20220729 – Fun in paradise, Kayaking, Rodeo (ain’t mine or Jaspers first rodeo) and Tenpin bowling


Cancelled my Easy Bike ride. Go for a walk around Snowtop with Fiona. Wendy’s still not feeling so good but testing negative for covid.

Nip to the supermarket with Fiona. She’s way quicker than Wendy.

Chris and Landen arrive. Boozy evening in. Bloody hell 3 grandkids is mayhem, add one more and the noise level is worse than Concorde and the mayhem is unbelievable, enough to turn you into a hermit.




Wendy’s feeling much better and still testing negative for covid. The rest of us are feeling fine.

I go pistol shooting all on my own. Billy no mates. Find a coke tin to target shoot, a most satisfying way.

After lunch Wendy and Fiona don their pyjamas and I take them down to walmart. Never again will we go shopping at Walmart or Whole Pay Packet at the weekend. Just gridlocked.

A booze free evening for me but Fiona manages some Sailor Jerry and coke. Not surprising as we all try and cope with 4 kids.




Fiona and I nip out for a bike ride down to the White Barn before it gets too hot.

Wendy’s feeling fine and still testing negative.

Chris and Landen arrive and we all watch the Womens Euro final. Everyone’s orgasmic as England wins 2:1 in extra time. Kurt and CHris give a good demonstration of football hooligans every time a goal is scored. I’m not normally a soccer fan but have to say the women seem to play much faster and more exciting game. Really enjoyed it.

Celebrating one of the goals.

Wendy and I nip over to Mikes to pick up a tiramisu he’s made for us all – we cancelled the “Goodbye Boris Party” to be on the safe side. He’s made one big enough to feed a cast of thousands.

Then Wendy and I get some peace and quiet as everyone else goes down to the Silly market.

Sadly cancelled due to Covid.

trivia header

I tested negative even though I have symptoms and a likely exposure. Does that mean I don’t have COVID?

Testing negative does not necessarily mean you don’t have COVID. If you were exposed to COVID (e.g., someone you live with has it), and you have symptoms, but test negative on an antigen or PCR test, here are some possible explanations for what may be happening:
1. It’s too early, and your viral load may not be high enough to show up on a test. You will likely test positive eventually.
Symptoms are a sign that your immune system is working to fight off an infection. Symptoms can appear lot faster if you’re vaccinated, because your immune system recognizes the virus and is able to quickly react. Even if you are vaccinated, the virus may be able to make you sick and contagious, especially because the vaccines aren’t as good at stopping the Omicron variants. (But the vaccines are still good at keeping you out of the hospital!) The Omicron variants may also be harder to detect in the nose compared to earlier variants. And Omicron rapidly replicates in your body, which can cause people to begin having symptoms earlier.
If you test negative soon after feeling sick, you should test yourself again a few days after the day your symptoms started, when your viral load is likely to be at its highest.
2. Your immune system fought off the virus, and your viral load never got high enough to be found on a test.
As stated above, your symptoms are likely a sign that your immune system is fighting the COVID virus. If you have some symptoms and then feel healthy again, and have multiple negative tests throughout that time, it’s possible that your immune system was able to prevent the virus levels from getting high enough to be detected on an antigen or even a PCR test. Thanks, immune system!
The amount of virus present varies between people. Most people with COVID will have enough virus at some point to test positive on an antigen test. The amount of time it takes to test positive can vary widely. Some vaccinated people may never test positive on an antigen test, while others could be positive for many days in a row. Some people with mild infections may test negative on an antigen test, but positive on a PCR test. This would mean that they have COVID, but don’t have enough virus to turn an antigen test positive. This may be more likely to happen if a person has been recently vaccinated or boosted and their immune system is able to respond to the virus faster.
One study monitored health care workers and found evidence that some of people who were exposed were likely able to clear the COVID virus from their system before testing positive. We discussed immunity in a blog post at the end of last year!




Short bike ride with Fiona first thing.

Chris and Landen came in the morning and left at dinner to catch their flight back to San Diego. He dropped Kurt and Fiona off at the outlets centre whilst Wendy and I looked after the grandkids. Took them round to the park by the school. They loved it.

6 hours later K&F emerge from the outlets centre. How can anyone shop for that long. Bizarre.

A quiet night in with Paulaner and wine.






Good job I’d cancelled my walk as it was raining on and off all morning.

We all went bowling at Heber City followed by a great junk food lunch. Grandkids really enjoyed it.

Shopping again this time at Freshmarket. Wendy has vowed never again. Poorly stocked and I’ve seen sparrows with more meat on then than the cooked chicken she bought. She wouldn’t even serve the legs they were so scrawny and uncooked. I wanted to go and dump it on the managers desk, but alas Wendy had already binned the legs.

I pop into liqueur store for some wine and Pimms. Try a box of Zinfandel.

Then in the afternoon Laurie and Michael popped by for a drink on the patio to say goodbye. Sadly they leave on Thursday.


How lucky can you be when your 3 year old granddaughter, Esther, comes on your knee first thing in the morning with a sticky push pop for you to read her a story book. And the rest of the grandkids are playing happily. A great start to the day.


Lead a bike ride, with Fiona, up over park meadows, down round valley and back along the rail trail.
Then it’s a lazy day minding the grandkids whilst K&F go to the outlet stores yet again.

Jaspers recovered about 20 golf balls and is enthusiastically trying to sell them to passing golfers.

Quiet night in with Paulaner and Zinfandel. This box of Zin is awesome and only $20 for the equivalent of 4 bottles.


Kurt, Jasper, Mike and I go kayaking with the club. Can’t believe how long it takes to check in and pay – a complete SNAFU. Once we get our kayaks its all fun. Jasper really enjoys it.

Lazy afternoon.
In the evening Kurt, Fiona, Jasper and I go to the Heber rodeo. It’s a lovely evening, great rodeo and it’s K&F first rodeo. All enjoy it, but sadly miss the bull riding, mind you at least we don’t have to cope with gridlock leaving. Sadly Jasper has a meltdown because we miss the fair. Promise to take him tomorrow.

Back home for a Zin nightcap.




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