20200225 – Wining And Dining; Buy British


Lazy morning with The Times, very depressing, and The Wall Street Journal, much more enjoyable as the sheninaigans over here don’t really worry me, then off for a two hour pickleball lesson. Training leaves a lot to be desired as they’ve got greedy and have more attendess than there are court places so they introduce all sorts of complex and crazy schemes to cope. Spend more time understanding the next hair brained scheme to cope with overload than to concentrate on the training point. Most of us are as confused as a baby in a topless bar.

Wendy has a stroll down to Kimble and picks me up at pickleball. Then it’s off to Whole Pay Packet for some shopping. Customer services tell us that we can’t use our UK Amazon Prime for discounts, but as you can imagine I try it and lo and behold a miracle has occured and it works. Typical useless customer services. Don’t really know the answer; don’t want to admit they don’t know; don’t want to find out so fob you off.

Laurrie and Mike come round for dinner. Laurrie brings a plate of chocolate chip cookies, lovely and soft, just how they should be. Steak and Kidney pie followed by English pancakes with apple and cinnamon – it is pancake day after all. Have a fun evening and some bonny wine.
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Another lazy start. Wendy off to the Christian Centre for the day and I’m planning on pickleball for the aftrnoon. Then I get a call from Carol, Hal’s been taken to the ER so I look after Angela for the afternoon while Carol deals with Hal.

Angelas doing the declaration of independence at school so we have an interesting afternoon discussing that and then start to watch the film of the musical 1776. Angela stays for tea, well dinner as she calls it.

PCMR base.

Hal’s stopping in hospital overnight for further tests.

Then it’s an alcohol free evening and we start watching the new series “The Hunters” on Prime. Looks like it will be good.
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Off down to the gun club with Mike.

Then back home for a 2.5-mile stroll in the snow with Wendy. It’s another gorgeous day here in paradise. Followed by a quick shower and change and off to a snowshoe party at Laurrie and Mikes. Just another normal fun-filled day here in paradise.

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A federal appeals court said the Trump administration can withhold funds from New York City and seven states that have declared themselves sanctuaries from federal immigration policies, setting the stage for possible U.S. Supreme Court action.

Bizarre, how can you have cities and states that defy the law and get away with it. It’s a democracy, if you don’t like the law then try and vote to change it, but until then obey it. All part of our social contract but of course the loony left and snowflakes want to ignore it.


Lazy morning.

Pickleball afternoon for me and christian centre for Wendy.

In the evening Bob and Marilyn pick us up to go to sports club bash – AGM, drinks, dinner and dancing (pass). Good company but not all that impressed. I think for $40 each we’ll give it a miss next year.

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Here we go in the BREXIT negotiations. Much as I’m an ardent BREXITEER fisheries it seems will be an overblown issue.

Fisheries (0.12% of the UK economy) have been a powerful symbol for Brexiteers. They may now become one of the starkest examples of the folly of no deal.

Overall, the UK imports 70% of the fish we eat and exports 80% of what we catch.

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