20121019 – Dandenongs

Friday – supposedly very hot and sunny but have just had a monsoon like down pour. Rest of the day  is great.


Why does Wendy think I’d make a good Ozzie Muslim?

Off up to the Dandenongs National Park. Have our fresh fruit lunch in the park watching the birds. Amazed to see a kookaburra swoop down and pluck some food out of a women’s hand as she’s trying to eat it. 

Wendy chats with a big budgie!

Go on a few strolls. Would have gone on one of the longer hikes but someone, who shall remain nameless, had forgotten her walking boots.

Liar bird

Wanted to see the Lyre bird but alas no such luck. Apparently it’s very shy. Could this be our new objective now we’ve seen the Roadrunner.

Have a drive around some of the small villages – more tea shops than Talibans at a stoning. Try some coffee beans coated in chocolate – is this a new way to get a buzz. Amazing how popular tea is over here but choice of coffees is so very limited.

Interesting how tips does not seem to be an obsession in service industries over here.


Bloody hell – just looked over the fence into our neighbours garden and they’ve got a Jodrell bank sized sat dish pointing in our direction. Free sterilisation!

I think I’m going to put myself forward for the next Nobel Economics prize for my theory on Economic Evolution. It’s so very simple.

“If the product or service is crap or you don’t like it ask for a full or partial refund, no matter how small. Only when an organisation suffers financially, no matter how small or insignificant, will they ever evolve and improve. You’re doing them a great favour!”


Just watched the 2nd Presidential debate. What a pair of sycophants. What a joke. They never answer a question. Drift into their  own policy statements. They go round and round in circles. They contradict one another. Call one another liars. How can anyone objectively assess based on this. Americans must be sick to death of all this bullshit. Bad news is there’s yet one more bullshit session. West wing and US Politics course just hasn’t helped.

Politicians are the same the world over. 

The moderator should get a grip on them. Make them answer. Shut them up when they drift off. 

The Amazing Australian Love Test

Do you ever wonder who loves you?


Your wife? Your dog? You think they love you, but how do you know if they really do? How can you be sure?

There is a way to find out and have peace of mind! And it only takes one hour !

Simply open the boot of your car, put your dog and your wife in there, close the boot, grab a coupla beers and watch the footy on the telly for an hour or so. Then go back to the car, and open the boot.

Now, who is happy to see you?

(If it is summertime and hot weather you might feel sorry for the dog and place a bowl of water in the boot, if you do this be sure to also place a glass of water for the wife in there to keep the test results fair and reliable ) 

Went to my first Muslim birthday party last week.
The musical chairs was a bit slow, but bugger me, pass the parcel was quick!!!


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