20171009 – Ascot; Hampton Court And Good Old Henry VIII; Work A Four Letter Word

Monday – warm and sunny.

Wendy at Hampton Court.

Lazy morning getting ready for our trip to London.

It’s a 4 hour drive. No idea how they can cram 7 roadworks into the journey. Can you believe one of them was for 18 miles. Then to top it all as soon as we’d finished 18 miles of the spot the worker game, we come to a standstill due to stupid rubberneckers.

Hampton Court.

Arrived at Brett’s around 16:00. He’s got a nice (hate that word) roomy two bedroom flat in Sunninghill. He pops round to see us but he’s staying with Karien so we’ve got the run of his home for the next 4 days.

Pleasant evening in catching up on TV and of course a little wine.
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20 Questions For Burka Wearers

Tuesday – warm and cloudy.

Now that’s what I call a fountain. In it’s day it was a wine fountain for people to go help themselves.

Leisurely start to the day then we drive down to Hampton court for some history and selfi stick dodging. A tad expensive. I blame all those culture vulture Americans who just revel in it. Have a very interesting amble around the Henry VIII exhibits. Not so interested in the later periods. Have to limit my daily history intake.

Two interesting facts:

  • Field of gold meeting with good old Henry consumed 40,000 gallons of wine – not him personally despite his voracious appetites. This means each one there swigged an average of 4 pints of wine per day. Then I worry about my drinking.
  • Pies were the mainstay of English cooking. The pie case was actually there to act as the cooking pot. The gluttons would cut off the top of the pie and shovel the contents down. The top, sides and base of the pie would then be discarded. Fast food 15th century style.

    What a dining room.

    In the evening Brett and karein come round and we head off out to an Italian meal.

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    It’s Good To Be Anti-Islam

    Wednesday – warm, rain and grey.

    What a wine celler.

    Up early for a work opportunity. Strange having to don a suit,
    tie and white shirt of course – scruffy salesmen take note. Then it’s train into Farringdon. Nearly two hours commuting. How can anyone other than a lobotomised lab rat cope with this every day or even a few days a week.

    Wendy does Windsor.

    Good to see Clive again and have a tapas lunch with him. Looks like I’ve got a consultancy opportunity with him again and there could be more in the offering. So it’s Glasgow most of next week. Although at least it won’t involve too many suit and tie days.
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    How I end up feeling every day I use a web site.

    With the exception of NatWest and Chase banks can anyone find me a website or application that works. I can guarantee to find a problem with every web site I’ve used apart from these two. What ever happened to testing? Why bother when you can leave the testing to your users (that word just aboout sums up how the IT industry thinks of their customers) and then just ignore them if they point out a problem. NO ONE GIVES A DAM.

    As for common sense, forget it.

    Thursday – warm and sunny.

    Leisurely start to the day and then it’s the long slog back up the M6.

    Hampton Court

    Day starts off sunny but of course by the time we get back to the hell hole it’s raining.

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    When will the bloody high priests of technology in the IT industry come up with a sensible solution for passwords. These dam things are taking over our lives.

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    Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

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