20190307 – Health Warning Many BREXIT Rants. We’re Being Screwed.


Now there’s a number plate and stickers to get your car trashed.

Lazy start again. Have to stay in all morning waiting for the plumber to come and fix the hot water heater. Like all plumbers the World over he let us down and we have to chase him up. Finally arrives at 13:00.

Wendy and I went a walk in the snow up to Campos coffee and back.There’s something quite magical and mesmerising about walking in the snow.

Quite nice to have a hot shower and not have to rely upon a chlorine dip in the jacuzzi – makes you appreciate how these chlorine washed chicken must feel.

Passed on the quiz and had a quiet night in. Question time programme help raise my blood pressure. BREXIT is such joke.

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If anyone still believes in REMAIN then they should have their eyelids glued open and be forced to watch this on BBC:


How many men does it take to fix a tap?

Wendy goes to the CC whilst I pick up Helen and go ten pin bowling. What a 4 year old beats us. Good job we go with the losers credo, “It’s only a game”.

Afternoon I have a good two hours at Pickleball. Really like this game. Then it back home for a quick change before Helen and George pick us up for TGIF. It’s up at Deer Valley. Wow they’ve had some snow up there as we drive through 7 foot drifts.

The house is amazing, complete with a temperature controlled wine room and ski in and out. Must have been in the $20,000,000 bracket and I overheard the owner saying they only get to stay there 35 days a year. Serious money.

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View from Huber trail.

Lazy morning.

Drive down to Kimble to buy some shorts. Mine stink.

Afternoon I go to the gym – no excuses. Their lateral exerciser is awesome although very tiring. Manage to survive 10 minutes. Great skiing exercise – hang on I’m not skiing this year.

Netflix night in and book our Japanese shore excursions. They’re going to cost a fortune – great way to fritter away our kids inheritance and hopefully a great way to experience Japan.

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Carol striding out.

I have a Pickleball lesson at 10:00. This low bent knees ready for action position sure is good exercise on your hips. Too many women playing. They spend most of their time at the net gossiping and arguing the toss. Just play, it’s only a game. Learn so many new things. Too many really, it’s all about remembering them. Key thing seems to be practice against the wall.

Meanwhile Wendy has gone shopping and is having her nails done.

Home for a quick shower and turnaround.

Meet Hal, Carol and Angela at Wassatch state park for a snowshoe up Epperson and then down to the Huber farm and back. A pleasant 3 mile workout in sunny weather. Thankfully it’s 10 degrees warmer down at Wassatch.

Duck with built in ear mufflers.

Then it a coffee at an eclectic coffee shop in Midway. Followed by dinner at Mercantile. Food is the best I’ve had since we’ve been here, sorry have to modify that or Wendy will divorce me. Best I’ve had at a restaurant since we’ve been here. Would definitely go again.

Back home for a Netflix evening. Nearly finished The Last Kingdom.

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Stroll to Campos coffee.

Lazy morning then Wendy and I take a 5 mile stroll, along the rail trail, up to PCMR base for a lovely Campos coffee. Their Superior blend espresso is unbelievably sweet and rich. Mind you it’s not cheap. Then take a stroll back. Overall a good workout.

Afternoon is Pickleball for me. A great 2 hour workout.

Evening is spent booking the rest of our shore excursions on the Japanese cruise. Certainly not cheap, but a once in a lifetime opportunity to fritter away our kids inheritance.

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Wendy goes off for brunch with her “Girlfriends” from the CC whilst I exercise 2nd Amendment rights at the gun club. Try a Smith & Weston .22. Ammo is a third of the price of 9mm. There’s no kickback, just like firing my Sig Saeur P320 air pistol. Great little target practice with a 1911 style automatic.

After dinner we both do a 3 mile stroll down the rail trail and then pick Angela up from school. Angela’s gob smacked that she has to walk back to our house – wot no car! Her school has an amazing amount of Apple Macs and MacBooks. Angela teaches me American.

Helen and George come round for dinner and drinks. George has a black eye and is missing a tooth from a ski crash where two of them collided. No one was at fault just one of those both on the same trajectory accident. I think the other guy was really a snowboarder just on skis for a day. A real mess but lucky it wasn’t so much worse.

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No jokes today other than the loons in parliament.

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Another step in the great BREXIT betrayal.


Wendy is off to the CC. Whilst I take a walk up to PCMR base to get some of that awesome Campos Superior blend coffee. Pop into Cole sports to see if they have the Eider jacket in the blowout sale. Yes they do and it’s reduced to half price. As my Mum would have said “you were meant to have it”.

Lunchtime I sin and watch the loons in parliament flush us further down the toilet.

Afternoon is Pickleball. Great opportunity to take out my frustration on the loons.

It’s a real treat for tea tonight, I get a Chimichanga’s from Chubascos secret menu. Have a pleasant chat with the Ukrainian girl who serves me.

Evening is a quiet night in with Wendy ranting on about BREXIT. Never known her get so engaged in politics, she’s even signed up to the BREXIT party site.

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The Great BREXIT Betrayal is so bad even religion gets a pass this week.

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And so it goes on:


Lazy start again.

We both do a 2.5 mile Yak Trak down the rail trail. It’s such hard going in the snow, exhausting. Would have been so much easier with snowshoes on.

We’ve only gone a 100 yards down the rail trail when a big naked backside squatting over her snowshoes greet us, as this old woman pees on the middle of the trail. Didn’t even have the courtesy to pee off the trail. Reinforces that wise old adage – never eat yellow snow. Wouldn’t have been so bad if she been some fit eye candy, but alas more of a blobby. Anyway we wished her a hearty “GOOD MORNING” in our best British accent. I suppose we should have added “cold out today isn’t it”.

After lunch Wendy goes with Barbara to her first Knit and Stitch meeting with PCMSC. A gaggle of women knitting, knattering and komplaining. I pop down to the gym. Get in some pickleball practice serves and then tackle the gym. That elliptical machine is real hard work – so it must be doing me good.

Hang on what’s this for tea. I know I agreed to a salmon stir fry but nobody mentioned all these vegetables, including the dreaded brussel sprouts – it’s not Sunday! Next time I’ll go for bread and water or starve.

Quiet night in. 2nd day without alcohol. Need it to cope with Wendy ranting on about “The Great British BREXIT Sellout”.

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Says it all and now they’ve voted for a delay to BREXIT. Let’s pray the EU refuses and we go out on a NO DEAL.


Wendy is still ranting and raving over the great BREXIT treachery. You think my rants are bad, they’re not a patch on Wendy’s vitriol. Why she’s even signed up for the BREXIT party. She’s even talking about marching, yellow jackets and all. Thankfully some peace and calm is restored when she goes to the CC whilst I go ten pin bowling.

Afternoon is a marathon pickleball session. I get there early to get some serve practice in but then there’s only a few of us so no chance to sit out and rest.

Pick Helen and George up and go to TGIF a the Jeremy Ranch golf club. Not one of our favourite locations and certainly one to avoid their bar food. Last time we were here we eat in the restaurant upstairs with about 20 others – members and guests only. Can you believe that apparently they complained that there were too many. How enterprising of them.

Go out for dinner to Loco Lizard. Must be over 6 years since we’ve been there. Food and service was good.

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Knife crime takes a catastrophic increase as 17.4 million voters are stabbed in the back by the treacherous loons in the big chattering house. Fear not we’ll have our retribution. Remember Guy Fawkes, the last honest man in the House of Parliament.

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For those who can’t understand the BREXIT fiasco this may help explain why we’re being stabbed in the back by the loons in the big chattering house:
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