20200209 – Mickey Mouse Towm


Lovely sunny day. Drive up to Dunedin after the usual lazy morning. It’s a buzzing place. Last night we went to dinner there and the place was hopping, livelier than Clitheroe on a Saturday night, but alas despite the balmy evening scantily class wrenches were a tad rarer.

Wendy has her usual lunch on the pier s as we watch pelicans scooping up minnows into their amazing expanding chins.

Have a leisurely stroll around in hope of finding a cafe for coffee. No chance they’re all restaurants full of excess adipose tissue stuffing themselves to accumulate more.

Sit around the pool when we get back, but soon flew indoors as it’s just too hot. How anyone copes with Florida in summer I’ll never know.

Just the thing for rocking tables, every restaurant should have them.

Don’t I just love watching Curb Your Enthusiasm with Lary David, America’s Victor Meldrew. He comes out with some amazing rants that I can truly associate with. Like Rocking tables in cafes and restaurants and how difficult it is to get money out of pockets when in the car – hence traffic light beggers will never get rich.

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Sick of passwords and the daily grind of remembering them, waiting for a one-time passcode and a plethero of other strategies designed to drive us all nuts. I wouldn’t mind but to have then for a trivial web site like donkey sanctuaries just takes the carrot.

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Trump is so right. Who in their right mind would trust this lying barbaric 7th century islamic regime where lying to infidels is mandated in the quran.

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Watched question time it seems tame and boring now BREXIT is over. Whatever happened to the excitement and passion, the outbursts, rants and raves. Never mind at least over here we have the excitement and pantomime of impeachment followed by the election of a president. How do the Americans cope with 18 months of this nonsense every four years?


Another gorgeous sunny day.

Drive up to Honeymoon island state park. Visit the nature centre and discover why it’s called honeymoon island. At last we get to have a coffee and then a pleasant stroll along the beach. Then sat like two old dears on a swing just watching the world go by. Who knows perhaps one day we’ll even come and spend a day sat on the beach – I doubt it.

Supermarket for our tea then it’s an alcohol free evening watching Netflix.

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I think that we should make change immigration laws:

If any family arrive they should consider them selves welcome “guests” for three generations. They should have all benefits and citizenship as now, but administratively the family must demonstrate loyalty and support for their new home. Over three generations, disobeying the law, defrauding the taxpayer, or trying to kill the population should automatically result in expulsion and return to the original land, for all the family.

This will concentrate minds, and assist mum’s and dads of “lovely children”, and communities, increase support for the British state, and for its values.


Our hotel.

Depart our home exchange and drive up to Orlando for 4 nights. Home exchange was comfortable and clean, the only downside was a decrpit kitchen, not a handle on doors or drawers, and the outside needed some tender loving care. At least we had 10 days at zero cost.

Tonight’s tea along with some scallops. But those rubber bands need some sauce on them and some extra time cooking.

Takes us about 90 minutes to get to our Comfort Suite hotel in Kissimmee. Very comfortable suite and well situated.

Have a leisurely coffee around the pool and get talking to an American couple from Atlanta, both ardent Trump fans. Have a pleasant afternoon putting the World to rights. Amazing how similar their problems are.

Go to the Red Lobsster for dinner. Just love obster but so much better having it prepared for you rather than having a whole lobster and having to excavate the green gunge inside yourselve.

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Boris Johnson faces a legal fight to keep terrorists locked up after Labour’s Shami Chakrabarti and civil rights groups today hinted they could challenge an emergency law to stop terrorists being automatically released. Bloody snowflakes strike again.


At lasts a waffle for breakfast, not just any waffle but a Mickey Mouse waffle and to top it all they’re made for you. Although there is something quite rewarding in mastering the waffle machine and cooking your own breakfast. Mastery of a waffle machine should be a mandatory element of any American citizen test, along with mastery of a giant gas barbecue.

Drive down to Hollywood Studios. The only reason we’re calling in at Disney is to truly brass my kids off by going to see the Star Wars Park. They’re 30+year old Star Wars geeks. Going to Disney without a rug rat seems almost bizarre, it’s a wonder don’t have a Rent A Rug Rat counter at the entrance to all their theme parks for all the old saddos with no kids with them.

Hot, busy, clean and impressive. Catch a few of the shows and manage to get a free Fastpass into the Toy Story shooting ride, thanks to a kind attendant who obviously took pity on these two poor old dears who allegedly had no idea what a Fastpass was.

Finally, get to the Star Wars land, busy but not overly so. Amazing that I manage to get on the Millenium Falcom Smugglers run ride with only a 15-minute wait by joining the Singles line. Wendy gives it a miss, which given the roughness of the simulator ride was a smart move. The ride is just short enough to avoid you having to shout for Huey or Ruth, and still keep my breakfast.

An impressive new land. The attention to detail is amazing and although there are only two rides there is a lot going on.

Watch a Frozen Singalong – how sad is that. The woman next to me is orgasmic, more moves than a belly dancer, waving arms and body, singing along to the songs, trying to encourage her 5-year-old who has her head in her hands in disgust at her Mothers behavior.

At last, a leisurely coffee and some people watching. Orlando, the blobby capital of America, a magnet for excess adipose tissue. It’s quite depressing. More blobbies than good bacteria in a fat gut. Interesting how one of the family has an excess of adipose tissue then the rest of the family seems to suffer the same. The biggest threat here is being run down by a blobby in their electric dodgem.

Tea tonight is a Taco Bell at long last. Alas very disappointing, I think Taco Bell will no longer be top of my Junk Food list.

After 48 years of marriage has it come to this?

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Ideal weapon for jihadis.

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One in the eye for all the Remoaners and doubters:

Britain had the third-fastest growing economy in the G7 group of advanced nations last year even though it stagnated in the final quarter.

Official figures show that the economy beat expectations to grow by 1.4 per cent last year. The UK outperformed France, Germany and Italy, which grew by 1.3 per cent, 0.5 per cent and 0.2 per cent respectively.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), growth picked up to 0.3 per cent in December alone. The annual 1.4 per cent growth rate meant that Britain was behind only the US and Canada, which posted growth of 2.2 per cent and 1.5 per cent respectively.

Oh yea of little faith in your country.

Nothing like a good screw. First time I’vs ever seen an Archimedes spiral. I bet you’re all orgasmic.

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