20180606 – Back To Paradise For Summer


Wot no walkway! Thank the FSM it’s not raining.

Sorry for the delayed publication and the lack of rants and jokes but all this consultancy work is getting in the way of fun. Never mind just 10 more days and I’ll be over the worst of it.

Up at the crack of sparrows for our flight to Salt Lake. Good flight. Excelent service. Splashed out with the air miles to upgrade to Premium economy comfortable. Overall I think it was worth it not quite as good as upper class but pretty good.

Best way to travel, not that Wendy agrees.

Get to Hertz and as usual my cheapest mid-sized car enables me to select from a range of cars including 4 eight seater SUV. Settle for the Yukon. It’s ginormous, a family of 7 could live in it.

After 24 hours we arrive at our 2nd home and the electronic door lock won’t work. To top the day off we both get soaked by the sprinklers – hope it’s not recycled sewage water. Phone the management company and within half an hour they have someone round to let us in by the fool proof mechanism of a key.


Back in paradise.

Off out early to go kayaking with Park City Mountain Sports Club (PCMSC) and get from under Wendy’s feet while she unpacks – well that my justification. Wow it was rough out there on the Jordanell Reservoir, all the Stand Up paddle boarders chickened out and wanted a kayak. My experience of SUP on a mill pond is that it’s abuts exciting as watching paint dry. At least if it’s rough or you’re on the sea it must be more challenging.

Then in the afternoon it’s off to the supermarket – I escape to Starbucks. Then the liquor store for the essentials.

Nearly bleed to death as I have the nosebleed from hell and it just won’t stop – bet I lost pints of blood.

Ain’t she pretty – 1940’s evening.

Just get back and Bob and Marilyn come round to welcome us back, complete with their own booze. I haven’t been here 24 hours yet and already I’ve sinned by drinking before 17:00.

In the evening it’s time for some HBO. Then there’s that moment when you wake up on the settee, watching a blank TV screen, in a dark room, with a glass of an awesome whiskey in hand wondering where her in doors has gone and thinking eee bye gum she must be pissed with me. Never mind, I manage to finish off that awesome whiskey and stagger up the wooden hill.

Oh to be stood having a pee and you’re that tired – only 4 hours sleep last night – that it takes you every ounce of energy and concentration not to nod off mid flow.


1940’s evening.

Lazy start to the day and then I knuckle down to get some of this consultancy work done.

11:00 and I’m off Bowling with the Newcomers group. What an abysmal score, just manage to crack 100.

Tootle off down to the National Ability Centre to help out with the Archery. Bloody hell it’s been cancelled, so good of them to let me know, time for a minor rant with them, they really need to get their act together, not the first time this has happened.

Try unabomber again. This time we both manage to stay awake.


1940’s evening.

Morning working.

Afternoon off down to the gun range with joe.

1940’s evening.

Then in the evening we’re off to Bob & Marilyn’s for dinner and champagne to welcome us back. Quality Papa Murphy’s pizza, makes me revise my view of American pizza outside of Chicago. Then we’re all off to a 1940’s evening, complete with big band, many old planes, some dancing – I pass with my “bad leg”. All in Heber airport hanger. I expected it to be infested with geriatrics all dressed in mothballed 1940’s glad rags, but good to see so many younger people had made the effort. Wow the fashions were so stylish, unlike the drab, shapeless sacks they wear these days. A good night and plenty of wine.


Halfway point on the hike. Awesome views.

Up and out for a hike, “Sultan out and back” with Bob and Marilyn. Pleasant hike out but the way back is all uphill. That’s bad enough but it’s compounded by the constant earache I get along with”are we there yet” almost every 10 steps.

Stop for lunch at Sammy’s. I pass on lunch but can’t resist a Pilsner – forgive me for I have sinned yet again.

Afternoon working again – it really is getting boring now but I’ve my recommendations and new contract terms to produce by the 18th. At least the money’s good.

The long slog back up hill.

In the evening Bob and Marilyn come round for dinner, but more importantly a diary planning session – there’s just so much to do, how will we ever fit it all in?

Then more attempts to watch Unabomber without nodding off.


1940’s dancers.

Kayak with NAC in the morning but they’ve only one candidate so it’s hardly worth it.

Wendy’s volunteering at the hospital in the afternoon so I’m the taxi service, in between getting some work done.

Then just before tea we both take a pleasant bike ride to check out our bikes.

Evening’s more work and Unabomber.


At the No Name Saloon with Doris and Paul.

It’s a full day out with Doris and Paul, friends from Los Angelas, who are staying at Snowbird. We give them the Grand tour Jordanelle, PCMR base, Deer valley and of course main street. Lunch at silver star. Afternoon drinks on the patio at No Name Saloon, dinner at High West. High West was very disappointing, not a patch on the meal or choice of menu we had in winter.

Back in Paradise.

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