20150906 – Cannons; Bacon, Banana and Peanut Butter Toasty; Snakes; Immigration Madness


Sunday – hot and sunny.


Bacon, banana and peanut butter toasty - also known as an Elvis.

Bacon, banana and peanut butter toasty – also known as an Elvis.

Start the day with a good breakfast consisting of a Tennessee speciality I’ve unearthed, a bacon, banana and peanut butter toasty, with a splash of honey – apparently also known as an Elvis, as it was one of his favourites. What chance does so called French cuisine have against this awesome junk food. Pretty good, but Macaroni pudding still reigns supreme.

A day of history as we go down to the Kennesaw Mountain battlefield to watch a demonstration of cannon firing. Chat with the volunteers about them thar times. Makes you wonder how they coped. Never mind the bullets, cannons and disease, they also wore thick heavy uniforms in 90 – 100 degree (33C to 36C) heat. On top of that the bugs around hear bite. I can attest to that as my feet have been a feast for the local bugs.

Kneesaw mountain gun crew.

Kneesaw mountain gun crew.

Have a browse round the visitors centre, museum and watch an interesting film on the battle.

Luxury, real books in this home library. Get to read “Go Set a Watchman” the so called sensation from Harper Lee. It’s strange there’s no epic plot, instead it’s almost mundane but the characters suck you in. My, oh my the PC nazi stormtroopers would have a real hissy fit reading this, can you believe it keeps on using the “N” word!

More goofy laws in Georgia:

No one may carry an ice cream cone in their back pocket if it is Sunday.

It is illegal to use profanity in front of a dead body which lies in a funeral home or in a coroners office.

Members of the state assembly cannot be ticketed for speeding while the state assembly is in session.

Donkeys may not be kept in bathtubs.

Live cannon firing at Kennesaw Mountain.

Live cannon firing at Kennesaw Mountain.

A bakery whose Christian owners refused to make a cake carrying a pro-gay marriage slogan has been found guilty of discrimination after a landmark legal action. So let’s go ask a Muslim baker to decorate a cake with Mohamed on and see what happens.


Monday – hot and humid.


Cannon drill.

Cannon drill.

It’s Labor day, National holiday, and we should know better than to venture out on the equivalent of a bank holiday, But we’re gluttons for punishment and take a drive over to Roswell – not of alien landing fame. Have a wander around the mill area; their covered bridge; then venture down their main historic street. Try and have a meal but no chance, most places are full. There is a cafe but they’re just closing up at 14:00 on what must be one of the busiest days of the year. Obviously the same entrepreneurial spirit as the morons who run their visitors centre. Why dream of having a visitors centre open on one of the busiest visitor days of the year.

Set off home via the backroads and would you believe it but we come across a Starbucks. I think we must be in the Lesbian centre of Georgia, or it’s a Lesbian pride Starbucks, judging by the number of Lesbian couples who troop in hand in hand. There’s some fearsome butch looking women, you would not want to get on the wrong side of some of these.

Cheetham Hill gun emplacement.

Cheetham Hill gun emplacement.

To finish the day off we have a pleasant stroll around the gun emplacements and trenches at Cheetham Hill, one of the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefields – see pictures.

Just practising my new language: “All y’all, as we’re in Jawjuh we’re fixing to go down yonder to Lanner a mighty big city.”

Translated: “Everyone, as we’re in Georgia we’re going to go to Atlanta.”

Hello, what’s this on my dinner plate? Vegetables and it’s not even Sunday. Sneaky.

While strolling around the Marina this morning about 7 a.m., I noticed a
character shouting “Allah be praised” and “Death to all infidels” and
suddenly he tripped and fell into the water. He was struggling to stay
afloat because of all the explosives he was carrying. If he didn’t get
help he would surely drown.

Being a responsible citizen, and abiding by the law of the land that
requires you to help those in distress, I informed the Police, the Coast
Guard, the Fire Department, and even the Immigration Office.

It is now 11 a.m., the terrorist has drowned and none of the authorities
have responded.

I’m now starting to think I wasted 4 stamps.

Nearly finished 2nd season of Prison Break. Seems like this little chap, and a few of his mates, are hooked on it too.

Nearly finished 2nd season of Prison Break. Seems like this little chap, and a few of his mates, are hooked on it too.

Immigration, refugees and more crap from Europe telling us what we should be doing and how many more refugees we should be absorbing. I travel 3,500 miles to escape this lunacy and the daily blood boiler (Daily Mail), only to have it served up over me healthy granola breakfast by friends on Facebook. It really is about time our country got a grip. I’m just so sick of hearing it. Please don’t wind me up. I’m already spitting feathers over the whole immigration fiasco. But keeping me powder dry, staying calm and gathering me thoughts together ready for an epic rant. Pots for rags.
WOW just watched Stephen Fry rip into religion. And watched the interviewer wish he’d never asked. I always Fry was an intelligent intellectual, but never realised he was so vociferous an atheist. Certainly gone up in my estimation.


Tuesday – hot and humid with a monsoon downpour at teatime.




Decide to go over to Stone Mountain. Book the tickets online.

Get there and struggle with a map that doesn’t bear any relationship to the email they’ve sent – does anybody ever bother to check these things? Then find that 90% of the attractions are closed – web site is misleading, now there’s a surprise. After being given the run around to locate a manager I’m ready to calmly and nicely rip someones head off. Finally speak calmly and nicely to a manager, who is very professional and apologetic. We get a full refund, including the parking fee.

Have a brief drive around whilst we’re there; visit the mill; visit the stone quarry and the good news is it all costs nothing. Good job really as if it had been open we would not have appreciated the rides etc.

Water mill at Stonemountain.

Water mill at Stonemountain.

You’ve all no doubt heard of the mile high club and after my recent flight I’ve come up with a “2 mile high theory”. Most planes fly at about 7 miles high, but are pressurised to 2 miles / 10,000 feet high. I notice that when I do my exercises in a plane, pressurised to 10,000 feet there’s no compression pain when I imitate a stork and stand on one leg. Moral of this story being that I need to live in a modern plane, but the good new is that sking in Park City is at 9,000 feet, so it seems to me that going skiing should achieve the same effect. Now that’s what I call a useful theory.

Here I am hobbling around the Deep South on me two walking poles (recommended by my physio as a better than crutches, reduces bad posture). These two American ladies accost me “y’all a keen hiker?”. Wendy patiently explains the situation to them as if I’m crippled in the head and couldn’t possibly cope with such a complex social interaction. They’re impressed, nay orgasmic. “I’sm fixin to tell me husband. May help him”. “Can we take your picture?”. Fame at last. Finally I get to speak to disavow any thoughts that I’m a half wit as well as a cripple. “Why of course. You can even have me autograph too. But I’m not smiling, I’ve already done that 4 times this year.”

Covered bridge at Roswell mill.

Covered bridge at Roswell mill.

Can you believe it? Yes, I can.

Apparently the Scottish and Labour parties are to demand an inquiry as to whether it was legal to kill ISIS members with a drone, two of them ex-Brits! You really couldn’t make it up. Perhaps we should have their bodies flown back for a state funeral and pay their families compensation!

Has anyone checked the legality of all the terrorist atrocities? Did these same empty heads complain then? Yet another reason why our loony politicians could do with a severe over dose of some common sense medicine. They’re all one O’clock half struck.

I'm off. Starbucks here I come.

I’m off. Starbucks here I come.

Instead of letting Islam off the hook with bland clichés about the religion of peace, we in the West need to challenge and debate the very substance of Islamic thought and practice. We need to hold Islam accountable for the acts of its most violent adherents and to demand that it reform or disavow the key beliefs that are used to justify those acts.

What’s more we need to be able to do this without fear of being labelled racist, accused of blasphemy or having our lives threatened.


Wednesday – hot, humid and some downpours.


It's that Tony Soprano moment as I collect the daily paper. Soprano fans will understand.

It’s that Tony Soprano moment as I collect the daily paper. Soprano fans will understand.

Have a lazy day enjoying the house. Wendy gets her weekly supermarket fix and I get to watch the Apple announcements. At last they bring out a new Apple TV, looks interesting but no mention of whether it does BBC etc. iPad Pro is tempting but I can’t see it replacing a MacBook Pro. It looks like I could be upgrading my old Macbook Pro. New iPhone but I’m ok with my iPhone 6 Plus and Wendy’s not interested in upgrading from her 5 to the 6S, despite a much better camera, so we’ll probably pass this year.

Even 3,500 miles away I cannot escape immigration, immigration and yet more immigration, so here’s my mega-rant and random thoughts on the issue:

Only a few weeks ago everyone was braying like asthmatic donkeys against all these immigrants. Despite the fact that hundreds of men, women and children were still dying in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean.

Copper Head. One of the 40 snakes around here. Fortunately only 6 are poisonous. This is one of them.

Copper Head. One of the 40 snakes around here. Fortunately only 6 are poisonous. This is one of them.

Then we have the horrific photo of a dead child washed up on a beach and the hysteria turns 180 degrees. Bring them in. Treat them better than our war veterans and pensioners. Why not even put them up at Buckingham palace and the Ritz. How many can we fit in our humble homes. Send the message back, Britain is the promised land, money for old rope. Everyone welcome! How many more can we entice to come?

Have the do gooders, Eurocrats, multiculturalists, feeble minded liberals and PC brigade not realised that every improvement we make or concession, only incentivises more to risk the journey. We’re really not helping.

Britain and the USA have been lambasted for intervention in the Middle East and causing this problem, yet we’re still at it with this welcome arms policy. Surely all we’re doing is encouraging that risky journey and depleting the country of its brightest individuals, the ones who stand any chance of rebuilding their country.

At the end of the day we have to stem this tide. The solution to me seems simple. Take the Australian solution. Tow them back and destroy the boats used. Harsh, I know, but in the limit we’ll have to adopt this policy, otherwise our small island will just sink into the sea under the extra weight of all those immigrants.

Let’s face it the majority are economic migrants.

Then we have the ISIS jihadis threat. 20,000 refugees and how many will be ISIS Jihadis?

Hijrah, or jihad by emigration, is part of Islamic tradition “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance,” says the Qur’an. Overwhelm the infidels.

Just wait, heaven forbid, until we have the inevitable first atrocity on the streets of Britain by a lone wolf ISIS Islamic jihadis who has slithered into Britain as a refugee. Then we’ll see the worm turn on immigration yet another 180 degrees.

Fortunately Cameron at least has the common sense, in a politician that’s rarer than rocking horse shit, to select from the camps. But what about the persecuted Christians over there? Former Archbishop of Canterbury, lord Carey, warns against mass immigration of Muslims. He argues that if we must take these immigrants, then let’s take Christians, after all we are supposedly a Christian nation. Christians are being victimised, attacked, targeted by ISIS and have been driven from the UN camps. They are being ethnically cleansed from the region. Christians have been crucified, beheaded, raped, and subjected to forced conversion. The so-called Islamic State and other radical groups are openly glorifying the slaughter of Christians. What’s more Christians will stand more chance of integrating and less risk of 5th column jihadis sneaking into the country to cause death and destruction.

A voice of common sense in the wilderness of mass hysteria and lunacy.

Rant over. I know it won’t solve anything but at least I’ve got it of my chest.

Seems like good old Nigel agrees:

To protect genuine refugees and our culture, we must stop trafficking gangs and the boats coming to Europe says Nigel Farage.Share if you agree.

Posted by UK Independence Party (UKIP) on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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