20220715 – Concerts, Parties and Bike Rides


I’m leading an easy bike ride and in the inimitable fashion the weather is crap. Can you believe it, as I walk out the door it starts to rain. Amazing there’s 6 people crazy enough to go for it. A nice ride from Walgreens, down the rail trail, around park meadows to the old barn and back. We all get back wetter than a water hogs backside. But, at least on the positive side it was warm and didn’t snow.

Wendy troops off to the CC and I get a peaceful afternoon.

In the evening I have a pleasant Zinfandell and a snooze whilst watching Money Heist – seems the best way to enjoy it, really has lost the plot.




Lazy morning and then dragged kicking and screaming to the supermarket where I get to drive the trolley.

Just trying to plan an Easy Hike from Silver Lake in Deer Valley when I learn that due to the ongoing avarice of Deer Valley – not content with screwing with alcohol at concerts, and even having concerts without the orchestra – what was a FREE car park now costs $30. So, plan B, to screw them over is to catch the FREE bus from the transit centre.

I really think they, the rapacious corporate gnomes are screwing this town. It seems like we’ve had the best years skiing and summer holidaying here.

In the evening we’re off round to Dianne and Jere’s for drinks and then to the ABBA revival concert at Deer Valley. Awesome Abba concert at Deer Valley. We’d forgot how good their music is. Many thanks to Mark and Ruth for the 4 free tickets, you missed a great show on a lovely balmy evening. Great setting, sound and camera work. And despite the lack of the Utah symphony orchestra, due to covid, the evening was awesome.


Time Magazine – The Worlds Greatest Places 2022

Second is Park City – https://time.com/collection/worlds-greatest-places-2022/6194448/park-city-utah/

And then people ask why we want to come here for so long.




Usual lazy start to the day and then we drive up to the transit centre to pick up a free bus to silver lake. Explore the various potential hike start points for future hikes.

Catch a free ride down to Snowpark and then wendy has lunch on the deck of the Deer Valley Plaza. Pleasant location overlooking the lake.

Quiet afternoon.

Then in the evening there’s an urgent weather warning of high winds and thunder storms – likely structural damage, take cover in inside downstairs room, wow. Storm passes us by.


Devon passes his archery course so now we’ll be able to go to archery together.




Mike’s 80th birthday party.

Up early ready to lead one of my favourite hikes around Masonic Hill. Done it once already this year but I’m sure its got longer nad steeper. Think it may be that I’m still at sea level. Well I just about survived but get home like a drowned rat covered in sweat. Even at 09:00 it’s too hot to be walking.

Lazy afternoon and then in the evening we drive up to the Glenwild gated community to Mike’s 80th birthday hosted by his sister in her amazing house. The Glenwild estate is the best gated community I’ve ever been on.

A great evening. We really enjoyed it and what a friendly bunch of family and friends Mike has. No hairs and graces and so easy to get on with.


How awesome to have such a great evening at Mike’s 80th birthday, he’s such a good friend.


A gentle bike ride down the rail trail with Howard followed by coffee and a chance to put the World to rights.

In the evening we go round to L&M for dinner, Jeri and Diane join us. What awesome company.


This place is amazing great outdoors; so many awesome American friends; great company; great dinners with friends; Hiking; biking; shooting; kayaking; ten pin bowling. As one friend summed it all up such awesome camaraderie.


Michael and I load up the bikes and head down to Orem to do the bike ride up Provo Canyon past Bridal falls and meet Laurie and Wendy for a picnic at Vivian Park. Then ride the bike back down. It’s hotter than the hinges of hell.

Target shooting with Joe at tea time and then it’s a quiet evening in – no alcohol.


The Provo canyon bike ride has to be the best ever. Awesome shaded bike path and indescribable mountain scenery and of course the Bridal Falls. How can we be so lucky.


How we enjoyed the concert.

Of course it wouldn’t be Thursday without bowling.

In the evening we head off down to the Mirror Lake diner with Laurie and Michael followed by the concert on the lawn at the Dejoria Centre. Haven’t a clue who was playing, best not to give them a name. Despite the music a great evening.

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