20221228 – Visit Brett & Karine in Crete


Joy, up at 03:00 to catch a flight to Athens and then onto Crete.

Easy Jet to Athens much to Wendy’s disgust. Wot no virgin premium economy or upper class how will she survive. Have to say the Manchester airport experience was very slick and although I detested the automated easy jet check-in it was very efficient. Even the TSA experience had no queues. Only let themselves down by rejecting my bag. When I asked why it was because my plastic bag of liquids wasn’t perfectly sealed.

Then Wendy had the shock of her life, apoplectic as she discovered she had to walk out on the tarmac to the plane. Obviously slumming it. The flight was good.

Athens airport was the usual queue for passport control. EU citizens had a shorter queue, hopefully we do the same in the UK for non-UK citizens.

Managed to swap our flight to Crete to an earlier one. Wendy was even brave enough to accept a middle seat and ended up necking her tablets down in the queue to check-in. When we eventually found the lounge it was great with some good food, even if a tad vegan-ish. Everything was fairly slick and the short 50 minute flight was good. Unlike Easy Jet we even got a FREE bottle of water and a cake thrown at us.

Brett and Karine were there to meet us.

Tea was a donner kebab, brilliant for only E3.80. Pork not lamb – I thought we were in lamb country.

Then we get a workout as we lug our suitcases up 42 steps. Finally at Brett and Karine’s new home.


Lazy start to the day then we’re off down to Rethymno – hereafter referred to as rhythm – for a stroll along the front. Espresso by the harbour and then of course a merchandising opportunity down the shops. I have come to the conclusion the Crete economy is run on slippers. More shops selling slippers than Muslims at a stoning – unbelievable. There’s an excess of shoe shops and plenty of shops hawking provocative dresses and lingerie.

Then Wendy gets her daily fix with a trip to the supermarket, oh joy.In the evening we’re off down to Raki ba Raki for dinner, well tea. I get to try Oxtail, love it in soup, but never got to try the meat until now, tasty. Have a great meal, good service, good food and wine, all very reasonably priced and followed by two free desserts and some Raki (Greek fire water).

It seems like there’s a Santa marathon on complete with a band so the place is swarming with Santas, and of course, women have to get into the act, so there are even female ones.

Finally stroll home through the street bars with sexy young things all flaunting their bodies in a bid to tempt me into their cafe, a very pleasant end to the day.


Off down to Chania for the afternoon. Have a stroll around the harbour and old town, followed by dinner at back street restaurant. Good food and I even get to have some goat. Wow, it’s so sweet and tender not at all like I expected it to be.

Then it’s an hour’s drive back home to some Greek merlot and Netflix. Sadly Greek wine is nothing to get excited about.




New Year’s Eve, lets go down to Rhythm, “I bet it’ll be heaving with it being new years eve” says Brett.

It’s almost a ghost town. Have a meal at a very popular Greek restaurant – but even it’s nearly empty. But at least I get to have rabbit, a tad tough.

Stuffed olive leafs. Look like little green turds but not too bad to eat.


Off out to Bali bay for Karine to have a swim. Lovely bay but a tad too cold for Karine, nesh. Then have a drive down to the cave but as expected it’s closed. Back home for lunch. A spot of rain.

In the evening we venture out to a Greek taverna, very family orientated, and good food.

Book our flights back to Athens with Brett and Karine, then we have 4 nights in Athens, followed by an Easy Jet flight back to Manchester – Wot no Virgin Atlantic, Wendy’s slumming it again.


Lazy start to the day then we drive down to Rethym for a wander around. Have a coffee and everyone else has a pancake.

Supermarket for a collection of cheese, most of the famous ones I wanted to try they didn’t have. The woman serving needed a good slapping as she pulled her face at every request. Luckily found some Carmenera wine.

The evening meal is bread cheese and wine, just like in France, and finish off watching Treason.


Lazy morning sorting out passwords. Meanwhile, we wait for the lazy car hire company to get back to us to put me on the car hire. Typical Mediterranean attitude to customer service not a clue what it means.

Finally, get put on the car‘s insurance so Wendy and I drive down to Rethymn. It’s a stick shift with a worn-out clutch. Takes me 5 attempts to get it into reveres until I realize the clutch is dodgy and to make matters worse there’s no manual handbrake. Interesting driving a stick shift again, at least I don’t stall it.

Have a stroll along the front down to the harbor, followed by coffee. Then for Wendy’s treat we go to Lidl for meat, water and I’m orgasmic as they still sell packs of 20 two blade razors, buy 40 as they’re not available anymore in the UK – it seems that everyone needs at least 5 blades these days – bizarre. Wendy’s orgasmic with Lidl, it’s just like England with an awesome fresh bakery.

Back home for dinner, baked beans at last.

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