20150217 – Bouncing Over Giant Icy Moguls


Tuesday – hot and sunny.


Day started with a fantastic start, skiing up on the Dreamcatcher area of the canyons. Empty up there even at 11:00. Where is everyone? Perfect snow. Alpenglow was awesome. Skied it 3 times, it was so good. Then explored the rest of the area. Certainly revised my view of the Canyons.

Awesome snow and blue bird day.

X marks the spot.

X marks the spot.

THEN. End of day coming down an easy blue “Boomer”, skied around a line of kids and made a right. All of a sudden I’m heading into some giant icy moguls on a black diamond – apparently a black diamond – Super Fury – runs parallel with Boomer. No warning signs. Taken completely by surprise.

Whilst I was not going that fast it was certainly too fast to manage moguls of any kind, never mind the giant icy type. Survive the first two but wipe out on the last one. The rest is just history.

IMG_5866Shows how bad this spot is whilst I’m lay there being loaded onto a sledge, 6 other crashes occur.

For some perverse reason I seem to have stopped using the blog during my recovery, instead resorted to Facebook, so have included a .pdf of our Facebook page here as a 2nd alternative.

Tony Wendy Edwards

Hopefully back to my blog from now on.

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