20140212 – Ski, Ski, Ski and Snow, Snow, Snow. The Olympics.

Wednesday – snow and getting warmer. Too warm. Damages the snow.

IMG 2285

Great snow but flat light. Teeth bite your knees, then you know you’ve hit a bump. Too late is the cry. Snow is forecast in the next hour, hopefully won’t bump into one of these. A well deserved coffee by my favourite fireplace in the snow hut.

For a bit of extra exercise Wendy and I go round to the gym for a “Gentle Yoga” session. Not quite as hard or sweaty as Friday. But we had to pay $9 each, well my geriatric wife got in for $8. One of the few plus points of being a pensioner.

Carol and Angela call round to pick some things up and have afternoon tea – so very British. Angela is in the chariot we’re going to borrow when Jasper comes. It’s an awesome piece of machinery, he’ll be able to live in it and Wendy will be able to go jogging with it. Giant wheels. Hal pops in for tea.

Can you believe the barbarism of the fanatics of this insidious religion:

The ISIL militants took the Syrian girl, Fatoum Al-Jassem, to Al-Reqqa religious court and the judge ruled that membership in Facebook is tantamount to adultery and sentenced her to death by stoning, the Arabic-language Al-Rai Al-Youm reported.

Thursday – sleet, wet and too warm. Tears as we experience rain and it ruins the snow.

5″ of fresh snow overnight but I’m on volunteer duty so it’s a wet, sleety start at the bottom of IMG 2331 he mountain. Top of mountain is awesome with fresh powder and sun. Sadly my 8 year old Gortex seems to have turned to blotting paper. End up very cold, very wet and worst of all even have snow in my gloves from all the pinning and un-pinning of the bi-ski.

NAC ski race. Our student came 4th. Good job (Learnt that phrase from my teach yourself American book). Improved my skiing having to block for the student and keep up with no poles. 

The joys of skiing. Wouldn’t swap it for the world. Living the dream.

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Why do our loony politicians continue wasting money we don’t even have on Foreign Aid to these countries:

Most Western countries have laws and regulations prohibiting support for terrorists or former terrorists. The US, the UK, Holland, Norway, Sweden and others have debated, proposed and/or passed laws or motions in parliament against giving the Palestinian Authority money that ends up in the hands of terrorists. In spite of their laws and their opposition, these countries continue to fund the PA’s general budget, thereby paying tens of millions of dollars to terrorists as salaries and other payments. 

Last week, the PA announced that it will be giving an additional $46 million a year to released prisoners, a category which includes hundreds of murderers of civilians. Since the PA cannot cover its monthly budget payments without Western aid, these additional payments to terrorists will also be facilitated both directly and indirectly by Western donor money to the PA.

Makes me madder than a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. All done so that our IMG 0855 iberal do gooder, progressive, politicians can assuage their World class social conscience.

Friday – warmish and cloudy with some snow / sleet / rain depending upon your altitude. Doesn’t do much for my attitude either.

Pop up for 10:00 and a couple of hours skiing. It’s like skiing on steel cut porridge oats or cement just setting. Bumpy and cruddy. As you look down the runs from the top it’s like a war zone, there’s bodies all over the place as the snow takes it’s toll. To add to the effect you have the occasional mortar going off, makes you jump out your skis, as the avalanche patrol clear any avalanche danger.  Some of the runs look like a war zone. 

IMG 2406

Tonight, the Environmental Agency and the Met Office together have currently a record 502 severe weather and flood warnings in place, with the South West, South East of England, London and Wales being particularly affected. Many families across the UK are facing evacuation.

Valentines day madness from the despots in the religion of peace, love and understanding:

The Saudis consistently punish the slightest hint of celebrating Valentine’s Day. The Kingdom and its religious “morality” police always officially issue a stern warning that anyone caught even thinking about Valentine’s Day will suffer some of the most painful penalties of Sharia Law. This is typical of the Saudis of course. As Daniel Pipes has reported, the Saudi regime takes a firm stand against Valentine’s every year, and the Saudi religious police monitor stores selling roses and other gifts. They arrest women for wearing red on that day. Every year the Saudis announce that, starting the week of Valentine’s and until a certain day in the future, it is illegal for a merchant to sell any item that is red, or that in any way hints of being connected IMG 0895 o Valentine’s Day. As Claude Cartaginese has reported, any merchant in Saudi Arabia found selling such items as red roses, red clothing of any kind (especially dresses), toys, heart-shaped products, candy, greeting cards or any items wrapped in red, has to destroy them or face the wrath of Saudi justice.

Christian overseas workers living in Saudi Arabia from the Philippines and other countries always take extra precautions, heeding the Saudis’ warning to them specifically to avoid greeting anyone with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” or exchanging any gift that reeks of romance.

The sooner we are no longer dependent on Saudi Oil the better. Then we can let these sand gobbling rag heads go back to their 7th century barbarism. As Lawrence of Arabia once said “as long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are”.

Saturday cold and cloudy.

Day off. No skiing. Should earn some browny points.

Drive down to Salt Lake airport to pick Anna and Leon up.

Charlie hebdo frontpage

As part of my continuing French studies I have translated the attached for you. “The Koran is shit. It can’t stop bullets”. Seems like the religion of permanent offence has been offended by this French cartoon and are taking satirical paper Charlie Hebdo to court for blasphemy over it. In an attempt to improve my French and to help desensitise those sicko fundamentalists who are so easily offended I’ve included it here.

Sunday – cold and snowy.

One of the worst ski days this trip. Snow was like porridge and being Presidents weekend it was very busy.

But at least we got 5” of fresh snow. Much needed.

Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jorgensen has signed into law a regulation that bans religious slaughter of animals.European Union regulations require stunning before slaughter, but permit member states to allow exemptions for religious slaughter. Under the new law, Danish slaughterhouses will no longer be able to apply for an exemption to pre-stunning.

Monday – cloudy and cold.

Not quite as busy as Sunday and snow was a bit better. Although Payday and Town runs 
IMG 0729had some sheet ice under them. Now that’s a first.

Back home for a well deserved jacuzzi. They are rather good after a hard days skiing. Somehow they’re also so much better when it’s cold, or better still snowing outside. And no jacuzzi would be complete without a quality German beer. Struggling with getting the PH levels right – perhaps that’s why Anna’s silver rings gone grey. Well at least we still had some skin left on when we came out even if I was like a do dishes prune. Never mind at least the Bromine levels seem to be ok, keeps the jacuzzi libido down.

As the fundamentalists from the well known religion of peace seem to be jealous of the Olympics, so much so that they’re threatening to mount a terrorist attack I thought it was about time, in my new found spirit of inclusion and multiculturalism, we offered them an outlet for their anger. How about a new Olympic sport. The Jihadalon. Who can go off with the biggest bang. Teams from any terrorist organisation, the more the merrier, can send martyrs to stand in the centre of concentric circles of crash test dummies. Scoring is based on the size of the explosion measured by how many crash test dummies are anhilated; how many are knocked over; loudness of the explosion. Each team competes in 10 rounds of singles or better still 10 rounds of doubles. Due to the nature of this sport drug testing will of course need to be carried out before the event. 

Now that would really help with the war on terror.

Tuesday – bluebird morning but grey and over cast afternoon.

IMG 0944

Awesome skiing and snow was great. A lot quieter than Presidents weekend.

I’d volunteered for NAC in the afternoon. NAC lesson delayed so having a pint of Amber ale in the Pig Pen. Forgive me for I have sinned and broke the 2nd commandment of retirement – “thou shall not drink before 17:00”. Hang on, that’s a UK commandment so I’m absolved, as it’s 20:00. Perhaps I should have a few. Then to add insult to injury the whole lesson cancelled as the student is knackered. Never mind I suppose I’ll have to ski some more.

Another event for the religion of peace Olympics could the the Stonathelon. Teams of 10 terrorists or just fundamentalists could compete to see who can lob the most 10lb granite stones into the centre of a 100 Yard concentric circle, with a crash test dummy covered in a bright blue burka, buried breast deep of course, at the centre – simulating the stoning to death of an apostate or adulterer. The team with the most stones nearest to the centre wins. Extra points are awarded for any stones actually hitting the burka clad dummy.

Wednesday – cold and 7” snow during the day.

IMG 2440

Awesome skiing. Anna and Leons skiing are coming together. Anna has that distinctive flow down the mountain style, legs and skis parallel with no daylight between them, as a result of her trainer’s teaching methods. Fresh powder coming down on top of corduroy. Makes for great but tiring and difficult skiing, but well worth the effort.

Quit at lunch time to meet Wendy back at the house.

Then have a walk to the liquor store and supermarket and lug back some booze etc. 

The final event for the Religion of peace Olympics could be the Crucifaxelon. Open to teams of 2 terrorists or 2 fundamentalists who compete to see how quickly and stylishly they can erect a cross, amputate the left hand and right foot from a crash test dummy, complete with artificial blood for realistic effect, and then nail it to the cross – simulating the treatment of any one who opposes or fights the religion of peace.

Thursday – very cold, sun, cloud and sprinkles of snow.

IMG 0889

Powder alert this morning as there was 10” of snow yesterday. Sadly some of the runs (Temptation, Silver King) were very icy. Don’t know what happened to the powder but it’s as if they been sprayed with water. With wind chill the temperature felt like -3F. Certainly best not to have any skin exposed.

Great mornings skiing. Running commentary from Anna on how cold she is, but Leon’s just a skiing machine – it’s one of those Mars and Venus things. 12 awesome runs in and warmed up both air and snow towards lunchtime with blue skies.

In the evening we all go round to Hal and Carols for a lovely dinner. Angela loves meeting IMG 0906new people, so Leon and Anna get the works from Angela’s imagination and animated chattering. She has so much energy.

It seems like the religion of peace is not the only ones to be barbaric.

In a remote Indian province a young 20 year old girl who was going to have the audacity to marry a muslim, was sentenced by the village elders, to be gang raped by 12 men from the village and then tied outdoors all night.

Friday – blue bird day.

IMG 0990Meet Wendy and Angela for lunch. Wendy’s looking after her, so she bought her up on the bus, where she proceeds to entertain us with her delightful character. Never known a 4 year old, going on 26, with such imagination.Ski Deer valley for a change. Leon’s never been before. Both have an awesome morning burning up the runs.

After lunch we ski the rest of Deer valley although parts of it are so very icy and busy. But Anna and Leon get their last days moneys worth as we manage to ski until 16:30. Thanks to Anna and Leon for the Deer valley ticket.

Last jacuzzi of the week for Anna and Leon.

Now we’ve been watching the Olympics with the 1 hour BBC2 summary.

Now I know that BBC iPlayer have truly lost the plot with their crappy website – it makes me madder than an Amish electrician every time I use it. A complete insult to the IT industry. But their daily 1 hour coverage makes me think they’ve finally lost it all together. In a 1 hour summary you’d expect to get mainly sports coverage. IMG 0994An ideal summary of the highlights. Instead you get that silly bitch, who looks like she’s sucking on a giant lollipop, twittering on about twitter, texting and whats happening on social media – who gives an animated emoticon. Then they waste more time by interviewing family members and any other retarded hangers on. And even more tme by an animated round of FAQ from social media nerds who have asked the most inane questions you can imagine, in the hope of convincing everyone listening in that their brains have dropped out. Finally rather than showing the events, they show morons back home, with an IQ lower than their collar size, demonstrating the luge on a shopping trolley, trays or any other household item that has a coefficient of fiction less than 1.

IMG 0863

Seems like they can’t afford a studio, so they broadcast from the middle of a crowd; or some restaurant which seems to have parties going on in the back ground and rain pouring in on the coffee tables and chairs the BBC are using. Cheap and pathetic. It seems like the ineptitude of their nerdy software department is insidiously creeping in, like a one eyed bed python in a brothel, to the sports coverage. 

Saturday – blue ski day.

Pick a car up from Mr Hertz.

Wendy does a supermarket shop for the next 2 weeks while we have the car.

Drop Anna and Leon off at Salt Lake airport.

IMG 1011

Then we go to Costco. Finally manage to join in store, after many aborted attempts online. It was so simple. Do a big shop, especially for meat. Hopefully this will last us until we come out in June.

Sunday – a warm blue bird day.

Win some browny points by taking a day off skiing. 

IMG 2471

Drop car off and then have a walk up to the Silver Star cafe for coffee and lunch. Manage to resist a Stiegl. Then have a pleasant stroll back.

Only in America could you have a speed sign like this!

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