20130311 – Last Days Skiing – Until November

Monday – grey, cloudy and cold.


Total cock up on the weather as it forecast sun and clouds so I’ll catch early tracks in a lightweight ski top and spend most of the morning freezing – a first this trip. Lights very flat so although it’s not a white out you can’t really see much of the contours. A hard mornings skiing. Needless to say Wendy didn’t bother.

Met Wendy for lunch at Payday.

Took bottle of wine and chocolates for Jeff and Lifties as a thank you for yesterdays Mothers day surprise. PCMR are quite rightly making the most of it and are putting pictures / story on their blog.

Nip over to Carols for coffee and then visit their Racquet Club house that we’re thinking of renting from November for a year. It’s 3 bedroom, great deck with jacuzzi, lovely furnished IMG 1037and kitted out. Even has an office area and garage. And of course wifi. Locations great for town, recreation centre round the corner, just off a golf course, lovely area and on a bus route, yet not on a man road. Ideal. Would be a real home from home for us.

Tuesday – hot and sunny.

Decide to have a lazy start and go on the free guided tour of the mountain. Not that I need to find my way around but just by way of a change. Works out as a good mornings skiing. Cover a lot of the mountain and reasonably fast as there’s only 3 + guide and all fairly confident skiers.

IMG 1038

Meet Wendy again at Payday and then cruise all the banks to see whats the best deal for a US account. They all seem to be pretty similar but charge from $20 down to $12 for a wire transfer in. Each one gets cheaper as we move down the road. At this rate by the time we get to Kimble junction they’ll be paying us. Best so far seems Chase. Not the cheapest but have the best offering and eServices.

Wednesday – hot and sunny.

Wendy wakes up in the middle of the night, looks outside the window and tells me it’s snowed. Excited! Alas when we get up it turns out she was leading me on.

Up early and out for first tracks on last day. First in line at Eagle – who says I’m obsessive.

Meet Dave, a fellow nerd, on the lift and he’s new to the mountain. Give him a few tips and we then spend the rest of the morning skiing together as I give IMG 1039him the nerds guided tour of PCMR. Fortunately he’s of a similar standard so we manage to burn up some runs together and cover most of the morning. A hard mornings skiing and a fitting end to the holiday – see tracks.

Wendy’s been cleaning up and packing all morning while I beaver away on the mountain. In the afternoon I clean up skis and boots etc and pack them ready for storage.

Drive over to Carols for dinner and to drop off ski gear for storage. Have a lovely evening with them and a great High rise surprise in the USA for Belthorn mum  From Lancashire Telegraphmeal. A real treat of spatzle (my favourite that we can’t get in England), rot kohl and viener schnitzel. Agree a 10 month rental on their lovely Racquet Club place. Start on 1st November. Aiming to stay for all November to 20th December; mid january to mid April; all of June, July and August. A whole year of great skiing and the allegedly great Park City summers – hiking and mountain biking. Really looking forward to it.

Angela loves her Disney Princess Bell dress for her birthday – see picture.

Meanwhile Wendy’s Mother’s Day surprise has now made the Lancashire Evening Telegraph – at this rate she’ll need a publicity manager and dark glasses to avoid being recognised in public.

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