20180711 – The First Batch of Kids Arrive


Just pruning the trees for us.

Start the day off yet again with 2 crack of sparrows conference calls, first one at 0530. They’re a nightmare – literally you have to wake up for them – but it’s better than trying to fit calls into our busy schedule. It’s just like trying to herd frogs, jumping in every direction and they can’t even follow the agenda.

Wendy’s at the CC all day. I’m off on one of my leisure bike rides, fortunately someone else is leading from Willow Creek up to Wasatch Bagel for coffee, so I can relax. Good group of 8, lot of new faces.

Leisurely afternoon, catch up on some work, even get time to read the paper and do my long overdue blog.

rant header

Well I may not have much spare time, with all this consultancy work, for rants, religious commentary and sick jokes but this is one major rant I’ve really been bottling uP:

Frigging hell how two faced can you get. That duplicitous waste of oxygen, Sadiq Kahn Mayor of London, had the brass balls to defend the Trump balloon and say “that offending someones feelings doesn’t matter as we have free speech”. Yet he’s banned anything that can offend his precious religion of pieces and permanent offence, playing their sacred islamophobia card. So does that mean he has now recanted and when I get the time he’ll come and read some of my religious comments and not be offended. Nay even defend my right to express them. I think not.


Another sunrise conference call.

Bob picks me up and we’re off kayaking for the morning with PCMSC.

Wendy goes shopping.

In the afternoon I ride down to National Ability Centre for archery. Yeah us volunteers get free NAC tee shirt as a just reward for all our hard work.

I finally find a compound bow, similar to my one at home, that I like and it makes the arrows go where I want them.

Then it’s the long haul back up the rail trail on my tank of a mountain bike.


And yet another 2 sunrise conference call. This time with lawyers. Why can they never give absolute advice, it’s always tinged with caveats and maybe’s. Why does it take them so long to do just a simple thing like change a couple of letters. Becoming the bane of my life.

Have a quick bike ride to check out the route of next weeks leisure bike ride. Good job really as the golf club – only $70k to join and $30k a year membership – have closed the gates on their road so no access.

Ten pin bowling as usual. It really is a good job we don’t take this seriously – abysmal score. Have a Starbucks to commiserate.

Wendy’s at the CC for the afternoon.

Call and get some coffee and, because you can’t get the staff I even have to venture into a supermarket un-escorted for some tooth paste – aren’t I brave.

Wendy does Pickleball.

Then at 1730 it’s Pickleball with B&M. I’ve booked a court and now I’ve had all of a hours playing I’m showing the rest of us how to play. It’s 33C and we do amazing to survive nearly an hour. I think they all enjoyed it. I think it’s amazing. Will certainly be playing this more and need to seek out a place to play back home – I’ll be lucky, not really in keeping with the likes of Blackburn.

Este’s for a well deserved beer and some pizza. I settle for a Calazone – awesome, especially with jalapeños.

Back home I can’t resist a few night caps and as luck would have it Wendy’s uncovered an excellent bottle of Armagnac that I’d forgot about and was hidden in the pantry.


Street Party American style.

I explore a leisure hike up Dawns trail (boy is it a up) and then down Armstrong. Not a bad one, I think I’ll do it for the club. Come across a couple on the ultimate in laziness, electric mountain bikes – only in America.

Lazy afternoon, even got to read a book and do my blog. Wendy went shopping with Marilyn.

Then in the evening its the now World famous Dunlop Court Street party. At least you don’t have to bring your own spoon with coloured thread round it, as we did for the Queens coronation party.

Evening starts with a Dead Mans boots, carries on with some Merlot and crescendo’s with a tase Armagnac and some High West Bourye, net effect is head hits pillow and sleep takes over.. Another perfect end to a perfect day.


Fun at the library.

Wendy’s been shouting for Hughie and Ruth in the night. Where do the diced carrots always come from. I’ve got the trots obviously all that alcohol has done it’s job and killed most of the bugs for me.

Have to cancel M&B for the jacuzzi and dinner. They just come round for a Jacuzzi and drinks.

I explore a leisure bike ride potential. Up to the top of round valley from Park Meadows, down Round Valley and back along the rail trail. It’s a hard ride up but if I can do it non-stop then it probably qualifies.


View from Robs trail.

Day starts with the usual weekly video conference call with my team.

Then it’s off on a leisure hike, led by Joe, up Robs trail. A up out and back trails, about 3 miles and 700+ feet. Plenty of shade and you don’t tend to notice the up bit too much.

Wendy had the morning cleaning ready for the rug rat onslaught.

Lazy afternoon.

Evening we’re off down to Hal and Carols for dinner. Steak barbecue and then sit out chatting and get consumed by midges. Great evening, good company as always.


Leisure hike.

Yet another early weekly video conference call. At least it gets me up early.

My turn to lead a leisure hike which by some freaky computer screw up I ended up calling the Bear hike. Sadly there are no bears, nor do we even pass the Bear carvings on the houses in Deer Valley. Instead it’s around Snowtop on the Solamere loop. Very pleasant 3 miles with 700 feet elevation gain, fairly undulating and it’s a loop walk.

Evening is a quiet night in, catching up on the new Madam Secretary season.


Wendy’s at the CC all day while I lead a leisure bike ride from the Boneyard, over Park Meadows and then onto the old barn and back down the South side Bike path – seems so much easier back this way than the North side Bike path.

In the evening we’re off to B&M’s for dinner. Barbecued steaks, they just melt in your mouth. Say goodbye as they’re off to San Diego for 3 weeks. Will be sorely missed.


Bob picks me up for the kayaking on the Jordanelle with the sports club as usual. It’s as flat as a mill pond and no wind. Very leisurely.

Afternoon I’m off down to the NAC in my new volunteers tee shirt – awesome colour of blue. Find my favourite bow and have a pleasant afternoon. End up having to drive down, rather than bike, as we’ve friends round for dinner at 1730.

Laurie and Mike come round for dinner and as Tina and Neil have just arrived we somewhat belatedly invite them too. Great evening with Shepard’s pie, Wilson creek almond champagne and plenty of wine and whisky.


I’m off tenpin bowling with the geriatrics, while wendy goes to the CC for the afternoon.

Choice in the afternoon is do I go to Pickleball and pass on the sport club’s Jordanelle picnic or do we go to the picnic. Wendy’s not too keen on the picnic so I do the Pickleball – need practice and perhaps some lessons.

Leisurely alcohol free evening.


White water kayaking

White water kayaking with Hal down the Weber. Just about manage to survive after getting stuck on a rock and worst still stuck down the side of a pylon. Good fun.

Then in the evening we go to the Boneyard, they have a rooftop deck with free music. Meet Sylvia and friends for a very pleasant evening. Manage to escape downstairs, under cover, before the black storm clouds do their bit.


Did a bike ride in the morning while Wendy went shopping. Problem is I can’t remember where – old age.

Pick Ross and Co up in the evening. Took all of 20 minutes to drive from the Wait zone to the pickup zone. Never known it so busy.


Leisure hike scouting expedition.

More early morning conference calls.

Wendy and I set off to do the Tollgate Canyon leisure hike. Only problem is that someone didn’t read the start time correctly – it’s a Wasatch Bagels curse every time I go on a hike from there.

Take Ross and Susie on a bike ride down the rail track to Round valley and back.

Oh well back home, take the kids on an orientation drive around. Then I have to suffer Tangier outlets, Walmart and WholeFoods all in one afternoon.

Lazy evening in. Kids go to bed early.


Kids have arrived. Shopping. Ugh….

More early morning conference calls.

Go and pick Hal and Co. up and take them down to the airport.

Kids go to the PCMarc swimming pool and buy a months pass so they can go any time.

Lazy afternoon and evening. Cancel tenpin bowling as no ones signed up.

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