20240422 – Caravan Then Brett’s Wedding


Lazy start to a grey day, but at least no rain.

Have a drive up to Cherbourg, not that we’ve never been there before!

A tad on the cool side with the wind.

Have a wander around the shopping centre and the main square. The place is infested with Brits, there’s a cruise ship in port.

Then a leisurely drive back. At least the suns been peeking through .


Free speech in Europe



This week’s rants are going to focus on living in a kakistocracy. People ask why do we spend so much time abroad. The answer is simple, I don’t want to be in the UK, it is a kakistocracy. The stupidity and ineptitude of our politicians, wokes and libtards drives me insane. At least when we’re in America I can escape it, as long as Wendy stops reading the UK news every morning. Yes, things are chaotic in America and they have their own bunch of half wits, but at least it doesn’t affect me so I can sit back and cope with it. As long as they don’t mess with my 6 month B2 visa I don’t really give a damn.

So I’ll stick with my last key task in life, “To be out of the UK for at least 8 months a year”. Good news is so far I’m easily achieving it, bad news is there’s no bonus attached.


Weathers pretty good, so the highlight of the day is taking the awning down rather than risk rain in the next few days. Takes about 40 minutes. Easier than erecting it.

Decide to keep it simple and leave all the windows in, amazing I manage to fold it into the bag.



New turbo roundabout in the USA. Bloody hell they can’t cope with a simple roundabout, this will be a death trap.




Have a stroll into the market in La Haye. Amazing for the first time ever we buy something, sausage and pork steak for my tea.

Market day is probably the busiest day of the week so the butchers decide to close – pots for rags.

trivia header


The strategic importance of La Haye-du-Puits was not lost to either side in the conflict, lying as it does on an important crossroads between Cherbourg and Coutances. Surrounded by hills, the Montgardon ridge lies to the west, the Mont de Doville and the Mont Etenclin to the north, and Mont Castre to the east. These heights were where the Germans had set up their defensive positions known as the Mahlmann Line. To break through this front and liberate the town, the Americans, coming from Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, had brought up 3 Divisions of the 8th Corps, deployed between Portbail and Baupte. To the west was the 79th Division, to the east the 90th, and between them the 82nd Airborne.

The battle for La Haye-du-Puits began on the 3rd July and lasted nearly a week, partly due to the strength of German resistance, and partly to the drenching rain which prevented the Americans from making full use of their firepower and mobility, and rendering efficient large-scale air operations difficult if not impossible. Between the 3rd and 7th July, the 82nd Airborne was dropped on Mont Etenclin and the Poterie Ridge. The 90th took particularly heavy casualties on the slopes of Mont Castre, which was only captured on the 10th July; the 79th got off more lightly in taking the Montgardon heights and Mont Doville, but encountered some difficulties clearing the Germans out of La Haye du Puits, which only completely freed overnight between the 8th and 9th July.

The town itself sustained considerable damage and many houses were destroyed.




Time to leave. After breakfast we set about packing up the caravan ready for storage until next year.

About 2 hours later and it’s all done. Amazing how it takes longer to pack up than to set up.

Nip to the supermarket and then relax around for the afternoon.

Drive off around tea time to get to the ferry. Sadly it doesn’t leave until 23:30 so we’ve a lot of time to kill, sat at the port in Caen. Eat our butties, drink some beer and wine, watch some TV.




Brittany Ferries send us an email with everything you need to know about your sailing. Typical screw up as it omits the address of the port. Seems fairly fundamental to me but what can you expect.


Trust us to get behind a couple of plonkers when driving off the ferry. He comes and checks the boot at least 4 times and she checks it 5 times, guess they’re looking for their passports. He wanders off to look. Everyone starts to drive off. She finds their passports. By now they’re holding up the row so she wanders off, assumedly to look for him. He comes back but she’s gone. Still holding line up. finally she comes back. What a pair of dollopers.

Finally get off the ferry and over to Brett’s for breakfast.

Lazy day at Brett’s combined with some shopping – joy.

Fish and chips for tea. I try Huss, meatier than cod.




Teachers face being stopped from calling pupils girls or boys under new gender rules drawn up by Scottish council officials.

They are urged to use “they” instead of “he” or “she” and “children” or “young people” instead of “boys and girls”.

Has the World gone mad? Who even listens to these crazy pillocks.


It’s the big day, Brett and Karine getting married. Meet them in Chichester, along with Karine’s two children. There’s just the six of us, Brett daughters wouldn’t come.

They’re getting married in the registry office. Very nice ceremony, in a pleasant location, mind you at £700 so it should be. They just wanted a no fuss wedding. Afterwards we all go to a French restaurant for a lovely lunch and of course some wine.

Then it’s back to Brett’s for more drinks and cake.

All in all a awesome day, and even the rain managed to stay away.

trivia header


Be bonny and buxom in bed and at board.

This was a phrase found in a 1085 marriage contract overseen by the bishop of Salisbury.

Bonny: french for good. Buxom: German for obedient or compliant. “In bed and at board” means in the evening and in meals. Board apparently refers to sideboard where food would be kept. It is a promise to be good all day long and to feed the husband well.

Actually, buxom could be flexible…maybe there was another connotation after all.





Is Capitalism or Socialism More Democratic?



Lazy coffee morning then in the afternoon we all go for a stroll around Arundel. Would have gone in the castle but at £20 a head that’s not worth it.




Human rights travesty


Joy getting out of France.

It took us all of 4 minutes to clear passport and immigration getting into Europe – well done Spain, amazing.

Now try getting out of France. They want to scan my suitcase, no illegals found; scan our backpacks, no illegals found; check under my armpits, no illegals found. What in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are they looking for?

Pity they don’t concentrate their efforts on stopping illegals crossing on boats rather than standing by and watching them.

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