20210412 – Escape At Last to A Staycation in Anglesey


After 4 months of lockdown they have finally let us loose, but only within the UK. How will we cope out in this brave new World surrounded by masked strangers? We’re off to a cottage in Anglesey. Yes, I know it’s in Wales and yes I know it will be full of Welsh people. I just have to escape, to travel, to avoid this awful weather. At least if the weather is awful there we’ll be somewhere different and can explore.

So off we set after Wendy has dilly dallied getting ready. Always the case.

The Welsh tourist board have put on a special welcome for us. Once we cross the border into Wales there are two traffic jams within 5 minutes of crossing. For my American friends, you have to understand that Wales is a chauvinistic chicken shit little country within the UK with aspirations of independence and who spend a fortune on signs in their own language and, especially in North Wales. They seem to have a mutually shared resentment and antipathy towards the English, taking great delight in switching to Welsh whenever the English are around. In the past, we had Offas dyke to keep them at bay.

Ty Arthur, our new home for the next 4 days

Cross over the famous Menai bridge and stop for a shop at Waitrose. Wow, they sure knew how to build bridges in those days. No thin strip of metal suspended on string but six 6″ wide solid metal links acting as the a chain link suspension. Yes, they even have a Waitrose. Spend a fortune on convenience food and spot a nice-sounding Bourbon, Eagle Rare, which turns out to be awesome, and of course a couple of bottles of wine.

Having said all that about the Welsh our first three encounters with the locals are very friendly and pleasant. Makes me forget we are in Wales.

Our cottage is lovely. Modern, fresh, warm, well decorated and equipped, spotlessly clean, and best of all only £60 a night. Ideal for the two of us. Sadly the water in the bathroom is non-existent.

Ancient bridge in Aberffraw

Soon fixed by plumber Edwards turning the stop tap back on. Then we try the wifi and it’s the usual story, 45 minutes of trying everything. Can’t even see their network. Then we encounter a typical arrogant Welsh zonderkeit who accuses my iPhone (doesn’t he know it’s made by Apple) of being the reason for my lack of wifi. Not that it’s anything to do with their wifi, as evidenced by two iPhones, two iPads, a MacBook, and their Netflix TV all failing to detect their network. Then miraculously it all springs to life. Why can’t the hospitality industry get it that wifi is essential, just like electricity and water! It’s not rocket science to set up and test.

Soon get settled in and after the all-important afternoon cup of tea, we take a stroll around the village of Aberffraw and down the river. It’s alovely little village if somewhat dilapidated.

Settle in for yet another quiet evening with wine and intermittent Netflix. Finish off the last episode of the Vikings. What a great series.

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The United Kingdom: ‘Liberate Scotland Now…Wales for the Welsh.’

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We’ve been watching the last two seasons of the Vikings. Their religion and their gods fascinate me. What an awesome religion it must have been to believe in having sex with a tasty blond god. No waiting for an afterlife. No waiting for more dark-eyed, buxom, perpetual virgins than you can cope with. No wonder they all revered it. Now that’s what I call “a religion with benefits”.

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Well, it seems this endless lockdown has given me too much time on my hands. Too much time to read the news (as my friend advises best avoided, as it only depresses you) and be depressed by all the woke, snowflakes, libtards, and the cancel culture. It seems we need to have a candle-lit vigil one night for the demise of common sense. I’ve 4 months’ worth of pent-up rants to emancipate so you’ll have to excuse the venom and quantity of rants that follow.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO COMMON SENSE? Why are we tolerating all this BLM claptrap? BLM is a radical neo-Marxist political movement. Protests about every trivial thing that descends into violence and helps spread Covid. I’ve no problem with peaceful, lawful, and covid compliant protests, but if they’re illegal or once violence erupts then whatever happened to water cannons and rubber bullets. Why are we tolerating these ludicrous violent protests? Defund the police, even kill the police. Tear down statues. Change names. It really is time for the sensible silent majority to stop this nonsense. Time for a “Geriatric Lives Matter” movement.


Holyhead Breakwater country park.

Awake to a gorgeous sunny but cold day. This is more like it, makes the World and me seem so much better.

After our usual leisurely start to the day – breakfast, tea, coffee and too much news from around the World with Apple News (no dirty ink stained hands), we set off for a drive up to Holyhead.

RAF Valley is on the Island which explains the regular roar of fighter jets overhead. Somewhat comforting sight and sound to know that they’re trained and ready at a moments notice if needed.

Stacks lighthouse.

Have a wander around Holyhead. What a dump. At least there’s no homogenised shopping. All individual shops, mostly dirty, closed, run-down, in need of a lick of paint. The main ones open seem to be the inevitable charity shops. As Wendy says it’s even worse than Blackburn – that’s some accolade. Later in the day, we discover why it’s such a dump, on the outskirts of town is a modern out-of-town shopping park with all the homogenized shops your shopping bags and credit cards could dream of.

Have a stroll around the Breakwater Country Park. Very pleasant, then it’s off to the Stacks Light House. It’s closed due to covid but at least we can wander around the cliffs and take in the views. At £6 a pop – to knacker yourself climbing all those stairs – I don’t think this skinflint would have bothered anyway.

Call in at the first of many remains of Neolithic settlements. Wendy can hardly wait to visit more and there are many more. The whole Island is infested with them. I wonder how they coped without wifi?

An ancient ruin!

Then it’s a leisurely drive back, not forgetting a minor detour for a merchandising opportunity in Morrissons – sadly no decent Sardines.

Afternoon tea followed by a walk down the river to the beach. NB: next time we go for a walk wear waterproof hiking boots.

Another pleasant evening in trying to watching you know what and sampling my Eagle Rare Bourbon – awesome, the Bourbon that is.

End to a sunny day.

Eagle Rare, perfect end to a perfect sunny day.

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In case you’re fortunate enough not to have seen the demands, rants, protests, threats, illegal covid gathering and problems from the cry babies of the “religion of pieces and permanent offense” over a teacher showing a Charlie Hebdo cartoon in a religous studies class teaching students about blasphemy, let me enlighten you. Of course, in true dhimmi style, to pander to that so-called religion the school has suspended the teacher and the teacher has apologised. Now two more teachers have been suspended as they are investigated and the original teacher and his family have had to go into hiding after receiving death threats, no doubt from members of that “peaceful religion”. It really is about time we got a grip and stopped pandering to this pernicious barbaric ideology posing as a peaceful religion.

What next? People being punished for insulting Elfs?

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After a year’s absence my old hero Pat Condell is back ranting:


Bryn Celli Du car park.

Well another lazy start to the day. Find time to do this blog which is a lot more therapeutic and less stressful than reading todays bad tidings in Apple News.

Set off to explore some of the burial chambers. Sadly Bjorn mounted on his horse was not in this one (Vikings Season 602). Start off with Bryn Celli Ddu.

Bryn Celli Ddu – the Mound in the Dark Grove – is probably the best-known prehistoric monument on Anglesey, and is one of the most evocative archaeological sites in Britain. Like other prehistoric tombs on Anglesey it was constructed to protect and pay respect to the remains of the ancestors.

Bryn Celli Du.

The monument seems to have begun in the later Neolithic around 5,000 years ago, as a ‘henge’ or a ritual enclosure. It consisted of a bank (now lost) around an inner ditch, which enclosed a circle of upright stones. The ditch originally measured 21 meters in diameter. The outer edge can still be seen and several stones from the inner stone circle also survive.

The Bryn Celli Ddu passage tomb consists of a long passage that leads to a polygonal stone chamber. Human bones, both burnt and unburnt, were found in the passage of the tomb. Other finds were few, but included quartz, two flint arrowheads, a stone bead, and limpet and mussel shells.

Back door to Bryn Celli Du.

At dawn on midsummer solstice, shafts of light from the rising sun penetrate down the passageway to light the inner burial chamber. Perhaps this sunlight was meant to bring warmth and life to the ancestors?

Also visit Bodowyr Burial Chamber, but not quite so impressive.

Traeth Llandwyn beach.

Then it’s down to Newborough Forest and LLanddwyn Island and Bay. Massive car park there and it’s chokka. Beach is infested with rug rats. Dread to think what it must be like in August. Have a stroll along the beach, but Wendy balks at the prospect of walking “all the way” to the island.

Back home for afternoon tea and to battle with the wifi. It’s like being in a Neolithic village, no reliable wifi and a 200 yard to even get a 3G signal. How did they ever cope in those times?

Meanwhile, I wish the Welsh would learn how to spell and use a few vowels, with sensible, pronounceable letter combinations and just give up on everything being in Welsh. It’s the 21st century, your language is never going to be world-class and an essential requirement of career success. Teaching it in schools seems an assault on common sense.

Church in the sea at Porth Cwyfan.

After a refreshing cuppa – hardly drunk any coffee, as my bean to cup machine was a tad too heavy to bring – we set off to visit Porth Cwyfan, which has a church on a man-made island in the sea. The tides out, so being a devout member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster I set out across a treacherous rock field to visit said church.

Encounter a guy sunbathing, complete with a wet suit, speargun, barbecue, some Sea Bass and Scallops he’s caught. What a life.

The perfect end to a gorgeous sunny day.

Exercise restraint tonight, no alcohol. Made all the more difficult while trying to watch Netflix with Internet that’s slower than a three legged tortoise dragging along a piece of wet string. Abandon and resort to watching downloads on my iPad.

Already starting with Internet withdrawal symptoms. My fingers seem to have Saint Vitus Dance as they tap our queries on an imaginary keyboard and then my hand grasps for the non-existent mouse.

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Here’s a classic Pat Condell from the past that is still so relevant.

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Don’t you just love the Astra-Zeneca debbacle. Europe and France being a shining example of stupidity and how it is to be goverened by a Kakistocracy.

Let’s look at Macrons pronouncements so far:

    1 AstraZeneca vaccine is ineffective.
    2 It’s ok but not for the geriatrics.
    3 It’s safe I’ll have a shot.
    4 It’s not safe for the under 60’s.
    5 Anyone who had the first shot of AstraZeneca will get a 2nd shot of a different vaccine. Hang on a minute that regime has not even been tested for safety. Is it a bit risky?

A cynical person might think that France and Europe are taking a chauvinistic view of the AstraZeneca vaccine – The British Vaccine – just envious. How dare we develop a successful vaccine and have a world-class rollout that puts them to shame.

Let’s look at some of the facts surrounding these blood clot risks:

  • 4 per million – AstraZeneca blood clot risk based on 20.2 million doses.
  • 20% to 30% of Intensive care covid 19 patients can have a blood clot.
  • 1 per 1,000 adults can have a blood clot in any given year.
  • 2 to 12 per 1,000 women on hormone replacement therapy or oral contraceptive can have a blood clot.
  • 1 in 3 patients admiited for an operation can have a blood clot.
  • 15 in 100 people with a cancer diagnosis can have a blood clot.
    Urgent message for Macron and the EU Kakistocracy – You have as much chance of being killed by a cow as dying from a blood clot caused by THE BRITISH VACCINE.


    Din Lligwy.

    Yet again the usual lazy start to the day. with the added luxury of Wendy ranting and raving about the difficulty of her knitting pattern. She needs to be thankful there is no software involved, then she’d be as mad as a three-legged dog trying to bury a turd on an icy pond.

    Call in at Rhosneigr for a stroll around. It’s a really nice village a lot more up market than Aberrfraw where we’re staying, why they even have a Fat Face shop. Mind you only two customers at a time. Us Brits just love any opportunity to create and stand in a queue, I’d rather argue with a wooden Indian.

    Din Lligwy home.

    Drove up to Din Lligwy To view the Neolithic Village. I thought it was Neolithic but turns out it was at the time of the Roman occupation – bet they still didn’t have wifi. Wendy’s absolutely orgasmic with the thrill of it all. Then have a look at Moelfre, nothing really there, so it’s onto Amlwch.

    Wendy has her lunch, in port Amlwch car park designed by a Bulimia nervosa suffering town planner, who must’ve been as thin as a gnat’s whisker. Sure you can park for free but there’s no room for you to open your car door – get me back to the land of giant, on the slant, parking slots. Have a stroll around the harbour. Not all that impressive.

    Moelfre harbour, actually I think that’s all there is of it.

    Then it’s on up to Cemaes o view this so called spectacular Traeth Bach beach. Turns out to be a tiny shingle beach, really not worth the trip. Have a slope round a disused open caste copper mine. Then call in Llangefni to get tea. For me that’s my usual spicy Italian subway. All in all a brilliant sunny day exploring lots of different places.

    Well the Internet has excelled tonight. No connection at all. End up having to walk down the road for 4G to cancel our Asda order, last thing I want is another £45 bottle of Remy Cognac that we use as a placeholder. Can’t find 4G anywhere in the village so have to settle for a very slow 3G connection.

    Settle for no alcohol and Netflix downloads on my iPad.

    Open caste copper mine.

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    Is this Wendy’s new knitting challenge?

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    “Vaccine passports could create ‘two-tier society’, equality watchdog warns. Discriminate against marginalised groups where take-up is lower.”

    More from the Snowflakes and Libtards, possibly even the Wokes. Provided that people with GENUINE medical reasons can have some form of a qualified passport, then why not have them. When you’re dead from Covid19 your civil rights are about as useful as an inflatable dartboard.

    I think the majority of sane people would agree that being vaccinated is both good for them and society as a whole. So surely it’s the socially responsible and moral thing to do.

    If I go in a pub then I’d rather know that everyone has been vaccinated and therefore I’m safer.

    If you don’t want to get vaccinated for whatever reason then I recognise that as your right, but with it come consequences. If you want to go to a lot of countries in the World then you have to have the Yellow fever jab – far more risky than the Covid19 vaccine. If you won’t have the Yellow Fever jab then you can’t go. Tough shit, suck it up. Do the right thing, don’t be a prick, get a prick.

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    Muons are deviants.


    Another glorious sunny day.

    Goodbye to Aberffraw beach.

    The time has come to say goodbye to this Neolithic Island, the land that even the Druids forgot.

    Call in at Beaumaris on the way home but the castle doesn’t look that impressive and the car parking is expensive, which is a problem when you have short arms and deep pockets. Decide to save it for another day.

    Trouble free journey home. No traffic jams – that makes a change.

    Home for lunch.

    Well we’ve enjoyed our time in Anglesey. Fortunately the weather was spectacular and we’ve managed to explore much of the Island. Giving serious thought to pitching our caravan here for a year if we ever get it back from France. Very handy as only 2 hours drive and kids cold get some use out of it. Perhaps the Welsh aren’t so bad after all.

    One last thing to do, a review of the Ty Arthur accommodation, that’s going to be a work of restrained objectivity – see below.


    Modern, fresh, light and airy.
    Very well decorated and warm.
    Well stocked with all the essential equipment you need.
    Ideal for two.
    All in good condition.
    Very pleasant and helpful ladies in reception.
    Spotlessly clean.
    Amazing towels.


    Noise from the apartment above.
    No water in the bathroom, but quickly fixed once I’d found the stop cock.
    Ants in bedroom and kitchen. Reported.


    Internet is unreliable and often non-existent. Ranges from just ok; to impossible to connect; to connected but no service at all. Gave up on trying to watch Netflix, too many lengthy pauses. From the last evening to departure there was no service. Wasted so much time trying to get important connections.
    On arrival we spent over an hour, with the help of the lady in reception, trying to connect to the internet. Only to be told at the end of it, by a rude and arrogant male staff member, that the problem was my iPhone. Nothing to do with the fact that two iPhones, two iPads, a MacBook Pro and Netflix on the apartments own TV could not connect.


    Would we go back to Ty Arthur again.

    Well I’m sure by now you can guess the answer, but just in case you’re unsure. NO.

    However we’d certainly go back to Anglesey.

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    Don’t leave your car in a Welsh car park.

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    Who are these witless zounderkites that want to trust Iran a terrorist islamic state that avowed aim is to impose Islam on the rest of the World.

    Just look at all the evidence and their own pronouncements. If someone says they want to kill you why will you not believe them. Trump was spot on when he pulled out of that deal and recognised them for what they are – a terrorist, rogue state.

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