Paradise 15/5/23 to 2/7/23

How we miss these.

Sunday – lazy day with a supermarket trip of course. French learning website completed. Now need a new software project. Time to get started on improving my French. Then in the evening it’s dinner at Joe and Dan’s with Marianne, Carmel and Mike. Another amazing table layout and awesome Lamb cutlets.

Monday – Wendy goes to the Chiropractor then in the pantry at the Christian Centre. For me it’s some great Pickleball with a bike ride down the Rail Trail in the afternoon. Then in the evening Mike takes us all (Marianne, Carmel, Joanne, Dan, Wendy and I) to Giodottis. What is it with American restaurants? The place is virtually empty, the tables are set but “please wait to be seated” – about 10 minutes of the usual power play. No concept of customer service.

Tuesday – I and Wendy lead an Easy hike from Silver Star down to the old Barn. We were rewarded with a Stellars Jay sitting.

Wednesday – Pickleball in the morning, get to play some 3 handed. Actually it’s quite a lot of fun, exhausting when you play 6 games non-stop. My afternoon Easy Bike ride is a washout due to rain.

Thursday – another mixed day. No bowling but Wendy and I do a Round Valley stroll, our efforts are rewarded with the sitting of an awesome Mountain Blue Bird. Made the effort worthwhile. Sadly not our pictures.

Friday – today’s bike ride spots 7 White Pelicans and a Red Winged Blackbird – yes it’s a ride down the Rail Trail.

The Madness Never Ends: Adidas Hires a Man to Model Its New Women’s Swimsuit. I would post a photo but I don’t want you to loose your dinner.

Saturday – clay pigeon shooting. Pistol range is infested with youngsters, so keep well away.

A visitor.

Monday – Pickleball with the Troy family. Sadly, Marianne falls and sprains her wrist. End up driving Mike’s souped up BMW 3 series. A pleasure to drive. Resist putting it through its paces. Short walk after tea – best way to avoid too much TV.

Tuesday – Easy hike in the afternoon along the Rail Trail. Wendy does half of it. Weather has gone bizarre, Monsoons and thunderstorms most afternoons, and forecast for the next week. Good job I’m moving hiking and biking to 10:00 as mornings are generally still warm and sunny.

Whole foods New York cheesecake for breakfast. Awesome.

Wednesday – Well it should have been Pickleball in the morning but Mike forgets. So a lazy start then easy bike ride in the afternoon, we miss any rain. Then it’s off pistol shooting but alas just as we turn into the Kamas Lions Gun Club it starts to rain. Oh well, shit happens.

Thursday – Another great day here in Paradise. Bowling; Gyros and Baklava at the Mad Greeks, more awesome junk food; visit a unique coffee roasters for some great coffee, still warm off the roaster; Costco, well you can’t have everything, Wendy’s treat; a short hike on a balmy evening. We’re just shitting in the tall cotton.

Cornholing with Wendy, the game that is.

Tuesday – Lead an easy hike then it’s Cornholing with Wendy and Mike (no it’s not the dogging version). I thought it was for kids but it’s quite skillful and addictive. All taken very seriously.

Thursday – Wendy, Marianne, Mike and I go to the Bee’s baseball game. A tad cool but great junk food. Finally get the proper Chicago Hot Dog, along with salted peanuts and soft Pretzal.

Friday – bowling of course and yet another TGIF in yet another 6,000 square foot mansion.

Monday – barbecue at Mikes with Wendy and Marianne.

Some of Wendy’s handy work.

Tuesday – In the morning lead a stroll around Masonic hill, one of my favorites. After lunch take two guns with a live round jammed in them down to a gunsmith in Lehi. Nip to Costco while he’s fixing them. Then a pleasant drive back along Provo Canyon and pick up some 9mm brass ammunition – hopefully it won’t jam like the steel rounds I’ve been using.

Wednesday – volunteering for archery at the NAC starts.

4 who tried to come on my bike ride.

Thursday – Mike and I go down to the Easton Archery Centre for some range practice. Great indoor and out door facility but sadly they don’t have any compound bows. Then we take some scrap copper to scrap metal merchants, a right pair of Steptoe and son.

Fathers days postings.

Friday – Howards back in town so set off to do a bike ride but weathers still shit so we just put the World to rights over coffee.

More fathers day postings.

Monday – help Mike move some mattresses for Linda, then it’s a swish lunch with Mike and Marriane at the Glenwild Clubhouse.

Tuesday – easy hike around one of my favorites, Snowtop. Then in the evening we go to a concert in City Park – good weather for a change. Sadly I’m not drinking.

More of Wendy’s handy work.

Friday – bowling again. In the evening it’s Dogs and Suds with PCMSC in the City Park. So far the weather’s been pretty mixed with afternoon monsoons and crap weather forecasts that make it difficult to plan. But my week seems to be settling down into a routine. Mondays lead an easy bike ride while Wendy volunteers at the CC; Tuesday lead an easy hike, sometimes Wendy comes; Wednesday hike with the Newcomers and sometimes NAC archery volunteer in the afternoon, pistol shooting in the evening; Thursday kayaking coming back on the calendar; Friday bowling then TGIF in the evening; Saturday clay pigeon shooting; Sunday relax with a stroll and free cinema or a meal in the evening.

Wednesday – pick Dot and Barry up from the airport. Wendy’s sat in the wait car park, but car won’t start. I have to Uber back to car park. Sure enough won’t start, think the batteries flat. Phone SLC support who are there within 10 minutes and boost start the car for free – unbelievable service – so good I even tip the guy.

Thursday – Michael and Laurie come round for drinks.

Friday – a gang of us go down to Feldmans for dinner and then to the Bees game.

Saturday – Wendy’s been invited to a pig roast so we troop off along with D&B.

Sunday – free cinema tickets with D&B and B&M. Film was so boring I tried to escape to the High West.

Thursday – first club kayaking with Mike, Joe and Bob. Another activity to add to the Thursday calendar.

Friday – bowling with the usual crew and D&B. Followed by TGIF in the evening. Invited to a retirement due at Marions, haven’t a clue who she is, but finally manage to identify her. Going shooting that night.

Saturday – Clay pigeon shooting, then bike ride with Bob and Mike, then B&M come round for dinner.

Sunday – invited to a barbecue at Joanne and Dans but already going to dinner at Carols. Busy, need a big busted social secretary. A lovely evening with Carol and Angela on their deck.

Yeah, finally finished the Hamilton book. Interesting but just too much detail made it an ordeal.

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