20200316 – Pandemic, Pandemonium and Panic (PPP) Gets Worse


Wendy buys some ammo.

Went for a walk with B&M to the Huber farm out at Wasatch state park. Took the snowy path there, not enough to snowshoe, and then back along the road. A gorgeous day and a great stroll

I called in at the Outdoor store to get some 9mm ammunition. It was on sale but limited to only 3 packets per person. Wendy swallowed her scruples and helped out by buying 3. Bumped into Leon from NAC archery, he’s going to set up an archery day.

Then we call at the Wasatch Dellie for lunch. Have Heber special which is a Hoggie roll with sliced beef and a french gravy dip to dip it in – awesome, similar to a Chicago beef sandwich.

Haute cuisine.

Then it’s a trip to Jans, the start of their sale. Wendy buys a nice coat with 40% off, Bob buys some new skis and Marilyn splashes out on ski jackets. I get bullets.

A lazy evening watching “Tyrant” on Amazon Prime. It’s a great series. Just binge-watching.

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Morning stroll.

Time for a family decision on do we stay until our normal return date or do we try and leave next week. Well our flights not been cancelled. Supermarkets at home look dire, whilst here things aren’t so bad. We have hardly any food in at home. More to do here and weather is better. Seems less risk here. More friends here. Only risk is we get stranded here. Decided we’ll stay until April 16th as originally planned.

Huber farm from Mondays walk.

Go for a walk around Willow Creek with George and Helen. That seems all there is left to do with this isolation advice.

Afternoon and I’m doing yoga again. Really want to get into it on a regular basis and this PPP lockdown could be an ideal opportunity. Who knows it could be I try and improve my French next.

In the evening we go to B&M for dinner. Great Beef stew.

Then it’s back home for more of the “Tyrant”. Thankfully turns out there are 3 seasons in all.
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What the hell is an IPAWS alert. At 08:30 just an Amber alert received on our mobiles and no mention as to why. Are we meant to guess what the problem is? Is it some sort of guessing game? God only knows and he won’t split. Bizarre, only in America.

Wasatch state park.

Mind you Wendy is convinced the bathroom was shaking this morning and it was too early for her to have been on the brandy.

Apparently, it was an earthquake. A 5.7 magnitude quake down in Salt Lake.

Losing the will to live and now it’s snowing. Off up to the gun club to vent my spleen on some paper targets. The Walther PPX is great. Even better without the laser sight on, how bizarre is that. And wow that new ammo has a real kick.

Deer valley deserted.

OMG just got a text telling me all the liquor stores are closed. How will I cope? Turns out it’s due to the earthquake. Perhaps they should follow the lead of the supermarket and have the first two hours for geriatrics etc.

Fix some PHP software for the sports club, some mental stimulation at least. After lunch we’re off for a stroll up to the White Barn, just 2 miles.

Sadly a no alcohol day so more of the “Tyrant” in the evening.


Stroll in the snow. Personne est la – it’s a ghost town.

Lazy morning.

After lunch, we take a stroll up the Rail Trail into Park City. It’s all deserted, mind you it’s snowing.

Then it’s the liour store to get stocked up in case they decide to close because of PPP.

Another night in binge watching the “Tyrant”. At least I can have a drink, badly needed, to cope with all this PPP madness.

Crazy shoe tree, just like PPP. Why would anyone want to spoil a tree. Probably the same scripts who panic buy; park in disabled slot; chuck fag packets out their car windows.

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Makes you realise your old when good friends start ringing round to check on you. But not to knock it such a thoughtful thing.

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Just about sums it all up and puts it all into perspective. Go to https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/covid-19-coronavirus-infographic-datapack/ to see the latest graphic.

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