20140312 – More Blue Bird days; It ain’t half hot; The kids arrive

Wednesday – cold blue bird day. 2” new snow over night. 

IMG 2649

Awesome mornings skiing with Carol. Snow was great. Even managed to sneak in and survive Silver King, along with a couple of other blacks and the double blue from hell – Sunrise. I think the speedometer on this app needs a little calibration.

Wendy spends the morning preparing the place for Kurt, Fiona and Jasper. What’s to prepare? Then in the afternoon she goes out with Carol and Angela. Shopping I think.

This guy just says it like it is. About time we had more of his rants http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z38qqSZZEc.

You can see and enjoy all his rants on YouTube.

Thursday – another blue bird day but no sign of Wendy. She’s volunteering at the hospital.

Another totally bodacious day. Snows great despite the heat wave. After yesterday’s tour de force with Carol todays theme is control. Lots of short turns to keep that speed down.

But will it last?

Tears as my old faithful, slipper comfort, 20 year old, rear entry ski boots are starting to IMG 0889drop to pieces. Nothing’s built to last these days. It’s either a new pair or some araldite.

Why do all the shops laugh at these antiques when I go in?

Sadly new pairs aren’t anywhere near as comfy.

Is this the sort of free speech and censorship we’ll have to tolerate when we become a muslim / sharia state:

The BBC has controversially dropped a debate on homosexuality from a live panel discussion show because of objections from Birmingham Central Mosque in which the programme was being filmed.

IMG 2181

As first reported by Breitbart London, the BBC Three live debate and discussion show aimed at young people, Free Speech, had intended to ask the question, When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay? However the show’s host Rick Edwards, announced that the debate would not take place as planned. He told the audience:

We were going to debate that question today, but after speaking to the Mosque, they have expressed deep concerns with having that discussion here.

After agreeing to allow a programme called Free Speech to be filmed at the Mosque, it is absurd and counterproductive to then censor the topic being discussed.

It is unfortunate that the BBC allowed itself to be censored on this occasion by reactionary imams.

Am I surprised!

Friday – another blue bird day. Too warm.

Out for a serious days skiing before the kids arrive. End up stuck at the bottom of Silver Load. Lifts broke. 

IMG 2163

Still it could be worse, I’m by the log fire in the Snowhut, with fresh coffee, plus plenty of beer and good food if needed.

Pick up SUV from Hertz. What a palaver. They have a Nissan xterra crap mobile for me. Spend 5 minutes looking for the wing mirror adjustments, then Miss Hertz spends 5 minutes searching. Brand new 2014 vehicle and they’re manual wing mirrors. Will I have to advance and retard the spark? Where’s the little man with the red flag? Unbelievable.

Insist upon my free Presidents circle upgrade and then spend an hour loosing the will to live while they get their act together. They’ve had 3 weeks to get me a car. I really am starting to loose faith with them, every time just lately there’s a cock up. Madder than a baptist in a brothel.

IMG 2089

Pick up kurt, Fiona and Jasper at Salt Lake airport. They’re totally powfagged after 2 flights with a 10 month old fidget arse. But at least they’re here now. Wendy’s dead excited.

Muhammad’s Deadly Teachings about Personal Hygiene

Muhammad’s followers often went to him for advice on various topics. His advice, however, wasn’t always sound. According to Muhammad, it’s perfectly safe to use water that has human waste or dead animals floating in it. Muhammad promoted dunking flies in one’s food, in order to get the cure for the diseases that flies carry. Needless to say, these teachings are quite dangerous.

So if his word is so sacred why aren’t all muslims following his advice? Seems a little selective, picking and choosing what they like. Now there’s a surprise.

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