20180627 – 4th July, Rodeo and Lots Of Fun


Wendy gets on her bike.

Sorry still too busy with this consultancy work to add rants, jokes and religious commentary. A shame really because I’ve got so many BREXIT and other rants building up they’re going to ebb over any moment into the mother of all rants.

Bob leads a leisure bike ride for me, Miners Hospital up to Snowpark then all downhill to the no name saloon for a relaxing beverage on their upstairs deck. Sadly I’m driving so it’s alcohol free for me.

Afternoon it’s gun club with Joe.

Lazy evening in catching up on the myriad of series on Netflix, HBONow and Amazon Prime. BBC hardly gets a look in these day.


As usual kayaking with PCMSC in the morning and then archery with the NAC in the afternoon.

Spaghetti dinner with Bob’s mother’s secret recipe. As always a great evening.


TGIF drinks, food and awesome views.

White water rafting with Hal. He’s a guide so we get a free trip. Great fun, only a class 2 so we don’t get too wet.

Then we see two empty stray canoes come floating past.

As usual Wendy’s at the Christian Centre in the afternoon while I catch up on some work.

Evenings a TGIF at an awesome house in pine brook, well at least when we could find it. Great food. Good evening.


Nature walk – boring.

Up at the crack of sparrows for a Swanner preserve nature walk. What a waste of time that was.

Catch up on some work in the afternoon while Wendy has the highlight of her week with the trip to the supermarket.

I’m having Mexican for tea so it’s off on my bike to Alberto’s for a Nacharito. Awesome, and so pleasant to be able to have a ride on my bike to get it. This place is magic.

Quiet evening finishing off a bottle of wine and season 5 of The Americans – worse and most boring season ever. Also manage a few High West whiskeys. Perfect end to another perfect day here in paradise.


The old barn at sunset.

Meet Bob and Marilyn at the old barn and we all toddle off on our bikes up to the Canyons for coffee. All the place needs is some tumble weed to finish off the image of a ghost town. 11:00 and everywhere’s closed – must be run by the French.

Wendy’s done a big roast so we’ve that much meat we invite B & M around for tea, wine, Pimms and whiskey.


PCMSC Independence day celebration.

It’s the sport club’s Independence Day celebration up at Bob and Jeri’s. Day starts off at 08:30 with the choice of hikes or bike rides. I opt for the easy hike while Wendy and Marilyn help out in the kitchen getting the food ready.

For lunch it’s a Jacobs join along with bangers and sauerkraut. A BYOB session. I’m quite restrained and just have a Hofbrau even though I’ve just expended enough calories for a bottle of red.

Great day.


Fireworks at the Canyons.

It’s our one free weekday each week when Wendy and I get to do something of our choosing, although usually it’s me leading a leisure hike.

Today we set off to explore the Bear hike at deer valley. Satnav can’t find the address of the hike start. Not surprising as the road it’s on is now Deercrest – a secure gated community. We abandon that plan and try out the walk around Park Meadows – just 3 miles – going to be part of my next leisure bike ride.

Lazy afternoon.

Then we’re off for pizza at B&M’s – not a superstore – and we drop off my car at the canyons car park ready for the fireworks.

Catch the bus up to the canyons, pick up the chairs and off on the cabriolet up to the plaza. Find a good spot to watch the fireworks. Meanwhile we talk, listen to the live music / racket and answer a flood of questions from people on “…..is this the best spot to see the fireworks?”. Why they ask us god only knows, it must be that they think with age comes wisdom and we’ve age on our side a plenty.

Kurts 4th of July wishes.

My it get’s cold and the fireworks don’t start until 21:30. We decide the escape down the cabriolet and out the car park at the end of the fireworks is going to be nothing but a serpentine line, longer than the Amazon and a gridlocked car park. After a couple of minutes of fireworks we get the cabriolet down and watch the fireworks from it. Arrive at the car park just as the fireworks finish and then drive off no trouble. A well planned and executed excursion, just a pity we went up too soon and didn’t have our artic ski gear on.

Oh and by the way pretty good fireworks.


Yeah, it’s the 4th of July. Yet another great parade. Happy 4th to all our American friends.
Just think if wasn’t for your 1776 moment you’d all be part of the EU and then you’d really have something to moan about.

Catch the bus into town for the parade. Amazing how many people you can cram in a bus. Amazing how lazy people are. They could walk quicker. Sad how none of the youngsters or even adults have any manners or consideration these days. Not one of them offers their seat up to the elderly or even to ladies standing. Seeing a definite decline in standards and manners over here over the past 20+ years.

4th July parade marching band.

Parade’s a great small town parade. We drove up early to put our chairs out. By the time we got there – 08:30 – all the plum spots had gone and there wasn’t much left. B & M, Hal and Angela join us. Hal’s in his element, dancing in the street, and knows so many in the parade.

Then we stagger back in the sweltering heat, lugging our two chairs. Wendy gives up and waits for the bus, but the bus never comes so she has to walk after all.

Hal’s in fine fettle celebrating the parade.

Tea time and we have a Independence Day barbecue for our American friends. Help them celebrate their 1776 moment – happy traitors day to the ungrateful colonials. We’re celebrating and praying for our independence from the Evil Union. We live in hope.

Our 4th July celebration barbecue.

Joe supervises the barbecue. Good job as I may not be able to turn water into wine, as some allegedly did, but I can turn meat into charcoal. Ruth brings some Jell-O shots – red, white and blue jelly made with vodka – as she wanted us Brits to experience yet another American tradition. What a great healthy way to get your daily alcohol intake.

Anyway barbecue was a success, no charcoal created; no meat mistreated; no fire alarm set off this time. Had a good time with a very interesting cross section of intelligent conversation.

Have a few whiskey night caps to finish off another awesome day.


Jello vodka shots prepared by Ruth for our 4th July celebration. Another new American tradition.

Up at the crack of sparrows and off kayaking with PCMSC. Starts off flat as a mill pond and then the wind gets up, makes it so much more interesting.

Then drop Wendy off to have her wig trimmed and dyed.

Hal drops off his 2nd bike for me to borrow. He’s sick of seeing me on my Walmart special tank, weighs a ton. His is a aluminium frame Cannondale.

In the afternoon I have a bike ride up to the NAC and back, to do archery with them. These young adults really enjoy their archery and they’re vary good. Wow it’s hot, to hot to bike.

Quiet night in watching Goliath, getting a tad too gruesome and weird.


TGIF and the wolf decides my face needs a wash. Who am I to argue with a wolf.

Morning I’m bowling again with the Newcomers club – the geriatrics gang. Then in the afternoon I go down to the gym to have a taste of Pickleball. It’s an amazing game. Just right for us geriatrics, not too much running and diving. A cross between tennis, badminton and table tennis. No wonder it’s one of the fastest growing sports. As most of the players are in my age group – geriatrics – no one takes it too seriously. Great fun, will have to try it more.

Wendy’s off to the CC for the afternoon.

Meanwhile I’m too dam busy with this consultancy work.

In the evening we’re off to the TGIF up at Bub’s house. Fantastic log cabin way up the mountain. This guy has a wolf as a pet and a husky cross. Both very friendly especially when they look at you longingly whilst eating in the hope of a tit bit.


All the fun of the rodeo. At least for some.

Wendy and I try out the Bear hike for one of my leisure hikes. It’s quite a pleasant 3 mile loop around Snowtop. The FSGM only knows why I called it the Bear hike but that’s the name it will keep.
In the evening we’re off to the Oakley Rodeo with B&M. Awesome as always and great fireworks. I love the rodeo.

Nightmare driving back. Can these colonials not afford some street lighting.

Cowboy and Cowgirl boots at the ready for the rodeo.


Certainly not Delmare, nor Ascott.

We’re off to Wyoming Downs for a spot of horse racing with B&M. Marilyn’s got us a a table in the grandstand, great seat and waitress service for booze and food. Not a great fan of horse racing but we really enjoyed it. I manage to pick the winner in 4 out of 6 races and my lavish $24 produced a profit of $26 – wow what will I spend it on?

Can you believe it 350,000,000 people in the USA and we run into Jewlee, my dive buddy from a cruise, at the races. Small world.

Amazing all the races were only 300 yards long so a very fast sprint. Mind you in this heat – 30C + – who’d want to kill your nag with a 1 mile race.

Awesome being just over the border into Wyoming. Civilisation, no crazy liquor laws. Proper off licenses, even open on a Sunday. Even drink anytime without food.


Finally made it. But never again this hike.

It’s our long awaited hike to Stewart falls in Sundance and then a picnic, all with B&M.

Catch the lift up and then walk / scramble down to the falls. The paths rough and overgrown with some stretches that are unnerving to me. But we make it and I don’t even get my feet wet crossing the falls.

Lovely poor folks picnic sat in the shade by a babbling brook. Great day yet again.

Bob, who seems to be permanently hungry, comes out with his classic remark – “I smell food”.


Another day, another hike to lead.

Start the day with 0500 conference calls. It’s that 4 letter word again – work. Taking up a lot of time at the moment but I’m sort of enjoying it and hopefully after initial projects it will settle down to less involvement. Also won’t be as bad when we’re back home with nowt to do.

Then Wendy and I are off up to Silverlake. I’m leading the silver lake to payday mid mountain leisure hike – just 5 miles. My it’s hot but a lot of it’s in the shade. Really good turnout of 16. Good walk and then ahttp://blogs.4uand.me.uk/?p=8474&preview=true crap American pilsner at the corner cafe – better sticking to German or Czech pilsners.

Lazy afternoon and evening.

20180613 – Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Bowling, Dining and Last But By No Means Least – Drinking


Oh dear.

class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-8489″ />Lead my first leisure bike ride. Fortunately found out that Corner Cafe was closed despite web site saying it was open. Went to Silver Star instead. Arrived spot on opening time – 11:00 – ready for my Stiegl Austrian Pilsner only to be told that canplserve drinks until 11:30 – Utah drinking laws strike again – I was so looking forward to it.

As always there’s the usual gobby geezer. This ones whining about how British beers served warm and tastes like shit. I resist the temptation to comment how any American can have the brass nerve to criticise proper beer, when they drink that insipid pale yellow pickle water. They he volunteers a rant on how the British Empire tyrannised their colonies. Obviously detests the British.

Afternoon more consultancy work.

Then Carol and Angela pop round to say hello.


Kayaking. Work. Then archery – 6 instructors / volunteers for only 2 candidates. Oh well at least I get more of a chance to shoot.

Dinner at Bob and Marilyn’s. Get to try a dirty Vodka martini (vodka martini with olive juice), yuk but starters are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, awesome – if that doesn’t qualify me for a green card nothing will. Pass on the Martini.


Bowling again and Wendy’s at the Christian Centre. Help out set up table in the afternoon ready for Dogs and Suds. By god they’re heavy to move.

Then in the evening it’s Dogs and Suds with PCMSC. Fortunately you don’t need a dog to go. Another example of Americans perverting the language, in more formal English it’s “Hot dogs and beer”. Best baked beans I’ve ever had – properly cooked – along with some Dark and Stormy’s, a juicy Merlot and a Yipee Kayee nightcap. Rat arsed.

Perfect end to another perfect day.


This is the weather we have to put up with.

Lazy morning then it’s a Walmart experience. And no we didn’t have our pyjamas on.

In the afternoon we toddlle off down to the library on the bus with Bob and Marilyn to see what the Latino Arts Fest has to offer. A tad disappointing but it’s the first time they’ve tried it so perhaps it’ll get better if it survives. Food was not all that good so we tootle off to Alberto’s for some Mexican fast food – at last I get a burrito, pretty good.


PCMSC Leisure hike

Hike with Bob and Marilyn from Silver Lake down to Snow Park in Deer Valley. A good 4.5 miles but thankfully mostly down hill. Stop off at the Deer Valley Store cafe for a well deserved coffee.

In the evening we’re all off to Stein Erickson for dinner to celebrate Bob and Marilyn’s wedding anniversary. Great menu but most were not impressed, certainly not 5 Star. I loved my rabbit starter and Veal T Bone – easily pleased – and with two for one vouchers it didn’t seem too expensive. Then it was back to ours to celebrate with some Almond champagne.

For the first time ever used Valet Parking – how bloody idle can you get – but really not much choice as it’s all lazy bones parking. As usual you end up hanging around waiting for the car to be bought to you but have to say I was really impressed – not easy done these days – but the guy had pumped up a tyre that was showing low pressure. How neat is that. Even tipped him.



The famous old barn.

Wendy and I do the leisure hike with PCMSC. An easy 3 mile hike from Willow Creek up to the old barn and back.

Wendy toddles off to the Christian Centre to leave me in peace to do some work. Thank god I’ve finished the recommendations and contract. It’s taken up all my spare time since we’ve been here, at least now I can get my life back and concentrate on fun.

Photography club at the library in the evening, all about still photography from drones. Quite interesting, but not really my cup of tea.


Wendy at Bloods Lake.

Wendy and I drive up to Guardsmen’s pass and take a hike up to Bloods lake. It’s described as an easy hike but I think they’re confusing short with easy. Yes it’s short, we did about 2 miles, but steep, rocky and loose rubble don’t make it easy.

In the afternoon it’s more excitement as we do Costco with Bob and Marilyn.

Watch the Americans despite Amazons Prime’s best efforts to deter me. End up signing up for yet another months free trial. That seems to fix the problem.



Bloods Lake.

Lead a leisure bike ride around Swanner Reserve. Good turnout of 12. Of course as usual there’s alway one gob on the ride who wants to point out what hand signals should be used. Funny how these sort never volunteer to lead, so much easier to chunner away from behind.

Pop down to the gym to see what Pickell Ball is all about. Looks fairly leisurely, will have to give it a try.

Afternoon I go shooting with Joe. Hire a 38 with some high energy Bullets. Has the kick of a drunken mule and the noise of thunder clap.


A hike somewhere.

Another fun packed day.

Kayaking with PCMSC in the morning. At last I get to explore the other end of the reservoir. Everyone else sets off down the usual end.

Catch up on some work over dinner.

Then it’s NAC archery in the afternoon.

Lecture on Alcohol and Park City at 16:00 with B & M, then they come round for dinner and a few drinks.


Easy 6 mile bike ride down to tenpin bowling. Coffee at Starbucks, then tough 6 mile ride back, but I made it.

Wendy’s at the CC in the afternoon.

Then it’s a bit more culture as we go to the library for a talk on the Mormon pioneers who arrived in Salt Lake in 1847. Lecture droned on a bit and I was amazed at how much of it we already knew from books and films.

More of The Americans in the evening.


Inside the Pollin barn.

Lazy day. We have a bike ride up to PCMR base to buy some coffee from Campos coffee. Seems like they’ve caught the French disease, can’t be bothered to open; can’t be bothered to put a sensible sign on the door say when they’ll be open; can’t be bothered to update their web site with opening times.

Then in the evening we’re all off to a barn dance as they open up the Pollin Barn to the public, complete with a barbecue, music and dancing for those so inclined. Needless to say the weather is awesome as it has been since we got her.


Leisure hike.

Off down to the Silly market with Bob and Marilyn, followed by lunch on the deck of the “No Name Saloon”. I have an awesome corned beef Reubens. Everyones delighted with their food. More than I can say for the 7% Pilsner I try, too strong and more like a malt beer than a pilsner. That’ll teach me not to be silly and try American beer, but at least it wasn’t ants urine..

Afternoon I catch up on some work.

No exercise today, getting withdrawal symptoms.


We’re both off out for the 09:00 Leisure hike up “La Dee Dah” with PCMSC. Quite a pleasant out and back hike and the weather’s awesome.

Can’t believe it but I think we’re both starting to miss the rain. Since we’ve been here I think we’ve only had about an hours rain.

Bowling Evening.

In the evening we’re off on a bowling evening with friends and PCMSC invited. Have a great evening, not too much exertion and judging by our scores most didn’t take it too seriously. Then we’re all off to the Full House for dinner, oriental food but all a tad too greasy for my liking.


I lead a leisure hike. Hal comes. Silver lake to Deer Valley cafe.

Wendy and Marilyn do what they do best, shop.