20200221 – Cinema And Ice Hockey


Off snowshoeing, gorgeous blue sky day but cold. What can you expect.

Then after lunch, it’s pickleball for me and Christian centre for Wendy.

The evening includes some wine and my new Whiskey – Legacy – wow it’s under $20, has a score of 86 points, and is so very mellow.

Wendy and I try the various country’s nationality tests. Here are the results:

USA We both pass and could become US citizens

Australia We both pass and could become Australian citizens

UK Only I pass, Wendy fails and would not be eligible for UK citizenship. Mind you when you look at the bizarre questions you do start to wonder about their relevance.

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Front page news on the Times.

Michael O’Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair, has said that Muslim men should be profiled at airports because “that is where the threat is coming from”.

In an interview with The Times, the businessman said that if the tactic were deployed to prevent terrorism, it would “generally be males of a Muslim persuasion” who were flagged.

Mr O’Leary, 58, criticised existing airport security and said that checks for families should be less stringent as “the chances [they] are going to blow them all up is zero”.

The comments were condemned by charities and an MP, who accused him of Islamophobia and stoking racism.

How can saying something that is factually correct, obvious, logical and just plain common sense be racist or Islamophobic? I strongly agree with him. My life is being put at increased risk due to these snowflake-inspired policies. They should be targeting all of their resources on the highest risk and by not doing so are increasing the chances of a jihadi getting through.

Ask yourself this. If there were two identical flights, one with current screening and one with profile screening, which would you prefer to get on? I rest my case.


Wendy and I go for a walk around Willow Creek, she walks on the hardpack and I snowshoe in the deep snow. Well it may only be two miles but I’m exhausted. One of those very rare occaisions when Wendy walks faster than me. I did this yesterday and wasn’t anywhere near as exhausted as I am today.

Costco walk in freezer.

Drive down to Salt Lake for our Costco trip. Pick up from R&R some ribs for me and brisket for Wendy’s tea. They’re amazing, I can’t finish all mine.

We should have been going to a basket ball game with Mike and Laurrie but it was a sellout. Instread we settle for some TV. Sadly it’s a no alcohol day.

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Had a walk down to Kimble Junction, all of the 3 miles on the hardpacked farm trail.

In the evening we live like locals with a night out at the library cinema to watch “just mercy”. Just $7 and bring your own bowl for popcorn. Every shape and type of bowl you can imagine, but we are not that local. Alas no wine on sale tonight. Perhaps it’s because it’s Sunday. Strange these Mormon ways. There advice is to smuggle your own in. I’m sure there’ll be some sort of religious commandments against this enshrined in those gold plates. 

R&R for the second best ribs ever.

What a cracking good film. A modern day “Kill a Mocking Bird”. Is Alabama still like that?

Best of all about going to the pictures in America is the crazy clapping during and at the end. Bizarre. They can’t hear you. Like the true snow flakes who dreamed it up have they never heard of jazz hands. So much more politically correct and so less offensive to those with hearing problems or are stressed out by clapping.

On the positive side at least they don’t stand up. Next time we go I’m going to sit on the front row, at the end I’m going to stand up to see how many lemmings follow suit.

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A somewhat cold grey day. Catch the bus up to fresh market and the bank and then walk back down the farm Trail. The wind is so cold but what can you expect it is a ski resort. It’s about a 3 mile walk along the hardpacked snowy path.

Ice Hockey Utah finals.

Then the afternoon is pickle ball for me and shopping for Wendy. Followed by a quick shower and turn around as we head off to Barbara and Steve‘s for dinner. Then on to watch the Utah high school ice hockey State finals. It’s a great game in a majestic stadium, with good company, and all for the amazing price of $3. Yet another great day here in paradise. 

Park City Miners High School win the state championship. Now they’re off to Dallas for the American finals. Well done.

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