20170625 – Hiking, Biking, Bowling and Picnics

Sunday – hot and sunny.

Flying aces show..

Up and out with Bob, Kevin and Anne to watch the flying aces up at the olympic park. Spectacular show, see pictures.

Then in the evening we had a Barbecue at our place with the Schmitts, Randy, Bob, Kevin and Anne. Hal did most of the cooking thankfully. A good evening all round.
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On Latvian people
– Why are Latvians the best in the world?
– Because our living standard is twice as bad than that of Estonians, but we laugh about them twice as loud.
In the 21st century, a revival of self-referential and self-deprecating humour can be seen in the web-based joke circulation titled “Why are Latvians the best in the world?” (Read more in French).

On Finnish people

Through the air.

– How do you know that you’re talking to an extrovert Finn?
– When conversing with you, he’s looking at your feet instead of his own
Estonians have a genre of Finnish jokes, featuring Finns who are either slow, stupid or alcoholic. Finland is both economically more prosperous than Estonia and to the North of Estonia, so few jokes are about Finns told to be rich (Read more in French).

On Scottish people 
“Nowadays the Scots do not play bagpipes to frighten their enemies, they do it to annoy their neighbours.”
Who would have thought about it?  Hungarian people tend to make jokes on Scotsmen. It is hard to find any reason for that. Is it because of Saint Margaret, Queen of Scotland who actually grew up in Hungary? The question is still open but the jokes remain (Read more in French).

A soft landing in the pool.

On (new) Russians
Two New Russians meet:
– Look, I bought a tie for 3 thousand bucks!
– Idiot, I saw the same tie for 5 thousand bucks round the corner!
New Russians, a class of arrogant, stupid, poorly-educated post-perestroika businessmen and gangsters, were a very common category of characters in Russian and Ukrainian jokes of the 1990s. A common theme is the interaction of a New Russian in his archetypal shiny black Mercedes S600, arguing with a regular Russian in his modest Soviet-era Zaporozhets after their vehicles collide. The New Russian is often a violent criminal or at least speaks criminal argot (Read more in French)…

Monday – hot and sunny.

Sunday barbecue with Hal on the grill.

Bob picks me up and then he leads a Leisure Bike ride up to Deer Valley and then back down to the “No Name Saloon”. It’s a hard ride uphill, but has the benefit of downhill most of the way back.

Leisurely stroll into town with Wendy in the afternoon. My it was humid – we were as wet as a water hogs backside.

Kevin and Anne set a new endurance record for shopping. 7 hours shopping at the Tangier Outlets, to be fair they did stop for lunch. And to think that I think a trip to a supermarket with Wendy is worse than having my teeth pulled!

Then in the evening we all go round to Bobs for dinner. Introduced again to a Dark and Stormy cocktail. My sort of drink, need to get some rum.
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Enjoying the Flying Aces show.


Corybn insists on EU citizen rights in UK without guarantee on Brits abroad.

If you had any doubts about the stupidity of this communist, this must surely confirm that he is not fit lead the country and certainly is not fit to negotiate with the EU. He seems to live in a dream world where “unilateral” is the PC word of the century and it will bring out the best in people. Sadly the World ain’t like that. Once we unilaterally disarm or grant EU citizen rights we’ll just get shit upon. The meek do not inherit the earth, there are some pretty nasty hombres out there who will stop at nothing to screw us.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Target practice. 5 out of 5.

Wendy and I set off for a walk down to Kimble junction. Wendy buys some electric hair cutters for $10. Cheaper than paying $20 to have my hair cut. I invest in some dark rum to make a Dark and Stormy cocktail.

Nip to the Merril store in Tangier outlets – just 15 minutes – to see if they have any good deals on trainers. I think I’ll wait until we leave. They may come a lot cheaper.

In the evening Anne and Kevin take us out for dinner to Sammy’s Bistro. Bob joins us for pleasant evening.
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On Bosnian people
““I think, therefore I am,” says a Bosnian and disappears without a trace.”
In former Yugoslavia, Bosnians, depicted as raw and stupid, may be the eastern equivalent to the western Belgian (Read more in French).
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Don’t you just love American job creation schemes. Just 10 yards onto a small car park and they need manned traffic signals.

On German people
A Bosnian is at an interview for a job in Germany.
– Where are you from? asks the employer.
– From Bosnia!
– Oh, I know, says the German, you Bosnians, you have the reputation to be lazy.
– Oh no, sir, responds the Bosnian, those are the Montenegrins. We, Bosnians, are stupid!
Perhaps following historical and diasporic experiences, Bosnians often differentiate themselves from Europeans, especially Germans. The Bosnian-German joking relationship, if any such thing can be said to exist, is less related to inferiority/superiority than to a struggle for respect and the recognition that values between communities differ (Read more in French).

On Bosnian people
Fata is taken by intensive care in city hospital. Mujo is waiting for doctor in front of main entrance. Doctor came out and talked to Mujo:
– Your Fata is not looking good
– Doctor, I know that, but she is good cooker, she is good with our children and that is the reason why she is my wife.

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Lefty liberal multicultural appeasement monkeys are for ever trying to appease Islam.

Why won’t they believe them when they say I want to kill you?

If you doubt it go read the Quran.

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Hi Ho, Hi ho it’s off to work I go. Volunteering at the NAC – instruction / messing about on the water in Kayaks. It’s a tough life.

Wendy’s at the CC in the morning

I’m off to the NAC to help with the kayaking. Turns out there’s no instructors today, so assistant get a hefty promotion. I have a young lad who is autistic and it’s his first time in a kayak. To make matters a tad more difficult I opt for a sit on top kayak. It’s about as squirrelly as a virgin at her her first prom and my pupil keeps ramming into me. My pupil follows me out and then has a major tantrum because he’s got his hands wet. Did no one prepare him for getting a bit wet? Now this is a real challenge. Finally manage to calm him down and get him to enjoy it.

In the evening we all go to the free concert at Deer Valley.
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On Bosnian people
– A Slovene, a Bosnian and a Montenegrin run a 100-meter race. The Slovene wins.
– Why?
– The Montenegrin gave up, and the Bosnian lost his way.
Many jokes in former Yugoslavia revolve around Bosnian, depicted as unintelligent, slow and sometimes lazy. In addition to being portrayed as stupid, Bosnians come out as sexually promiscuous, omnisexual, and alcoholic (Read more in French).

Now I’d really like a go in one of these.

On Bosnian people
– Mujo, haven’t you heard, the male gorilla in the Sarajevo Zoo is seriously ill and the female gorilla is going crazy without sex. They are now looking for somebody to replace the male gorilla and they are willing to pay up to 5,000 marks! says Suljo.
Mojo answers:
– Oh yes, I heard, but where will I find 5,000 marks?
Bosnians are the usual laughingstock. As Muslims, they concentrate a lot of jokes often using ethnical namesMujo stands for Mustafa or Muhamed; Suljo for Sulejman; and Fata, usually Mujo’s wife, for Fatima. In addition to being portrayed as stupid, Bosnians come out as sexually promiscuous, omnisexual, and alcoholic (Read more in French).

On Montenegrin people
– Why did the Montengrin become so lazy?
– Because the Bosnian once said to him: “Let me explain…”
In popular Serbian jokes and stories, Montenegrins are seen as lazy and pushy (Read more in French).

On Albanian people
An Albanian goes in a shopping area to sell some clothes he had stolen previously, but another thief robs him. When he returns home his wife asks him:
– So, did you earn anything?
– No, replies the Albanian, this time I sold at cost price!
Serbians tend to a lesser extent to have some jokes about Albanians (Read more in French).

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Checkout guy at the liquor store has obviously been trained to religiously ask “did you find everything you wanted?”. When I answered “No I couldn’t find any Ashbach Brandy.” he goes into a catatonic state of confusion and just doesn’t know what to do. Never mind he repeats his mantra on the next customer. Why bother is they don’t train them what to do?

I really do think this country suffers from a chronic intelligence deficit and zero training in their retail outlets and anyone employed customer facing.

Thursday – hot and sunny.

More work. Archery at the NAC.

Up early to take Bob to the airport.

Wendy’s at the hospital.

I ride up to the NAC for archery. Again only one student so plenty of practice. Really getting to like these dinky compound bows with their sites and whisper biscuit.
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Wow isn’t FaceTime awesome. I get to read Jasper a bedtime story even though I’m 5,000 miles away. Technology at its best.

Bedtime stories for Jasper.

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Court in Germany authorizes group of self-appointed Sharia police to continue enforcing Islamic law in city of Wuppertal.

Yes, Europe is lost. Do they, the PC bed wetter, not realise we are at war. When will they recognise that Islam is the problem and they seek they the overthrow of our democratic way of life. If you doubt it go read the Quran.

Friday – hot and sunny.

Wendy on our hike down to Kimble junction.

Wendy’s at the CC all day.

I’m off on a bike ride down to Jupiter Bowl at Kimble junction. Then join members of Park City Newcomers Club for bowling. Only $4 for 2 games. Hows that for value. Interesting club. Less strenuous than PCMSC, with activities like bowling, shooting, photography and cards. They even seem relaxed about bridge players not need a Phd in Bridge before they can play.

Then it’s a ride back – 12 miles round trip – back is uphill.

Lazy afternoon, get some reading in.
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On Hungarian people
– How do you get a Hungarian out of the bath tub?
– Throw in a bar of soap.
Hungarians are seen as proud, but naive. The stereotypical Hungarian is called Ianoş and usually is accompanied by a Romanian named Ion (Read more in French).

One of the new electric buses charging up. Takes just 5 minutes every turnaround.

On Scottish people
“McManus donates a lot of money to charity but likes to remain anonymous. He even forgets to sign his name on the cheques.”
Scotsmen are presented as stingy, mean, dumb and feisty kilt-wearing skulks, who act against common sense just to save a small amount of money. Jokes about Scots are quite mean and depict them as people never failing to act against common sense just to save a few pennies in the short run (Read more in French).

On Romanian people
– What is small, dark, and knocking at the door?
– The future
And last but not least, Romanians tend to have some very funny self-deprecating jokes on their poor conditions (Read more in French).

On Romanian people
– What’s big, black, noisy, makes a lot of smoke and cuts carrots in five?
– The Romanian machine for cutting carrots in four.
Without surprise, Moldavians tend to make jokes about Romanians. Something quite interesting happened in 2003, as the first ever Moldavian-Romanian dictionary was published, under the direction of the Moldavian Government who ignored that Moldavians actually speak the same language as in Romania. 96% of the words in this dictionary were the same. Jokes about this Romanian-Romanian dictionary became very popular from then on (Read more in French).

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Here he goes again. This time it reveals his true colours.

As Mr Corbyn put it when speaking to his constituency party: “Our job is not to reform capitalism, it’s to overthrow it.”

How can anyone vote for this communist.

Saturday – hot and sunny.

Independence day party.

Independence day party at Jeri and Robs – PCMSC – yes they even allow Brits to attend and I did promise not to sing God Save the Queen.

When you’re here in paradise it makes you realise how big our politicians screwed up in the past. They let countries like the USA, Canada and Australia escape our grasp. Well good for them, I celebrate their independence, let’s hope we get ours from Europe.

I went on one of the many hikes on offer while Wendy stayed at their home and helped prepare for the lunch. Walk was up the Flying Dog trail to the lookout, great views but my second time on this walk. A massive turnout and as usual there was a wide selection of dishes to try and of course Brats. A nice bottle of Pinot Noir helped, but I do so hate having to drink at dinner time – it’s a sin – and brings on other sins like a sozzled sleepi in the afternoon.
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Lefty liberal multicultural appeasement monkeys are for ever trying to appease Islam.

The interpretation almost doesn’t matter. The jihadis are Muslims and use the quran to their own ends. Once again religion is the problem. You’d think that a supreme being would be capable of clearly setting down a peaceful message, that could endure for all time, rather than words that can be used to justify terrorism.

If you doubt we are at war go read the Quran.

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