20190601 – Park City For Summer. Then A Wedding In St Louis

Well there’s no daily blog on this trip as I’m just too busy, so much to do. Just see my typical week here which helps explain how busy we are and why we love Park City so much.

A typical week for us in PC.

Plus I’ve managed to recapture the joy of reading, admittedly mostly non-fiction these days. Instead I’ve just done the main photos from our summer in Park City and then Paul and Mels wedding week in St Louis. Sadly in no particular order.

I realised how important my blog was to us when I tried to remember what we’d done last time we were in St Louis. It was only through my blog that we could find out what we’d actually done and all the photos were of. One of the problems when you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast.

Here goes with a picture blog to remind us of a most awesome summer, no rants or raves, just pictures with some captions.

Jasper just loved his Friday bowling session with the geriatrics from the Newcomers Club. Such enthusiasm inspired us all.

Early morning bike ride to the white barn with my daughter-in-law.

1812 Overture concert at Deer Valley outdoor venue, complete with real cannons and not forgetting picnic, approved low chairs and of course wine.

Oh she’s back again.

Introduce Jasper to all the fun of the Heber City Rodeo. Just love it.

Fiona gets her gun. Wait until you see her with an AR15.

Kayaking on the Jordanelle as a volunteer with the National Ability Centre

Hiking with our friends the Schmitts.

Leading a weekly Leisure Bike ride with the Park City Mountain Sports Club (PCMSC).

Dinner with good friends at an authentic American diner. Great food, awesome atmosphere and excellent company.

Bike ride with Mike down the Provo River trail. Awesome ride and spectacular views.

Another one of my many early morning bike rides with Fiona.

Hike to the top of the ski jump.

Olympic ski jump.

4th July parade. Just love how they respect their troops and veterans. Pity Englands forgot ours.

Target practice. Make my day.

Deer Valley free concert. Car park this week as the grass is too wet. Never mind we still have wine.

Jasper enjoys the free outdoor water park down at the Basin Recreation.

Leading a weekly leisure hike.

Best ribs in Salt Lake.

Pickleball every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Awesome game.

PCMSC 4th July Barbecue.

More Deer Valley concerts. This time in first class seats with Ruth and Mark.

View from the front.

Kayaking with Jasper.

Hiking with Kurt.

Jaspers first hike in the mountains. He did well.

All the fun of the Coalville parade. Whatever happened to parades in England. Gone the way of all our traditions. I wonder why?

Freebies from the Coalville parade.

Fun in the Jacuzzi.

Kayaking with the NAC.

Our home for June through August in 2020.

Shooting with the Johnsons in Saint Louis.

Visit to the Arch in St Louis complete with Beatrix and her doll.

In the train to the top of the St Louis Arch.

St Louis Arch.

Paul and Melanies wedding in St Louis.

St Louis wedding.

St Louis wedding evening do.

Wendy gets ready for brandy and flight.

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