20220722 – The Kids and Grandkids Arrive


A busy day.

Starts with me leading an Easy Bike Ride from Willow Creek park up to Silver Star and back. By the time we’ve rode down to the start point and back it’s 14 miles.

Then Mike and I drive down to Salt Lake to the German Deli (Sigfreids) I’ve been raving about. Both have a superb lunch.

In the evening I drive down to SLC airport. Swap the car for a top of the range 7 seater and then head over to International arrival to pick the kids up. They’re cream crackered after 24 hours travelling with 3 kids pewking.


What a memorable moment it is when Jasper comes through those International Arrival doors, shouts out Papa and runs over for a giant hug (wish I’d had a video of it), followed by a hug and carrying Beatrix and Esther up to the car. Makes it all worthwhile and puts the expense in its place. Again how lucky can we be, grandkids and Fiona for 5 weeks here in paradise. Sadly Kurt has to go back to work after 2 weeks.




Kids and grandkids are up early, body clock all awry.

Went clay pigeon shooting with Mike in the morning.

In the afternoon everyone, except me, goes shopping – Walmart then Smiths. Yeah, 5 weeks with no need for me to go to a supermarket.

Nip to the liquor store for some more wine and Double Rye, then we get some burritos from Chubasco. A nice family night in with Paulaner, Zinfandell, Double Rye and Sailor Jerry for Fiona.




Kurt’s been continually whining about bears. Here’s one he can cope with.

Up and out early with Kurt and Fiona to try out a walk for my Easy Hikes. Went up Armstrong then down Dawns, too much uphill for an Easy hike. Fairly strenuous with 2 miles uphill. At least the weather was coolish.

In the afternoon Wendy and I go and get some coffee, beer and other essential vitals. Grandkids have a whale of a time in the Jacuzzi. Just noise and sheer mayhem.

One very beautiful cat on the trail.

Fiona’s not so well. She does a covid test, thankfully it’s negative. I think the alcohol of last night combined with a hard walk up to 7,500 feet has given her a touch of altitude sickness, similar to what Wendy had when we arrived in April.

Sunday evening we escape the mayhem and go out to dinner at the Boneyard with Howard and Nancy. Great evening but food not that good. They even forgot my meal.




Kurt’s up at 05:00 with all the kids. Fiona’s still not so well, but didn’t get much sleep last night – exhausted. Thankfully covid test still negative.

I’m leading an easy hike from Silver Lake along mid-mountain down to Snow Park Lodge. 9 women and 3 fellas. Boy can women talk, but at least I don’t have to keep looking back to see if they’re keeping up, I can hear them.. Almost tempting to quit and go back to the mayhem at home.

Grandkids play in the jacuzzi all afternoon. Have a great but noisy time.

I sort the mountain bike brakes ready for tomorrows ride.


Part of the Coalville crew.

Up early ready for our Coalville ride. Lead Howard and Mike’s truck down to Coalville and then ferry them back to Yonex court. Mike, Howard, Kurt and I set off to start the ride. Pick up Micael and Dianne. Then pick up Ruth on her electric chariot and we’re all off for a easy 22 mile ride down to Coalville. Down being the operative word. Over half of it is down hill, that’s what is so great about it, and then along the flat. Get to Coalville, load the bikes into the trucks and then it’s back home. Ruth rides her electric chariot back home.

Lazy afternoon with just a quick trip to the supermarket with Wendy. No day would be complete without a super market fix.

Fiona’s better and still testing negative. Mike comes round for a chaotic dinner with the kids.

Leisurely evening in with the kids and Paulaner.


Lazy start to the day. Then a 90 minute hard bike ride with Howard around Swanner, a real good workout.

Then home for a quick change and some earache off Wendy for never being in.

Off to the NAC as water sport volunteer. 4 kids for some canoeing and kayaking despite being in wheelchairs and hardly able to walk. The NAC does a fantastic job. My role is just helping set up, tare down and out in a kayak as support in case of problems. Unfortunately I forget my hat so have a bucket load of suncream and my tee shirt on my head like a modern day Lawrence of Arabia.

Mark this on our front door.

Get back home. Fiona is perfectly well now but after 3 days of feeling ill, no covid, has now tested positive for covid – how bizarre is that. Wendy is not feeling so good.

Cancel clay pigeon shooting with Kurt.


Wendy stays in bed all day with fatigue, headache and sweats.

I have a lazy morning, cancel Fridays bike ride, Mondays hike, kayaking, concert and dinner with L&M.

After lunch catch the bus round to the park with the kids and grandkids. Nice park but oh so hot and the metal on the apparatus is boiling – no shade, complete lack of common sense. Walk back with Fiona and Esther. Kurt takes jasper and Beatrix swimming at the PCMarc.

Fiona’s fully recovered but Wendy’s spent the day in bed despite testing negative for Covid. Fiona’s still testing positive but is perfectly well, I’m feeling fine and testing negative, everyone else is fine.

A beer and wine evening.

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