20210505 – Happy Days in Cornwall


Hollywell Bay

Lazy start and then we’re off to Crantock, Hollywell and Perranporth. A pilgrimage to old holiday haunts both from when we first met and subsequent holidays with the kids. You forget how narrow the roads are down here, with giant hedgerows so you can’t see any of the scenery. A bit like driving down a tube, but the hedgerows just team with flora and wildlife.
Pass on going on Crantock beach. Park up on Hollywell bay where they’re filming some secretive film or TV series. All very hush, hush and no one claims to know what it is. Could it be Poldark? They’ve filmed that here before. Will we get to see that tasty wench Demelza? There’s certainly a mass of gear being set up, why they’ve even installed a road across the beach. While wendy stuffs her face with lunch

Film crew colonising Hollywell Bay.

I climb up the sand dunes to see what is going on. As I get near to all the gear being set up two security guards, from a flock of guards, swoop down on me and want to be very friendly and deter me from approaching closer or taking pictures. Bear in mind they’re not filming, just setting up and have taken over a lot of the beach. They try to stop me from taking photographs. Claiming there are young children there and it would be improper. As you can see from the photo there are no young children. “Where are these young children then.” Oh, they’re down there they say. “Oh, have you imported them in as an excuse to stop anyone photographing? I see no children”. But hang on a minute if these invisible children are going to be in a film why should my photographing be a problem? I take photographs. They try and stop me walking over the sand dunes.

Porth headland.

Plenty of fond memories of Hollywell bay and the kids enjoying their blow up dingy in the stream there. Great thatched pub selling real ales. Happy days.

When wendy finished her nosh and I’ve had my 3 Dates we set off to Perranporth.

Well, Perranporths not changed much. Such a nice little place, not as big and busy as Newquay. Again many happy holidays there staying at Lillian’s guest house.

Afternoon tea for two and then we set off back home.

Porth beach.

Wendy goes in to make tea whilst I set off to explore the headland and the blow hole on Porth beach. Not much of a blow today. Need to go when the seas a lot rougher. Never mind, still a lovely stroll.

Watching “Ted Lasso”, one of the few decent series on Apple TV, when I’m distracted by a pornographic episode on a neighbour’s roof. Two seagulls are at it like rabbits. Hang on a minute one scampered off to the roof apex, must be the female with a headache.

Despite the original forecast of rain, it’s turned out sunny with clouds and no rain. Fortunately that wind has died down. Another pleasant day.

Turns out they are filming the prequel to “Game of Thrones”, called “House of the DRagon”, must be costing a fortune.
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Brett setting sail to sea in Hollywell Bay.

Happy memories in and around Crantock, Hollywell Bay and Perranport, of our first few days together in my little white mini with a giant surf boad strapped on top, it’s a wonder we didn’t take off, as we careered down the narrow lanes with Tom, Dot and Wendy. The two girls we’re terrified at the speed. On top of that many happy family holidays, kids in their blow up dingy in the stream and my Mum joining us on some of them.

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I just cannot comprehend the mentality of someone who parks in a disabled slot when there is nothing wrong with them. Must be too damned lazy to walk the extra few yards. Even more frustrating when they do it outside the gym. What scroats. Society could well do without them. Sadly if you challenge them they don’t comprehend what the problem us.


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Driving down the quiet, narrow country lanes brings back some of the joy in driving.

Padstow harbour.

After our usual lazy start we set off the Wadebridge. There’s, a fishmonger there, rarer than a bible seller in Tehran, we want to go to as well as exploring the town. The town was a tad underwhelming. The fishmongers was a great experience. Good choice of fresh fish. Plenty of advice on what to choose and even how to cook it. The mackerel had been caught just this morning and we even get to see the fishing boat responsible. Fortunately, this guy just loves his job, can fillet all our fish for us and has even won prizes for his filleting skills. As well as some dressed Crab, we buy some Cornish Brill and Red Mullet to try. It’s always a pleasure to meet people who obviously love their work.

Then we set off to Padstow. This place is another that seems to think that all parking spaces should be just big enough to shoe horn a Renault Twizy into. The harbour area is heaving but we manage to find a form to sit on and enjoy our mid-day repast. Take a stroll around the harbour, down to a beach which never seems to materialise and then, of course, wander around a few cute shops selling all sorts of junk that people may want but certainly don’t need and soon will grow tired of.

Post Isaac. No Doc Martin.

Off then to visit Doc Martin at Port Isaac. Drive down some of the narrowest roads ever. Best to turn the wing mirrors in. Well, this place is a tad disappointing. Not really much there, but some good exercise up the hill back to the free car park (only to May 17). Finally, find somewhere for afternoon tea in the grounds where they film the schoolyard in Doc Martin.

Back home for a great Crab and Smoked Mackeral salad, topped off by a luscious Primitivo from Morrisons.

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Should be mandatory reading in every secondary school.

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Morris dancers change face paint from black to blue after racism fears. June last year, the Joint Morris Organisations issued a statement calling for dancing groups to eliminate the use of full-face black makeup in response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

You really cannot make this ridiculous woke stupidity up. Why do we tolerate it, time for “Old Lives Rule”.


A sun and cloud day, and no rain.


After lazy start we set off down to Mevagissey. A classic cornish harbour, complete with grot shops and tourists. We’ve been before but like my breakfast, I can’t remember it. At least it’s easy to park and doesnt need a 2nd mortgage. Have lunch by the harbour and a very short stroll around.

Then I have this mad desire to go explore Portmellon. It seems that the only route there is by the narrowest of alleyways that you need to pull your wing mirrors in to get through. Passing places rarer than a Christian church in Tehran. And what a disappointment, nothing there to write home about. Journey back down through Mevagissey (can I spell it the same twice in a row) is a throwback to the good old days of motoring, when you had a man in front with a red flag. In this case, it’s Wendy in front, sans red flag, trying to stop dimwits creating the need to reverse. Typical, she gets told to F Off by one lemming. Well, now I know what’s at Portmellon. We certainly never be going there again and perhaps it’s a lesson to not be ruled by your desires.

For all our American friends this is what a narrow Cornish road is like.

What a coincidence. Prior to today I had never heard of, nor seen a Renault Twizy car until I was doing my blog and wanted the name of the narrowest car. And then on the way to that place we encounter a Renault Twizy, ideal for those roads but certainly not on my wish list.

Decide to call in at St Austel on the way back. Hmm…, another town in its death throws, with the usual surplus of charity shops and empty shops. Does have a nice town square with some hearty wench serenading inattentive tourists and fleeting locals.

Back home for afternoon tea. No real hike today.

Dinner is a fantastic fry up of bacon, egg, beans and best of all black puddings.

Listen to the Covid update from the house of the chief of the kakistocracy. So where can we travel to beyond these wet and windy shores after 17th May? There’s only 12 on the Green list – can travel to, “no quarantine” status – and France and America are not on it. The United States (Uk is still on the USA’s “Do not travel” advisory) and most of Europe are on the UK’s “amber” list – no travel to amber list countries or territories for leisure purposes and requires arrivals back to UK to self-isolate for 10 days and pay for two PCR tests. Well for now that puts the kibosh on going to France or returning to Park City for at least another 4 weeks. Other than Israel and Ireland there’s nowhere on the green list I fancy going and her indoors thinks she’ll get blown up if she goes to Israel. Mind you the way things are shaping up in NI that could be a worry in Belfast. Meanwhile, we need to understand when they say Ireland is on the green list is that Southern Ireland (EU Country) as well?

All very disappointing, so it looks like plan B for June – Irish road trip.

Will we ever get the caravan back from France before outright war is declared with the EU?
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Facetime with Jasper to wish him a happy 8th birthday. He’s such a happy chappy and can always bring a smile to our faces. Miss him whilst away but at least there’s facetime, if we can drag him away from his iPad.

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Henry Kissinger allegedly asked when he was U.S. Secretary of State: “Who do I call when I want to speak to Europe?”By one count, the EU now has 10 “presidents,” possibly 11, depending on how you classify its various institutions. That’s not including the 27 leaders of the member states — except whichever of them is currently holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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Here the Chinese go again with their total disregard for the rest of the World. Not content with espionage; cyber terrorism; human rigths atrociies; genocide; intellectual propert right theft; violations in Hong Long; economic warfae and dumping; attempted domiantion of the China seas; intimidation of Taiwan and of course not forgetting repeated infliction of a deadly virus on the rest of the World, they now want to cast off their spent ockets on anyone:

A used Chinese rocket is currently tumbling through space and scientists do not know exactly when or where it will return to Earth—but it could be soon. They really don’t give a damn.

The situation is “potentially not good” and “really negligent on China’s part.”

It is not the first time a Long March 5B rocket has made an uncontrolled re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. The same thing happened in May last year, when the rocket made its first flight on May 5 and placed a prototype crew capsule into low Earth orbit.


Truro in the rain.

Very lazy start as it’s rain all day.

Off to explore Truro. Seems the best we can do on a rainy day.

It’s a lovely town. Plenty of diverse shops; no homogenised shopping; and best of all a traffic-free centre. Hardly notice the rain. Its other claim to fame is that it seems to have the only Natwest Bank in Cornwall. Alas they can’t be bothered to open at the weekend. Is it time to look for another bank?

Truro cathedral. Still in the rain.

Manage to finally purchase some kitchen knives for Wendy. This time it’s ones with the blade all the way through the handle so hopefully, they won’t snap. Sadly made in China but razor-sharp. The question now is how do we get them home without being arrested for carrying two dangerous weapons?

How can it take 20 minutes to go into a shop to buy some wrapping paper – I despair.

Pop into Waitrose on the way home for the weekly shop. Home delivery is so much better. My threshold of tolerance is about 5 minutes, by which time I’ve bought all I need and am ready to go to the car and play on my iPhone. Seems very similar to Jasper’s behavior with his iPad.
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Todays been a real challenge to find the good and positive. I suppose we should just be grateful being alive and being on holiday, somewhere different to explore, rather than mopsing around in howling gales in Belthorn.

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Is there anything that Apple won’t patent?

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Saw this on the death of free speech and thought it well worthy of airing. Hopefully, it may offend a few wokes, snowflakes and libtards. Who knows they may even conjure up all the forces of evil and have a violent protest march on Belthorn. Click on image for Rowan Atkinson on free speech

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