20240109 – A Cold New York and Then the Warmth of California


Occulus at World Trade Center.

Start off in the Escape lounge awaiting flight to New York for a few days then off to California. No waiting to check in, straight through security, is this really Manchester Airport! I’m jumping for joy at the thought of escaping again and we’re both looking forward to some warmer weather. Wendy quaffs down a few brandies to help take her tablets.

Inside the Oculus.

Yeah, finally reached escape velocity. Cabin doors closed, time to guzzle the champagne. Leaving the chaos and kakistocracy behind. We’re sure shitting in the tall cotton now. Yeah, the awesome Virgin trolley dolly manages to rustle up a couple of Baron Otard miniatures from upper class.

Watch a few downloaded programmes on how the West Was won and the first of the Royal Society Christmas lecture, as always very good, but where do these kids get their awful weird snowflake names.

World Trade Center memorial.

Have a good sleep during which the Baron Otard fairy deposits a large quadruple on my tray. Virgin cabin crew are awesome, just such a pity about the rest of the tripe hounds that run their customer service, marketing, IT and Web site – it’s all a disaster. As I keep raving, brown envelopes for the heads of all these departments and replace them with cabin crew who understand customer service with a smile.

Catch one of the famous yellow cabs from JFK to the Hotel, works out cheaper than Uber. It’s persisting it down.

Hotel is ideally situated, and we have a nice suite.

Wholefoods is just two blocks away, so it’s real treat for Wendy with a trip to get some water and essential. The place is infested with snowflakes, wokes and libtards. More men with handbags, tattoos, weird clothes and piercings than Muslims at a stoning. Ultra healthy shit, nothing normal. For the FSM sake, probiotic root beer, smart water, hydrating water, overachieving water and even a Vegetable Butcher.


Just heading back to the crazy time in the USA:






Great breakfast. You can tell we’re in America, there’s the iconic waffle machine and we meet some friendly Americans, complete strangers, over breakfast for an entertaining breakfast. So much more engaging than any of our meal encounters on the 12 day geriatric cruise.

Catch a hop on / off bus tour. Seems like a good way to see most of the highlights, but it’s cold enough to freeze a withes tit.

Hop off at the Twin Towers Memorial. All very well done and a sad reminder of that tragic day. It reminds us of what those cave dwelling ragheads did that day. Members of a so called religion – really an evil ideology, posing as a religion, a religion of pieces and permanent offence. How soon we all forget. An ideaology that seeks world domination in the name of their religion.

My first Manhattan.

Then have a walk down Wall Street to see the Bull. Bizarre that the queue to photograph the Bulls balls is longer than the one to photograph his head.

Back on the bus to finish the tour.

Katz’s Deli – the object of my Pilgrimage.

Then it’s a subway up to Central Park. Have a stroll around Central Park. Stop off at a very plus and as it turns out very expensive restaurant. I decide to try a very expensive Manhattan cocktail. That was so good so next up I’ll try a Statten Islandcocktail, also good. Wendy’s getting worried I will be wearing a pink shirt next. Meanwhile a women’s just walked by wearing a brown bears fur with two rug rats in suits and red dicki bows. Those kids will be mentally scarred for life.

Rewarded with a traditional corn beef Reubens. With lashings of corn beef.

For dinner tonight we’re heading on the subway for a real treat at the famous and iconic Katz Deli. I can hardly wait. Do I go for the Corned Beef Reubens or the Pastrami on Rye. Opt for the Reuben. What a disappointment, so very grisssly and hardly any taste to the sauerkraut. Whilst the atmosphere was great, give me a Feldmans Reuben’s in Salt Lake any day, plus a lot cheaper.

Listening to the announcements on our subway train I keep wondering why we’re on this “Broken down train”. Turns out it’s a translation error on my part, they’re really saying we’re on a “Brooklyn bound train”. Bloody earring aids.

Nice hotel. Pans no cooker, coffee machine no jug.

trivia header

Battery Park

The park and surrounding area is named for the artillery batteries that were built in the late 17th century to protect the fort and settlement behind them. By the 1820s, the Battery had become an entertainment destination, with the conversion of Castle Clinton into a theater venue. During the mid-19th century, the modern-day Battery Park was laid out and Castle Clinton was converted into an immigration and customs center. The Battery was commonly known as the landing point for immigrants to New York City until 1892, when the immigration center was relocated to Ellis Island. Castle Clinton (sometimes called, Castle Garden) then hosted the New York Aquarium from 1896 to 1941.








Bryant Park

Start the day with another awesome breakfast.

Then we head up to Times Square for a saunter around. Soon get bored with that so we catch the subway down to Battery Park for our next jaunt. Catch the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty. Do the touristy thingy and then the highlight of our trip is the ferry to Ellis Island. I’ve fancied this for years. It’s very well done and doesn’t disappoint, just wish we had more time. Took in the whole experience and then watched the film that summarized the whole experience, sadly we had to leave halfway through. It really was a stark eye opener to what those legal immigrants had to endure to escape to the promised land. Stories of hopes and tears. Seemed like a Yad Vashem moment, haunting and moving experience. Best experience of the whole trip.
Then it’s a subway up to Juniors restaurant for my long anticipated Pastrami on Rye, it was awesome and massive. Followed by their famous cheesecake and an expensive Rum Runnner cocktail – all awesome.

The World over it seems that dickheads on bikes who don’t understand red traffic lights, but in New York it takes on a whole new threat. I thought a aseball bat might be a great solution to knock them off as they try to mow you down, but a walking pole would be better, they’d be head over handle bars and an added bonus it would wreck their bike.

trivia header


Processing Hall on Ellis Island.

Ellis Island is a federally owned island in New York Harbor, situated within the U.S. states of New Jersey and New York, that was the busiest immigrant inspection and processing station in the United States. From 1892 to 1954, nearly 12 million immigrants arriving at the Port of New York and New Jersey were processed there under federal law.[6] Today, it is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and is accessible to the public only by ferry. The north side of the island is the site of the main building, now a national museum of immigration. The south side of the island, including the Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital, is open to the public only through guided tours.

Ellis Island

In the 19th century, Ellis Island was the site of Fort Gibson and later became a naval magazine. The first inspection station opened in 1892 and was destroyed by fire in 1897. The second station opened in 1900 and housed facilities for medical quarantines and processing immigrants. After 1924, Ellis Island was used primarily as a detention center for migrants. During both World War I and World War II, its facilities were also used by the US military to detain prisoners of war. After the immigration station’s closure, the buildings languished for several years until they were partially reopened in 1976. The main building and adjacent structures were completely renovated in 1990.






Thursdays reward a great Pastrami on Rye, but not in a traditional Jewish Deli. Instead Juniors in Time Square area. Famous for their New York Cheesecake.

0400 get an Uber to JFK, too damn early for our liking.

TSA on a rampant power trip, mind you it is New York. It really is about time technology replaced this burgeoning TSA industry.

In JFK we use our Dragon Pass – what a waste of plastic it is – to get into the Prime Class lounge, it’s a dump. Receptionist has all the greeting skills of a grizzly with toothache; wot no orange juice, its coming, someone must have gone to pick them; porridge you need to heat up in the non-existent microwave, probably on the way with the orange juice. Probably good preparation to get us ready for a 6+ hour Delta flight.

Flight was a typical Delta trip, at least seats were a bit more comfortable. Men with trolleys were as lazy and miserable as ever.

Picked up a Hertzmobile. I had a choice of about 20 to choose from. Chose a Dodge 2 seater sports, just what I’d always to drive, but Wendy couldn’t see over the bonnet. Settle for a Chevy Malibu – great comfortable car but a tad boring compared to the 3 sports cars I could have had.

Got to Bob and Marilyns just before 14:00. Such a lovely comfortable home. Soon got settled in and then its off to the supermarket for supplies. Sun’s out and it’s lovely and warm 66F. This is the life. Sure shitting in the tall cotton.

Lazy evening in, tired and in bed by 20:00.






Awake early yet again. Body still not synched as we’ve had another 3 hour time shift.

Time to go to the liqour store for wine, beer and bourbon followed by the rest we didn’t get yesterday – Wendy sure loves her supermarkets.

A lazy afternoon sat out on the deck enjoying the sun, followed by yet another early night




A brief George Carlin special on Islam:




Another lazy day.

Organ recital.

How sad can we be. Hunted high and low for the full 5th republican debate. Finally found one and watched it all.

Then it’s a stroll around Balbao park followed by listening to an open air organ concert. Is this what it comes to?

Now some real fun with a trip to woke / snowflake / libtard heaven, AKA Wholefoods, to try and get some decent teas and coffee. Wendy’s excited.

Lazy afternoon tea on the patio, enjoying the sun and the Humming bird.

In the evening we walk round to Maria and Jim’s, more new American friends introduced to us by Bob and Marilyn, for drinks and then out for a Mexican. What a great evening we had.






More from Pat Connell, some years ago, but still relevant:

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