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20210717 – The New Forest National Park


VRBO for the next 4 days.

Lazy start and off by 11:00.

Ok journey down and arrive about 15:30.

As usual joining instructions are a shambles. VRBO is light, modern and pleasant, but oh so hot.

Afternoon tea and then off to Waitrose to get vitals. Come across a bottle of Waitrose Armagnac. A must buy.

Then have a stroll to Mexifun for a burrito. Very tasty.




In case anyone is niave enough to think that sharia, islam, world domination and the caliphate are unreal just look what is happening now the Taliban have taken over Afghanistan.

“The Taliban banned women from going outside without the burqa and without male companions. They have banned music and instructed that men should not shave their beards,” said Sojod, 26, from the province of Jowzjan. “They are asking families to give their daughters to the commanders to marry them.”

“The working women in northern and central provinces are terrified. [The Taliban] are demanding girls and widows for their fighters to marry them off. This is really scary for young girls,” said one woman in Kunduz province, who did not want to be named. “Girls are barred from education above sixth grade [12 years old]. Many families are moving away to try to save their daughters.”

Coming to a town near you if we don’t do something to stop the rise of islam.


PM to call for common sense after Covid rules are dropped. We’re screwed.

We must learn to live with virus, warns Johnson. This seems an ultimate inevitability.


Usual lazy start to one of the hottest days of the year.

Off out for a stroll around Southampton. Walk the ancient walls of the city, what’s left of them. Looks like a very pleasant, modern and vibrant city. Yes, it has some dodgy areas but they’re in a minority. Wow, it’s hot.

Back home for afternoon tea and then have a stroll to a Thai food festival in the park, but not prepared to pay £4 each just to go in.

Brett and Karine arrive about 17:00. Walk around to La Regata for dinner. Get a table outside and enjoy some great Tapas.




Swathes of England football fans have reported testing positive for corona virus following the Euros final on Sunday night, as Public Health England (PHE) issued renewed calls for regular testing ahead of the lifting of restrictions on Monday.
Some fans said that “pretty much everyone” they knew who headed to the stadium had contracted the virus or was self-isolating. The large numbers of fans reporting positive Covid tests following the match has led people to dub the illness “the Wembley variant”.

The final at Wembley, which was part of a Government trial to test the safety of large events, saw 60,000 fans attend with no social distancing or masks after producing a negative test result. However, thousands more congregated outside and dozens of ticketless fans stormed the stadium.

Let’s have a doorstep vigil for the death of common sense.


After a very French breakfast of croissants. We even have strawberry jam to go on them. Sacrilege, jam or even jam and butter on a French national icon.

Then we’re off to the New Forest. Starting with Beaulieu house and motor museum. Browse around the house, a Secret Army museum and then the motor museum. Picnic in the shade of the trees. Strolling around the gardens, all very pleasant. A great place for a day out. Then we drive around the New Forest, relax by a lovely river site and then off for ice cream at Burley.

Back to Southampton, and a great day out nearly spoilt by traffic jam caused by cars queuing for Isle of Wight ferry (we’ll be in that queue no doubt in two weeks time).

Brett and Karine set off home. We have afternoon tea and then try and order our Sushi. Alas it’s a Monday and they, along with most restaurants, are closed.

Beaulieu Motor museum

Take a 4 minute stroll and find some restaurants open. Great pork ribs.

The perfect end to a very hot but great day.


Could this be our next caravan?




Good to see that despite freedom day about 80% of the populous seem to have respect for the lives of others and themselves by continuing to wear a mask indoors. Of course, there’s always the scrots who just can’t be bothered – mainly the young. The evidence for the vaccine and mask wearing is clear. Just look at the death rate of the unvaccinated. Meanwhile an international report published in The Lancet, which analysed data from 172 studies in 16 countries, found that by wearing a face mask there is just a 3% chance of catching COVID-19. Perhaps this virus is finally moving from a cull of the geriatrics into the “scrot virus” as it seems that mainly the young scrots who can’t be bothered to be vaccinated and wear a mask are at the greatest risk.


Off to an early start – 10:00. Planning on a day driving around the New Forest.

Roof down and we start off at Lyndhurst. Park up and have a wander around the town. There are enough charity shops for Wendy to browse.

My next car – grandchild proof.

Then onto Brockenhurst. Just drive though.

Drive down to the coast and then along the coast to Lymington. Park up at great expense – £3 for 2 hours. Take our lunch and chairs and have it sat in the band stand. Better view of the estuary from up there. Have a stroll around the harbour but pass on a walk into town – too hot.

Then drive back towards Brockenhurst and pitch up our chairs by the river there. Try and have an afternoon tea at the local hotel, but despite enough empty tables to accommodate all of todays illegal immigrants from France they’re not ready for walk-ins, but will be in half an hour if we’d care to go for a stroll. You can imagine my retort and no we won’t be coming back in half an hour. Cricket match is on the village green.

Drive into Brockenhurst for afternoon tea at a more accommodating cottage hotel and tea room. Save a fortune.

Call in at Beaulieu village but nothing really much to see there.

As me Mother would say “there’s still plenty of countryside”.

Then it’s back home after a long hot and sunny day.

Our plans are for Sushi tonight but alas they don’t open until 17:30. Tonight’s repast, Sushi at last. Only took us 15 minutes to order thanks to the little Japanese girl whose command of the English language didn’t even run to understand open or closed on the door sign.


Let’s replace all political decision making with these three pelicans. Put a political question to them and if two or more turn to the right within 4 minutes then that’s a yes, otherwise it’s a no.


Even this cartoon offends the religion of pieces and permanent offence.


The world seems to have been overtaken by the woke, snowflake, libtard, multicultural, luvies. No doubt BLM will soon be augmented by WLM and while we’re at it what about MLDM – go figure the abbreviations. Whilst I’m sorry to hear of anyones death, lets retain a sense of proportion. If we’re going to consider or even mention a curfew for men, what about removing all stairs as more women die falling down stairs than through homicide.

What makes the luvies think they have a right not to be offended. I’m offended daily by cancel culture; book banning, it’ll be burning next; statue removing; extreme and violence of the BLM movement and their supporters; overpaid footballers taking a knee, or anyone else for that matter, especially the police; halal meat and it’s cruelty; illegal foreigners from 6th century, third world countries coming to this country and wanting to change it to the barbarism of the country they’ve come from. If you come to this country legally then you’re welcome as long as you don’t expect it to change for you, embrace and celebrate its culture. As for the slavery supporting, misogynist religion of pieces and permanent offence then we should especially stop pandering to it. I notice no one has dared to mention, for the avoidance of any doubt I’m talking about islam, it in the current furore of women’s rights. I don’t give a fig about the colour of your skin, but I am a culturist and object to you trying to inflict your culture on me and my country.

If you’re offended by this then so be it. If this makes you think I’m racist then so be it. I really no longer give a damn and am totally fed up with it all.


Off and away by 09:30. Drive home is fairly uneventful with just one minor traffic jam. Pick to dog up from Fiona’s and we’re home for afternoon tea by 14:30. End to a great trip. Villages in the new Forest don’t really have much to offer but it’s a scenic area and the wild ponies everywhere make it. The other good thing is that it’s not very big so you can easily backtrack on somewhere, most places are only 5-6 miles apart.


This says it all.


Where has all this come from? When will it end?

As recent events show, the SNP government is implacably opposed to the right to free speech, the most essential human right in any democracy. Not only has it forced the Orwellian Hate Crime Bill through, but it has also rejected Westminster’s Freedom of Speech (Higher Education) Bill. Ministers announced that they are in favour of free speech “only if it doesn’t distress or harass others”. A clear indication of just how far they are from recognising basic democratic rights.
Free speech is not a favoured concept in Scotland’s history. Prior to 1707 Scotland was never a democratic country, nor did the law afford protection to the expression of opinion. Aside from an enthusiasm for burning those whose views offended, Scotland had a vicious system of censorship and banned newspapers for years. Eerily pertinent is the execution in 1697 of Thomas Aitkenhead, a St Andrews student. His offence? He had been overheard in a university class questioning the accuracy of the Bible.

20210703 – Brecon Beacons


What a bizarre shape.

Wow, not a bad trip down the centre of Wales. No major hold up, but sadly last 20 minuite spoilt by getting stuck behind a wide load. Yet another lack of common snese. Why aren’t wide loads limited to travel between 00:00 and 06:00?

Yet another VRBO and yet another where the host has to meet you to let you in, and of course we have to hang around for 10 minutes because theyre late. Then we have the joy of a 30 minute tutorial on how to use the TV and all other item that has electrons flowing through them. The Wifi password gives you a clue to the mentality of our host, 12 characters, mixture of upper case, lower case and numeric – bizarre, an extreme case of OCD.
Home is clean, modern, spacious and bright. Well stocked with essentials and a welcome pack of basic foods.

I think the architect who designed the place must have thought the lounge was a sleeping place for a giraffe. Never encountered a room so long – see photos.



Just couldn’t resist this joke:

As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, “If I’m going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman.”

She removes all her clothing and asks, “Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?”

A man stands up, removes his shirt and says, “Here, iron this!”.




What great news.

Haribo has revealed it is struggling to get stocks of its sweets to stores across the UK because of a lorry driver shortage that a trade body says is caused by coronavirus restrictions and the effects of Brexit. Also, bottled waters from France and Italy are struggling.

A great opportunity to buy British, that’s if you must buy bottled water rather than tap water. Of course, if the journalists who reported this had a skerit of patriotism and common sense they would have listed UK-based alternatives to promote British products.

It really is about time we all realised that the EU is in an economic war with the UK and we should all be doing as much as possible to avoid anything from the EU and buy British wherever possible.


The usual lazy start. Weather forecast is for clouds and rain.

Cardiff in the rain.

We take a scenic drive over Brecon Beacons and then onto Cardiff.

It’s raining in Cardiff but we park up and have a shuffle around the shopping precinct. Wendy finds an M&S food. I think she can smell one out like a spaniel sniffer dog. Never mind at least we can get tonights tea – scallops, smoked haddock and dover sole.

Then we take leisurely ride back including a drive around Mythr Tydfel – nothing worth being there. Call in at a NP centre but it’s closed. It’s Wales what can you expect.

Scallops are ok but really not worth the money. I think we’ll pass on them in future.






We’ve all endured 18 months of lockdowns to try and beat / survive this virus and now we have Euro 2020’s football and Wimbledon to help the virus get a really good footing. You really couldn’t make this stupidity and lack of common sense up. 60,000 can go watch football but only 30 people can meet up outside, funerals and weddings. It’s not just the stadiums but the travel and celebrations that will help the spread. The joys of a kakistocracy.


Well this is supposed to be the best of the three days so we’re of out early.

Drive down to Talybont On Usk for a tour of some of the many Caerfanell waterfalls in the NP. A pleasant walk and we see three small water falls. Mind you it’s no thanks to the map board at the car park. No North; no scale and no indication that there are two paths. Just a lazy attitude to tourism in the NP, they really can’t be bothered – mediocrity strikes again.

Then we plan a drive down some of the back roads, but thanks to a badly placed Road Closed sign end up 5 miles down a dirt track before finding that it’s this road that’s closed. You really couldn’t make this up.

Back home for afternoon tea and then we wander down into Brecon to have a saunter around the town. Hoping to find a nice pub to sit out and have a decent pint by the canal basin. Alas no really nice pubs. The towns a bit run down but at least has a lot of individual shops. Reminds us of the 1970’s, the land that time forgot.







Now I know we’re doomed when Boris is relying on common sense to save us.


Brecon Beacons on the A4096. Means nothing to most people but officiandos of the programme “Top Gear” will know its the famous road from the programme, used to test drive some cars. It is rather scenic but only has one hairpin bend. For someone whose driven the 11 hairpin bends up and down to Serfaus in Austria many times this is a real anti-climax.

Then we head off down some single track, shock absorber wrecking roads to a do a walk to Pen Y Fan. Park up and set off despite it being a luvly shade o’ black o’er t’mother-in-laws. After a third of a mile it’s raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock so we wimp out and go back to the car. It’s probably only cost me 4 new shock absorbers.

Path to Pen Y Fan.

Drive down to Neath where there are yet more waterfall walks but it’s still persisting down so we pass on that. I know there’s a distillery at Penderyn that makes a famous Welsh single malt whisky. Let’s see if we can get on a tour. Alas tour is full. Try a free sample of their Portwood single malt. I quite fancied buying some but alas was rather disappointed.

Time to loop back and drive yet another route back across Brecon Beacons.

Back home for a late afternoon tea. Order a takeaway from a Himalayan restaurant. I try the Sinsu (a nettle lamb chilli), very tasty and plenty of meat.








Some standing stones.

Up and away by 09:50. Just to wind us up the weather is sun and cloud.

Decide to go back up the motorways for a change. What a mistake that was. 25 minute traffic jam around Birmingham and the usual road works around Stafford.

Yet another waterfall/

Seems there’s a lot to be said for sticking to the A roads. May not be as fast but at least they’re more interesting and you tend to keep moving.

What is it with the Stafford section of the M6? For as long as I can remember there has always been some roadworks and holdups. This time it’s bizarre. When we only had 3 lanes there then we could travel at 70 MPH. Now we have 4 lanes but a lane full of traffic cones, so we’re down to 3 but speed limit is 60 MPH. Now you could think it’s to protect “the workers”. What workers? In over 10 miles of cones not a worker to be seen.


Not many “Waves of Life” this trip. Best what can be said it was a change to get away and we have seen a lot of Brecon Beacons.






There we are sat in a 30 minute gridlock. It’s pissing down with rain. The motorway almost like a raging torrent, like some 3rd World country. Good job we’re not travelling fast, we’d be aqua planing. The usual scrots shooting down the supposedly closed off fast lane and then trying to jump the queue, and of course the usual snowflakes letting them in. And of course I’m wondering why we’re here (not a metaphysical question) and not back in Park City, or anywhere in America for that matter. Oh the joys of a Covid invoked staycation, otherwise known as imprisonment.

Roll on freedom day 16th August. Hopefully.

trivia header

A legend from Brecon Beacons. Highlights the fickleness of women.

The Lady of the Lake

This story has been told and retold countless times. It centres on Llyn y Fan Fach which nestles beneath the Black Mountain and on locations in the farmed lands below, which can still be reasily identified to day.

There was long ago a widow who lived at Blaensawdde. She had high hopes that her son would carry on the family but to her growing dismay he was betrothed to no woman.

Now one day he was watching his flocks beside Llyn y Fan Fach beneath the Black Mountain when he spied a beautiful woman sitting on a rock off the shore. Seeing her beauty, he immediately fell in love with her but being a simple shepherd, he stumbled over his words. As a token of his affection, he offered his barley bread to her. She however refused it, saying:

Hard baked is they bread,
I will not have thee

Welsh river on edge of the Brecon Beacons. Not my photo.

At that a breeze rippled the water and she was gone. He made his way home perplexed and told his mother this extraordinary tale. She thought to pack him some unbaked bread in case he should meet her again.

It was to be later the next day before his eyes were to fall upon her. As before she sat on a rock near the water’s edge. Once again he offered up his bread but once again she refused him, saying:

Unbaked is thy bread,
I will not have thee.

He made towards her but as he did she vanished amongst the sparkling reflections of the lake’s surface. That evening he returned home distraught. His mother who was a wise woman advised him to be patient and prepared some part-baked bread that he might offer it to her.

Although he returned to the lake before dawn the next day he was to wait until after nightfall before he was to see her for a third time. He had been about to depart in despair when she appeared in the moonlight. This time she accepted the part-baked bread, saying:

I will be yours,
but if you strike me three causeless blows,
I will return to the lake for evermore

He was of course overjoyed – he could not conceive of ever striking her and looked forward to a lifetime spent with this beautiful lady. The couple were married and moved down the mountain to Esgair Llaethdy near Myddfai.

Narrow lanes. Not my photo.

In the spring their first child was born. Now shortly afterwards, the happy family were to attend a christening but seeing his wife was slow to depart the house, he patted her gently on the back to encourage her. No harm was intended, no force used, but even so this was the first causeless blow.

All went well with the couple and their new son. Indeed the next spring another child was on its way. Their second son was born in that summer. Now some time later, they attended the marriage of a cousin during which the lady cried. He wishing to reassure her, gently tapped her arm. Again no force was used, no harm intended but his was the second causeless blow.

He was alarmed at how thoughtless he had been and resolved not to strike her a causeless blow a third time. Time passed and a third son was born to them. Now some months later, the family was to attend a funeral and they entered the church to mourn the loss. She however laughed out loud in such a way as to discomfort her husband who was concerned that laughter was inappropriate. He gave her a gentle slap on the cheek. This was of course, the third causeless blow.

At that, she dashed out of the church and into the rain. He followed her through torrents but could not catch her. Past Esgair Llaethdy they went and on past Blaensawdde. Though he pursued her with all the speed he could muster he could not reach her before she vanished for a last time into the waters of Llyn y Fan Fach.

He searched the waters for hour upon hour but it was to be in vain. Her prophesy had been fulfilled. She was his no more. He was quite distraught but eventually turned for home.

He consoled himself with their three sons. They were to grow up strong and wise. Each of them chose healing as their mission in life and were to become the first in a long line of Physicians of Myddfai.


For this blog here are some cartoons of the benefits of islam, the barbaric ideology of pieces and permanent offence, masquerading as a religion.

You may be wondering why I pick on this barbaric ideology called islam?

When your nearest town has over 30% muslim population you start to appreciate, first hand, the problems.

When you’ve been a chair of governors at a C of E school that became over 80% muslim you start to see, first hand, the demands they make (ban song and dance because it’s un-islamic; ban girls going swimming; halal meat for school dinners), the lack of integration, the way they treat women and the total failure of multi-culturism. Then you start to appreciate the problems.

I fear for World domination by islam. I fear for my grandchildren growing up in a world dominated by this barbaric ideology. I fear that this so called religion will use whatever means to achieve these end, including our democracy that once the caliphate is established will just be forbidden past memory.

Radicalism is not representative of all Muslims, but illiberal ideals, violence and extremism are representative of Islam and, unfortunately, many Muslims do condone such things.

Even when considering Muslims in non-Muslim countries (many of them democracies), the statistics might be surprising.

A Populous Poll from 2006 showed that 12 percent of Muslims in Britain believe that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified and 1 in 4 support suicide attacks against British troops.

In 2007, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll which found that 26 percent of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified. 42 percent in France.

With these figures it’s hard to settle for the common quip of “Islam is peaceful.”

Looking at just the United States, which has an estimated Muslim population of five to 12 million according to Frontline, that’s still over a million Muslims (even taken from 26 percent of the lower estimate of five million) who statistically believe suicide bombings are justified. Granted, this number is taken from the 2007 percentages and I’m highly skeptical of such a high number, but it’s still quite telling.

We have to stop demonizing anyone who questions Islam and talk about it frankly. If a religion can’t laugh at itself and commits untold acts of violence because of cartoons, then that is truly dangerous. I think having this discussion would be incredibly enlightening. And we must stop referring to criticism of Islam as “racism.” Islam is a religion practiced by many people across the globe, over a billion in fact, and it is not the sole property of one single ethnicity. I criticize Islam, just as I criticize Christianity.

I have no problems with muslims in my country who peacefully practice their religion; totally and unequivocally accept our way of life and don’t expect us to change it for them or their religion; are pleased to be loyal British subjects and don’t seek sharia, the caliphate or world domination; and if called upon would defend this country.

Whilst I believe in freedom of religion I look forward to the day when religion and state are truly separated and any form of religion is kept out of all schools.

20210619 – A Staycation in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Yes I Know It’s In Wales


As America and France are still closed to us, it looks like we’ll have to settle for a Staycation in the UK.

This time it’s a trip to one of our National Parks, we’re going to use this imprisonment to visit all of our NP’s. So we’ll have to grin and bear yet another trip to Wales.

Two choices of how to get there. Option 1 via motorway about 5 hours. Option 2 drive down the middle of Wales on 2nd rate Welsh roads, also 5 hours and a lot shorter. Go for option 2 as I’d rather drive a dump truck full of nitro-glycerine down rock field than suffer yet more motorways and traffic jams. Oh the joys of UK roads.


Well it takes a good 5 hours with only one 10 minute hold up, but 5 hours of driving on these roads built for horse and carts is really no fun. For some bizarre reason the satnav uses its’s initiative and takes us down the coastal road through Aberystwyth – not a place to go on my must visit list.

Arrive at our VRBO. It’s delightful, modern, spacious, quality fittings, comfortable and best of all good wifi. The best VRBO we’ve ever stayed in within the UK.

There’s wine, red and white, plus beer, and basic foods. Greeted by our friendly hosts with a refreshing draught lager.

Trip to Tesco for tea.

Quiet night in with a bottle of Italien wine from the Piemont region – it’s awesome, must ry more of these wines even though in the EU. Try and stay awake through Mosquito Coast, that good wine has its effect and these settees are so comfortable; it’s got Wendy whining on about a new settee again.


Difficult to be positive after such a journey but our rental and the greeting from our hosts has to be the delight of the day and makes it all worthwhile.







Says it all.



After a lazy start we’re off to explore the coast down from Solva to Milford Haven. Weather grey and miserable but thankfully we’re spared the rust invoking rain.

Thankfully the National Park is quite compact. It’s only 15 miles up to Solva and then about 20 miles winding our way down the single track coast roads. Have a wander around Solva, nothing to hyperventilate about. Has the remnants of some Lime Kilns, a not very picturesque seaweed infested harbour and a dilapidated main street with the usual touristy grot shops full of STUFF that no one needs but may think they want for a short time – soon to be in the trash bin where they belong.

Then drive down the coast and stop off at most of the little beaches. The roads are single track, would be easier to drive a car through the Kaaba doors, but fortunately there are plenty of passing places. One plus point is that most of the car parks are free for the first 30 minutes. Just enough time to saunter down to the beach, explore, be glad we didn’t have to pay to park and move on.

Finally end up at Milford Haven Marina. It’s been recommended to us but pretty dismal and most of the shops and cafes are shut, not even worthy of a coffee stop. Back home for afternoon tea, followed by some of the beer provided and the rest of that lovely wine.


Some great beaches and and coastline. Very beautiful.




Off out early. Well, 10:30 is quite a record for us. Heading down to Stacks Rock – no chance, you would end up with a 9mm round in the backside or wiped out by a mortar round, the Army firing range is in use. No chance of visiting the Govan Chapel – built into the cliff face – red flags flying there too. Next head for a walk around the Lilly Ponds – no chance car park full. Let’s drive down to Staypole – no chance the road is closed for repairs. Please, please, pretty please get me out of here and back to Park City with its wide roads; plenty of free spacious parking; no chance of being shot, at least not by the Army; good weather; so much to see and do.


Yet more narrow single track Roads some of them tighter than a ducks arse. Visit a few beaches and then decide to give up the ghost and drive on to Tenby.

Tenby is a classic Victorian seaside resort infested with coffin dodgers and zimmer frames. To be fair it does have some spectacular beaches but there again we’re not into sitting on a beach. Wendy has lunch overlooking castle beach and then we have a saunter around the town. Been there done that I won’t be bothering going again.

Call in at Pembroke. A dissapoining and tired market town with very little to offer. Aldi has to be the highlight of the visit. How sad is that.

The joys of an open top.

Set off back home with a little stock at Aldi call for our tea.

Fortunately the weather turned out better than forecast with a mixture of sun and cloud. Quite pleasant although very windy on the headlands.

Afternoon tea sat out on the patio and then a quiet evening in watching yet more Netflix.


I suppose the best I can say here is be grateful we can get away and enjoy a National park. There seems to be some awesome coastal footpath walks.


St Davids

Up and out early. It’s a gorgeous sunny day. Time to get the roof downed enjoy it – Wendy pulls a face.

First stop St Davids. We’re lucky enough to get the last parking space. It seems that the Welsh tourist industry is founded on the basis of “Early bird catches the worm”. Have a saunter around and mange to get two Oggies – see rant below.

Lunch spot.

Then we drive onto White Sands bay. Lovely beach with facilities but £4 to just park your car for a 30 minute saunter round and lunch causes my plastic to go into a catatonic state – we pass. Drive onto Abereiddi beach, which is recommended in one of the tour guides, another car park that would gives my plastic an epileptic fit – eating Leeks must cause greed. A grey sandy and rock strewn beach – I’d rather pitch my chair and eat lunch in the middle of a mine field. Find a little cove with some “free” parking nearby. Sit and have lunch overlooking the cove and an old mill.

Drive onto Stumble head and then Fishguard – nothing to have an orgasm about. Finally get to Castell Henllys, a recreated Iron Age hill fort built on the exact location where roundhouses would have stood 2,500 years ago. It’s a tad disappointing but I really wanted to visit. There are some amazing roundhouse re-creations and interesting talks from Iron Age villagers.

Iron Age hilltop fortress

Then, on the way home, to my great delight we come across the signs to Pentre Afan Dolmen (burial chamber). A dolmen (/ˈdɒlmɛn/) is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of two or more vertical megaliths supporting a large flat horizontal capstone or “table”. Most date from the early Neolithic (4000–3000 BC) and were sometimes covered with earth or smaller stones to form a tumulus.. I just have to take a detour to visit it. Wendy gives it a miss, to her it has all the appeal of a visit to the power tool department in a DIY shop..

Then the perfect end to a glorious, sunny, open top drive day as we sit out on the patio, me with a beer and Wendy with a tea. Our hosts pop out for a chat and a draught beer.

Finally, a well earned Oggie for tea. It is awesome. So much better than a Cornish pasty. Filling is tastier, the Leeks are really good and pastry is so much lighter.



Doleman burial chamber. I wonder whether I can get one of these in Belthorn graveyard ready for when I kick me clogs.

The highlight of my day has to be coming across the Pentre Afan Dolmen. Don’t ask me why but these ancient burial sights just fascinate me.




Let’s talk about Enterprise.

St Davids main claims to fame are: the cathedral; because it has cathedral it is the smallest city in the Uk; the Welsh Oggie – Like the Cornish pasty evolved for tin miners, who, unable to return to the surface at lunchtime had a hearty, easy to hold and eat, lunch, the Oggie was born from the same premise. Oggies are much, much larger (hence the name Giant Oggie), with the crimp on the top and a slightly lighter pastry and contain ingredients more familiar to Wales – lamb and leeks. .

As always I love to try the local delicacies so I’m like a guided missile searching for Oggies. The first shop just sells Cornih pasties, not an Oggie in sight, how un-patriotic and typical. Then the only other shop is a delicatessen with a 15 minute Covid compliance queue. But I’m determined. Finally get in and zoom to the distant deli counter where surprise there’s yet another queue but at least my sensors have spotted just two Oggies. Finally get to order them and are told how lucky I am as they are the last two. On interrogation it seems that they sell out most days about 11:00 but haven’t yet had the wit to figure out to provide more – lost opportunity cost. You really cannot make this dozy apathy up. Just typical of the lack of enterprise in the UK. Get me back to the good old USA where at least the mighty dollar, the American dream and capitalism reign supreme.


Up for a lazy breakfast. Chuck all the clothes back in the suit case, pack the food and we’re off. It’s a 5 hour drive whether via the motorway or up the middle of Wales. Go for the scenic route up the middle and make sure the satnav doesn’t unilaterally decide on an alternate route. Slow and tortuous but at least it’s not as boring as a motorway. Six hour and a lot of cussing later we get home. Our roads are really a disgrace. Temporary traffic lights seem to spread more than Covid and sadly most of them seem to be for no other reason than the lights obstruct the road. Does no one assess the need and remove them when not needed.


Finally getting home.


There’s some amazing and really clever software out there but in nearly every case it is spoilt by a poor Human Computer Interface (HCI), bugs and a lack of common sense.

20210602 – Theme Parks, Adventure Parks and Tenpin Bowling


Prompt start to the day, that means we’re out by 10:30. While we get ready and motivate Wendy, Jasper plays on iPad and Switch, sometimes both at the same time. We seem to spend all our time charging up his devices. Trying to tease him off the iPad to go out is a nightmare, yet once he’s out he loves it.

Then it’s off to Twin Lakes theme park at Melton Mowbray, just 25 minutes away. Jasper can survive that long in the car without any problems, especially now he wears his accupuncture sick wrist bands.

Wow, is it expensive? £65 for a day at a theme park. This is no Disney but has plenty of rides and things to do for Jasper. Weather is gorgeous, but you forget how tiring it is just walking around, queueing nad having to go on some pewk inducing rides. Good thing about this park is it has some imaginative play areas for kids of all ages. We can sit and have our picnic whilst Jasper burns off more nergy. By mid afternoon the queues are getting intolerable. 15:30 time too escape back home.

Our VRBO rental may be weird and funky but it stays amazingly cool.

For dinner we’re off to The Wheatsheaf at Edith Weston, home to the best ribs ever in my experience. Bearing in mind I’ve experienced ribs all over America and yet these are still the best. We meet Dave and Joyce at the pub. Rest of the foods pretty good it was just the 1 hour wait, slower than a herd of turtles stampedin’ through peanut butter, that spoilt it.


Another great day out with Jasper and sharing some of the rides with him, even if they did turn me green.


You just have to watch this unbelievable video. Only in America!






A lazy start today. How unusual.

We both start the day off with a visit to the opticians for a long overdue eye test. Seems so much safer here than in scroat infested, anti-vaxer, Blackburn.

Jasper gets a tour around Oakham castle. Not really your traditional style castle but a lot of horseshoes.

Off up to Nottingham. Visit my mum and dads grave to put some flowers on. As Jasper says, “it’s sad”. Then go to look for a playground and a stones throw from the dead centre of Nottingham is a superb little playpark with some really imaganative equipement on. We have our picnic lunch whilst Jasper enjoys himself.

Then it’s the highlight of the week for Jasper as we head to Nottingham Bowl. Must be over 55 years since I bowled there. Used to be one of my regular teenage haunts. In its day it was the largest bowling alley in Europe with 48 lanes.

Jasper is so excited and so enjoys two games. Pity about the appalling customer service and the lying bitch of a manager who has no concept of customer service, the reviews were right.

Back home with a food stop at Sainsbury’s. We were going to the local pub but alas it’s steak night so Wendy didn’t fancy that.

A pleasant evening in watching more Sons Of Anarchy and Jasper finally gets to play with Oren.

Another great day but spoilt as usual by the never ending tidal wave of stupidity you encounter.


Watching the sheer excitment of Jasper playing bowls.






The wokes and do gooders have scored yet another home goal. Recent article from WSJ:

The movement to “defund the police,” which rose to prominence after Floyd’s death, has actually gotten innocent black people killed. As police have pulled back, our neighborhoods have been left unprotected. Crime has skyrocketed. Major American cities saw a 33% increase in homicides last year as a pandemic swept across the country. Preliminary Federal Bureau of Investigation data show that the U.S. murder rate increased by 25% in 2020. Between Dec. 11, 2020, and March 28, 2021 (after the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a budget that shifted $8 million from the police department to other programs), murders in Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed, rose 46% compared with the same period the year before.

Homicide rates in large cities are up 24% since January. Criminologist Joseph Giacalone, an adjunct professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a former sergeant with the New York Police Department, predicts they’ll increase even more this year. A recent Gallup poll found that 81% of black people say they don’t want less police presence in their communities.



Weathers a tad dodgy today with the possibility of some rain but at least still warm.

Jasper decides he’d like a picnic, adventure playground and Bug Zoo.

It’s raining for the picnic so we have it in the car overlooking Rutland water. Then Wendy takes him to the bug zoo. He really enjoys it and has taken loads of photos to show me. Head to the adventure play ground for an hour. We were going to play crazy golf again but the weather’s a tad unreliable, Jasper’s quite happy to go home and play with Oren. Easily pleased.

Joyce and Dave come round for Fish and chips from the local chippy and to see our funky abode. Jasper’s quite content to play with Oren.


Fish and chips with friends, Joyce and Dave.







Amazing isn’t it when Trump proclaimed Chian’s guilt and the china virus all the snowflake journalist dived for cover or lambasted him. Now it seems that Bidens finally figured it out and of course the snowflake journalists are lapping it up.

To me it has always seemed obvious. Chinas only “secure” bio lab was in Wuhan. They were doing research on corona virus and bats. They scoured bat caves for sources, with very little concern for safety. The Batwoman woks out of there. All too much of a coincidence that it all started there. And now they’re trying a cover up. GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.

As to the conflicting articles that they tried “gain of function manipulation” to weaponise the virus. Some virologist say no evidence, others say “The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak The Covid-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus” –



Yet another adventure playground.

Easily pack and depart our funky abode. We’ve enjoyed it but a week was enough. That shower was like trying to shower in a plastic burka on ice with a dribble of water leaking in.

Jasper dons his sick bands and we’re off. Call in at Melton Mowbray for the all important 5 pork pies and 4 stilton’s, presents for me and our sons.

Then it’s a fairly uneventful journey up the M1 with a stop for MacDonalds of course. Amazed at the M1 nearly 4 lanes all the way and even more amazing is the lack of roadworks. Jasper takes the journey in his stride and has he can see the satnav not a single “are we there yet?”.

What a great village Market Overton is. Even has a village hall and a very active community. Thatched cottages and so much more charm than the tourist infested Cotswolds. How I would love to live there.


What a great week we’ve had with Jasper. No Tantrum, tears or trouble and best of all not a single plea to go home. He’s been great company and kept us active. How lucky can we be?






Not yet another request for a meter reading.

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I have a Smart meter. Gone are the days when you just looked at the meter to take reading, now have to be a touch typist – multiple button presses – and nuclear physicist to read my meter. Why am I even having to read it myself? Seems it’s not Smart enough to send the reading to my supplier. Prgress for you. Stupidity reigns yet again.

Don’t you just love the daily dose of stupidity served up every day without fail. Worse than that daily serving of thick brown cod liver oil forced down us as a child.

20210529 – Market Overton. Where’s That? Near Oakham. Where’s That? Rutland. Where’s That?


Our funky new home for the week. The old blacksmiths forge at Market Overton. It’s won awards for restoration.

Off for a week to Market Overton. Where’s that everyone ask? Near Oakham. Where’s that everyone asks? In Rutland. Where’s that everyone asks? Smallest county in England, next to Leicestershire. Where’s that everyone asks? I despair the Midlands.

The lounge.

Jasper is coming with us. Typical, his parents then said, what about the other two? One’s enough for now. Within 30 minutes of setting off, we’re stopped by the side of the road as Jasper’s feeling sick. The journey continues with that all common phrase that can drive every parent crazy as a bed bug. “Are we there yet?”.

Then we get lost as my navigator misses a turn we should have made 5 miles back. Whatever was life like before satnav? 18 miles going round in circles, then we’re back on route.

Office / TV room with yet another bizarre settee.

Now someones starving and if we don’t see a MacDonalds soon will probably die of starvation. Compromise and settle for a Burger King. Everyone agrees their chips (Fries for those who drive on the wrong side of the road) and Chicken nuggets are better than MacDonalds.

Kitchen and bizarre dining table / bench.

Finally arrive in glorious sunshine, 21 C to the Old Forge in Market Overton.

Jasper’s so excited. He thinks the “cottage” is so cool. His bedroom is 10/10 cool. We have to admit it’s probably best described as very funky. But it’s well equipped with a welcoming bottle of red wine, chocolates and basics in the fridge for us. He loves the lava lamp and Star Wars on the wall in his bedroom. The big question is will he sleep in it. He says he will.

We get unpacked and setup TV and chargers etc. Then it’s the delight of a trip to Tesco. Abandon hope all yea who enter there. Finally get back home for a well deserved beer and some wine – a Grenache, which I am pleased to say was good, will try some more. TV for the adults, more Sons of Anarchy, and ipad for Jasper.


Joy of taking our grandson on holiday for a week. Great for us and will do him good too.

So why did we come to Market Overton?

What’s its claim to fame and the attraction.

Well here’s a summary:

  • There was a magnificent Roman Temple nearby
  • First metioned in the Doomsday Book 1086.
  • Sir Isaac Newtons Grandmother lived here and he was a frquent visitor. There is a bust of him on the wall of the Summer house in the corner of the garden of the Doctor’s house.
  • Edward Wingfield lived here and became president of the colony of Jamestown. Virginia, in1607 and is credited with the survival of the colony through the first terrible Winter.
  • Major Walton Clopton Wingfield who invented lawn tennis lived here.
  • But perhaps to my mind the most important son of Market Overton was Eric Claude Edwards, my father. Hence the resaon for uur visit to discover more of my heritage.
  • Teh village is just how you would imagine an Englosh village; thatched cottages covered in wysteria; village hall; village green complete with ancient stock and an old Blacksmiths Forge (where we’re staying, a somewhat funky conversion). This place is like The Cotswolds on steroids without the hoards of tourists.



    The village green, complete with stocks.

    Great news, Jasper slept all night in his 10 out of 10, cool bedroom, so didn’t need the blow up bed. Perhaps we should buy a lava lamp and put some Start Wars on the wall back at home.

    Had a saunter around the dead centre of Market Overton. Wow, there are some old gravestones there. Your 6 square feet of inconvenience and immortality, well almost! The church seems really busy all of 6 people attended the Sunday service. Love the stocks on the village green. We really ought to bring back some of these old punishments to deal with the scroats.

    Perhaps an alternative to the naughty step.

    Then after the usual lazy morning start, we drive to Oakham and pop in to see Dave and Joyce (my cousin). Take Jasper to a local park for a picnic and to play.

    Then it’s a trip into Oakham to buy Jasper some of those wrist bands that allegedly stop car sickness. I’ll believe it when I hear it, but at least it might just be a placebo effect. Wendy, also needs some brandy. They have a nice choice of brandy but most of them are just too expensive to be polluted with lemonade. Settle on a bottle of Asbach, German brandy, haven’t seen it for a long while.

    Fun at the park, using the theory of conservation of angular momentum. Jasper can explain it.

    Then we drive down to Rutland Water to price up kayaks and bike hire ready for Tuesday. As you would expect on a bank holiday weekend it’s busy, with more people than good bacteria in a healthy gut.

    Finally back home with plans for dinner at the Black Bull in the village. Oh sorry we’re not doing dinner tonoght. Typical. Never mind home for Hofbrau, cheeseburger and wine.


    Enjoy a picnic watching Jasper enjoy playing on the park. The simple pleasures can be great and once you prise him away from his iPad he really enjoys himself.




    What a good job we left this socialist, snowflake, Kakistocracy.

    Evil Union – BRUSSELS bosses have been slammed for splashing British taxpayers’ cash on dance and puppetry lessons for asylum seekers.
    Eurocrats spent almost £350,000 on the projects to help migrants fit in.


    Jasper, teeing off and he gets a hole in one.

    Another success with Jasper, he sleeps in his own room, no problem. He’s obviously getting in training for being a teenager, 08:30 he saunters out of bed.

    What to do with an 8 year old. Actually, it’s dead simple just let him stay in and play on his iPad. Trying to get him out is the hard part.

    The motley golfers.

    We set off to Rutland water for a game of mini-golf, he really loves playing this, so excited. Then onto the adventure playground for an hours play and a picnic. Have a leisurely stroll down to the reservoir. Wow it is so busy. But Jasper really enjoys himself here.

    In the evening we go to Joyce and Daves for dinner. It’s a great pick me spread including Melton Mowbray pork pie and Stilton cheese, not forgetting red wine. Awesome. Jasper has a MacDonalds, so much simpler.


    Enjoying dinner of Melton Mowbray’s finest and Joyce and Daves company. I think Joyce is my only remaining living relative ALways good meeting up as she knows all the family history and scandal.




    You really couldn’t make this lunacy up.

    Hundreds of people have gathered in central London to protest against the coronavirus vaccine rollout. Some people claimed the pandemic was a hoax while others were protesting against vaccine passports.

    One man, who did not give his name, told the PA news agency he had come “because I want to be free and I want you to be free and the Government are lying to us”.


    Simple joy of swings on Oakham’s park.

    Lazy start then we’re off into Oakham.

    Go to the play park there and have a picnic. It keeps Jasper happy. Same park where I used to play over 60 years ago. They’ve got rid of the see-saw since then, health and safety no doubt, and no longer have a paddling pool.

    The joys of sit-on kayaks.

    Then we’re off to Rutland Water to go kayaking. rent a three-man sit on top kayak. Jasper’s so excited and loves it. First time “I’ve been on a sit-on kayak. Certainly not very comfortable, kills your back and within 30 minute my foots gone dead, but they all seem to be going to sit on’s, I suppose they’re a lot safer if they tip over. Having said that they’re very stable and I wonder how many people ever drowned in a sit-in kayak? Give me a sit-in kayak any day.

    Then it’s off to Aldi, followed by dinner at the Old Buttercross, not easy to find and a pretty good menu but all the foods pre-pared by a microwave operative, no chef needed. Everythings just microwaved.


    Being fit enough to take my grandson kayaking.




    More from the loons. America seems to have a surfeit of real crazies, crazy enough to think the sun’s not real because it went dark at night. Just remeber these people are allowed to vote.

    Rick Wiles, a right-wing Christian talk show host and anti-vaxxer has been hospitalised with Covid-19 after saying vaccines would wipe out “stupid people”.

    Less than a month ago, Mr Wiles said he would never get vaccinated. His website, TruNews, announced over the weekend that had been infected and taken to hospital where he had been given oxygen. The announcement was reported by Right Wing Watch.

    The right-wing broadcaster told his audience last month that he wasn’t getting vaccinated because he believed the vaccines were being used to commit a “genocide,” to kill hundreds of millions of people.

    “I am not going to be vaccinated,” Mr Wiles said. “I’m going to be one of the survivors. I’m going to survive the genocide … The only good thing that will come out of this is a lot of stupid people will be killed off. If the vaccine wipes out a lot of stupid people, well, we’ll have a better world.”

    20210517 – Kayak Challenge


    Usual lazy start, even at Bretts. Then we have a drive down to Arundel. Quaint little town with splendid castle (closed). Pleasant walk down the river and view our kayak start point for tomorrow.

    Drive onto Littlehampton, sadly the fishmnoger we wanted to buy a load of fish from, to take home, is closed but call in at a Brewhouse which sells draft beers in flagons – remembered those from nipping to the Offy (off license) way back when.

    I really fancy trying a Sussex Smokie but the pub that does them is closed. The first day theyre allowed to open for indoor customers, after 3 months lockdown, and the lazy arses are closed – no enterprise.

    End up going to the Lobster Pot cafe on the beach. Fortunately they don’t sell beer so I’m not tempted to break my no drinking during the day commandment. Never mind soon be 17:00.

    The weather is weird. One minute clear blue sky, next minute it’s rainin’ like a cow pissin’ on a flat rock. Then back home for afternoon tea.

    Wave header 
    Lucky to be able to spend quality time with Brett & Karine. Enjoy their company even if it does take us hours to choose what to watch.

    joke header 

    rant header 
    Oh joy,Blackburn manages to excel yet again. Have they won best place to live award, city of culture, city of flowers or any other award. No they’re top for most cases of the Indian Covid 19 variant.

    The press are really trying to strike fear and terror with this “Indian variant of concern” when no one truly knows how transmissible it is and it would seem that the vaccine is effective against it.

    I had to laugh at one reporter who claimed that the high incidence in Bolton and Blackburn was down to areas of deprivation, poor housing, low income, ethnic minorities, overcrowding and multiple families in the same house. When we all know the problem is down to muslims not getting the vaccine. Exasperated by Eid and any other 7th century celebration. You can see the direct correlation between high incidence and muslim neighbourhoods, but no one wants to talk about that. In the UK only 8% have not had the jab when they’re eligible but 28% of muslims haven’t had the jab.

    So why don’t muslims want to get vaccinated? Let’s talk about it.

    From his fishmongers in the Blackburn suburb of Bastwell, Zohar Mahaldar sees and hears it all. “It’s getting very frustrating,” he said. He can’t quite believe how many people he has to shoo out of the shop for not wearing a mask, despite Blackburn having the highest overall Covid-19 infection rate in the UK.

    People don’t want to take responsibility for their own health, he complained. “They say, ‘but it’s written by the almighty!’ They think if it’s Allah’s will, he will protect them. But I say to them: ‘Allah also gave you a brain’.” It’s suicide not taking Covid seriously, he said: “And suicide is haram in our religion. It is not allowed.”.

    Influential muslim traditions warn that innovations sometimes come with danger, and a fear of God can produce fatalistic attitudes towards disease: even viruses are part of creation, after all. But the most distinctively Islamic concern is much simpler. Lots of believers worry that vaccines contain pork.

    If common sense was applied then you would think that overcrowding, increased ethnic risk and all the other factors that make muslims a higher risk would make them be more keen to get vaccinated, not less.

    Simple if you don’t want the vaccine then that’s your choice but there are consequences. In the ideal world those would be no passport, no access to indoor services and if there’s a queue for NHS services then those who could not be bothered to look after their health with a vaccination go tot he back of the queue.


    Getting my spray deck on. Serious kayaking.

    Brett and I are up and out for 09:20 to spend the day kayaking up the river Arun. It’s only the fastest flowing river in England and we’re going 14 miles upstream against the current. Fear not they said the tide will be going in so it will be easy. Fortunately we have touring sea kayaks which are sleek and efficient. Bad news is they are that sleek they tip easy.

    Brett ready for the off.

    Well it turns out they got it all wrong and we end up paddling against the current for 5 hours. We even had to paddle to just stand still. Seems we set off too early and yesterday’s rain is delaying the incoming tide. As fast as we paddle upstream we’re running ahead of the incoming tide. Amazing that the tide goes 25 miles inland on river Arun. After 5 hours we’re able to dock and get out for lunch.

    Launching. No casualties.

    Amateurs strike again. But despite it all we have a great day out on the water and the weather remains sunny.

    Abandon the whole 14 miles at the halfway point. It would have been a 20:00 hours finish, if we’d have survived the whole trip.

    Bretts adrift, it’s a strong current and those sea kayaks are difficult to turn.

    Wendy gave the kayaking a pass and went shopping, it’s what women do best. Karine had to work. Brett and Karine have it made, they both work from home in their separate home offices.

    Finally ready for the off.

    Back home for an excellent Moussaka, cooked by Wendy and Karine with interference from Brett. He really couldn’t resist dabbling.
    Perfect end to a great day.

    Wave header 
    Being fit enough to enjoy a day out kayaking up the river Arun with Brett. Awesome.

    joke header 

    religion header  

    rant header 


    Well end of our 4 days with Brett and Karine as we set off back home. Really enjoyed our stay. Off on the road by 10:00, a record for Wendy. A congestion free trip home.


    Wave header 
    After 18 days have to admit it’s nice to be home for a welcoming German beer (Javer and Konig Pilsner). Hopefully not home for too long before we can escape again.

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    rant header 
    A university has escalated disciplinary action against a law student who said that women have vaginas and are not as physically strong as men. Lisa Keogh, 29, a mature student, was reported by classmates for her “offensive” and “discriminatory” comments that she allegedly made during lectures at Abertay University, Dundee. She was also accused of saying that women were the “weaker sex” and calling other students “man-hating feminists” after they suggested that all men were rapists and posed a danger to women.


    View from a kayak on the river Arun.

    Esther is delivered at the crack of sparrows a two day sojourn.

    Well after 10 months Wendy Finally gets to see a consultant face to face about her back. Well not really the consultant merely one of his underlings. It only took them 6 months to arrange an MRI and then 4 months to reviewew the results. In the meantime they weren’t aware she even had an MRI and were convinced she’d had a steroid injections. Just clueless and inept. They couldn’t organise an orgy in a brothel.

    On the beach at Elmer Sands.

    Anyway they finally decide on a plan of action. No point in steroid injections as they wouldn’t know where to inject. Surgery is no use. Turns out she just has to put up with it, physio therapy and pain management. 9 months to come to that. I’ve been telling her for months to go and see our physiotherapist. Oh and they’ll review in 6 months.

    Wendy phones the physio when she gets home and thanks to a cancellation she gets to see our physio that afternoon. He sounds confident he knows what the problem is and can improve it. Gives her some traction, some exercises to do and plan of a 4 week traction and acupuncture course. Well even if the traction doesn’t fix it at least she may be able to reach the top of the kitchen cupboards after it. Amazing what private medicine can do. Now we need to get copies of the MRI scan so that if we go to America we can get a second opinion.

    Wave header 
    Seeeing Esther again and enjoying watching her play and develop. She’s such a character.

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    rant header 
    I hate to criticise the NHS because I believe it is a fundamental human right, as long as people contribute to it, even if by workfare. We have such able and dedicated front line staff, just totally let down by government and senior management. Now I realise our American friends will think that this socialised medicine is tantamount to communism.

    The whole philosophy needs some major rethinking. If we’d have gone to see a consultant in America he’d have packed her off for MRI and every diagnostic known to man and within a week would have the results and a plan. Problem solved promptly but you’d pay for it. Sadly with the NHS we’ve already paid for it, as the cost of a battleship was taken out of my monthly wage for NHS. Problem with the NHS is that theres’ no concept of you being a customer. Often told by NHS that “you have to appreciate this is the NHS and it’s free”. My acrid retort to that is, “it’s not free I’ve paid for it and you have to realise I have a syndrome where I go through life thinking I’m a valued customer who pays your wages and can expect good service, it’s not contagious or dangerous, and the only cure is decent customer service”.

    I quite like the French system – I know that praise of anything French is rare from me – but they have social medicine (NHS) but you pay directly for treatment and then claim back about 90% of it from their NHS. Good thing with this is it encourages a direct relationship with your clinician as you are going to pay him directly and encourages competition.

    Try getting a NHS GP’s appointment? That’s a 40 page rant for another day.

    20150513 – Goodbye Cornwall, Hello Elmer Sands


    A sunny day, awesome blue sky and a tad windy, but so much better than the rain and clouds.

    Bedruthan Steps.

    Drive up to Bedruthan Steps. You’re not allowed on the beach in case the cliff falls in on you. What awesome beaches and views over Bedruthan Steps Beach and Red Cove. Wendy has lunch overlooking Red Cove.

    Red Cove.

    Then we drive back down the coast to Crantock Beach. A short stroll on the beach down the Gannel to celebrate happy memories. Then into the village for a cream tea for Wendy. No chance. Onto Hollywell beach. Again no chance of a cream tea. It seems that the famous Cornish Cream tea has died of Covid and is rarer than a Bible seller in Tehran.

    Lunch at Red Cove.

    Finally onto Perranporth and call in at Tollgate Farm caravan site – we stayed there in 2007. They don’t store caravans but there is a local storage place that delivers to site, that they recommend.

    Finally, get a cream tea in Perranporth, and it’s very reasonably priced.

    Back home for tea. Smoked Salmon followed by a Cornish Pasty with black puddings, baked beans, and lashings of Daddies sauce.

    Wave header 
    The spledor and beauty of Bedruthan Steps Beach and Red Cove makes you glad to be a coffin dodger rarther than pushing up daises.

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    rant header 
    In case you missed this absurdity. It seems that the snowflakes – very appropriately named in this trauma – are ready to march, riot and have Disney cancelled because the Prince kissed Snowwhite without her consent. And it gets worse, there’s even a campaign to have the Disney Snow White ride closed / cancelled. No it’s not the 1st of April. These inane clotpoles are amongst us and what’s even worse they have a vote.


    Cream Tea at last.

    The forecast is sunny for the morning, so we make the supreme effort and set off out by 10:00 to saunter along the coastal path into Newquay. Our last visit this trip so we celebrate with a coffee at the pub we met at back in 1968. Inside it’s a lot bigger than I remember but as for the toilets there’s not even room to flip a coin. How can lads out on the pull be able to determine how to divvy up the birds (look it up if you’re not sure) between them?

    Back for lunch, then we pack ready for our departure tomorrow to number one sons for a few days.

    The rocks on Port beach.

    I take a stroll down to Porth beach and explore the beach and rocks. It’s a lovely little beach and if we come down here again, which we probably will if these staycations take root, then we’d be tempted to stay around here. Our current rentals comfortable, clean, only 4 minutes to the beach and we’ve enjoyed our stay. The main downside is the approach to the back door is off-putting and the road noise, although fortunately doesn’t keep us awake or wake us. Mind you it’s not cheap considering the time of year, but I suppose everyone is jumping on the covid staycation bandwagon and having a separate entrance means we can stay here prior to the 17th May.

    Wave header 
    Great to explore the rock formations and rock pools carved out by the ocean. I’m always amazed how all these water molecules know where to go.

    joke header 
    It really is about time someone in this kakistocracy got a grip and solved the problem of illegal immigration from across the Channel. They’re all able-bodied young men; mostly muslims; put up in a nice comfy hotel; fed; spending money; better looked after than our pensioners or ex-servicemen; will probably conspire against us; no doubt will want the state to support them yet not be prepared to accept our norms. They are not asylum seekers, they are economic migrants. It’s simples, if you come here illegally then you should be sent back or at least to some inhospitable shit hole that we can pay to take them. It’s just pots for rags or even goldfish for jam jars.

    religion header  

    rant header 


    Goodbye single track roads with rare passing places.

    Up and set off just before 10:00 to drive to Bretts. It’s a journey from hell. Across country to Elmer Sands. Drive through Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and then West Sussex. The torrential downpours, especially through Dorest are horrendous, enough to wear out my wiper blades.

    Great to get to Brett and Karine’s for a very welcome cup of tea. The house they moved into is great. On a lovely private, protected estate, with a village green in front. Plenty of room and you can walk to the beach in minutes. Have a grand tour, followed by a stroll down the beach and then get settled in with a very welcome bottle of red wine. Tea consists of Scallops with black pudding starter followed by Haddock and vegatable stir fry. All very tasty even if vegetables are involved.

    A pleasant evening in catching up and watching some Now (The Good Doctor) and Netflix stand up comedy.

    Great nights sleep. Wot no early morning road noise and toilet paper that doesn’t disintegrate as you tear it off the roll.

    Wave header 
    A lovely warm welcome from Brett and Karine after the journey from hell. Good to see your kids happy and settled into a lovely home in a great setting.

    joke header 

    religion header  

    rant header 


    Wendy’s next knitting project?

    The usual lazy start to the day with croissants for breakfast. Karine has to suffer watching me committ sacriledge to croissant consumption. They’re so much better with jam on them.

    The harbour in the rain again.

    Lunch followed by a drive down to a few harbours and a tour around the area. Mixed showers and we get soaked at the harbour. Call in at Aldi to pick up some essentials – wine.

    In the evening it’s Coq Au Vin with a full bottle of wine in it, which certainly improves the flavour even more.

    Then we try various Nationality tests. Good news is Karine passes the British one, as for the rest of us well that’s a bit dicey, lookes like we could all be put in a rubber dinght and packed off to France. Best news is we all qualify for the USA and even 100% for Australia.

    Wave header 
    I suppose todays delight has to be the best Coq Au Vin ever and a great hoppy beer (Proper Job – let’s hope they sell it in Aldi Blackburn) from St Austell brewery.

    joke header 


    rant header 

    Were any wokes offended by this white brand ambassador, Ronald MacDonald? No because the snowflakes, greens and libtards were too busy whining about promoting unhealthy food. White lives matter.

    20210509 – Typical English Weather


    Well another lazy start to the day. Forecast is rain, wind and cloud.

    Butties with a view – Newquay.

    I’ve dreamt up a new software project to keep me happy. This will allow all 2 of my blog flowers to select or deselect the visibility of any of my various rants. Not so much as pandering to the snowflakes, wokes, and libtards, more about a little software project. Really need to come up with a decent project to keep the grey matter from atrophy.

    Set off for a stroll into Newquay along the headlands and coastal path.

    Lunch of butties (at least for her indoors, I stick with a couple of healthy Dates) sat like a couple of escaped geriatrics on a park bench watching the surfers. All we needed was our slippers and pajama bottoms to complete the picture.

    I’m keeping warm.

    Stroll back. It seems that the majority of the tourists are so very poor that they can’t afford jean or trousers without a tare in them. I’m oh so tempted to go up to a few of them and give them a pound towards some new ones. Then we encounter the beggar who, according to his childish sign, seems to have more birthdays than the queen. Every day is his birthday. Yet again we encounter the Newquay blue super freak, tattoos and piercings everywhere, and holes in his ear lobes big enough to hang your washing out on. I’m sure he along with the Smurfs will be offended by Morris dancers painting their faces blue. Just goes to show you can’t please everyone, so the best philosophy is to always please yourself.

    Why do Blackbirds stand on one leg? Well, it appears that it is to minimise heat loss.

    Afternoon tea. Then an awesome pizza with lashings of Pepperoni. Again, the weather has turned out sunny for teatime.


    Wave header 
    Have a lively chat and catch up with Laurie and Mike. Yet more American friends who are concerned we’re not coming out to PC this year. We sure do appreciate our American friends.

    joke header 

    I Am A Seenager (Senior Teenager)

    I have everything that I wanted as a teenager, only 60 years later.
    I don’t have to go to school or work.
    I get an an allowance every month.
    I have my own pad.
    I don’t have a curfew.
    I have a driving licence and my own car.
    I have ID that gets me into bars and off-licences. I like the off-licences best.
    The people I hang around with are not scared of getting pregnant. They aren’t scared of anything. They have been blessed to live this long, so why be scared?
    And I don’t have acne.
    Life is Good!

    religion header  
    Just love this interview with Stephen Fry and the look on the interviewers face at some of the responses is classic.

    Stephen Fry was asked what he would say to God if they met?

    His reply, ‘I’d say, bone cancer in children? What’s that about? How dare you? How dare you create a world in which there is such misery that is not our fault. Why should I respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid God who creates a world that is so full of injustice and pain? It’s not right, it’s utterly, utterly evil’

    And to top it all in this crazy free speechless World he was then under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an ‘utter maniac’.

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

    rant header 


    Yea, kippers for breakfast. That’ll stink the house out for days.

    Pentire headland.

    Now that my software project is finished – try it above – what next.

    I know I’ll vacuum the carpet. Can you believe that anybody would buy a vacuum cleaner like the one in this apartment is an absolute disgrace in design, it’s one of those drag-along ones, surely the first time you used it you take it back and demand your money back and that the designer was sacked. The cleaning head just bounces along the carpet so makes no difference. I might just as well chalk out a pentagram and boil frogs.

    Fistral beach.

    Drive up to Pentire and set off for a walk to the headland. Wendy backs out after 15 minutes, too hilly and windy. The views from the headland are awesome, but the wind is strong enough to blow your hearing aids out. When I get back Wendy is chatting to a couple who are caravanning down here. Bloody hell the geezer can talk for Europe, never shuts up, amazing he gets enough oxygen with all that talking. Just manage to escape with our ears still intact.

    Wendy wants to go to M&S, so off we go. What a waste of time, of course they don’t have what she wanted.

    Press are reporting a hot July forecast. What planet are these people living on? No one seems able to forecast tomorrow’s weather never mind two months ahead. I have 3 forecast apps and they’re all about 120 degrees apart. They never agree.

    View from the pub in Mawgan Porth.

    After afternoon tea we drive up the coast and stop off for an excellent pint of Tribute Ale, St Austell Brewery, at Mawgan Porth. Certainly the best part of the day, glorious sunshine, yet again.

    Tea tonight is a medley of fish we’ve never tried, Red Mullet, my favourite; Cornish Brill, not much taste, vey delicate, a ladies fish; Monkfish, tasty and somebody to it. As a nation, we’re surrounded by fish and should start to eat more of it.

    Will we ever get to finish “Sons of Anarchy” or “Schitts Creek”? Nearing the end of “For ALL Mankind”. Watching the Sons of Anarchy parties is enough to make you want to buy a motorbike.

    Wave header 
    A delicious pint of Tribute Ale, by the sea, in glorious sunshine. A 2nd was oh so tempting.

    joke header 

    religion header  
    I’ve been searching the Quran for the passage that says “thou shalt ignore the infidels disabled parking slots and mother and child places”. Dammed if I can find it, but it seems to be an essential one of the pillars of Islam, judging by the number of apparent members of the religion of pieces and permanent offence who abuse these facilities.

    rant header 
    Woke vandalism. How dare they edit or ban this episode.

    FAWLTY Towers fans were stunned this evening as the BBC aired the show’s controversial “banned” episode – including the famous Nazi scene in full.
    The 1970s British sitcom aired after EastEnders on BBC One tonight, with some viewers blasting it as “inappropriate” online.

    Classic 1975 episode The Germans was removed from BBC Studios-owned platform UKTV due to its “offensive content and language” last year.

    However, it was reinstated with a warning message, and some of the highly offensive slurs edited out.
    The episode is best known for Basil Fawlty, played by John Cleese, goose-stepping while imitating German Nazis – with the character also famously exclaiming: “Don’t mention the war!”.

    In case there’s anyone out there who hasn’t seen it or wants to see this master piece of British comedy for the 44th time you can view it here –


    St Ives Harbour.

    Lazy start and forecast is not good. All three forecasts are not good, but all in different time frames and levels of gloom and doom, so it’s off to St Ives for a saunter around, probably in the rain.

    Have a wander around St Ives in the intermittent drizzle. If I smell or see yet another Cornish pastie shop I’m going to have my throat sewn up and my nostril stuffed.

    St Ives – washout English weather.

    The whole place is a picture of a washout English holiday, compounded by the Covid restrictions not allowing any indoor food or drinks. If ever there was a need to understand why so many Brits go abroad for their holidays, this is it. Wendy catches the bus back up to the free car park. I go for the exercise. All the way up the steep steps is one hell of a free HIIT workout.


    Decide to drive back up the coast road to explore Portreath, Port Towan and St Agnes. At least by now the rains stopped and it’s starting to get a bit sunnier. Portreath is a pleasant little place with a nice cove. Best that can be said about Porth Towan is that there are plenty of pubs and eating places. As for St Agnes it’s just a sizeable inland village.

    By the time we get home for afternoon tea, the suns out and all is well with the World.


    Decide we’ll have a stroll down to the Mermaid Pub on Port beach. The sun is out and it’s lovely to just sit and have a pint, or two, of Tribute Ale. Thats, after you’ve downloaded the app to order and pay for your drinks, which then take just under 20 minutes to arrive. And this is progress?

    Have chats with Fiona and then Kurt rings for a chat. Finally finish off “For All Mankind”, somewhat underwhelming. Apple certainly need to do better. I really cannot see Apple TV surviving. Why didn’t they use some of their cash mountain to buy up an existing player and get some collateral?

    Wave header 

    Seagulls clamouring for food.

    Watching the seagulls on the apex of the roof. Theyre very terroratorial and see off any outsiders. Get up to all sorts of antics. Look like a fairly meaty bird. I’ve often wondered whether you can cook one and eat it?


    Porth beach from the pub.

    They are meat-eaters, and may have trichinella, a parasitic roundworm, as well as other poisons accumulating in the bird. Furthermore, since they aren’t farmed they take a taste from whatever they have eaten, be it fish, if they live by the coast, or leftover kebabs, like the ones in the city. All species of gull are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. This makes it illegal to intentionally or, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, recklessly injure or kill any gull or damage or destroy an active nest or its contents. Well now I know.

    joke header 

    religion header  

    rant header 
    Whilst not making excuses for Boris’s handling of the pandemic perhaps this helps us understand the outcome a bit better:

    A new study has shown experts “substantially underestimated” how devastating the coronavirus pandemic would be in the UK up to the end of 2020, it showed they underestimated the COVID-19 death toll by more than half.

    The 140 experts, which included people such as epidemiologists, statisticians, and clinicians, were surveyed in April last year.

    The median answer was 30,000 deaths when the actual death toll was more than double: 75,346.
    As to infections, the median prediction was 4,000,000, while the actual number of cases could have been 6,385,254.

    However, the survey also interviewed 2,086 “laypersons” – and they under-estimated the pandemic even more than the experts. The “non-experts” had forecast a median of 25,000 deaths by the end of the year, a third of the actual number, and just 800,000 infections, about one-eighth of the Imperial College estimate.


    It’s a luvly shade o’ black o’er t’mother-in-laws. Well a rainy and cloudy day forecast. Perhaps the worst so far. We hunker down for the day with the highlight being a trip to Sainsbury to buy some bin liners.

    Turns out the forecasts are right, it rains nearly all day but then at teatime out comes the sun again.

    If ever there is day to make you want to be out of this goddamn sodden country then today is that day. Get me out of here to Park City. And to make matters worse it’s a no alcohol day – sure, drinking kills brain cells – but only the weak ones.

    Wave header 
    Well todays “wave” is a real challenge. I suppose we should just be grateful for being warm, safe, dry and well fed.

    joke header 

    religion header  

    rant header 
    A rather long rant to finish off with but this is a real blood boiler for me:

    Dominic Raab condemned for ‘hiding’ details of massive overseas aid cuts.

    Forget condemning him for this he and all the libtards and snowflakes who support foreign aid should be condemned for spending any foreign aid. Why are we giving away money we don’t have to countries that hate us, conspire against us, and openly try to bring about our downfall. This ridiculous 0.7 % of GDP folly should be abolished. I’ve no issue with emergency aid to poor countries in the event of a disaster.

    We’ve enough issues in our own country – charity begins at home.

    Foreign secretary accused of refusing to come clean on ‘the most draconian cuts ever made’ – despite promising transparency

    The cuts are in response to a decision by Rishi Sunak, the chancellor, to cut UK overseas development aid from 0.7 percent of gross national income (GNI) to 0.5 percent. It has been exacerbated by a fall in GNI as a result of the Covid crisis.

    Foreign aid will fall from about £12 billion to £8 billion. The move is being challenged in the courts, backed by libtards and Tory MPs including the former development secretary Andrew Mitchell who claim that it is illegal without new legislation.

    I’ve been trying to uncover what we spend. Not a very easy task but here are some of the more rank stupidities:

    Top aid spend is to Pakistan with a total of £305 million. Bear in mind that Pakistan can afford to spend about £35 million on a space programme and can afford nuclear weapons.

    India gets about £108 million and yes they too can afford a space programme and nuclear weapons.

    Meanwhile, we sent £71m in aid to China in a single year, despite the country having an economy five times the size of the UK’s; nuclear weapons; a space programme; no concept of human rights and being at what can best be described as an economic war against us.

    And the real icing on this lunacy from the kakistocracy in the great chattering house has to be £16 million of taxpayers’ cash to Iran in just four years to improve “educational links”. Iran, a 7th century barbaric, rogue terrorist state, seeking world domination by islam, no concept of human rights and openly wanting to kill us.

    Go figure!

    And this is where the money we don’t have goes to.

    And the big donors. Wot nothing from China. Perhaps they feel they’ve given the World enough with Covid!

    20210505 – Happy Days in Cornwall


    Hollywell Bay

    Lazy start and then we’re off to Crantock, Hollywell and Perranporth. A pilgrimage to old holiday haunts both from when we first met and subsequent holidays with the kids. You forget how narrow the roads are down here, with giant hedgerows so you can’t see any of the scenery. A bit like driving down a tube, but the hedgerows just team with flora and wildlife.
    Pass on going on Crantock beach. Park up on Hollywell bay where they’re filming some secretive film or TV series. All very hush, hush and no one claims to know what it is. Could it be Poldark? They’ve filmed that here before. Will we get to see that tasty wench Demelza? There’s certainly a mass of gear being set up, why they’ve even installed a road across the beach. While wendy stuffs her face with lunch

    Film crew colonising Hollywell Bay.

    I climb up the sand dunes to see what is going on. As I get near to all the gear being set up two security guards, from a flock of guards, swoop down on me and want to be very friendly and deter me from approaching closer or taking pictures. Bear in mind they’re not filming, just setting up and have taken over a lot of the beach. They try to stop me from taking photographs. Claiming there are young children there and it would be improper. As you can see from the photo there are no young children. “Where are these young children then.” Oh, they’re down there they say. “Oh, have you imported them in as an excuse to stop anyone photographing? I see no children”. But hang on a minute if these invisible children are going to be in a film why should my photographing be a problem? I take photographs. They try and stop me walking over the sand dunes.

    Porth headland.

    Plenty of fond memories of Hollywell bay and the kids enjoying their blow up dingy in the stream there. Great thatched pub selling real ales. Happy days.

    When wendy finished her nosh and I’ve had my 3 Dates we set off to Perranporth.

    Well, Perranporths not changed much. Such a nice little place, not as big and busy as Newquay. Again many happy holidays there staying at Lillian’s guest house.

    Afternoon tea for two and then we set off back home.

    Porth beach.

    Wendy goes in to make tea whilst I set off to explore the headland and the blow hole on Porth beach. Not much of a blow today. Need to go when the seas a lot rougher. Never mind, still a lovely stroll.

    Watching “Ted Lasso”, one of the few decent series on Apple TV, when I’m distracted by a pornographic episode on a neighbour’s roof. Two seagulls are at it like rabbits. Hang on a minute one scampered off to the roof apex, must be the female with a headache.

    Despite the original forecast of rain, it’s turned out sunny with clouds and no rain. Fortunately that wind has died down. Another pleasant day.

    Turns out they are filming the prequel to “Game of Thrones”, called “House of the DRagon”, must be costing a fortune.
    Wave header

    Brett setting sail to sea in Hollywell Bay.

    Happy memories in and around Crantock, Hollywell Bay and Perranport, of our first few days together in my little white mini with a giant surf boad strapped on top, it’s a wonder we didn’t take off, as we careered down the narrow lanes with Tom, Dot and Wendy. The two girls we’re terrified at the speed. On top of that many happy family holidays, kids in their blow up dingy in the stream and my Mum joining us on some of them.

    joke header

    religion header

    rant header

    I just cannot comprehend the mentality of someone who parks in a disabled slot when there is nothing wrong with them. Must be too damned lazy to walk the extra few yards. Even more frustrating when they do it outside the gym. What scroats. Society could well do without them. Sadly if you challenge them they don’t comprehend what the problem us.


    Wave header

    Driving down the quiet, narrow country lanes brings back some of the joy in driving.

    Padstow harbour.

    After our usual lazy start we set off the Wadebridge. There’s, a fishmonger there, rarer than a bible seller in Tehran, we want to go to as well as exploring the town. The town was a tad underwhelming. The fishmongers was a great experience. Good choice of fresh fish. Plenty of advice on what to choose and even how to cook it. The mackerel had been caught just this morning and we even get to see the fishing boat responsible. Fortunately, this guy just loves his job, can fillet all our fish for us and has even won prizes for his filleting skills. As well as some dressed Crab, we buy some Cornish Brill and Red Mullet to try. It’s always a pleasure to meet people who obviously love their work.

    Then we set off to Padstow. This place is another that seems to think that all parking spaces should be just big enough to shoe horn a Renault Twizy into. The harbour area is heaving but we manage to find a form to sit on and enjoy our mid-day repast. Take a stroll around the harbour, down to a beach which never seems to materialise and then, of course, wander around a few cute shops selling all sorts of junk that people may want but certainly don’t need and soon will grow tired of.

    Post Isaac. No Doc Martin.

    Off then to visit Doc Martin at Port Isaac. Drive down some of the narrowest roads ever. Best to turn the wing mirrors in. Well, this place is a tad disappointing. Not really much there, but some good exercise up the hill back to the free car park (only to May 17). Finally, find somewhere for afternoon tea in the grounds where they film the schoolyard in Doc Martin.

    Back home for a great Crab and Smoked Mackeral salad, topped off by a luscious Primitivo from Morrisons.

    joke header

    Should be mandatory reading in every secondary school.

    religion header

    rant header

    Morris dancers change face paint from black to blue after racism fears. June last year, the Joint Morris Organisations issued a statement calling for dancing groups to eliminate the use of full-face black makeup in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

    You really cannot make this ridiculous woke stupidity up. Why do we tolerate it, time for “Old Lives Rule”.


    A sun and cloud day, and no rain.


    After lazy start we set off down to Mevagissey. A classic cornish harbour, complete with grot shops and tourists. We’ve been before but like my breakfast, I can’t remember it. At least it’s easy to park and doesnt need a 2nd mortgage. Have lunch by the harbour and a very short stroll around.

    Then I have this mad desire to go explore Portmellon. It seems that the only route there is by the narrowest of alleyways that you need to pull your wing mirrors in to get through. Passing places rarer than a Christian church in Tehran. And what a disappointment, nothing there to write home about. Journey back down through Mevagissey (can I spell it the same twice in a row) is a throwback to the good old days of motoring, when you had a man in front with a red flag. In this case, it’s Wendy in front, sans red flag, trying to stop dimwits creating the need to reverse. Typical, she gets told to F Off by one lemming. Well, now I know what’s at Portmellon. We certainly never be going there again and perhaps it’s a lesson to not be ruled by your desires.

    For all our American friends this is what a narrow Cornish road is like.

    What a coincidence. Prior to today I had never heard of, nor seen a Renault Twizy car until I was doing my blog and wanted the name of the narrowest car. And then on the way to that place we encounter a Renault Twizy, ideal for those roads but certainly not on my wish list.

    Decide to call in at St Austel on the way back. Hmm…, another town in its death throws, with the usual surplus of charity shops and empty shops. Does have a nice town square with some hearty wench serenading inattentive tourists and fleeting locals.

    Back home for afternoon tea. No real hike today.

    Dinner is a fantastic fry up of bacon, egg, beans and best of all black puddings.

    Listen to the Covid update from the house of the chief of the kakistocracy. So where can we travel to beyond these wet and windy shores after 17th May? There’s only 12 on the Green list – can travel to, “no quarantine” status – and France and America are not on it. The United States (Uk is still on the USA’s “Do not travel” advisory) and most of Europe are on the UK’s “amber” list – no travel to amber list countries or territories for leisure purposes and requires arrivals back to UK to self-isolate for 10 days and pay for two PCR tests. Well for now that puts the kibosh on going to France or returning to Park City for at least another 4 weeks. Other than Israel and Ireland there’s nowhere on the green list I fancy going and her indoors thinks she’ll get blown up if she goes to Israel. Mind you the way things are shaping up in NI that could be a worry in Belfast. Meanwhile, we need to understand when they say Ireland is on the green list is that Southern Ireland (EU Country) as well?

    All very disappointing, so it looks like plan B for June – Irish road trip.

    Will we ever get the caravan back from France before outright war is declared with the EU?
    Wave header

    Facetime with Jasper to wish him a happy 8th birthday. He’s such a happy chappy and can always bring a smile to our faces. Miss him whilst away but at least there’s facetime, if we can drag him away from his iPad.

    joke header

    Henry Kissinger allegedly asked when he was U.S. Secretary of State: “Who do I call when I want to speak to Europe?”By one count, the EU now has 10 “presidents,” possibly 11, depending on how you classify its various institutions. That’s not including the 27 leaders of the member states — except whichever of them is currently holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

    religion header

    rant header

    Here the Chinese go again with their total disregard for the rest of the World. Not content with espionage; cyber terrorism; human rigths atrociies; genocide; intellectual propert right theft; violations in Hong Long; economic warfae and dumping; attempted domiantion of the China seas; intimidation of Taiwan and of course not forgetting repeated infliction of a deadly virus on the rest of the World, they now want to cast off their spent ockets on anyone:

    A used Chinese rocket is currently tumbling through space and scientists do not know exactly when or where it will return to Earth—but it could be soon. They really don’t give a damn.

    The situation is “potentially not good” and “really negligent on China’s part.”

    It is not the first time a Long March 5B rocket has made an uncontrolled re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The same thing happened in May last year, when the rocket made its first flight on May 5 and placed a prototype crew capsule into low Earth orbit.


    Truro in the rain.

    Very lazy start as it’s rain all day.

    Off to explore Truro. Seems the best we can do on a rainy day.

    It’s a lovely town. Plenty of diverse shops; no homogenised shopping; and best of all a traffic-free centre. Hardly notice the rain. Its other claim to fame is that it seems to have the only Natwest Bank in Cornwall. Alas they can’t be bothered to open at the weekend. Is it time to look for another bank?

    Truro cathedral. Still in the rain.

    Manage to finally purchase some kitchen knives for Wendy. This time it’s ones with the blade all the way through the handle so hopefully, they won’t snap. Sadly made in China but razor-sharp. The question now is how do we get them home without being arrested for carrying two dangerous weapons?

    How can it take 20 minutes to go into a shop to buy some wrapping paper – I despair.

    Pop into Waitrose on the way home for the weekly shop. Home delivery is so much better. My threshold of tolerance is about 5 minutes, by which time I’ve bought all I need and am ready to go to the car and play on my iPhone. Seems very similar to Jasper’s behavior with his iPad.
    Wave header

    Todays been a real challenge to find the good and positive. I suppose we should just be grateful being alive and being on holiday, somewhere different to explore, rather than mopsing around in howling gales in Belthorn.

    joke header

    Is there anything that Apple won’t patent?

    religion header

    rant header

    Saw this on the death of free speech and thought it well worthy of airing. Hopefully, it may offend a few wokes, snowflakes and libtards. Who knows they may even conjure up all the forces of evil and have a violent protest march on Belthorn. Click on image for Rowan Atkinson on free speech

    20210501 – Escape To Old Haunts – Newquay


    Could this be why we’ve never holidayed in England for the past 10 years?

    Wave header

    The daily doses of crap, weak politicians, death of common sense, defective software, wokes, snowflakes and libtards could really grind you down. But from now on there has to be at least one good thing per day to celebrate.

    Today I’m thankful for an easy 347 mile, 5 and a qaurter hour, drive down to Newquay. No traffice jams, just a few slow road work sections – more about those later.

    Also good to come back to old haunts after a 14-year absence. When I say old haunts this is where I “picked Wendy up” back in 1968. I wonder whether the pub will have a Blue Plaque celebrating that famous event?

    Driving over Bodmin Moor bought back memories of 04:00 in the morning set off with Mum and Dad in a split-screen Morris Minor that struggled on even the slightest incline, complete with AA printed and detailed route instructions, went through the centre of so many towns. Horrendous tailbacks on the A30 and broken down steaming vehicles littering our route. No motorways or dual carriageways then. Today there’s a great dual carriageway.

    Yet another region that wants independence. Why I think Belthorn should go for it.

    Set off at a leisurely 11:30. It’s bank holiday weekend and the traffic forecasts are dire. Boy we can sure pick our days to travel. At least with a late start we might avoid the inevitable early onslaught. Turns out to be a good decision.

    After a great journey finally locate our VRBO home for the next two weeks. The rental earns its first black mark before we’ve even opened the door. The address / directions / location on Google maps are all a complete joke. Even when we’re in the car park, no sign of Number 3.

    Before we unpack I check the essentials are working ok – wifi is good. Clean, modern and well equipped. The outside approach is a bit disappointing, but then you don’t live outside. Wifi is good and very stable. We’re only about 200 yards from Porth Beach and it’s lovely and sunny to greet us

    joke header

    How about this for a telephone answering message to deter the nuisance calls:

    “How kind of you to ring. Please don’t hang up. Stay on the line. You are being connected directly to the Scotland Yard fraud squad. By the time you’ve listened this long, their technology will have traced this call to wherever in the world you are ringing from, so expect a knock at your door soon and know that your phoe line will be terminated automatically withing the next 24 hours. Have a nice day. If you are a genuine caller, then sorry about shouting at you. Just leave a message and I will ring you back. Thanks.”

    religion header


    rant header

    Another one of the many things that really gets my gorge rise:

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been sentenced to a year in prison after being found guilty of propaganda activities against the regime in Iran.

    Who in their right mind would trust this barbaric terrorist state?

    The British-Iranian charity worker was also given a one-year ban on leaving the country.
    Her lawyer said she had been accused of taking part in a demonstration in London 12 years ago and giving an interview to the BBC Persian Service.

    Can you believe we are even stupid enough to give them foreign aid – more on this later.

    Why are we putting up with this nonsense from Iran – a rogue terrorist state that wants World domination of the religion of pieces and permanent offence – as prescribed by the quran. What are we doing about it? Sweet Fanny Adams. We should be doing absolutely everything within our power against them; impose outright sanctions; if there are any assets we’ve not already seized then seize them; cyber attacks on them. They say they want to kill us – believe them. We certainly shouldn’t be negotiating with them on the nuclear deal. They cannot be trusted. Even our ten-year-old brainless cocker spaniel could tell you that.


    The usual lazy start to the day. Time for coffee and to catch up on all the disturbing news. Apple News does a great job of bringing together news from all over, especially the Times and Wall Street Journal. Too much news really. Then it’s time to start my blog. The rants and writing is somehow very therapeutic.

    We take a stroll along the coastal footpath into Newquay. Stop for a luscious beer outside the pub where we met. No sign of a historic blue plaque to mark the occasion. Big debate on what the pub was called in those days. Why they’ve even changed the name of the pub from “The Saddle Bar” to “The Central” and on top of that doubled its size. Take plenty of photos whilst the suns out, because this may be our only chance if the dire weather forecasts are to be believed.

    Wendy buys a sandwich and she has lunch sat in a park overlooking Towan Beach. We sure know how to live.

    Try to find a decent bottle of brandy for Wendy. No chance. Call in Asda which seems to be housed in some back street shed. Still it lacks the scroats that infest Blackburn Asda.

    Stroll back for afternoon tea.

    Start watching Line of Duty, now that all episodes are available so we can binge-watch. Don’t know who is responsible for the sound and awful accents. Have the hearing aids on full blast and it still sounds like it was recorded in a washing machine on a slow soak.

    End to a great sunny day.
    Wave header

    Today’s delight was a sunny lunchtime, drinking St Austel bitter sat outside the pub where wendy and I met some 52 years ago. Strolling through a very different Newquay bought back many holiday memories.

    joke header

    Saw this from the good old days, when British comedy could take the urine out of anything without some woke snowflake having an epileptic fit and summoning up a violent protest march.
    Constable Savage sketch

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    rant header

    Well, it seems like Europe is even madder at us. What with our vaccine success, compared to their tardy failures, and our forecast growth this year of 6.8% compared to their achievement of a double-dip recession of 0.6% between January and March. What can you expect when you have a failed female German defense minister trying to run the show supported by a motley group of political failures especially sought out from around the EU.

    Their latest bright idea is to sue AstraZeneca for failed vaccine deliveries. Nothing to do with their general incompetence, lack of investment and sloppy contract terms. Now that’s a really great way to promote pharmaceutical companies and encourage them to develop solutions in the EU. Come to the UK where you will be welcomed and supported.


    Lazy start again.

    Well if ever there was a reason to escape from Belthorn at every opportunity, this has to be it:

    Hyndburn now has the highest infection rate in England as cases rise in nine Lancashire boroughs

    You have to be taking the urine.

    Hyndburn, Blackburn with Darwen, Preston, Chorley, Lancaster, Burnley and South Ribble are above the national average with Rossendale, Pendle, Wyre, West Lancs, Blackpool, Ribble Valley and Fylde below

    Then it’s off to Morrisons and with a stop up at Waitrose. Just the excitement we need for such a blustery stormy day. At least thers no rain until 15:00, but wind enough to blow me hubcaps off.

    Oh, the joy of Morrison, it’s heaving, you’d think they were giving it away.

    Waitrose is so much more pleasant and relaxed. Such a better class of person, they all wear masks. Mind you very pricey.

    Trying to find a quality mellow brandy so Wendy can adulterate it with lemonade – perversion. I guess Cornwall is not into brandy, seems to be rarer than a Taliban wearing a pinny and washing the dishes for his wife.

    Find a few nice red wines, Carmenere, Primitivo and Pinot Noir. Glad to say none from the EU, always gives me a sense of delight when I avoid buying from the EU. Keep this up and their economy will be tanking big style – payback time.

    After spending a fortune we head back for afternoon tea and watch the rain.

    In the evening we binge out on “Line of Duty” again. Get through 4 episodes, couldn’t understand much of the dialogue. Leave the excitement of the last episode until tomorrow. Whilst sat watching TV, supping some mediocre Pinot Noir, I’m poleaxed by the standard lamp falling over in a drunken state. This is the second time it’s tried to kill me.
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    How lucky we are to be able to do the weekly shop without having to worry about the cost.

    joke header

    Just love this amazing exploitation of the English language, so clever:

    Medical experts in London today were asked if it is time to ease the COVID lockdowns.

    Allergists were in favour of scratching it, but Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves.
    Gastroenterologists had a sort of a gut feeling about it, but Neurologists thought the government lacked the nerve.
    Obstetricians felt certain everyone was labouring under a misconception, while Ophthalmologists considered the idea short-sighted.
    Many Pathologists yelled, “Over my dead body!” while Paediatricians said, “Oh, grow up!”
    Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness, while Radiologists could see right through it.
    Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing and pharmacists claimed it would be a bitter pill to swallow.
    Plastic Surgeons opined that this proposal would “put a whole new face on the matter.”
    Podiatrists thought it was a step forward, but Urologists were pissed off by the whole idea.
    Anaesthetists thought the whole idea was a gas, and Cardiologists didn’t have the heart to say no.
    In the end, the Proctologists won out, leaving the entire decision up to the assholes in politics.😊

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    rant header



    Wave header

    Yeah, I now have my Covid 19 Vaccination passport online. Impressive MyGP app that works with NHS database. Well done NHS, credit where it’s due. Well America, now will you let me in?

    On top of that the country has now given 50 million vaccinations, 15 million people, including us, have now had both jabs. What an awesome effort. Amazing.

    A lovely sunny but blustery day.

    Another lazy start to the day, with a negative covid 19 lateral flow test for both of us. What a horrible experience these tests are, but we try and do our bit. Another impressive service from the NHS.

    Finallie of “Line of Duty” tonight. Who is “H”. Exciting but oh so sad that we are excited.

    Drive down to Towan Head for Wendy’s picnic lunch; stroll up to the headland; then a stroll into Newquay to buy some Cornish pasties for tea; followed by a pot of tea overlooking the harbour. Wow, spare no expense on this trip.

    Huer’s hut

    Come across the Huers Hut and a load of rug rats being told tales about the hut. God those teachers must have been brave to take that mob of rug rats out. Apparently, in the 14th century, the hut was occupied by a Huer who kept a lookout for shoals of Pilchards. When spotted he blew his horn and the fishermen all dashed out to catch the Pilchards. Pity they still don’t do it. You try buying fresh Pilchards or sardines these days.

    Cornish pastie with Daddys sauce for tea then drive down to Truro to play pickleball. Traffic chaos around Truro. Nice and sunny but the wind was enough to blow the knickers off a nun. Certainly made for some interesting games. Not as much fun though as our motley crew. It’s only a game! Mind you best not to play after a cornish pastie.

    Back home to some Pinot Noir and the final episode of “Line of Duty”. Still confused. Have they found “H”? Well, that leaves it open for another season.

    joke header

    Now you’d think this was some sort of April fools’s joke but sadly for America it’s true. Have they nothing better to do?

    The Supreme Court debates the all-powerful F-word

    The justices will consider a high school girl’s Snapchat post. But it won’t be the first time the court weighs whether the F-word is protected speech.

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    Back in the day (1968) this is where Tom and I went for a psychological meal as we stood outside and drooled over the menu.

    What is it with Cornwall that they have such a surfeit of traffic cones and portable traffic lights. Boy, do they use them with a vengeance. Seems they are everywhere. The worst example of the excesses of too many cones and portable traffic lights was a one-way system that was only necessary because of the greedy portable traffic lights obstructing the road. Well, I suppose if you’ve got them you have to use them.