20151001 – Blue Grass Music And Church Supper; Hurricane Joaquin, Just Like Blackburn

Thursday – grey and rainy.


Blue Grass music and fish supper at an Anglican church.

Blue Grass music and fish supper at an Anglican church.

Turns out our house has two levels. Downstairs there’s yet another, similar sized place, where Alan and his wife live.

Have to take the tree hugger mobile back to Hertz. Good riddance.

I lead the way in our Saturn SUV – comes with the Home Exchange – and Wendy follows. Well she tries, but gets separated. Finally go and pick her up on a supermarket car park, typical. Then try and find a gas station. First one is totally out of action as the pumps are ALL being repaired. Use around me to try and find another. The next 3 are all abandoned. I can’t believe you can drive for over half an hour in America and not come across a gas station.

Leisurely afternoon watching the rain.

Why immigration from the 3rd World makes no sense:


Friday – grey and rainy but at least it’s warm.


Not bothered by the rain.

Not bothered by the rain.

Another day of rain. Go for a walk into Black Mountain despite it. Quaint little town. Have a walk around and come across a German Deli and restaurant. Wendy has lunch, I have a coffee and salivate over all those awesome German beers. Original Hofbrau is among them. We’ll have to walk down here one evening for dinner, German food and quality beer.

In the evening we go with Alan – he lives downstairs – to a fish supper at an Anglican church South of Asheville. Alan has some tickets and has kindly invited us.

It’s a really modern church hall, with a warm welcome. Packed out. There’s a small band in the church playing Blue Glass and then it’s sit down for a superb fish supper. Generous portions of breaded fish and the desserts are awesome, such a massive choice of great home cooked desserts.

DSC_5039A unique experience and very enjoyable evening with good company. Everyone is so very hospitable and friendly. Meet some interesting people including a fellow potter. Great conversations with Alan. He’s ex US army and taught civil war history. Some very interesting conversations about the civil war.

Well we’ve finally finished prison break and survived. Almost compulsive viewing but too much bad luck, implauseability and more cliff hangers than Flash Gordon in the Saturday morning club at the Odeon. A mind numbing way of whiling away the hours, I feel disappointed I didn’t stop wasting my life on it.

DSC_5031Anyone got any sensible suggestions for a worthwhile Netflix series?

Try “Reign”. Supposedly an historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots. More like a light hearted comedy. A cross between “The Tudors”, “Holly Oaks” and “Barbie”. Full of giggling teenage girls, dolled up to their nipples and prancing around in extravagant 20th century dresses.

Also give “Person of Interest” a go. Now thats more like it. No story. No cliff hangers. You can nod off through a whole episode and no need to catch up.

Well done to the Conservatives, all we need now is a dose of Corbynism to throw it all away. When will these loopy idealists understand that you need prosperity to pay for all their lofty ideals.

Britain has grown faster than any other leading economy since 2013 after bouncing back from recession far more strongly than had been thought, official figures show.

Following a series of revisions to past data, the Office for National Statistics said Britain is now 5.9 per cent larger than its pre-crisis peak. It was previously estimated to have been just 5.2 per cent bigger.

The revisions revealed that Britain enjoyed the strongest recovery of any G7 leading nation in both 2013 and 2014. On OECD forecasts, the UK is on track to top the G7 again this year, equal with the US. On a per-person basis, the UK is 0.6 per cent larger than ever.

IMG_4444Here we go again. More from the dhimmi multicultural apologist:

COMPANIES need to consider whether to permit staff to heat up sausage rolls in communal microwaves or keep bacon rolls in fridges, according to the author of new guidelines to help firms avoid upsetting people of other faiths or beliefs.

It’s simple if you don’t like the way our country works go somewhere that can accommodate you.


Saturday – Grey and heavy rain.


Still keeping our eye open for this geezer and his kinsmen.

Still keeping our eye open for this geezer and his kinsmen.

Wendy’s been having these blue flashes in her left eye so we drive down to Asheville to have it checked out by an eye doctor.

She gets a through eye exam and turns out she got a partial or incomplete posterior vitreous detachment. Apparently very common in the over 60’s, yet another benefit of old age, still better than the alternative. Normally clears up after 6 weeks or so but there is a small chance it can cause a detached retina so we have to keep an eye on it – so to speak.

Home for the good ole boys from "Deliverance".

Home for the good ole boys from “Deliverance”.

As is typical with American medicine you get friendly, professional and thorough examination. Careful explanation of the problem and prognosis along with written report and of course a DVD with detailed photos of the inside of your eyes.

Get back around lunch time and hunker down to avoid the rain.

That’s the thanks we get. Went to the church yesterday and for that we now get floods of biblical proportions.


Hopefully the tail of hurricane Joaquin will pass and we’ll be back to reasonable weather after tomorrow.

Pat Condell again, this time on “The Invasion of Europe”. As usual he’s spot on.

Islam the Untold Story:


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