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20190316 – Bluebird Days, Time To Get The Chairs Out On The Front Deck


Lazy start then, after lunch, we drive down to Willow Creek, park up and take a walk down the snow track to Kimble junction. Time for a Starbucks.

Stroll to Willow Creek.

Pop into the liquor store and come across a bottle of Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye, a blend of Rye whiskey and a touch of Port, very nice indeed. Mellow and quite sweet with no burn.

Then home for a jacuzzi and alcoholic ginger beer, then tea. Italian sausage and American baked beans, awesome.

A quiet night in Bourbon sampling and snoozing over Netflix.
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After the treachery last week we need to be mindful of how lucky we are being 4,500 miles away from BREXIT and our loony politicians. Here we are in a snow filled paradise. A hard 3.5 mile walk in the snow, with glorious sunshine and blue skies is enough to brighten our day and help us forget the treachery.

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Still recovering from last weeks screwing over by our treacherous loons in the big chattering house. There’s going to be such a reckoning at the next general election. We’ll get retribution, it will be merciless and we’ll take great pleasure.

Meanwhile a sacrifice of a chlorine washed chicken and prayers to the FSM are being offered up for the EU to reject any extension so we escape the Evil Union on a NO DEAL. Especially important when you read the Spectators top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal – Absolutely terrifying.

Meanwhile normal sick humour and religious commentary will be resumed.


Up early as Angela’s being dropped off by Hal.

Clearing snow to get at chairs for the front deck.

Lazy start to the day. Angela’s with us all day and is no trouble. I’m teaching her English and she’s teaching me American.

I go off to the gym whilst Wendy and Angela troop off to TJ Max and the Supermarket. Even at 10 years old little girls already have a highly developed addiction to shopping. I pop down to the Pickleball courts for a spot of practice against the wall, before my gym torture session. Get dragged into playing.

Drop Angela off to her dad at PCMR base. Then it’s off to a St Patrick’s day apres ski party with H&G, held as usual by the PCMSC.

Back home in time for a quiet evening in and finish of a tasty Carmanere.

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I can’t quite decide whether this should just be a rant or a religious comment, but since it’s focus is on the religion of pieces and permanent offence I’ve slotted it in here.

Courageous women in the Islamic Republic of Iran are taking off their hijabs as a sign of resistance to the oppressive Sharia regime under which they live, and at least 29 women have been arrested for doing so. Some of them have gotten long prison terms. A lawyer who defends women who don’t wear the hijab was sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes.

So what does the UN do about it?

They appoint Iran to U.N. Women’s Rights Committee. Iran, one of the top human rights abusers in the world, has been awarded a seat on a key United Nations committee that oversees complaints about the global abuse of women.

An announcement by the U.N. on Wednesday said that Iran and Nigeria, another country that is no stranger to human rights abuses, would be promoted to the international organization’s Committee on the Status of Women, which oversees abuses committed by oppressive states, such as Iran and Nigeria.

Not the first time the UN has put the fox among the chickens. Back in 2015 there was anger after Saudi Arabia was chosen to head key UN human rights panel. Yes, Saudi Arabia, another country somewhat renowned for it’s human rights abuse and suppression of women.

Trump is right about not funding the UN. Sadly they’re toothless when it comes to suppressing violence and wars, which if you think about it is great pity. But this is just another example of their PC, snowflake approach.


Jacuzzi after 2 hours of Pickleball.

Lazy morning. Then we both drive down to Salt lake airport to pick up Bob and Marilyn. Drop them off and then drop Wendy off at the bus stop, so I can get to pickle ball. Good afternoon playing pickle ball.

Then it is a quiet alcohol free evening in watching Netflix and that damn Madelyn McCann saga. If they are not guilty then they are certainly guilty of negligence.

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Is Islam a religion pf peace?

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Coffee round the fire pit at the Canyons.

Another lazy start to the day. Then Wendy and I drive down to the old white barn, park the car up and walk down to Willowcreek. Then we walk up to the canyons gondola and have coffee and soup around the lovely warm fire pit. Walked back to the car and overall we had a great 4 mile hike, most of it on snow. Followed by afternoon tea on the front deck in glorious sunshine. It is certainly starting to warm up and sadly the snow is melting.

Then I treat myself to a Jacuzzi before getting ready for our dinner guests. Sylvia and David come round for dinner and drinks, we haven’t seen David since last summer. A very pleasant evening all round.

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Says it all.

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Iconic house.

Lazy morning for me. Drop Wendy off at the CC, then off down to Pickleball. Always try and get there early so I can have some serve practice and play against that unforgiving opponent the wall. But usually others turn up early and before you know it you’re warming up or playing. Today we had a younger couple turn up who mainly play tennis. They really shouldn’t be allowed to wipe the floor with us beginners.

B&M pick us up at tea time and we head off to try the Brass Tack up at Deer Valley Lodges. Good start from the Greeter – that’s the person that US restaurants are obsessed with, she greets you and allocates your table. Funny how a lot of Uk restaurants manage to function perfectly well without this role. Anyway as we have not booked she’ll manage to squeeze us in – not surprising as it only about 30% occupied – but in future please pre-book. A totally uncalled for and rude greeting, I’m ready to go into CUSTOMER mode, and either walk our or rip her head off. Totally arrogant and uncalled for. Food and wine was a tad pricey, but there again it was Deer Valley – often misspelt.

Anyway meal was pretty good apart for Wendy’s bland and greasy pasta, but to be fair to them the manger took it off the bill and was most thankful for us bringing it to their attention – top marks for the way he handled it and took the trouble to thank us for complaining.

B&M pop in for a nightcap, to try my Basil Haydn Dark Rye.

Watch the Gunpowder Plot, when the last honest man went into parliament, along with 50 barrels of gunpowder to blow the place up. They had that tasty eye candy from “Silent Witness” in it and munch to my surprise she flaunted her nipples. Mind you she was very young and I’m sure there’s no way she’d be exposing all these days.

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There’s a morass of adverts for super pillows that promise the holygrail of a good nights sleep, and can probably even make a cup of horlicks and tickle your balls. Yet no one produces one to prevent sore ears. Think I’ll register a patent application for a pillow with a groove for your ears to rest in and one with a hole on each side for your ear.

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Yet another reason why we need to get out from under the tyranny of the European Union:

European judges rule that UK airport cops breached rights of al-Qaeda chief’s wife, taxpayers must pay her $28,000

How did they breach her rights? By stopping her for questioning. In that case, my rights have been breached in several airports, but no one is giving me a big payout.

The wife of an Al Qaeda chief had her human rights breached by UK airport police, European judges have ruled.
Sylvie Beghal, 49, was stopped at East Midlands Airport while returning to Leicester after a visit to her husband Djamel Beghal in a French jail.

The mother of three said she was detained without reasonable suspicion – violating her right to private and family life.

Why do we even allow her back in the country?


Wendy has lucnch around the fire pit.

Very lazy morning watching the snow – got 3″. After lunch went for a 5 mile walk up to the Silver Star cafe for coffee and back. Sun and clouds a very pleasant walk. Interesting menu, will have to try it one evening.

Evening in watching more Netflix as BBC was being temperamental – software written by 12 year olds with Acne and who need their Mummy to tie their shoelaces. It’s just another National disgrace. Have to wait until tomorrow to see Question Times reactions to this weeks fiasco.

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Wife beating in Islam – The Rules:

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Why is it that the quiz master feels he needs to explain, at great length, that people should not shout out the answers to the quiz, just write them down. Yet, still we get numpties shouting out the answer for the benefit of everyone.


On one of our many strolls.

Ten pin bowling with the geriatrics for me and the CC for Wendy.

Then it’s a Starbucks coffee for lunch followed by Pickleball. In two weeks all 3 of my Pickleballs have split in half – cheap. Get two hours in. Just love this sport, will have to go to Burnley when I get home and see if I can play there.

Pop into the liquor store on the way home to pick Wendy up. They’ve suddenly added 3 very tempting brandies, but I manage to resist for now. Buy some Sushi for dinner.

The Schmitt’s come round for dinner. Hal takes me for a spin in his Volta electric car. It really is a pleasure to drive and so sprightly. Driving in LOW mode must be the ultimate for Americans all you need to use is the accelerator and the steering wheel. When you take your foot off the accelerator it slows down, puts the brake lights on and comes to a graceful halt. Fortunately you can still use the brake. Sounds ungodly and quirky but after 5 minutes driving I’ve got used to it and really love it.

Have a lovely evening with them as always. Angelas getting really grown up these days.

Finally get to watch Question Time but it’s a tad disappointing. Meanwhile the chaos over BREXIT continues. Time to feed a few politicians and BBC iPlayer software developers to the Lions in a Saturday afternoon amphitheatre spectacular reminiscent of Roman days.

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New research suggests Carbon monoxide detectors could reveal existence of aliens. Time to send a spaceship load to alien planets to detect life.

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Yes, we still have snow.

Yet another lazy start, reading the depressing news back home in the Times. Still at least things will liven up over here with the release of the Mueller report. The talking heads will be in a feeding frenzy and you can bet, dollars to dumplings, that the democrats will be busier than a one armed monkey with two peckers, trying to find some sh.t to nail the president with.

Tootle off down to the gym for an hours workout. Then after lunch we take a walk up to PCMR base to buy some Campos coffee beans to take home. Have a Superior Americana, it is so sweet you don’t need sugar – awesome roast.

In the evening we’ve free tickets to go to the library cinema to see Beale Street. Starts off good but slows down to an arthritic snails pace, with sound mumbled through damp underwear and background noise to drown out any syllables that manage to escape. But it was free and a night out. It’s a great little theatre / cinema and quite quaint how they always have a raffle at the beginning. Saturday night small town America at it’s best, it reeked of popcorn and everyone even brings their own containers to help save the planet. No one cheered, booed or clapped. No National anthem – sad. And worst of all no wine for sale. Next time we go we need to smuggle in our own alcohol as most of the regulars do.

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Good progress on the diet. Lost 9 pounds since I’ve been here and still enjoying wine and whiskey.

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Yet more reasons to escape the EU:

European Court of Human Rights: Insulting Muhammad not “free speech”

This is clearly the case of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, who was fined and given a jail sentence for calling Muhammad a pedophile. He married a six-year-old and consummated the marriage when she was nine, but “the Austrian courts had held that ES was making value judgments partly based on untrue facts and without regard to the historical context.”

The problem that the Austrian courts overlooked here was that Muhammad is held up in Islam as the perfect example of conduct for Muslims (cf. Qur’an 33:21). Accordingly, his example does lead to pedophilia, and in any case the distinction between pedophilia and child marriage can be very fine. In Afghanistan virtually all girls above third-grade age are married, and because of Muhammad, but the Austrian court would have us believe either that there is no pedophilia in these child marriages, or that they have nothing to do with Muhammad, both of which could be proven false readily.

And as for “untrue facts,” the hadith collection that Muslims consider most reliable, Sahih Bukhari, affirms more than once that Aisha was nine at the time of the consummation of the marriage.

Finally, would the European Court of Human Rights rule that someone deserved a fine and imprisonment for criticizing Jesus? The case wouldn’t even come to them.

This is an important step toward the imposition of Sharia in Europe, as it is a tacit acceptance of Sharia blasphemy restrictions on criticizing Muhammad.

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20190307 – Health Warning Many BREXIT Rants. We’re Being Screwed.


Now there’s a number plate and stickers to get your car trashed.

Lazy start again. Have to stay in all morning waiting for the plumber to come and fix the hot water heater. Like all plumbers the World over he let us down and we have to chase him up. Finally arrives at 13:00.

Wendy and I went a walk in the snow up to Campos coffee and back.There’s something quite magical and mesmerising about walking in the snow.

Quite nice to have a hot shower and not have to rely upon a chlorine dip in the jacuzzi – makes you appreciate how these chlorine washed chicken must feel.

Passed on the quiz and had a quiet night in. Question time programme help raise my blood pressure. BREXIT is such joke.

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If anyone still believes in REMAIN then they should have their eyelids glued open and be forced to watch this on BBC:


How many men does it take to fix a tap?

Wendy goes to the CC whilst I pick up Helen and go ten pin bowling. What a 4 year old beats us. Good job we go with the losers credo, “It’s only a game”.

Afternoon I have a good two hours at Pickleball. Really like this game. Then it back home for a quick change before Helen and George pick us up for TGIF. It’s up at Deer Valley. Wow they’ve had some snow up there as we drive through 7 foot drifts.

The house is amazing, complete with a temperature controlled wine room and ski in and out. Must have been in the $20,000,000 bracket and I overheard the owner saying they only get to stay there 35 days a year. Serious money.

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View from Huber trail.

Lazy morning.

Drive down to Kimble to buy some shorts. Mine stink.

Afternoon I go to the gym – no excuses. Their lateral exerciser is awesome although very tiring. Manage to survive 10 minutes. Great skiing exercise – hang on I’m not skiing this year.

Netflix night in and book our Japanese shore excursions. They’re going to cost a fortune – great way to fritter away our kids inheritance and hopefully a great way to experience Japan.

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Carol striding out.

I have a Pickleball lesson at 10:00. This low bent knees ready for action position sure is good exercise on your hips. Too many women playing. They spend most of their time at the net gossiping and arguing the toss. Just play, it’s only a game. Learn so many new things. Too many really, it’s all about remembering them. Key thing seems to be practice against the wall.

Meanwhile Wendy has gone shopping and is having her nails done.

Home for a quick shower and turnaround.

Meet Hal, Carol and Angela at Wassatch state park for a snowshoe up Epperson and then down to the Huber farm and back. A pleasant 3 mile workout in sunny weather. Thankfully it’s 10 degrees warmer down at Wassatch.

Duck with built in ear mufflers.

Then it a coffee at an eclectic coffee shop in Midway. Followed by dinner at Mercantile. Food is the best I’ve had since we’ve been here, sorry have to modify that or Wendy will divorce me. Best I’ve had at a restaurant since we’ve been here. Would definitely go again.

Back home for a Netflix evening. Nearly finished The Last Kingdom.

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Stroll to Campos coffee.

Lazy morning then Wendy and I take a 5 mile stroll, along the rail trail, up to PCMR base for a lovely Campos coffee. Their Superior blend espresso is unbelievably sweet and rich. Mind you it’s not cheap. Then take a stroll back. Overall a good workout.

Afternoon is Pickleball for me. A great 2 hour workout.

Evening is spent booking the rest of our shore excursions on the Japanese cruise. Certainly not cheap, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to fritter away our kids inheritance.

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Wendy goes off for brunch with her “Girlfriends” from the CC whilst I exercise 2nd Amendment rights at the gun club. Try a Smith & Weston .22. Ammo is a third of the price of 9mm. There’s no kickback, just like firing my Sig Saeur P320 air pistol. Great little target practice with a 1911 style automatic.

After dinner we both do a 3 mile stroll down the rail trail and then pick Angela up from school. Angela’s gob smacked that she has to walk back to our house – wot no car! Her school has an amazing amount of Apple Macs and MacBooks. Angela teaches me American.

Helen and George come round for dinner and drinks. George has a black eye and is missing a tooth from a ski crash where two of them collided. No one was at fault just one of those both on the same trajectory accident. I think the other guy was really a snowboarder just on skis for a day. A real mess but lucky it wasn’t so much worse.

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No jokes today other than the loons in parliament.

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Another step in the great BREXIT betrayal.


Wendy is off to the CC. Whilst I take a walk up to PCMR base to get some of that awesome Campos Superior blend coffee. Pop into Cole sports to see if they have the Eider jacket in the blowout sale. Yes they do and it’s reduced to half price. As my Mum would have said “you were meant to have it”.

Lunchtime I sin and watch the loons in parliament flush us further down the toilet.

Afternoon is Pickleball. Great opportunity to take out my frustration on the loons.

It’s a real treat for tea tonight, I get a Chimichanga’s from Chubascos secret menu. Have a pleasant chat with the Ukrainian girl who serves me.

Evening is a quiet night in with Wendy ranting on about BREXIT. Never known her get so engaged in politics, she’s even signed up to the BREXIT party site.

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The Great BREXIT Betrayal is so bad even religion gets a pass this week.

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And so it goes on:


Lazy start again.

We both do a 2.5 mile Yak Trak down the rail trail. It’s such hard going in the snow, exhausting. Would have been so much easier with snowshoes on.

We’ve only gone a 100 yards down the rail trail when a big naked backside squatting over her snowshoes greet us, as this old woman pees on the middle of the trail. Didn’t even have the courtesy to pee off the trail. Reinforces that wise old adage – never eat yellow snow. Wouldn’t have been so bad if she been some fit eye candy, but alas more of a blobby. Anyway we wished her a hearty “GOOD MORNING” in our best British accent. I suppose we should have added “cold out today isn’t it”.

After lunch Wendy goes with Barbara to her first Knit and Stitch meeting with PCMSC. A gaggle of women knitting, knattering and komplaining. I pop down to the gym. Get in some pickleball practice serves and then tackle the gym. That elliptical machine is real hard work – so it must be doing me good.

Hang on what’s this for tea. I know I agreed to a salmon stir fry but nobody mentioned all these vegetables, including the dreaded brussel sprouts – it’s not Sunday! Next time I’ll go for bread and water or starve.

Quiet night in. 2nd day without alcohol. Need it to cope with Wendy ranting on about “The Great British BREXIT Sellout”.

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Says it all and now they’ve voted for a delay to BREXIT. Let’s pray the EU refuses and we go out on a NO DEAL.


Wendy is still ranting and raving over the great BREXIT treachery. You think my rants are bad, they’re not a patch on Wendy’s vitriol. Why she’s even signed up for the BREXIT party. She’s even talking about marching, yellow jackets and all. Thankfully some peace and calm is restored when she goes to the CC whilst I go ten pin bowling.

Afternoon is a marathon pickleball session. I get there early to get some serve practice in but then there’s only a few of us so no chance to sit out and rest.

Pick Helen and George up and go to TGIF a the Jeremy Ranch golf club. Not one of our favourite locations and certainly one to avoid their bar food. Last time we were here we eat in the restaurant upstairs with about 20 others – members and guests only. Can you believe that apparently they complained that there were too many. How enterprising of them.

Go out for dinner to Loco Lizard. Must be over 6 years since we’ve been there. Food and service was good.

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Knife crime takes a catastrophic increase as 17.4 million voters are stabbed in the back by the treacherous loons in the big chattering house. Fear not we’ll have our retribution. Remember Guy Fawkes, the last honest man in the House of Parliament.

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For those who can’t understand the BREXIT fiasco this may help explain why we’re being stabbed in the back by the loons in the big chattering house:

20190228 – Awesome To Just Be Here. Time To Get My Bike Out.


Wendy gets a workout on her snowshoes.

Lazy start as usual.

Ideal for for Beatrix next year.

Then we both catch the free bus up to Deer Valley for coffee / lunch followed by a walk in the snow to Campos coffee at Park City mountain base. At least this time they have some stock in so I buy an expensive bag of their Superior roast. Wendy catches the bus home whilst I grab some more exercise and walk.

Then at 16:00 it’s the CC Volunteers appreciation party. I escort Wendy there, but sit it out playing on my phone. It’s nearly all women and at the end of the day I’m not going to freeload as I’m not a volunteer.

Wendy at volunteer appreciation party.

Then we’re off to the 17:00 quiz down at the Legends bar with B&M. As usual we’re pretty hopeless. Mainly modern media questions and music. I’d not even heard of the people mentioned. By half time we’re coming last.

Set off for dinner at the Double Tree hotel. Menu’s not that enticing but the burgers good. Given the size of the hotel surprising to see we’re the only 4 in there. Rest of the evening is a quiet night watching, ranting and raving over Question Time and then we both manage to fall asleep over the Last Kingdom.
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Brexit morons – more from Pat Condell.

What a pity him, Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees Mogg don’t run our country.

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The ISIS bride saga. Thank the FSM that common sense has prevailed and she’s been stripped of her UK citizenship. No doubt some greedy civil rights lawyer and a group of snowflakes will want to waste public money on legal aid appealing this.


Awesome snow outside our condo.

I’m off down to bowling with the geriatrics, AKA The Newcomers. My score seems to be gradually improving but far from stunning. It’s a typical rowdy, cheering, high fiving and clapping bowling session. If I ever go bowling in England and behave like this I’m sure I’ll be tossed out on my ear.

Then it’s coffee at Starbucks followed by a couple of hours pickle ball along with the other geriatrics. A few of the women are bossy USA matriarchs. Best avoided. No fun. Think they know it all. Best keeping your own council and look to team up with people who laugh and smile a lot. They need to remember the losers creedo, “It’s Only A Game”.

Call at Chubasco for my first Carnitas Burrito take away. It’s awesome. Turns out they do Chimichangoes, just too dam lazy and inefficient to put it on their menus – more lost opportunity.

Evening in again falling asleep over “Last Kingdom”.
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  Should’ve raised chickens instead of kids, they’re cheaper and you can eat them.

Bear in mind that the average cost of raising a child to the age of 21 in UK is £231,843. On that basis I think each of my kids still owes me about £231,644, and that’s without interest charges.

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Left or liberal? What’s the difference?


Just a stroll in the snow.

Lazy start. Then we drive down to Kimble, park the car at the supermarket and have a walk to the Levi Outlet store and back. Unfortunately I could do with a new pair of jeans. What a nightmare it is, too many choices and most of those I finally decide I like don’t have my size in stock – now there’s a surprise. Finally find a pair I like, they’re not hanging below my crutch and best of all have button up flies. Sadly they don’t pull up to my chin, but guess you can’t have everything.

Walk back up the hill for more exercise, fun while it’s snowing, so much better than walking in the rain.

Me being a nerd.

Then back home to do battle with iMovie. It keeps crashing, yet more crap software probably written by a spotty 10 year old dyslexic who can’t tie his own shoelaces.

Then it’s off to M&B for dinner, along with George and Helen – Pappa Murphy pizza – awesome.
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Nigel Farage’s seminal speech in EU parliament helps to understand BREXIT;

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Over 30 Nigerian Christians were killed in a brutal early morning attack by radical Islamic Fulani herdsmen, who have been systematically targeting believers living on lands the extremists claim to be their territory.

Hardly a mention in the news of all these daily ongoing Christian’s slaughtered daily by members of the religion of pieces and permanent offence.

All due credit to the Guardian they do mention it, but like all witless PC snowflakes they forget to mention the word Muslim or Islam – obviously don’t want to be considered Islamaphobic or offend anybodys sensibilities.

When will we wake up to the realities of islam. We really do need a first amendment.


Angela’s tenth birthday.

It’s my first 2 hour Pickleball lesson in the morning.

Lunch time we’re off to Hal and Carol’s for Angela’s 10th birthday. I think we’ve been to her every birthday since she was two. Have Quesadillas for lunch and take a birthday cake. Wendy’s going to add these to her repertoire.

Then more Netflix in the evening.
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Our great friend Hal – AKA Ori Noko – has lost his voice.

Lazy start for both of us. Wendy drives down to B&M to do yet more shopping with Marilyn. What do they find to buy.

I leave about an hour later and walk down to B&M to pick the car up. It’s a 4 mile, 90 minute walk, in snow. Should have put my yak tracks on, by the time I get there I’m exhausted. Walking in snow is as exhausting as walking in sand.

Drive down to Kimble for a Starbucks and then off to Pickleball

Is it a cat or a sheep? Angela’s cat munching on some foliage.

After an hours Pickleball I’ve had enough.

Arrive home knackered. I’m pretty sure it was having to go to the supermarket for some drinks thats exhausted me.

Quiet night in.

Finished all my nerdy IT projects so need a new project.
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The Israeli Palestinian Conflict: 10 Myths Preventing Peace

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Book our car for summer with Hertz. You really have to watch them and understand how their “rip you off algorithms” work. Online price ranges from £5,600 to £3,300. So you can save £2,300 just by juggling rental periods. You can then save a further £400 by speaking to those lovely ladies in their Dublin call centre – somehow the males never seem to do as good a deal.

Sad really, you’d think it would just be easy to do a single 87 day rental (bulk buying discount) rather than have to juggle rental periods to optimise the price. It’s this syndrome I have where I keep thinking I’m a CUSTOMER and I’m important to them. But don’t worry it’s not dangerous or contagious, it just brings out the rants in me.


Wendy on La De Dah.

After a lazy start we both set off for a snowshoe on La de dah. It’s all up hill going out and then of course all downhill coming back. Sunny day with awesome views and a great workout. As Bob would say “I wonder what the poor people are doing?” How lucky can we be.

My stroll down the snow tunnels.

Wendy went for lunch with her “girlfriend”, Sylvia, while I went shooting. Had my favourite 1911 Springfield. Feels like a proper gun. Tried a 9mm version of the sig safer 320 the other days. Similar to my air pistol at home. It was a nightmare. Black sights make it difficult to aim but worst of all was all the cartiridges shooting out into my face. Thankfully I had glasses on.

In the evening we have friends round for drinks. Great end to another awesome day.

Forecast is for another 20″ of snow over the next few days – we live in hope. Looks like I’ll have to defer getting my bike out until this storm passes.
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“Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.

Her words echo recent comments by the deeply unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron who stated in a Remembrance Day speech that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.”


Awesome views fro La De Dah. How lucky can we be.

Lazy start to the day as usual. Desperately seeking a new nerdy project to keep me out of trouble and maintain the levels of anger and frustration with software – once a nerd, always a nerd. People, especially Wendy, struggles to understand why I enjoy programming so much as I’m constantly battling with it. The psychologist’s have an explanation for it. Like a gambling addiction, it’s the random rewards when you crack a problem and get it working. In my mind it’s a better way of keeping your mind active than crosswords or Sudoko.

My stroll down the snow tunnels.

Wendy sets off for the CC while I set off for the gym and Pickleball. Get all the way down there and realise I’ve forgotten my trainers – just one of the many benefits of being a geriatric, but so much better than the alternative – so have to drive all the way back. No time for the gym – any excuse. Couple of hours Pickleball, but really need to work on my serve – so many times it’s illegal.

Hot waters packed up. Albert comes round and diagnoses the problem as a faulty thermocouple. Arranges a plumber to pick up the part and come round tomorrow morning to fix it – we live in hope, as I’m sure plumbers are the same unreliable cowboys the World over.

I have a jacuzzi instead of a shower. If chlorine washing is good enough for chickens, then it’ll do for me.

B&M and grandson come round for dinner and drinks.
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Interesting, if somewhat lengthy piece on the religion of pieces and permanent offence. Not sure who wrote it, but just about sums up the issue with Islam.

“Radicalism is not representative of all Muslims, but illiberal ideals, violence and extremism are representative of Islam and, unfortunately, many Muslims do condone such things.

Apostasy—the act of leaving one’s religious faith—for instance, is punishable by death, according to the Quran. Verses 4:89, 9:11-12, 2:217, 9:73-74, 88:21, 5:54, 9:66 call for Muslims to kill those who leave the faith (and there are many more from the Hadith).

This crime is punishable by death in Afghanistan, Brunei, Mauritania, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, according to the Library of Congress.

According to a poll done by Pew Research Center in 2013, which asked Muslims of various countries (such as Albania, Russia, Bosnia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan and others) about the penalty for apostasy, a large number of them supported the death penalty. In Egypt, 86 percent supported killing apostates.

In the same poll, 89 percent of Pakistani Muslims supported stoning as the penalty for adultery and 88 percent favor penalties such as “whippings or cutting off the hands” for crimes like theft.

According to The Week, in Saudi Arabia (ironically, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Council), women cannot go anywhere without a chaperone, drive a car, “wear clothes or make-up that show off their beauty,” interact with men they’re not related to and many other oddities.
Crimes that are punishable by death in Saudi Arabia (often by public beheading or stoning), according to Vocativ, include adultery, “consensual gay sex with an adult,” robbery, drug distribution and possession, apostasy, consumption of intoxicants, sorcery and witchcraft. You can also be executed for being gay and being an atheist, according to The Washington Post.

That being said, it is evidently clear that immoral and violent practices are not simply those of fanatic and extremist Muslims, but also those of many so-called moderates.

Now, I’m not claiming that all Muslims support laws and penalties like the above, but a shocking number do and it’s time to stop sugar-coating the issue—as many liberals in this country do—and denounce the arcane and depraved laws and practices of a bygone era. It’s time to admit that Islamic violence is not only practiced but also encouraged by large numbers of Muslims. It’s time to admit that Islam is not a religion of peace.

I am not calling for people to hate Muslims, nor am I calling for violence against them. I do not support any sort of bigotry or intolerance towards the Muslim community, but we need to stop ignoring the reality that Islam is no better than Christianity was during the Inquisition.

Even when considering Muslims in non-Muslim countries (many of them democracies), the statistics might be surprising.
A Populous Poll from 2006 showed that 12 percent of Muslims in Britain believe that suicide attacks against civilians in Britain can be justified and 1 in 4 support suicide attacks against British troops.

In 2007, the Pew Research Center conducted a poll which found that 26 percent of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified. 42 percent in France.

With these figures it’s hard to settle for the common quip of “Islam is peaceful.”

Looking at just the United States, which has an estimated Muslim population of five to 12 million according to Frontline, that’s still over a million Muslims (even taken from 26 percent of the lower estimate of five million) who statistically believe suicide bombings are justified. Granted, this number is taken from the 2007 percentages and I’m highly skeptical of such a high number, but it’s still quite telling.

Now, I have never met a Muslim who has judged me or who seemed radical. My intention is not to smear the average Muslim who believes in peace and kindness and all the good teachings and lessons found in the Quran. Verse 5:89 of the Quran, for instance, tells Muslims to feed and clothe the needy, 7:199 says to be kind and forgiving toward one another, 42:42 states that it is wrong to oppress people.

However, I do want to bring to light the hypocrisy of calling the religion itself nonviolent, when so many Muslim nations and Muslims themselves support such radical violence.

We have to stop demonizing anyone who questions Islam and talk about it frankly. I think having this discussion would be incredibly enlightening. And we must stop referring to criticism of Islam as “racism.” Islam is a religion practiced by many people across the globe, over a billion in fact, and it is not the sole property of one single ethnicity. I criticize Islam, just as I criticize Christianity.

Sam Harris once said, “Holding Islam up to scrutiny, rationally and ethically, must not be confused with anti-Muslim bigotry. Cries of ‘Islamophobia,’ which have become ubiquitous on college campuses and in much of the liberal press, have been used to silence legitimate criticism. In an open society, no idea can be above scrutiny, just as no people should be beneath dignity.”

To say that Islam is a religion of peace is just simply not true. And Muslims who believe in democracy, human rights and nonviolence need to figure out how to spread their progressive beliefs, rather than perpetuate those of a violent Stone Age.”