open until 10 o’clock. Catch the lift up and then walk down to the falls. Whilst you might think a down hill walk would be easy, this walk needed a

Crossing yet another cascade. No choice but to get your feet wet.

machete to cut through the undergrowth and some crampons would’ve been useful on some of the steeper sections. We had to cross two raging streams, with no alternative but to get your feet wet. No doubt we will be suffering from trench foot by the end of the day. The walk from the falls Down to Sundance what’s so much easier. With hindsight we should have saved the $24 lift ride and simply walked up to the falls and then back down.

Good news is we made it. Certainly one of the worst hikes we’ve been on, but we survived.

Yet another smile (18th this year).

Day wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the supermarket.
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Sye’s 1st Q&A Session

20170625 – Hiking, Biking, Bowling and Picnics

Sunday – hot and sunny.

Flying aces show..

Up and out with Bob, Kevin and Anne to watch the flying aces up at the olympic park. Spectacular show, see pictures.

Then in the evening we had a Barbecue at our place with the Schmitts, Randy, Bob, Kevin and Anne. Hal did most of the cooking thankfully. A good evening all round.
joke header

On Latvian people
– Why are Latvians the best in the world?
– Because our living standard is twice as bad than that of Estonians, but we laugh about them twice as loud.
In the 21st century, a revival of self-referential and self-deprecating humour can be seen in the web-based joke circulation titled “Why are Latvians the best in the world?” (Read more in French).

On Finnish people

Through the air.

– How do you know that you’re talking to an extrovert Finn?
– When conversing with you, he’s looking at your feet instead of his own
Estonians have a genre of Finnish jokes, featuring Finns who are either slow, stupid or alcoholic. Finland is both economically more prosperous than Estonia and to the North of Estonia, so few jokes are about Finns told to be rich (Read more in French).

On Scottish people 
“Nowadays the Scots do not play bagpipes to frighten their enemies, they do it to annoy their neighbours.”
Who would have thought about it?  Hungarian people tend to make jokes on Scotsmen. It is hard to find any reason for that. Is it because of Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland who actually grew up in Hungary? The question is still open but the jokes remain (Read more in French).

A soft landing in the pool.

On (new) Russians
Two New Russians meet:
– Look, I bought a tie for 3 thousand bucks!
– Idiot, I saw the same tie for 5 thousand bucks round the corner!
New Russians, a class of arrogant, stupid, poorly-educated post-perestroika businessmen and gangsters, were a very common category of characters in Russian and Ukrainian jokes of the 1990s. A common theme is the interaction of a New Russian in his archetypal shiny black Mercedes S600, arguing with a regular Russian in his modest Soviet-era Zaporozhets after their vehicles collide. The New Russian is often a violent criminal or at least speaks criminal argot (Read more in French)…

Monday – hot and sunny.

Sunday barbecue with Hal on the grill.

Bob picks me up and then he leads a Leisure Bike ride up to Deer Valley and then back down to the “No Name Saloon”. It’s a hard ride uphill, but has the benefit of downhill most of the way back.

Leisurely stroll into town with Wendy in the afternoon. My it was humid – we were as wet as a water hogs backside.

Kevin and Anne set a new endurance record for shopping. 7 hours shopping at the Tangier Outlets, to be fair they did stop for lunch. And to think that I think a trip to a supermarket with Wendy is worse than having my teeth pulled!

Then in the evening we all go round to Bobs for dinner. Introduced again to a Dark and Stormy cocktail. My sort of drink, need to get some rum.
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Enjoying the Flying Aces show.


Corybn insists on EU citizen rights in UK without guarantee on Brits abroad.

If you had any doubts about the stupidity of this communist, this must surely confirm that he is not fit lead the country and certainly is not fit to negotiate with the EU. He seems to live in a dream world where “unilateral” is the PC word of the century and it will bring out the best in people. Sadly the World ain’t like that. Once we unilaterally disarm or grant EU citizen rights we’ll just get shit upon. The meek do not inherit the earth, there are some pretty nasty hombres out there who will stop at nothing to screw us.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Target practice. 5 out of 5.

Wendy and I set off for a walk down to Kimble junction. Wendy buys some electric hair cutters for $10. Cheaper than paying $20 to have my hair cut. I invest in some dark rum to make a Dark and Stormy cocktail.

Nip to the Merril store in Tangier outlets – just 15 minutes – to see if they have any good deals on trainers. I think I’ll wait until we leave. They may come a lot cheaper.

In the evening Anne and Kevin take us out for dinner to Sammy’s Bistro. Bob joins us for pleasant evening.
joke header

On Bosnian people
““I think, therefore I am,” says a Bosnian and disappears without a trace.”
In former Yugoslavia, Bosnians, depicted as raw and stupid, may be the eastern equivalent to the western Belgian (Read more in French).
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Don’t you just love American job creation schemes. Just 10 yards onto a small car park and they need manned traffic signals.

On German people
A Bosnian is at an interview for a job in Germany.
– Where are you from? asks the employer.
– From Bosnia!
– Oh, I know, says the German, you Bosnians, you have the reputation to be lazy.
– Oh no, sir, responds the Bosnian, those are the Montenegrins. We, Bosnians, are stupid!
Perhaps following historical and diasporic experiences, Bosnians often differentiate themselves from Europeans, especially Germans. The Bosnian-German joking relationship, if any such thing can be said to exist, is less related to inferiority/superiority than to a struggle for respect and the recognition that values between communities differ (Read more in French).

On Bosnian people
Fata is taken by intensive care in city hospital. Mujo is waiting for doctor in front of main entrance. Doctor came out and talked to Mujo:
– Your Fata is not looking good
– Doctor, I know that, but she is good cooker, she is good with our children and that is the reason why she is my wife.

religion header

Lefty liberal multicultural appeasement monkeys are for ever trying to appease Islam.

Why won’t they believe them when they say I want to kill you?

If you doubt it go read the Quran.

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Hi Ho, Hi ho it’s off to work I go. Volunteering at the NAC – instruction / messing about on the water in Kayaks. It’s a tough life.

Wendy’s at the CC in the morning

I’m off to the NAC to help with the kayaking. Turns out there’s no instructors today, so assistant get a hefty promotion. I have a young lad who is autistic and it’s his first time in a kayak. To make matters a tad more difficult I opt for a sit on top kayak. It’s about as squirrelly as a virgin at her her first prom and my pupil keeps ramming into me. My pupil follows me out and then has a major tantrum because he’s got his hands wet. Did no one prepare him for getting a bit wet? Now this is a real challenge. Finally manage to calm him down and get him to enjoy it.

In the evening we all go to the free concert at Deer Valley.
joke header

On Bosnian people
– A Slovene, a Bosnian and a Montenegrin run a 100-meter race. The Slovene wins.
– Why?
– The Montenegrin gave up, and the Bosnian lost his way.
Many jokes in former Yugoslavia revolve around Bosnian, depicted as unintelligent, slow and sometimes lazy. In addition to being portrayed as stupid, Bosnians come out as sexually promiscuous, omnisexual, and alcoholic (Read more in French).

Now I’d really like a go in one of these.

On Bosnian people
– Mujo, haven’t you heard, the male gorilla in the Sarajevo Zoo is seriously ill and the female gorilla is going crazy without sex. They are now looking for somebody to replace the male gorilla and they are willing to pay up to 5,000 marks! says Suljo.
Mojo answers:
– Oh yes, I heard, but where will I find 5,000 marks?
Bosnians are the usual laughingstock. As Muslims, they concentrate a lot of jokes often using ethnical namesMujo stands for Mustafa or Muhamed; Suljo for Sulejman; and Fata, usually Mujo’s wife, for Fatima. In addition to being portrayed as stupid, Bosnians come out as sexually promiscuous, omnisexual, and alcoholic (Read more in French).

On Montenegrin people
– Why did the Montengrin become so lazy?
– Because the Bosnian once said to him: “Let me explain…”
In popular Serbian jokes and stories, Montenegrins are seen as lazy and pushy (Read more in French).

On Albanian people
An Albanian goes in a shopping area to sell some clothes he had stolen previously, but another thief robs him. When he returns home his wife asks him:
– So, did you earn anything?
– No, replies the Albanian, this time I sold at cost price!
Serbians tend to a lesser extent to have some jokes about Albanians (Read more in French).

rant header

Checkout guy at the liquor store has obviously been trained to religiously ask “did you find everything you wanted?”. When I answered “No I couldn’t find any Ashbach Brandy.” he goes into a catatonic state of confusion and just doesn’t know what to do. Never mind he repeats his mantra on the next customer. Why bother is they don’t train them what to do?

I really do think this country suffers from a chronic intelligence deficit and zero training in their retail outlets and anyone employed customer facing.

Thursday – hot and sunny.

More work. Archery at the NAC.

Up early to take Bob to the airport.

Wendy’s at the hospital.

I ride up to the NAC for archery. Again only one student so plenty of practice. Really getting to like these dinky compound bows with their sites and whisper biscuit.
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Wow isn’t FaceTime awesome. I get to read Jasper a bedtime story even though I’m 5,000 miles away. Technology at its best.

Bedtime stories for Jasper.

rant header

Court in Germany authorizes group of self-appointed Sharia police to continue enforcing Islamic law in city of Wuppertal.

Yes, Europe is lost. Do they, the PC bed wetter, not realise we are at war. When will they recognise that Islam is the problem and they seek they the overthrow of our democratic way of life. If you doubt it go read the Quran.

Friday – hot and sunny.

Wendy on our hike down to Kimble junction.

Wendy’s at the CC all day.

I’m off on a bike ride down to Jupiter Bowl at Kimble junction. Then join members of Park City Newcomers Club for bowling. Only $4 for 2 games. Hows that for value. Interesting club. Less strenuous than PCMSC, with activities like bowling, shooting, photography and cards. They even seem relaxed about bridge players not need a Phd in Bridge before they can play.

Then it’s a ride back – 12 miles round trip – back is uphill.

Lazy afternoon, get some reading in.
joke header

On Hungarian people
– How do you get a Hungarian out of the bath tub?
– Throw in a bar of soap.
Hungarians are seen as proud, but naive. The stereotypical Hungarian is called Ianoş and usually is accompanied by a Romanian named Ion (Read more in French).

One of the new electric buses charging up. Takes just 5 minutes every turnaround.

On Scottish people
“McManus donates a lot of money to charity but likes to remain anonymous. He even forgets to sign his name on the cheques.”
Scotsmen are presented as stingy, mean, dumb and feisty kilt-wearing skulks, who act against common sense just to save a small amount of money. Jokes about Scots are quite mean and depict them as people never failing to act against common sense just to save a few pennies in the short run (Read more in French).

On Romanian people
– What is small, dark, and knocking at the door?
– The future
And last but not least, Romanians tend to have some very funny self-deprecating jokes on their poor conditions (Read more in French).

On Romanian people
– What’s big, black, noisy, makes a lot of smoke and cuts carrots in five?
– The Romanian machine for cutting carrots in four.
Without surprise, Moldavians tend to make jokes about Romanians. Something quite interesting happened in 2003, as the first ever Moldavian-Romanian dictionary was published, under the direction of the Moldavian Government who ignored that Moldavians actually speak the same language as in Romania. 96% of the words in this dictionary were the same. Jokes about this Romanian-Romanian dictionary became very popular from then on (Read more in French).

rant header

Here he goes again. This time it reveals his true colours.

As Mr Corbyn put it when speaking to his constituency party: “Our job is not to reform capitalism, it’s to overthrow it.”

How can anyone vote for this communist.

Saturday – hot and sunny.

Independence day party.

Independence day party at Jeri and Robs – PCMSC – yes they even allow Brits to attend and I did promise not to sing God Save the Queen.

When you’re here in paradise it makes you realise how big our politicians screwed up in the past. They let countries like the USA, Canada and Australia escape our grasp. Well good for them, I celebrate their independence, let’s hope we get ours from Europe.

I went on one of the many hikes on offer while Wendy stayed at their home and helped prepare for the lunch. Walk was up the Flying Dog trail to the lookout, great views but my second time on this walk. A massive turnout and as usual there was a wide selection of dishes to try and of course Brats. A nice bottle of Pinot Noir helped, but I do so hate having to drink at dinner time – it’s a sin – and brings on other sins like a sozzled sleepi in the afternoon.
religion header

Lefty liberal multicultural appeasement monkeys are for ever trying to appease Islam.

The interpretation almost doesn’t matter. The jihadis are Muslims and use the quran to their own ends. Once again religion is the problem. You’d think that a supreme being would be capable of clearly setting down a peaceful message, that could endure for all time, rather than words that can be used to justify terrorism.

If you doubt we are at war go read the Quran.