20170602 – Escape To Paradise For Summer

Friday – hot and sunny.

On our way.

Well we’re escaping again for 10 weeks in Park City – AKA Paradise without the need for suicide.

Wendy swigs down the last dregs of the brandy in the airport lounge, chomps on her tablets and staggers aboard the big metal bird. Pretty comfortable flight although the seats are a tad close together. A cynic, not me of course, might think it’s a marketing department plot to sell extra leg room.

Atlanta immigration is the usual free for all chaos. They have a cast of hundreds wandering around trying to improve the follow. Sadly they’re not the brightest knifes in the box and they add to the chaos.

Wendy gets interrogated. “Do you have a visa, it’s not showing here.”, “Good job you’re not that Wendy Edwards ” as he looks at photos of the baddies. Then finally “hang on, you need to be interrogated” – computer says. Wendy’s passport is daintily dropped into a sealed clear plastic folder as if it’s some sort of lethal pathogen and we’re led off for a root march around the airport. Finally we’re dumped into a glass goldfish bowl and the doors locked. We’re the only English speakers in there, the majority seem to be sombrero wearers.

On our way to paradise.

One women is extracted. We watch through the sides of the goldfish bowl as she spends 35 minutes having every nook and cranny of her luggage searched. Any minute now we’re expecting the slap of a rubber glove.

Suddenly some wizzened old witch, who looks like she’s one of the three witches in Macbeth, with more metal badges than a Disney worshipper, wraps on the window, points at my mobile and signals me to put it away and sit. By this time I’m starting to think, my visas ok, I’m alright jack, perhaps I should leave the criminal in here and slope off to the airport lounge for some food, wine and relaxation.

Finally after an hour the criminal is summoned to the door and an armed, flack jacketed immigration officer explains that it’s all a computer screw up, Now there’s a surprise, and she can go. He’s fixed it. No it shouldn’t happen again. It’s not normally this busy, hence the delay. No apology.

Dash off to the lounge, so Wendy can get her brandy and tablets ready for the next flight.

Final flight is on time and very comfortable, although I’m sat next to some freak who wants to tell me every random thought firing off in that empty skull of hers. Verbal diarrhoea.

Call in at the supermarket for breakfast and manage to restrain Wendy from marauding the isles. Get back “home” around 22:30 local time, just 23 hours since we left. It’s great to be back and the house feels like home as all our things are in there as we left them.
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No this isn’t a joke it’s a real example of American enterprise in action. Advertised on a school Rounders – sorry Baseball – field to boot. How perverse is that. Obviously their marketing department had a brain wave.

Fancy getting this as a Father day present – depressing thought.

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Pat Condell on Women defend yourselves:

Saturday – hot and sunny.

Our back deck with giant barbie and jacuzzi.

Up at the crack of sparrows as usual on the first day. It’s just great having all our gear here, along with food and more importantly wine from last time.

Sadly no coffee in the house so having the luxury of a car I toddle off to Starbucks to get some supplies. Having a car is great but it does make you idle.

While Wendy toddles off for her weekly treat with a trip to the supermarket I set off to scout out a suitable 3 mile leisure hike. In true American fashion, everything heres has to be bigger and better, so they call it a hike, but it’s really a walk, to be brutally honest a stroll would be even better. Just 3 miles, with one of the most spectacular espresso’s I’ve ever tasted, at the half way stage.

Carol and Angela pop in to welcome us back.

And by 20:00 we’re ready for bed.
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Views from the back deck.

Yes, another horrendous attack and slaughter from the religion of pieces and permanent offence. It seems like prayers, vigils, flowers, fine words, coloured light up of monuments and rants of righteous indignation have not done the trick and “stricken fear into the hearts” of the jihadis.

First we had “BREXIT means BREXIT”. Now we have “enough enough”. At least we have a step forward in that “they” are using the words “islamist extremism” but still they persist with the head in the sand view that it is “…an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth”.

When will “they” recognise we are at war?

When will “they” recognise that islam is the problem?

When will “they” recognise that islamists want sharia not democracy?

When will “they” do something?

If you doubt it go read the Quran.

How can we tolerate 23,000 suspects in our midst and not take some drastic action.

And no, not all muslims are extremists. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some very kind muslims who you’d be proud to call your friend. But muslims do need to radically reform their religion. The problem is you have to see, first hand, how they treat women and of course their views on apostasy to understand how whole communties can be cowed by the bearded ones.

Sunday – hot and sunny.

Silly Market.

Up and off for a walk to the Silly market. As usual it’s full of tree huggers, jewellery and doggy stalls. Quaint social gathering.

Have lunch / coffee at the Town lift.

Walk back and that’s 5 miles round trip for the day.

In the evening Wendy goes off with the Schmitt family to watch Beauty and the Beast at the Empire. They’ve bought her tickets and thankfully assumed I would not want to go – spot on, I’d rather study the leaves shimmering in the Aspens.

They all enjoy it. Wendy thought it was great and Angela stayed awake all the way through.

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Park city main street.

Finding something positive to say here in paradise is not difficult. It’s just awesome, great scenery, lovely town, plenty to do and such friendly people. Tempting to become an undocumented immigrant.

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Here we are in the land of the free; land of free enterprise; the dollar rules and a great constitution. Yet when I go in a liquor store they’re all state controlled. They all sell exactly the same limited choice – I don’t know who buys their beers but they obviously have limited vision, in fact I suspect I suspect they’re teetotal.

Then there’s the violation of the 1st Amendment – though shalt not recognise any religion – and yet they close on a Sunday. How do they get away with that. Yes, it’s a Mormon thing. A fairly innocuous religion, who unlike the extremists of the religion of pieces and permanent offence, seem to do no one any harm. Apart that is from a thirsty alcoholic on a Sunday. But give me a Mormon any day, they’re such nice people and their extremist may well go around marrying 4 wives and trying, with single genitalia, to populate the state of Utah. Perhaps we should have forced conversion of all muslims to Mormons, after all said their religion starts with the same letter – good enough for me.

Monday – hot and sunny.

Inside Costco’s freezer.

Time for a trip down to Costco. Call in at the Archery store first to se about an Archery evening, then it’s a lunch tour around Costco, grazing all the free samples.

Hal and Angela pop round to pick up their piggies. Good to see him, he’s looking good.

In the evening we catch up with “House of Cards’. Don’t think this 5th season is as good as the others.
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Park city.

WTF is going on in my country? The bed wetting, PC brigade have truly lost the plot and have disappeared so far up their own rectum that they can’t see what the hell they’re doing.

A British mayoral candidate has caused controversy after delivering a video manifesto on the BBC website completely in Urdu.
Mohammed Aslam, who is an independent candidate for Greater Manchester ‘Metro Mayor’, appeared on the BBC News site’s “minute manifesto” series, in which each candidate is given one minute to spell out their policies.

However, the corporation appears to have had to dub over Mr Aslam’s speech after he delivered it in a foreign language.
Janice Atkinson, an independent member of the European Parliament, tweeted saying: “If you can’t/won’t speak English you have no right to stand in elections. You cannot represent our people, culture and values. Stand down.”

It remains unclear whether Mr Aslam is in fact unable to speak English or whether he simply refused to do so.
According to the BBC website, Mr Aslam was born in Faisalbad, Pakistan and moved to Manchester 17 years ago. He is the director of a property letting company, and says he wants to make the area “more developed and a modern region”….

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Music on a hike.

Wendy’s off to volunteer at the hospital. I go on a PCMSC leisure hike. Just 3 miles to the old Barn. A pleasant stroll.

Meet the Leisure hikes co-ordinator. Find it somewhat bizarre that they should want to discourage “too many” leisure hikes when volunteers are prepared to give up their time.

Leisurely afternoon followed by more of “House of Cards” in the evening.
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Yes Minister explains the EEC (EU)

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

The famous old barn.

Wendy’s off volunteering at the Christian Centre. I decide to explore the Lost Prospector and Masonic Trail around Masonic hill. Wow it may only be 3 miles but it tough. I think the moral of the story is don’t try and hike black /expert mountain bike trails. They’re tough for bikers and certainly tough on geriatrics who still have 16 year old mind but not the bodies to match and who haven’t acclimatised to mountain life with limited oxygen – 7,000 feet here.

Pick Wendy up from the Christian Centre. They’re all such friendly soles and Wendy comes out with more bagels, sandwiches and cakes, that will stretch the side of a giant US freezer. Can’t complain, looks like it’ll be butties for tomorrows tea. They get that much donated that anything that they think will go to waste they give out to their volunteers. They sure look after Wendy. I doubt we’ll ever have to buy bakery items ever again.

In the afternoon I go up to NAC Archery range for the Archery instructors course. A bit of a fish out of water surrounded by all these bubbling teenagers who are NAC summer camp volunteers and interns etc. They’re all having a great timed no doubt under age drinking and nookie features in their enjoyment.

More “House of Cards” in the evening.
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Why the UK is in the EU

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Park City from Masonic hill.

Huge scale of terror threat revealed: UK home to 23,000 jihadists.

Let’s stop blaming the security services and police. They are swamped and given the size of the problem they are doing a great job.

Let’s start demanding that the PC bed wetting politicians do something more than fine words, vigils, prayers, half mast flags and other platitudes. I’m sure these are not “striking fear into the hearts” of the islamist.

Let’s start by recognising we are at war, and saying so.

Let’s start by naming the problem, speaking the words “the problem is islam”. Yes, of course not all muslims are islamist but the problem is in their community and they need to be seen to be doing a lot about it and routing out these losers.

Let’s realise that we are going to have to take drastic measures that will impinge upon all our freedoms.

We are at war and should:

Deer Valley from Masonic Hill.

1 Offer each one of these 23,000 three choices, leave the country and surrender any British citizenship (the preferred option); interment, preferably on some inhospitable, cold and wet island; tagging.

2 Stop allowing known Jihadis back into the country. I really don’t give a rats if they become stateless. The 400 who have come back from ISIS should be immediately kicked out and their citizenship revoked.

3 Close any mosques or place of worship attended by anyone guilty of a terroist attack or planned terrorist attack.

4 Deport the leaders, and their immediate family, of any mosque or place of worship in 2 above. Also deport the immediate family of anyone involved in a terrroist attack or planned attack.

5 Appoint volunteer worship monitors who will attend all meetings in places of worship to monitor content for extremism. In the vent of extremism then the place will be closed. If they’re not promoting extremism they’ve nothing to fear by it.

6 Appoint volunteer education monitors who will attend religious schools to monitor for extremism and report into OFSTED. In the event of extremism then the school will be closed.

7 In the event that places of worship or religious school refuse to voluntarily let monitors attend, then close them.

8 Ban all sharia courts.

9 Ban the burka as a message to regain our culture and stop the rot of this failed multiculturalism that has got us into this problem.

10 Apply a 400% VAT on Halal meet products and remove it from our schools as a message to regain our culture.

11 Remove all blasphemy laws and encourage open criticism of all religions.

12 Remove the word islamophobia from our vocabularies. Recognise that it is quite rational to fear islam.

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