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20171203 – Circus Museum; Art Museum; Chicago Dipped Beef Sandwich; Goodbye Venice

Sunday – hot and sunny.

Music festival, sort of.

Lazy morning then we drive up to Siesta Key for a food and music festival. Parking’s a nightmare, free spaces rarer than a lap dancing bar in Tehran, so we park about a mile down the beach and walk back up the beach. As expected no American would risk life and limb walking this far.

It’s free music but food is greasy and expensive, although the paella looks enticing. We pass and just listen to the music and drink our water. My god it’s hot.

Sunset from Venice pier.

On the way home we call at Starbucks for afternoon tea and some cake to feed Wendy who is that hungry she could eat a grizzly bear fur sandwich.

Evenings just more Game of Thrones and Veep.
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Kayaking on a sunny day, watching nature in all it’s glory. Perfect way to spend the day.

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Supermoon over Venice.

I’m getting fed up of ranting about the persons responsible for fucking up society and life big style with their views that they try and inflict on the rest of us. Having to type out a list of the lengthy attributes of these futtocking arse-mungels is becoming a real pain so from now on I’ve got a new word for them – twatters.

Definition of the word twatter:

Person or persons who fucks up society and life big style, responsible for all that is bad in this crazy world, with one or more of their politically correct, multi-cultural, bed wetting, do gooder, dhimi, tree hugging, veggie, left wing, liberal beliefs. Can be a snowflake; a typical bed wetter; a futtocking arse-mungel; an islamic appeasement monkey; or even a jerkpuffin and almost certainly has a self righteous twitter account, that is more prolific than an over active thyroid gland, and to top it all off is almost certainly a rabid REMOANER.

Monday – hot and sunny.

Miniature circus. Sadly all thats left these days.

Decide on some culture today, set off to the Ringling museum in Sarasota. The art museums free on a Monday but we lash out and pay for the circus museum. They have an amazing miniature circus covers a massive area with amazing attention to detail. That along with circus memorabilia and some videos brings back memories of how good circuses used to be when we were kids. Sadly no more.

Then we have our exotic picnic by Sarasota bay. The gardens and grounds here are quite stunning. Oh how the rich lived.

Visit the art museum, much to Wendy’s disgust. I have to say the majority of the paintings in there are depressing. I wouldn’t even use them to wrap my chips in. There are some good photographic displays. One is particularly good on America and the War in the middle east.

Human cannonball.

In the evening we meet up with Pat and Steve, friends of Jerry and Diane, and have some drinks and an evening meal. Have a pleasant evening and it’s always good to meet up with new people, surprising the similarities between us all. Meet in an interesting sports bar, foods a tad basic and unlike most of these bars in the movies there’s no pole dancers. Now I love American junk fund, but come on fried Mac and cheese or fried Ravioli has to be the product of the mind of a degenerate chef. Try the fried Mac and Cheese, think I’ll stick with the original.
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One in the eye for the twatters and especially those bed wetters at Starbucks.

The child in me just couldn’t resist. Yes, it works.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Gruesome art.

After our usual leisurely morning we have a great bike ride down the Legacy Trail. As I suspected we didn’t make it all the way to Sarasota. A whining numb bum struck after 7.5 miles, but at least that meant we did 15 miles, an improvement on last weeks 12 miles. Amazing isn’t it, I stop for a pee in the woods and within seconds the whole world turns up as two cars arrive in the most inaccessible two different places you can imagine – unbelievable. Perverts. Is there no peace, is nothing sacred anymore. With my luck it’s a wonder it wasn’t an American pipe band or the local cheer leaders out for a run.

Is this modern art?

On the way back we call in at the Daiquiri Raw Bar for some drinks. It’s happy hour so Wendy gets two Daiquiris for the price of one. She’s obviously taking this training to be an alcoholic very seriously as she asks for an extra shot of rum. The corruption of the English language continues unabated with “happy houring”.
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Nine Important Facts to Remember as We Grow Older 

The circus comes to town.

#9 Death is the number 1 killer in the world.

#8 Life is sexually transmitted.
#7 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

#6 Men have 2 motivations: hunger and hanky panky, and they can’t tell them apart. If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.

#5 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to use the Internet and they won’t bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.

Two’s better than one, especially with a shot of extra rum.

#4 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.

#3 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

#2 In the 60’s, people took LSD to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

#1 Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers. What you do today may be a burning issuetomorrow. 

Please share this wisdom with others while I go to the bathroom.

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Boycott Halal food and restaurants:

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Wendy on our bike ride.

While Wendy kindly packs I toddle off down to Siesta Key for a spot of kayaking.

Siesta Key beach.

Awesome morning kayaking around Siesta Key. Birds galore, including Ospreys and Herons, but best of all is a squadron of 16 pelicans coming into land on an island. They perch on trees and keep a suspicious eye on me. Alas no dolphins of manatees.

Hot and sunny as I contemplate that 48 hours from now we’ll be back in the frozen wastelands.

In the afternoon we have a stroll into town to maraud around the few shops there is. Wendy passes on a happy hour Daiquiri.

For my last supper here in Venice I get a real treat. It’s a dipped Chicago beef sandwich here at America’s equivalent of the greasy spoon cafe on steroids. Proper gourmet food, a cholesterol special. But never let it be said that I’m not into healthy eating as I only have it single dipped into mouth watering gravy, rather than the true epicureans double dipped.

The red neck bearded, toothless clientele of this place, look like they just escaped from the civil war in Georgia, seem delightful as they swill down pinkie water from heavy frozen fighting jars. I was tempted to open a discussion on the nats urine they serve over here labelled as beer, but prefer my front and back teeth the way they are.
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More of our culture and history sacrificed at the twatters alter

Yet another part of our culture and history is sacrificed at the alter of political correctness and animal rights. The animal rights twatters have been at it again. The last circus was performed in America this year as the twatters succeeded in closing them down because they had animals performing. Arguments such as it’s cruel and DEGRADING to have animals performing; kept in cages; dragged around the country and the list goes on.

My grandkids will probably never experience the magic and thrill of the circus, seeing exotic animals and marvelling at feats of doing and dare and the colourful entertainment. Going to see the animals before the performance. Or in the case of our youngest son hiding behind the chair when the tigers came out. It’s part of our heritage.

How bloody cruel do they think life in the wild is for animals? How cruel do they think it is to eats meat? If you want to see gratuitous cruelty then go and watch a bull fight, still allowed in the EU. What about all the money the circuses invest in wild life and animal welfare, where is that money going to come from.

Yes, I agree that animal welfare in circuses should be strictly monitored and enforced but closing these down is just another example of how the twatters are screwing with our history and culture.

A sad day for America.

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Halal meats – the facts. Forget it’s from the EDL, ask yourself is it factual?

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Hitch hiker.

Now Game of Thrones has added zombies, to it’s collection of knight, dungeons, dragons along with magic and wizards it’s getting a tad too weird and complex for my tastes and fragile memory. Why bother wasting +80 hours, when you can watch the essence of the series, with all the nudity and sex scenes in under an hour with these summary videos.

Thursday – hot and sunny.

Chicago Beef Sandwich, single dipped.

Up and out by 09:30 for a drive back up to Orlando airport.

Apart from having to wait for the Virgin checkin to open, we’re TSA pre-checked and so it’s a pretty smooth process. Amazing, Virgin customer service score again. No indication what time check-in opens. There are staff there but can they be bothered serving. Keep everyone waiting without as much as a nod or bye your leave. Then suddenly there’s about 12 agents with nothing much to do. Does it never occur to them they could put a couple of staff on early and then add more later, plus little sign indicating what time check-in opens – wouldn’t stretch the budgets or common sense too far. Mind you the signs over the check-in desk said Emirates, that’ll confuse the punters and have them wandering around the airport looking for Virgin. Customer service as crap as ever.

Tony’s Chicago Beef emporium.

Nice lounge as we’ve a long wait, but the booze helps pass the time. Sat on plane for two hours delay while they sort out paperwork and get a high tech solution like a dip stick to see how much fuel they have in their tanks! Food as appalling as ever. Thankfully my sleeping tablets and a few glasses of wine make the flight snore by. Although the woman sat next to me is a tad concerned when I nod off with a glass of red wine in my hand.

Land in Manchester about an hour late. Then it’s a cock up with the luggage as the cargo bay doors are frozen. I don’t believe it. Obviously Manchester being in the tropics this sort of thing never normally occurs.

Arrive home to snow in Belthorn.
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Goodbye Venice.

John McDonnell today refused seven times to answer how Labour would service debt interest if the party swept to power and implemented its extensive, £250 billion over 10 years, borrowing plans. Day-to-day spending on public services would meanwhile increase £17 billion a year under Labour’s plans, paid for by tax hikes for wealthy individuals and business.

The shadow chancellor was mocked after he said that “that’s why we have iPads and that’s why we have advisers” when pressed to supply some detail about how Labour would deal with national debt.

Perhaps we can’t escape the island!

He had been unable to put a figure on the current cost of servicing it when quizzed in a post-budget interview.

He also elicited a backlash after accusing BBC Radio 4 Today programme presenter Mishal Husain of “a trite form of journalism” when she pressed him for specificity around Labour’s plans.

The cost of borrowing more to invest would “pay for itself” in extra tax revenue and job creation, he insisted.

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Pat Condell nails it with “Nothing To Do With Islam”:

20171126 – Venice Island; Nature, Birds and Gators; Hikes, Bikes and Kayaks

Sunday – hot and sunny.

You do have to wonder about literacy rates in this country. What do they think loitering means?

Lazy morning as usual, getting used to our new home, it’s very comfortable and great wifi. Also chance to play with my new toy the iPhone 10. It’s awesome, fast and the facial recognition is so fast, even quicker than finger print Id. Recognises me with or without glass, hat and even if I smile, but screw my face or lips up and it fails.

Get an urgent call from our hosts warning us about the coyotes that roam around here, apparently there’s a few congregate across the road from us. Seems like it’s a well known problem in Venice. Advised not to wander the streets at night, like we did last night. Given this countries love of guns I’m gob smacked that they’ve not all been massacred.

Lookout, lookout there’s coyotes about.

Decide to have a stroll around the island, it’s really not that big and of course we happen to come across some shops. It’s quite interesting watching Wendy shop. To give her due she tends to ignore expensive clothes shops, doesn’t even give them a glance. But see a clothes rail with the word sale or 25%+ off and she swoops down on it like a frenzied kamikaze pilot. Whereas my shopping is a lot more focused, if I’m looking for something then I’ll go in any of the more expensive shops. Style and quality matter.

Our new home is very well equipped and a home from home but like most American homes it doesn’t have a kettle. Boil water in a pan and try to pour it into a cup or coffee filter without scalding yourself. Decide on a cheap electric kettle from Walmart. Get it home and the on off button doesn’t work properly. Never mind some string holds it down, stuff them we’ll take it back at the end of our stay.
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The key to happiness from PragerU:

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Muslim woman stand up comedian:

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Mind you I wander about common sense in London.

The Conservatives accused Mr Corbyn of hypocrisy. A spokesman said: “The truth is it was Labour that presided over the financial crash and left over half a million more people on the dole. We were left to pick up the pieces.

“Under this Government, three million more people are in work and the rich have paid more in tax in every year of this government than they did in any of the 13 years of Labour.

“Corbyn talks a good game but under his leadership Labour blocked our measures to crack down on £8.6 billion of tax avoidance. And Labour have admitted they are planning for a run of the pound. Once again working people would pay the price.”

Why is it that the conservatives are so reluctant to sell themselves better, especially on the economy. They should be hammering home the economic realities of living beyond our means and the facts about lower taxes. On corporation tax they should be able to spell out the realities and wipe the smug smiles off those angry communist molecules swilling around in the Westminster swamp.

Yes, the current batch of conservative bed wetters have their problems and are far from ideal, but the alternative are a bunch of communist with their La La land fantasies, and will sink this country faster than a gold ingot in a swamp.

Monday – hot and sunny.

Venice beach.

Off down to Sarasota. Have lunch – butties – on the harbour, followed by a stroll around the harbour and then the old down. Wendy’s orgasmic as she’s seen a Wholefoods, similar to me seeing an Apple store. As a treat we go into Wholefoods.

Then we drive down to Armends Circle, a posh up market area of Sarasota. Even the 3G wifi’s better down there. Stroll around the shops and a Starbucks at the circle with some people watching.

Then I get my treat as we head off to the Apple store at the UTC Mall. Wow this Mall is awesome – see pictures. The whole shopping area is impressive. I buy a pair of AirPods, the ultimate nerds gizmo. Expensive but impressive, my Christmas present from Wendy – now we’re both sorted for Christmas. My only concern is will one drop out and me not notice. Apparently all the reviews say they’re pretty good if you’ve got the right shaped ear. If not I suppose we could always resort to superglue.

Just like Blackburn Mall!

Sarasota such a lovely city but sadly there’s nothing of interest on in the theatres or concerts at this time of year.

Back to Venice and we’re going out for dinner a real treat for us poor retired folk. Go to Sharky’s at Venice pier, nice location and great for the sunset. Pity about the food. Everything just battered to death and greasy as a Brylcream butty. Disappointing. Mind you we’re not really into eating out. Have a few awesome Dark and Stormies when we get home.

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Childrens play area in the UTC Mall. Can you imagine this in Blackburn, it’d be wrecked.

During the last couple of years, many people have woken up to the threat that Islam represents to Western Civilisation. However, too many people are still unaware, because they are unconscious followers of the religion of Political Correctness. As individuals who are awake and aware, we are often confronted with the harsh reality that we are only a small group. There still is a lot of work to do!

Even though the threat that Islam represents is blatantly obvious once you learn how to think clearly, members of the religion of Political Correctness are unable to process the necessary information in order to be able to realise that this is the case. Many of them are even convinced that those who worry about Islamisation, are just “racists” and “bigots”.

Wendy and iPad.

Political Correctness prevents its followers to mentally process certain hard facts.

Western Civilisation is under threat. We are currently fighting two battles at the same time. We are not only under attack by Islam, but we are also fighting against the religion of Political Correctness. This works as follows: Islam is a deadly threat and Political Correctness is the paralytic that prevents us from responding adequately to this threat.

Members of the religion of Political Correctness view the world in a certain way. Their worldview is based on dogma rather than rational arguments. For them, finally realising that Islam represents one of the biggest threat to Western Civilisation of the 21st century, would require them to completely change their worldview. This is often a difficult process.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Try out our golf cart. New toy.

Very lazy morning playing with my AirPods. They’re awesome and clever. Great for talking to Siri too.

Set off to the Oscar Scherer State Park. Supposed to have some good bird life. All very pleasant and we have a nice stroll – I manage to get my +30 minutes exercise in on my Apple watch much to Wendy’s intense annoyance – she can’t believe it, “how come you get it and I don’t”.

Have lunch overlooking the lake but alas no gators. Only see one bird, an Osprey.

No really that much there.

Call in at Publix’s and then it’s afternoon tea in the rocking chairs on the porch.
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Venice Beach.

Q: What do you say to a Pakistani at Christmas? A: A quart of milk, a loaf of bread and a pack of Marlboros please.

Q: Did you hear about the Muslim party? A: It was a blast.

Q. What can the Palestinians do to raise the average IQ in the West Bank? A. Allow Jews to come in.

Q: What do you call a bad Muslim eye doctor? A: Asif Eyecare

Q: What did the suicide bombers mom say? A: “My Allah! They blow up so fast…”

Q: What do you call a half Irish half Muslim husband? A: O’Pressive.

Q: Why don’t they teach Driver’s Ed and sex education on the same day in the Middle East? A: They don’t want to wear out the camel.

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Off Kayaking.

Off down to Siesta Key. I rent a kayak and toddle off kayaking around Siesta Key for a couple of hours, whilst Wendy explores the shops and rides the free trolley around Siesta Key.

Then we call in at the biggest liquor store we’ve ever seen – Total Wine. Although they’re not that cheap. Buy a miniature Woodford Reserve to try, last of the big spenders. Then Wendy explores Sprouts – it’s a Wholefoods lookalike store.

Meet up with Dennis and Nancy – past home exchangers from Sarasota. Have a great afternoon catching up with them and putting the World to rights. It’s amazing how similar our views are and hate political correctness.

Bye the way Woodford Reserve is very nice, think I’ll invest in that for home.
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Kayaking around Siesta Key.

The latest atrocity from the jihadis of the religion of pieces and permanent offence, the killing of over 300 fellow muslims in Egypt, seems to have been quietly ignored by the PC journalists of the West. After all its not in a Western democracy, so it doesn’t really matter. It is comparable to some of the worst Nazi atrocities of the Second World War. Terrorists, armed with grenades and machineguns, arrived in four-wheel-drive vehicles to take up positions around the Sinai mosque. They then threw grenades into the building to kill as many of the 500 worshippers as possible. As the panicked congregation tried to escape, the killers trained their machineguns on the men, women and children, killing and maiming them before stepping over the bodies and shooting any survivors in the head.

It is hard to image more bestial behaviour as the terrorists, parading Islamic State black flags, chanted Allahu akbar to celebrate the killing of more than 300 people. The victims were mostly Sufi Muslims. Christians have been targeted several times. The armed forces have been attacked, as well as government agencies. The real motive, after defeat in the field, is a rallying cry to show they are still a force.

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Clean up team member.

Q: What do Muslim men do during foreplay? A: Tickle the goat under the chin.

Q: What do you call a Muslim taking a bath? A: Ali Lujah!

Q: What do you call a Muslim woman with an opinion? A: Anything you want she’s already been stoned to death.

Q: What does a Fat Muslim radical yell? A: Allahu Snack Bar.

Q: Why aren’t there any Walmarts in Afghanistan? A: Because there is a target on every corner.

Q: What do you call an unemployed Muslim? A: Bin Laidoff.

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Sneaky is best. Please don’t smile at me.

John McDonnell has refused seven times to answer how Labour would service debt interest if the party swept to power and implemented its extensive borrowing plans.

The shadow chancellor was mocked after he said that “that’s why we have iPads and that’s why we have advisers” when pressed to supply some detail about how Labour would deal with national debt.

Yesterday he had been unable to put a figure on the current cost of servicing it when quizzed in a post-budget interview. He also elicited a backlash after accusing BBC Radio 4 Today programme presenter Mishal Husain of “a trite form of journalism” when she pressed him for specificity around Labour’s plans.

The cost of borrowing more to invest would “pay for itself” in extra tax revenue and job creation, he insisted.

He has said he wants to borrow an additional £250 billion over 10 years to fund national infrastructure. Day-to-day spending on public services would meanwhile increase £17 billion a year under Labour’s plans, paid for by tax hikes for wealthy individuals and business.

What planet does labour live on. Our National debt is one of the highest in the Western World at over 80% of GDP. Do these buffoons not realise it cannot go on like this. We’re living beyond our means.

Thursday – hot and sunny.

View from shaky tower above the canopy in Mayakka State Park.

Usual lazy start.

Oh well that’s the only feed at night theory gone for a turtle soup.

Off down to Myakka State Park, one of the biggest State Parks in the USA. Have our extravagant picnic and then wander around to see the wildlife. Plenty of birds, including a bald eagle, sandhill cranes, and even Gators around, but you don’t have to worry they mainly feed at night and have only one ginormous meal a week and then spend the rest of the week digesting it. Explore the nature trail and climb the canopy tower for awesome views. Boy does it sway around.

Call in at publix for a fish medley for tea – prawns, tuna, sushi and lobster tails. Very nice, although my lobster tail seems to have shrunk to the size of a anorexic shrimp. A couple of Dark and Stormies to wash it down with.
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Bridge walk.

A UK survey discovered that more than half of Muslims think that homosexuality should be illegal in Britain and 23 per cent of Muslims want Sharia (back to some 7th century barbaric ideology, the end of democracy, civilisation and freedom of speech) to replace British law in certain parts of the country.

The findings also revealed that 39 per cent of Muslims thought that their wives should always obey their husbands and 31 per cent thought it was acceptable to have more than one wife.

A shocking five per cent of Muslims sympathised with people who took part in stoning adulterers. 

Now tell me we don’t have a problem with Islam.

Friday – hot and sunny.

Off on our bike ride.

Lazy morning. Hire a couple of bikes, great service they deliver them to our door. Two great 21 speed hybrid bikes, complete with helmets, locks and basket.

Take a tour around the island on the Venetian Waterway Park, along the Inland waterway and then the sea front. About 12 miles around the island. Most of it on a dedicated cycle path. Stop for our luxury picnic about half way round – Wendy’s bums numb. Then we stop at the fishing pier for a drink at Sharky’s. Wendy gets to sample 5 different daiquiri’s – free – how neat is that. End’s up having the pina colada. I commit a sin by drinking before 17:00. New philosophy, I’m going to try white wines when I’m out, a good way of getting to know whites without having to commit to a full bottle. First one’s a Chardonay. Have to admit I quite like it. Sheer luxury having a drink, in the sun by the sea, thinking about how cold and miserable it is back home.

A great ride in awesome weather. How lucky can you be.

Then it’s back hone for afternoon tea in rocking chairs on the porch. Kindle time and watching the World go by.
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Last of the muslim jokes. Who’ll be the next target for some rancid humour?

Q: How did you get out of Iraq? A: Iran

Q: What do you call a Muslim on a toilet? A: Islamic Relief.

Q: What is the most popular kids show in the Middle East? A: Dora the Exploder!

Q: What did the Muslim train conductor say? A: Allah board.

Q: “What do you call a Muslim shrink? A: A terrorpist.”

Q: What do you call a Muslim stripper? A: youseen memuff

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It’s my shrimp and I’m not sharing it.

Are muslim women really second class citizens?

The PC, bed wetting, muslim apologists would have us believe that the religion of pieces and intolerance believes in equality for women. Read the quran and you get to the truth of this pernicious ideology.

Judge for yourself:

Quran (4:11) – (Inheritance) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females” (see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.

Quran (2:282) – (Court testimony) “And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women.” Muslim apologists offer creative explanations to explain why Allah felt that a man’s testimony in court should be valued twice as highly as a woman’s, but studies consistently show that women are actually less likely to tell lies than men, meaning that they make more reliable witnesses.

Quran (2:228) – “and the men are a degree above them [women]”

The Germans have their towels out ready for tomorrow nights parade.

Quran (5:6) – “And if ye are unclean, purify yourselves. And if ye are sick or on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet, or ye have had contact with women, and ye find not water, then go to clean, high ground and rub your faces and your hands with some of it” Men are to rub dirt on their hands, if there is no water to purify them, following casual contact with a woman (such as shaking hands).

Quran (24:31) – Women are to lower their gaze around men, so they do not look them in the eye. (To be fair, men are told to do the same thing in the prior verse).

Quran (2:223) – “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…” A man has dominion over his wives’ bodies as he does his land. This verse is overtly sexual. There is some dispute as to whether it is referring to the practice of anal intercourse. If this is what Muhammad meant, then it would appear to contradict what he said in Muslim (8:3365).

Quran (4:3) – (Wife-to-husband ratio) “Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four” Inequality by numbers.

Venice pier

Quran (53:27) – “Those who believe not in the Hereafter, name the angels with female names.” Angels are sublime beings, and would therefore be male.

Quran (4:24) and Quran (33:50) – A man is permitted to take women as sex slaves outside of marriage. Note that the verse distinguishes wives from captives (those whom they right hand possesses).

Quran (4:34) – Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.

Daiquiri sampling – free.

But it’s good to know that the Holy Prophet has instructed that she would not be beaten on the face, or cruelly, or with anything which might leave a mark on the body. Heaven forbid that the world should know you’re a cowardly wife beater.

A traditional Islamic saying is that, “A woman’s heaven is beneath her husband’s feet.” One of the world’s most respected Quran commentaries explains that, “Women are like cows, horses, and camels, for all are ridden.” (Tafsir al-Qurtubi)

The revered Islamic scholar, al-Ghazali, who has been called ‘the greatest Muslim after Muhammad,’ writes that the role of a Muslim woman is to “stay at home and get on with her sewing. She should not go out often, she must not be well-informed, nor must she be communicative with her neighbors and only visit them when absolutely necessary; she should take care of her husband… and seek to satisfy him in everything… Her sole worry should be her virtue… She should be clean and ready to satisfy her husband’s sexual needs at any moment.” [Ibn Warraq]

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What we should have seen at the boat parade.

I worry that civilisation faces three major risks to it’s survival this century, in order of occurrence they are:

1st there’s the singularity. That moment in time when artificial intelligence surpass mans intelligence.

2nd we have the threat from Islam and their goal of the Caliphate and a World dominated by their 6th century barbaric ideology.

3rd there’s climate change.

Elon Musks views on AI are interesting. While he works to advance the field of artificial intelligence, he also believes there is an astronomically high likelihood that AI will pose a threat to humanity in the future. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the tech luminary claimed we have only a five to 10 percent chance of success at making AI safe.

The upcoming paradigm shift is not just a technological revolution. It’s an evolutional revolution. It’s the biggest shift in human evolution since the dawn of time that will change who we are as a species for good.

Saturday – hot and sunny.

And all that we actually saw at the boat parade.

Decide we’ll have a lazy day, Wendy has to shop and tonight it’s the Christmas boat parade.

Guy comes by to collect our bikes. We ask him to deliver us some on Tuesday. A real nice guy, who apparently loves the English, didn’t mention the Welsh or the jocks, he tells us to keep them until Tuesday all for $20. Now thats a great deal.

Go to the boat parade on our bikes. It’s supposed to start by 18:00, so we have an early tea. By 19:15, still no sign of it, we’ve lost the will to live and vote with our feet. What a pity everyone didn’t do that. Teach them a lesson.

Back home for some more Game Of Thrones and a bottle of wine. I really must stop drinking a full bottle and limit myself to just half.
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Pat Condell welcomes Muslim migrants. – A Must Watch