20230329 – Escape To Paradise For Six Months


As we’re here for 6 months the blog will be more sporadic and only on days of interest to me or to vent my spleen on Rants and Religion. Aim to publish an update every two or three weeks.

We’ve an 11:50 flight to Salt lake, as usual with Virgin, as awesome as ever, and Delta is as mediocre as ever.
Only got temporary ticket for our flight from Atlanta so we have to speak to Delta to get the correct ones. After repeating the problem 5 times, being told the tickets we have are valid 4 times they finally print them off. Still for the wrong seats. I realise I might as well chalk pentagrams and stroke a toad.

Try a second Delta desk and finally after two aborted attempts get the correct tickets printed. Do Delta purposely employ people that are as smart as a box of rocks. 6 hour layover in Atlanta is a killer but at least we manage to blague our way into the Delta lounge, one of the benefits of them employing dimwits.




Don’t ever give me crap from Apple that they care about their customers, environment or anything other than milking their customers for all their worth. When they force you to upgrade perfectly good hardware by making their operating system incompatible. The World would be a better place without marketing employees constantly trying to milk you for it can.

“How to install latest macOS on old Mac: run Ventura on an unsupported Mac
Is your Mac too old to update? Maybe not! Here’s how to update old Macs to Ventura, Monterey or any unsupported version of macOS using a patcher.”


Hotel overnight by 01:00 at SLC airport and Turo car delivered in the morning.

I now I’m back in the USA when greeted by a classic waffle machine for breakfast, along with bacon, scrambled eggs and of course maple syrup.

It’s snowing for the drive up to Park City (PC, aka paradise) but as we turn off the interstate for PC the sun comes out, Is this an omen. Wow they sure have plenty of snow – see pictures – never known it as good. Why Bob’s even complaining that they have too much snow on the ski slopes.

Dinner out at Sammie’s with Bob and Marilyn. Great to see them again after nearly a year.




“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.”
Henry Ford


Joy of joys it’s a major shop at Walmart and Smiths.

Friday night we’re off to Mike’s for dinner. Great food as alway and great company.






Yeah, back to Kamas gun club for some clay pigeon shooting with Mike. It’s a gorgeous sunny day with snow all around – good to be alive weather. Those clays didn’t need to be frightened of me, an abysmal score of 11 and 13.

Mike lends me his 1911 9mm Glock.

In the afternoon Carol and Angela pop round to greet us followed by dinner at Bob and Marilyn’s new condo. Brooke’s there, my how she’s grown into such a confident young lady.


Watch the end of the San Diego college Basketball game. Won by one point scored in the last second. If ever there was a case to be made for “never give up” then this has to be it. As they say it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Day 3 and Wendy’s still not had to cook, still living on invites out.


Yet another example of woke snowflakes gibberish. It’s a classic example of this insidious madness that has a stranglehold on our society. And can you believe it’s from a supposedly intelligent doctor.

‘Our healthcare system is built for the needs of white people – just look at beige plasters and prosthetics’
‘What colonialism did to medicine and to the body was it created very clear structures of who matters and who doesn’t,’ says campaigner and author Dr Annabel Sowemimo.

In healthcare today, many of the ways that racism and colonial attitudes manifest are far more insidious than they once were. But one small example, says Dr Annabel Sowemimo, is symbolic of how much still needs to change. It’s the way medical devices, including prosthetics, contraceptive patches and plasters, are manufactured in a single, supposedly generic shade of beige – which, in reality, only matches the skin tone of a tiny proportion of the global population.

“People think that’s a really minor issue,” says Sowemimo, “but it’s reflective of the system as a whole; all these devices are made with paler people in mind, and everybody else is just supposed to accept it. It’s become so ingrained in our minds that the status quo of some people not mattering is just fine.”

No I don’t think it’s a ”minor issue”, I think it’s a non-issue from someone who wants to create racism.


Well it’s time for a review of our first week here in Paradise.

Sunday, Wendy and I have a leisure stroll around Willow Creek with Joe, followed by coffee at Starbucks. The paths are still snowbound and it’s quite hard going.

At last Wendy gets to cook a meal as we have Michael and Laurie round for dinner.

Monday, it’s pickleball drop in at last 09:00 to 12:00. Must be 2 years since I played, but never mind such a great game. Wendy’s off to the Christian centre volunteering for the day. I manage a route march up there to meet her, 17 minutes 30.

At last we have a night in alone.

Tuesday, it’s snowing yet again but we risk a Costco run. I80 a mess to drive down, a tad better coming back.
They don’t accept Master card so we have to rely on our Chase Visa Debit card which only has $230 available. It’s a lesson in humility as we discover what it must be like to be poor when you have to go round keeping a running total to make sure you don’t overspend.

Wednesday, pickleball again followed by gun club with Joe. He lends me his 1911 9mm so now I have two guns in my arsenal, Wendy’s not happy. At least there not kept loaded when in the house.

In the evening we go out to Sammies with Michael and Laurie, who leave tomorrow, Stephen and Barbara come along too.

Thursday, were back into ten pin bowling with Joe and Mike down at the Heber bowling alley, it’s a tradition 1960’s retro bowling alley. This is going to be a regular weekly event.

Take the car into Buick to see if they’ll fix the stress crack across the windscreen under warranty. No they won’t.

Then it’s a booze trip over to Evanstone, Wyoming in Mike’s BMW. Everywhere is wrapped in snow and it’s so nice to be a passenger and enjoy the awesome scenery. Mike stays for tea, nothing special.

Friday, well it’s pickleball yet again, then in the afternoon Wendy and I go a stroll down the Rail Trail, hard going with snow under foot. Pick my bike up from Ruths and have a pleasant ride home.

In the evening we take carol and Angela down to SLC to get their flight to Munich.

Saturday, clay pigeon shooting with Mike. My absence hasn’t improved my aim.

Well it looks like we’ve finally settled in, stocked up with all the essentials including booze. An expensive week but a lot of the one time items that are for 6 months. So far Wendy’s only had to cook twice as we’ve been out wined and dined with friends.

Set up our working week pattern as follows:

Monday – Wendy CC; Tony pickleball.
Tuesday – Tony and possibly Wendy on Easy Hike (stroll).
Wednesday – Tony Easy Bike Ride; pistol shooting in the PM.
Thursday – Tony ten pin bowling; Wendy weekly shop
Friday – Wendy CC; Tony pickleball
Saturday – Tony clay pigeon shooting
Sunday – Tony and Wendy road trip and lunch


What a great job the Christian Centre do with all these Easter baskets for the kids. Sadly no chocolate in them though.




More crap from the liberal, wokes and snowflakes. As for mutilating children’s bodies it just beggars belief.

Younger generations are eagerly embracing issues around birth sex and gender identification, with 23 per cent of those aged 18 to 24, known as Gen Z, using non-gendered pronouns.

Nearly half, or 48 per cent, of those aged 18-24 now state their pronoun on their email signature or social profiles. The practice is intended as an act of solidarity with people who do not identify with their birth sex, but many see it as virtue-signalling.

Nearly half, or 45 per cent, of the 2,036 people polled were supportive of people having the right to identify with a gender other than their birth sex, with 34 per cent against. But older generations are more likely to be dismayed by the creep of gender identification into everyday life, the study by OnePoll found.
The majority of the British public think the debate has gone too far, with 62 per cent saying the issue is now “disproportionately pandering to the wishes of a small minority”. This rises to 78 per cent among the over-65s but falls to 48 per cent among Gen Z.

A similar overall majority, or 63 per cent, think British institutions are overreacting to sensitivities around pronouns. This sentiment peaks in those aged 55 to 64, at 79 per cent, and falls to just 33 per cent among 18 to 24-year-olds, of whom 44 per cent think it is proportionate.

There is opposition among older generations to the removal of pronouns in such phrases as “gingerbread man” in favour of “gingerbread person”.
More than half, or 55 per cent, of those aged over 45 think the English language should not be changed “due to the preferences of a niche group of people”. This falls to a third, or 33 per cent, among younger generations, aged 18 to 44, and nearly a quarter, or 23 per cent, think such changes are needed to “keep up with the times”.
More than half of 18 to 24-year-olds are supportive of customer-facing workers being given the option to state their chosen pronoun on name badges, but that falls to just 16 per cent among those over 55.

Across all age groups, there is widespread sympathy for those who “misgender” transgender people, as the BBC’s Alex Jones did during an interview with the pop star Sam Smith. A total of 47 per cent say it is “understandable”. But 38 per cent agree that a person who identifies as they/them has a right to be offended when someone doesn’t use the right pronouns, rising to 65 per cent among 18 to 24-year-olds.

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