20230703 – Happy Traitors Day & A Very Hot July

Monday – annual 4th celebration barbecue at Jerri’s / PCMSC. As usual starts with a choice of hikes / bike rides. Select the 2nd from easiest. What a mistake turns out to be led by a marathon runner. Not a stop to check pace or for water, despite being the first really hot day and no shade. In the end Mike, Hawain man and I stop for water, bugger the rest of the group. I think Hawaii man is about to peg out any time from heat exhaustion. It’s just a death march. A few of us bail out as soon as we hit a road. Barbecues enjoyable and credit to Jerri and Rob for a great do.


To help save the economy the Government will announce next month that the immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs.
Older people are easier to catch and will not remember how to  get back home.  Be sure to send this notice to your relatives  and friends so they’ll know what happened to you.


4th July parade at Oakley – beats PC. They still have sweets and even tee shirts.

Tuesday – yeah it’s happy traitors day (4th July to celebrate their 1776 moment – smart move). We pass on the parade in Park City and go to the one in Oakley. Easier to park and get set up. A great small time parade with some 70 odd small town floats. Weather’s great, all very enjoyable and plenty of sweets for the kids, young and old, PC doesn’t do sweets anymore and it looks like it rained on their parade.

4th July BBQ at Mike’s

Then in the afternoon we’re off to Mikes for OUR happy Traitors day barbecue. We wanted to host it at ours, Marriane suggest hosting at hers, cooler up at Glenwild and bigger deck, but Mike is insisted on hosting it at his. Seemed somewhat bizarre inviting our friends to a barbecue at someone else’s home, but it was great and we all hod a great time.

Sat up at Glenwild on the deck watching fireworks.

In the evening Mike, D&B and Wendy and I drive up to Mariannes to watch the Glenwild fireworks.

Awesome fireworks up at Glenwild. PC settled for a drone display.

They were great, almost as good as Epcots fireworks. Fitting end to a great day. The Americans sure know how to celebrate their independence, great to see their love of country and flags everywhere. What ever happened to the UK’s pride in country, too many these days don’t respect the country. If you don’t like our flag then I’ll help you pack.




Joe folds up his Origami kayak.

Thursday – kayaking with Joe and Mike. Joe launches his new folding / origami kayak. In the evening 9 of us go down to the Bee’s baseball game. I buy 9 tickets, yet again, they’re that gormless they only scan 7.


Chicago Suburb Pays Reparations to Black Residents in a ‘Test Run for the Whole Country’
Evanston, Ill., has committed to spending $10 million over 10 years for discrimination.

Evanston is the only city that is delivering on its promise. By the end of this year, it expects to have distributed $25,000 each to 140 mostly elderly residents like Weathers who were at least 18 and lived in the city between 1919 and 1969, when the city passed a fair-housing ordinance. The payments can come in either vouchers or cash and are funded by marijuana and real-estate transfer taxes.





Friday – 4 old guys go bowling. Then in the evening 7 of us were going to TGIF but it was outdoors and bring your own chairs, sounds like hassle, so we had a TGIF at ours.




Saturday – L&M, B&M, D&B and Wendy and I troop off toe Wyoming Downs to watch the horse racing. Wow, such short races with cutting horses. We have two tables, complete with waitress service. Junk foods pretty good.Wendy and I win $49, we betted $40, so won the gran sum of $9. My boring philosophy is to just bet on the favourites, what the hell do I know about form, jockeys etc. Seems the best bet to me.

Waitress service at the races.


Climate change nonsense – only one molecule of every 85,000 in the atmosphere is CO2 of human origin, and yet we are asked to believe that this one molecule drives hugely complex climate change systems. We are also asked to believe that the 22 molecules of CO2 of natural origin in every 85,000 molecules play no part in driving climate change.


Sunday – Mike and I do our coffee shop bike ride. A lazy afternoon and then in the evening we’re off to B&M with D&B and M&L. Have to turn down two other dinner invites. What is it with Sundays we always seem to get multiple invites to dinner.




Monday – the usual easy bike ride then Mike, Wendy and I go out to the Boneyard for dinner with Dot and Barry.

Tuesday – usual easy hike then in the evening we all troop off to Joanne’s and Dan’s for an awesome barbecue with the rest of Mike’s family. Hmmm steaks.




Wednesday – go down to Costco for an hearing aid test. Wow, were they thorough! Took 75 minutes, not just tone test but speech comprehension and words tests. English test takes about 20 minutes. All free, then hearing aids are $1,600, unlike the UK where they £3,200. These come with a 3 year warranty, plus if I loose one within 2 years they replace it for free and hearing aid lifetime after care, including cleaning. All available in US and UK. Everyone of my geriatric friends swears by them. On top of that there’s 180 days trial period with full refund if I’m not happy with them. In the evening we head off for a Newcomers wine tasting with B&M.




Thursday – it’s our annual Coalville ride for old geezers. 22 miles all downhill with some flat sections, hence ideal for us geriatrics.


More climate change nonsense – https://www.prageru.com/video/is-there-really-a-climate-emergency.


Friday – bowling as usual in the morning then we go to TGIF with Mike in the evening. One of the best TGIF, plenty of meat and good company.




Golden Spike

Saturday – at last we’re off to the Golden Spike with B&M. Another first here at the Golden Spike, as we step back in time to May 10th 1869, with a re-enactment to commemorate the joining of the two railroads, Union Pacific and Central Pacific, joint the East coast to the West Coast. I’m nominated for a key role in the re-enactment as a Mormon Bishop – managed to resist the temptation to mention the Meadows Massacre. It’s nearly a 2 hour drive to get there, in the middle of nowhere, but worth it to visit this awesome historic site.
Although only a National Historic Park, not a National Park, it is another masterpiece from the National Parks Service. Thankfully have the forage cap and tee shirt to prove it.

How lucky can we be.

In the evening it’s dinner on the patio with Zinfandel.

trivia header

The golden spike (also known as The Last Spike) is the ceremonial 17.6-karat gold final spike driven by Leland Stanford to join the rails of the first transcontinental railroad across the United States connecting the Central Pacific Railroad from Sacramento and the Union Pacific Railroad from Omaha on May 10, 1869, at Promontory Summit, Utah Territory. The term last spike has been used to refer to one driven at the usually ceremonial completion of any new railroad construction projects, particularly those in which construction is undertaken from two disparate origins towards a common meeting point. The spike is now displayed in the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University.

Chinamens cave.




Wasatch golf course trail. Hotter than hell and half of Georgia.


Sunday – pick Mike up who is still in bed because he read last weeks calendar email I sent him rather than this weeks and assumed there was nothing happening today. Then pick B&M up and we’re off for a nature trail walk around Rockcliff. Sadly the nature centre is closed on a Sunday. Plan B, a walk along the side of Wassatch golf course down to the farm and wild turkeys. My its hotter than hell and half of Georgia.

Then off down to Sportsmens warehouse for some 9mm ammunition, better get it before Biden bans it.

Call in at Chicks for lunch. It’s 12:30 but they’re still on the breakfast menu, lunch in Mormon Heber doesn’t start until 13:00, as by 12:00 they’ve only just rolled out of church. Alas I don’t get my Utah scone, religion strikes again. Walk out and go down to Don Pedro’s for a Mexican. Great food, will go again. Then it’s back home for a lazy afternoon.

Then in the evening Mikes invited us to Joanne’s and Dan’s for dinner – how to gatecrash.

Dan and Joanne’s patio.




Monday – Easybike ride in the morning and in the evening a Beethoven concert in the park, bring your own food and booze. Wendy was not at all impressed with here cultural overdose.




Tuesday – Easy hike in the morning around Fink Again. Then in the evening it’s Mike’s 81st birthday party with ribs, Tiramassou and of course wine. Great party, great company. I think he’s the oldest guy I know.




Wednesday – bike ride with Howard and then down to Costco to have my hearing aids fitted. Again another very thorough job. I pick up a couple of Reubens at Feldmans (courtesy of Brett for Father’s Day), in the evening it’s clay pigeon shooting.

Thursday – lazy start to the day then Mike and I go kayaking -hot – while Wendy and Marilyn go ???? Yes, you guessed it, shopping and lunch yet agin.

What better way to spend the day than drifting around in a kayak.


Here’s a great song and movie that’s really pissing off the libtards, wokes and snowflakes, so much so that it’s risen to number 1 – “Try That In a Small Town” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1_RKu-ESCY&t=54s


Saturday – off down to the Bee’s game. Booked a table for 10 in the Lazy 13. Menu looks good and some good reviews. Half the group never listened when they were told to bring Id so they weren’t allowed in the rest of us had Id but the air conditioning wasn’t working on the hottest day of the year 103F. Plenty of moaning and groaning, most of which could have been avoided if only people would listen.The restaurants attitude sucks so we upped sticks and went to the stadium. it didn’t open for another 40 minutes but we managed to talk our way into the Diamond Entrance and sat in a cool air conditioned lounge. Games was ok and the pastrami burger was good, but oh so hot, a good job Wendy didn’t come.

And the moral of that little escaped is don’t try and book restaurant for so many people. We have so many great AMerican friends but most seem to have trouble reading, comprehending and following emails, also have trouble listening – seems a very American trait.

Our resting spot on the way back up from the coffee shop. Here, by the babbling brook, we reflect on life and how lucky we are to be here in paradise

Monday – lead an easy bike ride. To make it even easier we’re off down to the coffee




Then in the evening we go with B&M down to Prohibition restaurant, themed on a prohibition Speak Easy. Good food and exotic drinks. Awesome burger.

trivia header

A speakeasy, also called a blind pig or blind tiger, is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages, or a retro style bar that replicates aspects of historical speakeasies.

Speakeasy bars came into prominence in the United States during the Prohibition era (1920–1933, longer in some states). During that time, the sale, manufacture, and transportation (bootlegging) of alcoholic beverages was illegal throughout the United States.[1] Speakeasies largely disappeared after Prohibition ended in 1933. The speakeasy-style trend began in 2000 with the opening of the bar Milk & Honey.




Not to be outdone by the Iranian Islamic regime’s brutal enforcement of hijab, Afghanistan’s Taliban has renewed its jihad against Western dress – particularly the necktie worn by men. The tie draped around the collar resembles a crucifix or a Christian cross, the Taliban regime declared.

The cross, which signifies mankind’s redemption through the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is a hated symbol according to the Islamic Sharia law, and must be desecrated and destroyed, a senior Taliban operative proclaimed.

“What is a tie? It is the cross. It is ordered in Sharia that you should break it and eliminate it,” Mohammad Hashim Shaheed Wror, Taliban’s head of Islamic proselytizing and guidance told reporters on Wednesday.


Tuesday – farewell dinner at B&M’s. Mike forgets, now there’s a surprise, so he dips out.


Only one statistic matters for our living standards and that is economic growth. That statistic tells us that we are not poorer for leaving the EU. We did not leave the EU economic zone until the end of 2020 and since then Britain’s economy has grown faster than that of France, Germany, Italy and Spain*.

The International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others, all said Britain would be in recession this year. We are not. They said Germany would grow. It is in recession, as is the whole Eurozone.

And finally — though it is rarely mentioned nowadays — we no longer have to send vast sums to the EU budget. In 2019 we paid just under £10 billion. The EU budget is now nearly twice as big, so we could be paying around £20 billion.

Still we need to remember that all our problems are due to BREXIT, including climate change.


Wednesday – Joe and I borrow Mikes .22 rifle and AR15. Off down to the rifle range. Bloody hell the targets just over a 100 yards away, can only just see it. Haven’t a clue whether we’re hitting it as can’t see the bullet holes, even with binoculars. Needless to say our two targets are re-usable.

When it rains, it rains American style – big.

Cascade Springs


Thursday – easy bike ride with Mike down to the coffee shop. Then in the afternoon Wendy, Mike and I take a drive up to Sundance for lunch. Then onto Cascade Springs, followed by getting lost on dirt road to Guardsmen’s pass. Pleasant if somewhat peak invoking afternoons drive out.

Dinner at Howard and Nancy’s. Great food and company, what an awesome view they have.




Saturday – over to Mikes to sort his wine.

Sorting out Mike’s 250+ bottles of wine.



What is wrong with you? It really is time you stopped all this illegal immigration nonsense. Us geriatrics are ready to take up our Zimmer frames and come down to sort you out. So here’s my guide to succcess in just 5 days.

As you may be aware Churchill had some red stickers for “Action This Day” that he stuck on any edict and woe betide anyone who didn’t get the job done. Get some of these stickers, some backbone and some gonads. So here’s how to solve this problem within the next 5 days:

Monday – Issue an “Action This Day” edict to the bureaucrats to draft two new Acts of parliament to be ready by tomorrow morning.

1 the “ECHR Escape act” to immediately withdraw us from the ECHR, no if’s and’s or but’s, complete withdrawal.

2 the “Stop Illegals Now act”, AKA the SIN act, to ensure that illegals have zero rights; no entitlements to the wanton luxury you seem to want to lavish on them whilst our own veterans and homeless suffer; illegals will be deported to any shithole of a country of our choosing; they have no rights of appeal; no rights for snowflakes, libtards, wokes or other do gooders to appeal this supreme act; no legal aid for illegals; any attempt to appeal or otherwise hinder this enactment will result in the law firm in question being banned from all legal aid and government work, as well as being investigated for illegal activities.

Tuesday – put the ECHR Escape Act and the SIN Act before pariliment with an “Action This Day” notice email all your MP’s that any member of the Conservative Party not turning up and not voting FOR these two acts will be kicked out of the party; on top of which 1,000 illegals will be immediately bused to their constituency, preferably next door to the MP in question.

Wednesday – having passed the two Acts, send an “Action This Day” email to all concerned instructing them to load the first two planes with illegals for their flight to Rwanda. Videothe loading and takeoff and post it on YouTube and all social media. Loudspeaker broadcast of Rwanda flight details in refugee camps in France

Thursday – “Action This Day” email to continue flying and videoing illegals being deported to Rwanda. Post on YouTube and social media. Broadcast Rwanda flights in refugee camps in France. Report on the dwindling numbers of illegals landing. Ship any that are still stupid enough to come straight onto Rwanda flights. Publicise it. Stop payments to France.

Friday – now start to plan your landslide election victory campaign. Keep publicizing the deportations to Rwanda. Make some of the freed up facilities for illegals available to our veterans and homeless. Start to look after our own citizens.


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