20180306 – More Whiskey Tasting; More Skiing; Riverdance


Last of the great snow covered days.

Ski leader today for the Leisure Ski group groomed greens and blues with the all important break for coffee. Quite a big turnout, 8 of them. But what a group they were a bit like greedy starving eagle chicks all braying for regurgitated worms and attention every time we stopped. “Where are we going?”, “Which way?”, “Which lift?”, “Me”, “Me” and more “Me”. They were so busy braying for attention that they often didn’t hear where we were going. I’d stop, and when they’re altogether tell them, and then repeat it at the next stop, but no they just couldn’t wait for that. Overall a great blue bird days skiing, just a tad intense.

Wendy’s at the Hospital, volunteering.

In the evening we pick Bob and Marilyn up and go down to Cortana, a quaint little, draughty, Italian restaurant. Draught from the door was enough to freeze and blow the balls off a brass monkey. Food was pretty good but in future try and get a table at the rear, away from the draughty door.
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Coffee time.

Lazy morning skiing on my own. Awesome bluebird day. Snow’s a tad hard packed.

You do have to worry about people who ask you where you’re from and when you answer England they come out with trite phases like “cool”. Then in the next breath proceed to ask you if you know so and so who lives in Manchester. Just how many people do they think lives in our “little old country”?

Wendy’s at the Christian Centre all day.

Get a phone call from the kids to say there’s a leak in the garage. Looks like a cap off the hot water pipes comes off and it’s been spewing out hot water for god knows how long. Dread to think of the resulting gas and water bill. Garage is like a tropical rain forest with steam water dripping from the ceiling.

Perhaps this would be a better secretary bird!

Then to make matters even worse get a debt chasing email for payment of the remainder of my hospital bill from last April. Yes, good old Axa still not settled it and are now saying I’m not covered. More crap to deal with. Anything else to rain on my blue bird day.

In the afternoon I go down to the gun range, try out a Sig Sauer P238 and punch some holes in an Axa target. A dinky little 6 round automatic that fires 38 ammo. A real kick with that ammo from such a small gun. Finally get to master it. Very neat would easily fit in your pocket and with that ammo is pretty powerful.

Evening’s a quiet evening in watching TV.
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Just seen the ultimate scumboarder as she crawls across the slope like an arthritic tortoise with her scumboard dragging behind her. Pity they don’t all come down the slopes like this, that way there’d be no problem with them.


Just seen one of these hurtling down the rod. Obviously an American White Jack Rabbit as it was on the right hand side.

Start the day with a call to Axa UK to resolve why this bill has not been paid. Lazy call centre scrot passes me over to Chicago who are dealing with the payment. 3 Chicago departments later, including the need to learn Spanish because some dago keeps say Hola, I’m transferred back to Axa UK’s Direct Line department. Only problem is I’m with Amex Platinum. Ring back in and get good old Dean, the bright spark whoops so keen to get me over to Chicago rather than take ownership of the problem. Tell him either take ownership of the problem or pass me through to a manager. Without even a by your leave he transfers me to who his manager. The first sentient human being I’ve spoken to in the past 75 minutes, he appears to have a brain, some drive and willing to show some customer care, enterprise and take ownership of the problem. He can’t see why they’ve refused the claim. Mind you even he admits his call centre staff are generally useless and as to dealing with Chicago it will take hime days. By now I’m totally frazzled, ready to go on a rampage with an AR15 in the Axa call centre. If I wasn’t driving I’d have a good slug of High West Double Rye.

Another blue bird day but with a difference. Pick Helen up and we go cross country skiing with the PCMSC. Hard work. 90 minutes and didn’t find a single lift. No coffee – uncivilised. Unfortunately I’m the only light bulb changer (male) amongst about 20 women, most of whom are good cross country skiers.

Wendy’s latest creation.

After 90 minutes I’m knackered and ready for a beer.

Wendy joins us all for a noisy lunch at the Jeremy Ranch Golf Club. Enjoy a pretty awesome Reubens and because the tap water tastes like cardboard have to resort to a couple of pints of Pilsner. I really shouldn’t break my 1st Commandment – “Don’t drink during the day”.

A great night out with Jere and Diane and friends, dinner, wine and bourbon then off to see “The Ventures”. Never heard of them before but have heard so much of their music. Powerful and awesome live. I wonder whether the Shadows were as awesome live?
Then end to another perfect day here in paradise with a nightcap of High West’s rare “Midwinter Nights Dram” at Butchers bar.
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On International Women’s day what words of enlightenment, what divine guidance does the Quran give on this issue?

Liberated women of the religion of pieces and permanent offence.

The Qur’an teaches that men are superior to women and should beat those from whom they “fear disobedience”: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

The Qur’an likens a woman to a field (tilth), to be used by a man as he wills: “Your women are a tilth for you, so go to your tilth as you will” — Qur’an 2:223

It declares that a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man: “Get two witnesses, out of your own men, and if there are not two men, then a man and two women, such as you choose, for witnesses, so that if one of them errs, the other can remind her” — Qur’an 2:282

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No wonder everyone in America wanders around with sunglasses on, It’s them dam American teeth. Pearly white teeth, brighter than the midday sun. What is this perverted obsession with blinding white teeth? At least today I encountered an American on the lift whose teeth were worse than a manky sharks teeth. Best of all he smelt like he’d drank a whole days output of the high west distillery, enough to get me a SkiUI conviction.


Hmm.. Not sure whether this would gone down well in downtown Blackburn?

Pass on bowling today and go for a leisurely ski on a blue bird day. Much too warm. Cruelty to snow.

Lazy afternoon as Wendy’s at the CC.

Pass on the TGIF and have a quiet evening in for a change.
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“We are all born ignorant, but one mustwork hard to remain stupid”  Ben Franklin

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What is it with the US mobile phone system. You can never hear anyone on a call. All calls start with “Can you hear me?”, “yes, I can hear you. Can you hear me?. This standard salutation then get’s repeated about 4 times, like an extract from the Halle Luyah chorus, before you finally get down to the conversation. Then someone ignites a long lasting firecracker on the line to ensure we can’t understand a syllable. By which time my nerves are frazzled and I’ve lost the will to live never mind talk to anyone. Then to top it all you find that the sound quality is so degraded that it would be simpler to use two tin cans linked by string or resort to smoke signals.

Sadly not a patch on the UK technology – probably get deported for criticising anything bigger and better.


Whiskey tasting, yet again.

It’s a lovely sunny morning, too warm really, so we both catch the bus into Main Street for a stroll and walk back home – get some exercise to compensate for skipping skiing. Saturdays are way too busy and full of rug rats.

High West distillery.

In the afternoon Bob and Marilyn pick us up and we go on a tour of the High West Whiskey Distillery. Tours only 30 minutes but interesting and best of all followed by a whiskey tasting session. Get to try their very rare “Light Whiskey”, oh so smooth and expensive. Wendy treats me to a bottle for our Wedding anniversary. Also get a bottle of their Bourye that I’ve been promising myself – so much cheaper to drink these at home than in a bar.

Wendy drives Marilyn’s car home, she’s the only one who’s not drinking – doesn’t like whiskey.

Awesome rare whiskey – wedding anniversary gift from Wendy.

Go to Full House (that’s the name of the place) for dinner.

Then Wendy and Marilyn go off to the Eccles centre to See Riverdance – free tickets from Lorraine and Wally at the CC. Not my glass of whiskey, so I stay home and watch “Heartbreak Ridge”, an all American hero classic with Clint Eastwood. Also check out the Light Whiskey and Bourye I’ve just bought – they’re fine, not “corked” or gone off in the bottle. Perfect end to yet another perfect day here in paradise.
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High West distillery.

Lazy start to the day. Toddle off up to PC for a few ski runs and coffee. Awesome bluebird day yet again, but I’m distraught at snow melt. Bloody climate change, I wouldn’t mind I’m doing my bit by catching the free bus every day to the ski slopes rather than burning a gallon of petrol in my all american gas guzzler. And what thanks do I get for this supreme sacrifice? None. Instead the snows melting.

Chat to some folks from Kansas on the lift> The best they can come up with as reason to visit Kansas is they have great barbecues. Sad.

Awesome view from Apres ski hosts back garden.

In the afternoon we’re off to an Apres ski party. What an awesome view of the mountains, there is from the home.

Really hate this afternoon drinking, but I suffer it to be sociable. Problem is I then fall asleep in the evening with the usual risk of smashed wine glasses. Fortunately Wendy’s sorted that issue with some stemless – low centre of gravity – wine glasses from the CC.

It appears that 50% of my blog readers (Diane) thinks that my blogs mellowing. Well crap a dead cat, I’m swivel eyed with that news. Looks like I need more whiskey and wine whilst writing my blog. Promise to do better.
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Some reaction to Trump becoming “your President”.

Why do people keep apologising to us for Trump. It seems that they must all be foreigners, have abandoned their US citizenship or undocumented aliens, as they always point out “He’s not our president”.


More from the High West.

Lazy ski morning, give the snow time to warm up. Had the luxury of a lift to PCMR base as Wendy off shopping with Marilyn – sounds expensive. No doubt it’ll cost me dearly with the “bargains” she encounters. Sadly too late a start to ski with Helens group. Devastated when she ski’s past me without so much as a heckle to “get a move on”. Snow’s either icy or a slush puppy. Too warm, just like spring skiing.

At one stage in the morning I think I’m back skiing in Europe as I watch this blond trollop crawl under the rope in order to improve her position in the lift line by 1 person – she’s off er rocker, as mad as box of frogs.

In the evening we’re off round to Bob and Marilyn’s for dinner. Good Italian food (eggplant parmesan courtesy of Bob and his Mothers family recipe), good wine and good company.

Prayers go out to Chione for some snow.

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Whatever has happened to Syeten? Have they finally been silenced by the snowflakes in the PC brigade, who are out to destroy free speech? We really do need to start worrying about the curtailment of free speech. From the left wing do good nazis. One day we’ll wake up, too late, and find its gone.

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