20121005 – Coffs Harbour

Friday – hot and sunny 33C.


Breakfast at McDonalds. Hearty Breakfast McMuffin was delicious. A cholesterol special all on a cob (muffin). Age profile of the clientele was interesting, average age must have been 55. Not at all what I expected DSCF5551but mainly having a breakfast.

3 hour drive down the pacific highway to Coffs Harbour. Another lovely coastal town with one of the oldest harbours on the East coast. Not quite as touristy as Byron Bay but the usual surf beaches and beach life. Thankfully not a single thongs or bikini shop.

Arrive at lunch time so we have the whole afternoon to explore. Have a great 3 hour walk around the old harbour and the two main surf beaches. This drive in the morning, arrive at lunch and explore in the afternoon is a much more enjoyable way of travelling and exploring.

Another lovely motel, Best Western this time with very pleasant receptionist. Not the usual aggressive Sheila who studied at the Ozzie school of charm
DSCF5567and culture. Motel has an African restaurant with some unusual dishes too tempting to miss so we splash out. I  try have the Kitfo (raw beef with spices) followed by the slow roasted Goat with jalapeno (level 4 on the heat scale) with a fennel and peanut puree; Uyoga mushrooms sautéed in Nitter Kebbah; Miele (not the dishwasher) mash and Polenta. Being a wimp I passed on the Habanero  + Naga Jolokia (level 6) described as insane heat.

There was a level 7 heat dish consisting of Capsaicin a pure chemical extract of the heat from chilli, but apparently it is so hot it has been declared illegal in Oz. Scores 16,000,000 on the Scoville scale for heat measurement – Jalapeño score 8,000. Scientific studies even show it can cure Prostrate cancer.

Wendy had the Char grilled Turkish bread with Nitter Kabbah and African butter as a starter. So much more tasty than garlic bread. Must get the recipe it’s DSCF5560absolutely gorgeous.For main she had something like chicken and chips.

I tried a tasty Tasmanian lager and then to be a real Ozzie had a VB – Proudly Australian. A unique and very spicy meal. If I wake up dead I blame it on the VB.

Two blokes bump into each other in the supermarket. Sorry mate, says the first one, I am a bit nervous, I lost my wife, can’t find her anywhere. Second bloke Signreplies; gee, I can’t find mine either, how about we go and look for them together? Sure, says the first one, what does you wife look like? Eh well, she’s blonde, long hair, tall slim body, well tanned, large breasts and she’s wearing a tight fitting low cut black dress. What does your wife look like? Forget about my wife, says the other bloke, let’s go and look for yours!

Sad sign! Makes for boring beaches.

Oh dear is this a major threat to the Ozzie economy? Thongs — known as flip-flops in America — can be responsible for health problems such as tendonitis plus general knee, hip and back pain, according to a study from the American College of Sports Medicine.

What’s the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? An Australian man will actually search for a golf ball.


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