20200229 – Sloppy Joes; Snowing So A Great Day For A Walk


Another one off my food plate list. Sloppy Joe – awesome Haute Cuisine.

Bit of a grey day, it’s getting ready for a snow storm tomorrow. Snowshoe and walk with Bob and Marilyn.

Then Wendy goes shopping with Marily at Smiths so that means I’m excused, hallelujah. But I take a walk down to Kimble junction. Not a good day to shop, too busy, so best avoid Saturdays in future. It’s not as if we are so busy that we can only go oat the weekend.

In the evening it’s round to B&M’s for sloppy joe slidders, another American delicacy I can cross off my bucket list. Love them, my sort of food, especially with cheese, onions and cowboy candy. Really need to add these to our UK menus.

Then catch up on more “Hunters” when we get home.
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Remaining delicacies on my American food bucket list:

Utah scone
Chilli dog
Pepperoni rolls
Chicken with white barbecue sauce – Alabama
Chilli cheeseburger
Rocky mountain oysters – Colarado
Potato chowder – Idaho
Hoosier pie – Indiana
Cinnamon rolls
Mississippi mud pie
Huckleberry pie – Montana

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Let’s all start buying British or at least not buying European. Let’s start to believe in ourselves.


Walk in the snow. Exhilarating.

Lazy day, hunkered down as we have light snow all day. By md-afternoon I’m getting restless so set of for a walk in all that new snow while it’s still snowing. Hard going without snowshoes or yak tracks but just love it. Not many people out and about.

It’s a no-alcohol day and yet I still nod off during “Hunters”.

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Isn’t it about time we kicked Turkey out of NATO and treated them like the pariah state they are.


Lazy morning and then pickleball in the afternoon.

In the evening we’re off to dinner with Sylvia and David at Squatters. Good wine and not too expensive but the Reubens was a tad disappointing. Have a great evening catching up with them.

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This is what an excess of religion gets you.

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This Covid-19 is becoming a field day for the press. They’ll talk us into a crisis.


Really lazy morning. Then I’ve another pickleball lesson. Not so sure they’re really doing me any good. All about dinking. You sure get a sweat on doing it. It’s as crazy as ever. we’re supposed to dink 6 shots and then volley if possible. Seems good to me, except that they don’t really want you to volley, you have to be nice. What is the point you play the volley to win, what the hell am I learning by being told not to volley too hard. It’s instinctive and if you don’t like receiving a hard and fast volley, then don’t play pickleball.

Carol and Angela come round to pick up Angela’s birthday present, she’s eleven, how time flies we’ve known her since she was one.

Mike and Betti come round for dinner.

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Of course the EU want it all and to teach use lesson.
Bugger them let’s make Britain great again and have some confidence and pride in our country.

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Bunch or rag heads.

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Surely rather than paying Turkey such a massive bribe it would be cheaper to just re-enforce the EU borders.
Yet another great reason to escape from the Evil Union.

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