20200519 – We’ve Survived.

The 3 terrorists.

We’ve survived. No I’m not talking about Covid-19, I mean 7 weeks with our 3 grandchildren (1, 3 and 6). They all left today (8/6/20) with our daiughter-in-law, it’s oh so quiet and we’re just getting back to normal. Track pad is back on my chair arm, drinks are on the coffee table, ornaments and lamps are back in place, the TV’s having a rest even though there’s a kiddy meal still spread all over the screen.

Out for a stroll.

Well Tuesday 2/6/20 we should have been jetting off back to paradise, but alas Donald doesn’t want us and Boris doesn’t want us to leave him.

It’s alright having a retirement commandment that forbids drinking before 17:00 but when your daughter-in-law is around, who desperately needs wine by 16:00 in order to cope with 3 rug rats, it means the bottle can be empty by the time you get to it. Need to adapt and sin.

Just watching Contagion, the perfect film to enjoy during this Covid-19 pandemic. Helps if you can stay awake but a lush bottle of Carmanera makes that difficult. Try a couple of brandies to see if that helps keep me awake.
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Wow our immune system is amazing. Complex, fine tuned but amazing. So much going on in there to fight off virus and bacteria. You also have to be amazed at the world of bacteria and viruses. It even seems that viruses known as bacteria phages may even come to our rescue in fighting off anti-biotic resistant bacteria.

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An excellent rant on the religion Islam.

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Another target from the “should have squad” of armchair hindsight experts.

Facebook is going after PragerU! They claim to be an open forum, yet label content as “false information” simply because their “fact-checkers” disagree with it. And now Twitter is having a go at Trump.

What is happening to free speech? Why can’t people post what they want on social media. If you’re offended by it or don’t like it then tough titties, just ignore it. As we keep telling our grand kids “sticks and stones…….”. Just move on. Who says we have a right not to be offended. Of course the religion of pieces and permanent offence (Oh dear have I offended someone) has a lot to answer for with their incessant bleating about islamophobia – a non existent nonsense concept.

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One of Madame Farage’s creations. All she needs now is a guillotine.

My online university Virology course and YouTube videos hav been fascinating. It’s just amazing how our immune system works. Just to remind myself and always useful to know in case you’re asked. SARS-Cov-2 is positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus (or (+)ssRNA virus) is a virus that uses positive sense single stranded RNA as its genetic material. Single stranded RNA viruses are classified as positive or negative depending on the sense or polarity of the RNA. The positive-sense viral RNA genome can serve as messenger RNA and can be translated into protein in the host cell. Positive-sense ssRNA viruses belong to Group IV in the Baltimore classification. Positive-sense RNA viruses account for a large fraction of known viruses, including many pathogens such as the hepacivirus C, West Nile virus, dengue virus, SARS and MERS coronaviruses, and SARS-CoV-2 as well as less clinically serious pathogens such as the rhinoviruses that cause the common cold.

Hiding in their tent. Keeps them quiet for 10 minutes.

Nothing like it when all 3 grandchildren kick off at once. I’ve made a recording of the ear shattering excruciating noise so that when they’ve gone home and we’re starting to miss them – June 1st 2026 – we can play it back to remind us of the “happy” times we had. If any young couple want it as as very effective incentive for contraception then we’ll gladly let them have a copy.

This was Jasper’s English homework today. Aimed at 6 year olds, let’s see how you cope correcting this:

the morning went very quickly indeed mainly thanks to detective jane, who was amazing wearing their own badges the children talked about how to use clues to help find a missing person or item they looked at the different patterns made by footprints and took their own fingerprints with special ink

Oh dear. 3 of us spent 15 minutes on this. There should be 5 capital letters, 2 full stops and one exclamation. See answer and rant at the end of this blog.

Bloody hell only 639 calories burnt today, thats one short of the 640 needed to polish off a bottle of red wine with no weight gain.

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Bubble chasing.

What a wonderful opportunity this covid19 pandemic provides for companies to provide even crappier call centre service and wait times. Whilst I appreciate times are difficult they are certainly milking it for all it’s worth, instead of seeing it as a golden opportunity to improve work practises. Work from home. Free up costly office space. Improve employees lives. Improve service. Larger available labour force to choose from. Cut down the need for more roads. Reduce pollution.

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An excellent rant on the religion Islam.

Amazed at my own gourmet aptitude.

One of my better results todays.

Great bike ride today, 3 miles downhill was a doddle. 3 mile back up hill and I’m cream crackered, the last 200 yards is a heart attack simulator. I feel like I’ve been rode hard and hung up dry – powfagged. Certainly not a PCMSC ride, I can think of one grouse on wheels who would be whining all the way down that I’m going too fast and all the way up that it’s just too difficult for a leisure ride. She’d be ratting me out to the club no doubt.

Well great news archery is back open. Suitably socially distanced of course and sadly out doors, but better than nothing. Let’s try two days this week. Still no pickle ball.

Coronavirus loading mothers with washing, cooking and home schooling

So cute. As if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

Bedtime for the rug rats. Beatrix loads her roll along suitcase with Barbie doll, 16 Disney Princesses and peeing baby doll (yes it can pee), then trundles off to bed with suitcase in tow. Then at the crack of sparrows she trundles out of our bedroom with suitcase in tow. So cute.

More inane maths homework with Jasper. These teachers just sling together repetative questions with some badly worded questions that are confusing even to an adult.

Kids playing hide and seek. Nana shouting “no you’re not hiding in the fridge, get out”.

Fiona shouting at Jasper, “Get your clothes back on.”. This child seems to love wandering around in the nude.

Crammed in the paddling pool. Still, keeps them happy.

So much for a strict no TV before 17:00 law of retirement to only end up with constant “Oh Bear”, “Barbie Toy”, “Hungry Caterpillar”, Disney galore and other kiddy favorites all day.

19:00, hostilities haven’t ceased and they’re still all going wild, wound up like a fart in a skillet.

20:00, hostilities still haven’t ceased and they’re still going wilder than a pack of wild dogs on a three legged cat. Fiona’s polished the wine off but she’s still not chilled enough. I find it an interesting exercise in remaining tranquil as I enjoy watching them play and can marvel at how they learn. Best way to deal with the trauma, although noise cancelling hearing aids would be a great idea, then you could just turn them off, the kids that is.

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Where is the track and trace app that ministers were boasting about?

It has been delayed and downgraded from a central part of the system to the “cherry on the cake”. Officials hope that if and when it is working, technology will speed up tracing of contacts and pick up those who names you do not know, for example those who have been nearby on public transport.

Why have we tried to write our own app when Apple and Google have provided one for free. Spending millions on what will inevitably be a battery flattening failure. Worst still it’s the NHS that’s responsible for it. Have they not learnt anything. I wouldn’t trust the NHS to write a simple “Hello World” app.

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Well it seems like swearing can be good for you – especially when dealing with the software and websites written by 12 year olds who probably can’t even tie their own shoelaces. The technical term is the “hypoalgesic effect of swearing,” best illustrated by a 2009 study in NeuroReport by researchers at Keele University in the UK. The work was awarded the 2010 Ig Nobel Peace Prize, “for confirming the widely held belief that swearing relieves pain.” Co-author Richard Stephens, a psychologist at Keele, became interested in studying the topic after noting his wife’s “unsavory language” while giving birth, and wondered if profanity really could help alleviate pain. “Swearing is such a common response to pain. There has to be an underlying reason why we do it,” Stephens told Scientific American at the time

Beatrix on her new bike.

Read the “Hungry Caterpillar” to Beatrix for the Xth time, followed by 30 minutes excruciatingly boring maths homework with Jasper and then assaulted by Esther in an attempt to share the reading.

How a 1 year old improves its immune system. Brushing the dogs backside with her toothbrush seems to help. Gross! Hmm… this dogs tail doesn’t taste too bad either. Meanwhile Lexi just lies back and enjoys the attention.

Picked up my mountain bike from Kurt’s. Joy, it has a back wheel puncture. Fix that and then get my exercise for the week trying to pump the tyres up with a midgets hand pump.

Yet another PPP creation from madame Farage.

Putting the rear wheel back is as difficult as herding cats. Takes 30 minutes of cussing and fiddling to get it back. Why is it that most mechanical things are just so badly slung together, no thought for ease of maintenance.

It is hard to avoid the suspicion that the unions don’t really care about the data. They are doing what they always do: holding the government to ransom with children used as bargaining chips. In the midst of a crisis, it is particularly shameful.

What the friggin hell is vegan milk and vegan butter? And now we have vegan friendly hand sanitiser gel! Vegan burgers and steak was enough. If you don’t want meat fair enough, but why do you then want simulated meat? The World is going mad.

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Considering it’s an alcohol free day I’m quite pleased with how I’m coping and enjoying the grandkids.

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Guess where the Black Death plague came from? Yes, you guessed, it’s China. It looks like they’re still at it. Whilst I don’t accept the theory that SARS-CoV-2 was created as a weapon I do believe that it was a natural virus that escaped from a lab. It seems too much of a coincidence to me that the only high level lab in China, where bat virus were being studied, is located just 8 miles from the epicentre of the pandemic.

Here’s a tale of the Chinese regimes cover up:

Answer to the English test:

The morning went very quickly indeed, mainly thanks to Detective Jane, who was amazing! Wearing their own badges, the children talked about how to use clues to help find a missing person or item. They looked at the different patterns made by footprints and took their own fingerprints with special ink.

I just cant believe how ludicrous this is. To expect a 6 year old to know that detective should be a capital D because it’s in front of a name, whereas normally it would be lower case. What the hell is going on in our education system to expect such trivia? We only solved it as a guess and researched it on wiki. Even English teachers get this wrong. Someone needs to get a grip. This is KS1 for gods sake.

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Special Rant to highlight the stupidity of these protesters. Nigel Farage just highlights the facts:

But then again I don’t suppose any of these thugs and scum of the World are really interested in the facts or common sense.

What is their objective other than causing chaos, violence and spreading the virus. If it turns violent then water cannon, perhaps with a dash of bleach to help kill the virus, rubber bullets and tear gas. No problem with sensible legal peaceful protests, but they are breaking the law, putting us all at increased risk. Why should our police be subjected to this violence. Also find it interesting that I haven’t seen any articles saying why this black dude was being arrested and why it took 4 police officers to hold him down. Why? Because they’re all shit scared of being labelled racist.

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