20140330 – Last week of skiing; Wedding Anniversary; Fireside Dining at Empire Lodge; Book for next ski season.

Sunday – starts the day raining down here. Quite rare here so far this year, obviously preparing us for our return home.

IMG 2990

Mothers day – Wendy gets 3 cards, a bottle of Pimms and an Amazon voucher.

The British Islamic Association has said there is no longer room for extremists within their mosques.

Although a waiting list has been set up.

Monday – a blue bird day.

At 9:00 on Eagle lift with 10″ fresh powder and blue skies – thank Chione. Can’t think of anywhere better to be. Wendy’s given it a pass with so much powder, probably a good job as it’s quite hard work.

Great snow. 13 awesome runs in, a totally bodacious day. Totally cream crackered by lunch time. Well worth getting up at the crack of sparrows.

IMG 0756

Transport, energy and broadband are our lifeblood, yet we are hopeless at improving them:Is there anything politicians love more than being photographed wearing yellow safety jackets? Britain’s roads, railways and airports are quietly crumbling. Without fundamental reform, we will continue to slip behind.

According to the World Bank, Britain’s infrastructure is the 28th best in the world. That puts us marginally ahead of Namibia, at 32nd. And things aren’t getting much better.

Look at HS2 all that money on a marginal improvement. Has it never occurred to THEM that if we improve our broadband infrastructure we can help cut down the need for travel. How many times in my previous incarnation did I have to go all the way down to London for a 1 hour meeting that could have been done over the Internet?

Tuesday – snowing on and off all day and thankfully below freezing.

IMG 3038

Picture shows a familiar feeling today. 

Another 6″ powder according to the powder alert. Seems more like 12” (unlike the marketing people who normally speak with forked tongue, to under estimate), hence my wipeout – well at least that’s my excuse. I really think I need some lessons in how to deal with this much snow. 

It’s a war zone out there. Bodies everywhere, trying to find their skis, trying to excavate themselves and even walking down. Keeping the hospital busy according to Wendy.

Totally rad day, thank Chione.

After lunch we look after Angela for the afternoon. Go round to have a look at a condo rental IMG 3049 or next year. Angela gives the property manager a thorough and hilarious interrogation – 5 years old going on 40. It’s near Prospector Square and although very handy for the bus it just didn’t feel like home. We pass on it. Can you believe the property manager who was showing us round told Wendy B2 when it was B5, and didn’t even have his mobile with him!

Then we’re off to the park following Angela’s directions. The parks here are so imaginative. Almost makes you want to be 5 again.

Angela’s had her playtime so then it’s adults playtime at Starbucks.

By now the suns gone and it’s blowing  snow storm. Followed by a bus ride home to the iPad of course. Bus is quite a novelty for Angela, hence we get a running commentary.

IMG 3063

iPad games and Disney cartoons keep Angela engrossed.

Lovely afternoon. Really enjoyed having her. She’s so well behaved and polite. More rattle than a can of marbles but so amusing. Never a dull moment.

Here they go again:

The Sultan of Brunei, one of the world’s wealthiest rulers and a close ally of Britain, will this week oversee his country’s transition to a system of Islamic law with punishments that include flogging, the dismemberment of limbs and stoning to death.

The absolute monarch declared last year that he wanted to introduce a full sharia system in his oil-rich nation and warned critics who took to social media sites to complain that they could be prosecuted using the new laws.The decision to introduce sharia and reintroduce the death penalty has been condemned by NGOs and legal rights campaigners, who say the new rules will breach international laws.

It has also triggered unsurprising alarm among some of Brunei’s non-Muslim communities, who will also be subject to some of the rulings. The development could put pressure on Britain to rethink its close relationship with Brunei.Offences include insulting the Prophet Mohamed, drinking alcohol, getting pregnant outside of marriage and sodomy. The latter will be punishable by stoning.

Another place off my holiday list.

IMG 3066

Wednesday – very cold, clouds and snow.

Another Powder alert for 8″ of the fluffy stuff.  Makes it another crack of sparrows start. On Eagle for 09:00 with all the other OSD (obsessive skiing disorder) suffers. 

Badly underestimated how cold it would be. Only have my lightweight jacket and ski pants on, desperately need more layers today. Never been so cold.

The ice on Temptation and King Kong are an early morning eye opener, gets your teeth rattling. Thankfully the rest of the runs are great snow. 

IMG 1088

Great mornings skiing. Totally cream crackered by lunch. Then I have a 3 hour NAC volunteers session. The instructor I’m supporting is speedy gonzales, faster than a cat can lick its ass. 

Just about survive the 3 hours. I do so miss me ski poles when I’m volunteering. Exhausted. Wendy thinks I’m out here enjoying me sen. 

Now I’m probably well known for my views on snowboarders – ban them. It’s simple. But today the mountain was truly angry,with a raging cold blizzard, and there’s a snowboarder in jeans. Thats dopey enough but there’s more, he had giant rips in the legs and was scooting along playing his imaginary guitar. Obviously some institution is probably out desperately looking for him. 

Home by 16:30 after a gruelling 7.5 hour day – sounds like work.

Eating seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day cuts the risk of early death by 42 per cent, according to a study that suggests aiming for “five a day” may not be enough.Vegetables appeared to be markedly healthier than fruit, said researchers, who urged a shift towards Australian advice to eat five daily portions of vegetables plus two of fruit.

However, other experts said the research could not prove that extra vegetables were life-IMG 2619saving because people who reported eating the most were more likely to be healthier in other ways. They warned that changing NHS guidance risked disheartening people struggling to eat five a day, as well as giving the impression that scientists do not know what they are talking about.

Why would anyone ever come to that conclusion! I’m sticking to my high fruit diet. Plenty of grapes every day. Well red wine made from them.

Thursday – cloudy and cold.

It’s our wedding anniversary, 43 years. As usual we don’t bother with cards or presents, although Wendy puts a piece on Facebook – saves on a card:

Celebrating 43years of marriage to my Husband Tony. We have shared Good Times and Bad..Happy and Sad. We have seen lots of Changes in our lifetime together but …..the one thing that has never changed is my love for you. Happy Anniversary Tony. All my love as always Wendy xx

To celebrate 43 years of marriage I go skiing for a change. Wendy does her Florence Nightingale stint at the hospital. Snows if fine fettle. Have another good morning skiing.

IMG 3067

In the evening we go out for a meal to celebrate our 43 year. Fireside dining, with Hal and Carol and of course Angela, at the Empire Lodge. A fabulous all you can eat meal, with great company and Angela’s just so well behaved. Menu:


FireplaceWarm Raclette Cheese accompanied with steamed new potatoes, house-marinated pearl onions, cornichons, cured Italian and Swiss meats, freshly baked baguettes and condiments including housemade Fireside fig mustard and strawberry chutney

North FireplaceSimmering Stews and Entrée Specialties with hearty alpine ingredients served with our hand-grated, crisp, buttery potato rösti accompanied by specialty soups and salads and housemade ciabatta bread Weekly delicacies may include:Almond flour-dusted Utah troutCapons~ braised pork, Spanish olives wrapped in Swiss chardSimmered beef short ribs with pearl onions, bacon and red wine sauceSwiss Veal and Wild Mushroom StewGrilled quail with pickled purple cabbage, bacon, cognac black currant au jusSanta Maria Lettuce Blend with Roaring 40’s blue cheese, forelli pears, celery root, figs, orange lemon dressing Baby Spinach Salad with crimini mushrooms, crisp bacon, Spanish onions, red peppers, honey mustardItalian Peasant Soup with baby lima beans, spinach, yellow tomatoes, fontina cheeseRoasted Cauliflower Soup with cambozola cheese, caraway, Wasatch Evolution Ale

Ontario FireplaceFire-Roasted Leg of Lamb, cooked slowly by the fire, brushed with fresh herbs and seasoning, accompanied by Dutch oven specialties.
Selections May IncludeMountain Macaroni~ baby penne with gruyere, raclette and bacon lardonsVidalia Onion Bread PuddingBrown Sugar Roasted Acorn Squash, Jack Daniels caramelSteamed green beans, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, roasted red peppers, caramelized garlic dressing

Lobby FireplaceChocolate, Caramel and White Chocolate Grand Marnier Fondues with strawberries, bananas, apples, dried apricots, cinnamon pound cake, Deer Valley cookie bites and almond biscotti Special DessertsSweet Mountain Specialties such as; apple berry kuchen, alpine bread pudding with whiskey caramel sauce, chocolate walnut pudding

IMG 2532

About time:

David Cameron has ordered an urgent investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood amid fears that the Islamist organisation is planning extremist activities from Britain.The review will include an assessment by MI6, the foreign intelligence service, of claims that the group was behind the murder of three tourists on a bus in Egypt in February and a spate of other recent attacks. 

Friday – sun and cloud.

A great mornings skiing.

IMG 0847

Wendy’s come up with an idea for next year. “Why don’t we get a place here for January through March next year.” Having survived as a dutiful husband for 43 years I suppose I could be persuaded to go along with it, even if it does mean I’ll have to put up with 3 months skiing Anything for a quiet life.

We’ve looked at several places and in the afternoon we look at a 3rd place. It’s a great 3 bedroom house, fully kitted out with everything including hot tub, on the Racquet Club, same location as this place. Ideal location. Best of all its a steal for round here. Just booked it.

IMG 2162

Vindicated at last:

Vegetarians are ‘less healthy’ and have a poorer quality of life than meat-eaters

Vegetarians visit their doctors more often and are more prone to allergies

They also have ‘a 50% increased risk of both heart attacks and cancer’

They are also more likely to develop depression and anxiety disorders

But vegetarians tend to be more active and less likely to drink and smoke.

Perhaps now Wendy will stop trying to shorten my lifespan by force feeding me vegetables (7 a day recommended now don’t forget) every Sunday.

How to improve memory:

IMG 0765

Coffee, I drink plenty; Blueberries, I have them for breakfast every day; sniff Rosemary – sadly I don’t know anyone by that name; Yoga and meditation, I keep trying.

And I still struggle remembering what I had for breakfast!

Saturday – cloudy with a bit of snow forecast.

Early start for a last minute ski. Snows still in fine fettle. Good last morning skiing while Wendy goes to pick up the hire car. It’s a top of the range Kia Optima. Ideal, always wanted to try one.

Then that’s it for another year. I’m not just sad. I’m desolated, sadder than a jihadist bomber IMG 2063 ho arrives in paradise to find they’ve run out of virgins. But hopefully I will get to be SAD (Ski Another Day) next year. Maybe I can get treatment for OSD (Obsessive Skiing Disorder) on the NHS. Free trips to Chill Factor to help with the withdrawal symptoms would help.

Then in the afternoon we pack. Our Atalanta / Manchester flights been moved 2 hours earlier, it now departs before we arrive in Atlanta. Not recommended. Our flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta is now 11:00 so it’s an early start tomorrow.

Get a life:

Plans to beach a giant inflatable whale beside the Thames in London for a re-enactment of the story of Jonah have been refused because it would be too religious .

Now I know Americans are a tad prone to extreme survivalist, back woodsmen and the preservation of all 2nd amendment virtues, but this from Costco shows how serious it is:

350 823297 847 1

When an emergency strikes or you simply need access to delicious food with great nutritional value, look no further than Nutristore! We offer this basic kit designed to sustain one person for one year, two people for six months or up to four people for three months (good maths). This emergency food kit is a great foundational start for those new to personal preparedness or serves as an excellent enhancement of flavor, nutrition, and value to any existing food storage supply.

96 #10 (gallon) cans. 6,200 servings of food. Over 1,200 Calories Per Day For 1 Adult. Up to 25 year shelf life. Real Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables.

Well a year on that should help solve the Nations obesity problems.

Wendy’s knitted an Easter Bunny.

This sounds like a threat to me:

IMG 0773

Banning the Muslim Brotherhood will leave Britain at greater risk of terrorist attacks, the group’s most senior leader in the UK said yesterday. Speaking for the first time since David Cameron announced an investigation into the organisation’s alleged links to violent extremism, Ibrahim Mounir said that it risked alienating moderate Muslims.

“If this [ban] happened, this would make a lot of people in Muslim communities think that [peaceful] Muslim Brotherhood values . . . didn’t work and now they are designated a terrorist group, which would make the doors open for all options,” he said. Asked if he meant open to violence, he replied: “Any possibility.”

Just ban them for threatening us.

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